Star Ring Mission Chapter 399


Chapter 399 Commendation

The scene instantly boiled over, and all the guests applauded, and the scene was warmly welcomed.

“Hello everyone!”

Augustus was very grounded, waved at everyone, and moved towards the front row.

Long Ming followed closely.

Zhao Moshuang continued to introduce with a smile on his face: “Everyone now sees that it is Mr. Long Ming, the president of the Z country!”

The audience inside and outside the arena became even more excited.

“Oh my God, the President of the Longming Council was also present.”

On the ruins, Uncle Zhao also looked incredulous: “Oh my God, the President of the Longming Council was also present. No parliamentary presidents of all countries should be present.”

β€œMost likely is right.”

Su Mo said with a nod.

“It was really an unprecedented feast, but unfortunately we can only have a look here.”

Uncle Wang replied with a smile.

“Okay, don’t be envious, our old bones have nothing to do, let’s cook more mutton.”

Uncle Zhao picked up a box of mutton and brushed it inside .

“Su Mo, would you like to drink some wine? It’s rare that I am so happy today.”

Uncle Wang suggested.

However, Su Mo kept staring at the screen and was so absorbed that he didn’t hear Uncle Wang’s words.

β€œSu Mo would you like some beer?”

β€œUh, okay.”

Su Mo came back to his senses.

“Then I’ll get it.”

Uncle Wang smiled and got up.

At this time, all-star hosts performed a chorus together on the TV, which completely burned the atmosphere and announced the official start of the feast.

The next second, the sky is full of fireworks shooting into the sky!


The originally dark sky exploded one after another with gorgeous fireworks, and the entire dark night sky turned into day.

Betsy opens with a sweet voice.

“In the past few months, the opening of Star Ring showed us all a scene of an unknown world. In the vast and difficult world, countless heroic players fought hard in it. Thanks to the heroic efforts of all of you, we finally achieved the victory of the Star Ring Earth Cup. In this glorious victory, a dazzling hero was born, who exceeded their own limits and performed countless miracles. “

Zhao Moshuang said enthusiastically: “They have used miracles to light up our way forward, guarantee and protect the victory for our people, and the people will not forget the heroes. Today we will give you a comprehensive Show their demeanor, and at the same time, we will witness the moment when they are honored with honors, the first hero Greaves from the Storm Bear Guild!”

I saw a man with muscles all over his body and a complexion on his face. Resolute, middle aged big man in military uniform, step by step, stepped up to the stage forcefully, he walked to the middle of the stage and stood extremely straight, and then saluted everyone.

Immediately, the players and people of the Storm Bear Guild burst into excited cheers.

Betsy raised her finger and pointed to the holographic screen behind her. Please look at Mr. Greaves’ brilliant record!

I saw a switch between images and photos. Greaves killed the alien monster with his bare hands, drove the mecha to intercept the monster, and attacked the city all the way.

When the final screen turned, I saw Grace driving the ferocious fourth-generation creature mecha to appear outside the city of black liquid, with corpses everywhere.

Its honor can be said to be a monster with a sea of bones and bones, and it is not an exaggeration to accumulate it.

Someone exclaimed.

“He is the driver of the IV-generation creature mecha Barbarian Bone, the city breaker of the city of black liquid, the guy known as the Heart of Steel.”

Betsy officially Announced: “Mr. Greaves used his powerful strength to make outstanding contributions to the victory of the Earth Cup. According to incomplete statistics, Greaves killed a total of 79,211 I-types during his journey to the Earth Cup. Xenomorphs, 3283 Type II Xenomorphs, 363 Type III Xenomorphs, 3 Type IV Xenomorphs, Perfection has completed 172 special operations missions. A well-deserved hero, it is now officially announced that Mr. Greves has been awarded First Class Federal Merit!”

At this time, an honorary host came up with a tray with a hexagonal diamond medal on it.

There was also a very warm applause at the scene.

Under the blessing and witness of everyone, the honorary host hung the medal on Greves’ chest.

Greaves bowed to everyone and turned away.

Zhao Moshuang then excitedly introduced: “Now we have the next hero to appear.”

At this time, a very beautiful girl appeared, and she was dressed in a goose yellow ceremony. , with her hair up and her delicate face full of a calm and confident smile.

Many guests were excited at the scene, and some even shouted the girl’s name excitedly.

“Miss Wen Luosi!”

Zhao Mo double smiled and introduced; “That’s right, it’s Miss Wen Luosi from the Myth League Guild, who is beautiful and elegant. , the existence of unparalleled talents as one, everyone, please see.”

At this time, a video emerged, and at a glance, rows of neat material boxes were located on the plain, and the end could not be seen at a glance.

Immediately after everything on the screen, a huge number of gold bricks came into view, blinding everyone for a while.

The crowd exclaimed.

Immediately after everything on the screen, Wen Luosi stood in the headquarters, calmly commanding one after another unit to intercept.

Zhao Moshuang introduced: “Ms. Wen Luosi, with her outstanding talent and command, has collected abundant materials and mined massive gold points, laying a solid foundation for the victory of the Earth Cup. The Free Victory Guild and the Heavenly Dragon Guild provided foreign object assistance to ensure the logistics of the Allied forces. At the same time, with their excellent command, they provided all-round rear interception during the fortified battle at the ruins of the lost continent. Attack to gain extra time. She is worthy of the title of hero, and is now officially awarded to Miss Winroth first-class federal merit.”

At this time, another honorary host came up with a tray with a tray on it. A hexagonal diamond medal.

The audience burst into applause.

Under the blessing and witness of everyone, the honorary host hung the medal on Wen Luosi’s chest.

There were countless flashes on her body.

On the ruined construction site of the Magic City Center, Su Mo looked at the ceremony awarded with honors, and was very fascinated. He was also a little hopeful in his heart.

I hope that Qianchengxue can be awarded the honor, so that I can see her.

Uncle Wang looked at Su Mo so fascinated, thought he was very envious, so he said with a smile: “Su Mo, this is nothing to envy. It’s a pity that you didn’t participate in Star Ring very much, otherwise Your ability, the awards above must also have your share.”

Su Mo directly called the head and said: “I participated, but sacrificed.”

” Uh”

Uncle Wang couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, and was a little embarrassed.

“Haha, don’t be discouraged, not this time, maybe next time. There is another cup of heaven, it seems to be more powerful.”

Zhao Uncle smiled and replied.

“en. ”

Su Mo replied lightly, staring at the TV.

(end of this chapter)

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