Star Ring Mission Chapter 4


Chapter 4 is very cold

Zhang Wu is also a way to pick up a large pile of money and hand it to the younger brother next to him, Winked at it.

Immediately, the younger brother understood and walked up to Su Mo with two thousand big red tickets, and put the money in front of him.

To know that the big table full of food that his boss ordered just now, it still doesn’t cost 300 yuan.

“Brother, let’s discuss something.”

Su Mo lifts the head looked towards the young man in front of him.

“What’s the matter?”

“How about this money for you, and the food in front of you for my big brother?”

“I’m not bad for money. “

Su Mo was silent and replied.

The younger brother thought that Su Mo didn’t have enough money, so he raised his hand and patted Su Mo’s shoulder to persuade: “Brother, this is a lot of money, give me a face. We Zhang Wu big Brother is also a well-rounded person in this film, so we should be friends, and if we meet in the future, we will also have a share of noodles.” At this moment, Uncle Zhao came out of the kitchen, and when he saw this scene, he hurriedly walked up and asked.

“What are you doing?”

Su Mo doesn’t have much appetite by itself, and this group of people can barely listen. In addition, in Uncle Zhao’s shop here, he didn’t want to cause trouble and bring trouble to Uncle Zhao, so he raised his hand to signal Uncle Zhao to stop talking.

“Okay, I agree.”

“Brother is interesting enough. If you have something to do in this area in the future, report our big brother’s name, and others will give you three points.”

When the younger brother saw that Su Mo agreed, he said smugly, and then moved towards the boss with the dish.

Zhao Shuben wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything.

Su Mo got up and said to Uncle Zhao: “Uncle Zhao, I have something to do first.”

“Wait a minute, the rent will be given to you.”

Uncle Zhao took out a large stack of money to give to Su Mo.

Su Mo refused: “No need, you invite me to eat delicious food every year on your birthday, it’s too late for me to thank you.”

“What are you talking about, accept it quickly. “

Uncle Zhao saw that Su Mo was unwilling to accept it, so he started to open Su Mo’s bloated snakeskin sack.

I saw the red and bright cash, all exposed.

Zhang Wu, Little Wen and the gang of younger brothers cried out in their hearts when they saw that the bulging snakeskin bag was actually filled with money.

“Fuck! This guy is so rich?”

Uncle Zhao quickly put the rent into the snakeskin sack and said to Su Mo, “I often come to eat when I have time. “


Su Mo staggered and pulled the snakeskin bag and left the restaurant.

“Who is that guy? So rich?”

After seeing Su Mo leave, Zhang Wu couldn’t help but ask.

At this time, other customers in the restaurant snickered.

One of the big men with tattoos all over his face said to Zhang Wu and the others with a smile on his face: “Boy, are you from another area? Today is your good luck, and they will not follow you. Care about. That kid is the renter of the entire urban village here. He owns the place inside and out. How about you compare your money to others? And this is his territory. I tell you, people shout With a bang, none of you want to leave this place today.”


The diners present burst into laughter.


Zhang Wu and the others were speechless too.

On the other side, Su Mo drags a snakeskin sack to the only bank here.

I saw a manager with a round body, small eyes, and a white shirt walking around the door early. The moment he saw Su Mo from a distance, he kissed him even more than he saw his father, and rushed forward with his short legs.

“Aiya, Mr. Su Mo, you are finally here, I will help you carry it!”

“No, I will come by myself and save the money.”

Su Mo doesn’t seem to be dealing with this manager for the first time either.

And this bank has a huge amount of performance, all from Su Mo, so the enthusiasm of this fatty manager is naturally needless to say.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it for you now. What are you still doing, come and help!”

The manager immediately shouted to the employees behind him.

Soon several staff members ran out to help drag! This snakeskin sack is not heavy, at least a few hundred pounds. After a while, the money was dragged into the bank, the manager said simply.

“Stop other business, and everyone will count the money.”

“Yes, manager!”

The staff at the scene responded in succession.

Su Mo went straight to the corner chair and sat down. The staff present poured him a glass of water, so he didn’t bother him too much.

They knew very well that the young man in front of them didn’t like talking too much with strangers. Instead of pleasing him, it is better to seize the time to count the money, which will make the other party happy.

The denominations of these rents are a little confusing. There are 1,000 denominations, 500, 100, and even 10 cents and 50 cents.

Two hours later, the count was over.

A message pops up on Su Mo’s phone.

“Reminder: Dear Mr. Su Mo, your account ending in 245 has deposited 18.632 million yuan in cash”

After seeing the message, Su Mo picked up the phone and operated it. After a while, he transferred out a property tax of 15 million yuan.

In this world, all properties have to pay a high property tax of 1% every year.

However, since the area where Su Mo is located belongs to the nature of poverty alleviation, it enjoys the preferential policy of halving.

In fact, if Su Mo charges normally, although it can’t be as high as the one in the new district, it’s not a problem to charge 78,000,000 a year.

But Su Mo doesn’t care about that at all, he has always kept in mind his grandfather’s injunction that the grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a spring.

Although he didn’t have a lot of money left in the end, but even so, he was very satisfied.

I saw a balance figure of 133.4 million jumped out of Su Mo’s account.

Having become a billionaire at a young age, he is also very helpless.

To know that the assets reach the level of tens of millions, you can apply to settle in the high wall.

At this time, the manager respectfully handed the tattered snakeskin sack to Su Mo, rubbed his hands together, and greeted him laughed.

β€œMr. Su Mo, do you want to have a meal together or something?”

β€œNo, thank you, I’m leaving.”

Su Mo simply Not in the mood, he got up and went out.

“Then I’ll see you off.”

The manager did not insist, and sent Su Mo away enthusiastically.

When night fell completely, Su Mo went home alone.

The faint moonlight shines on the dim room of 200 square meters, and suddenly the spacious house looks cold, without a trace of temperature.

He walked straight to the bed, took off his shoes, crawled into the quilt, sat cross-legged, wrapped the quilt, and stared dully at the photo frame placed on the table in front of him.

Inside the frame is a photo of a kind old man and Su Mo with big smiles on their faces.

That period was also the happiest time of Su Mo’s life.



The alarm clock at the bedside kept moving, time passed little by little.

I don’t know how long it took, Su Mo, who was immersed in his memories, suddenly reappeared in his mind, what the grandfather said before leaving.

“People can’t be idle all the time, they always have to find something to do.”

Maybe this sentence has always inspired Su Mo to live.

Su Mo slowly got off the bed, extended the hand and turned on the main light in the room, and the huge room lit up instantly.

At a glance, there are cabinets and bookshelves everywhere, filled with all kinds of lifelike figures. There are beautiful game characters and anime characters, as well as futuristic sci-fi weapons, mecha models

In addition, the bookshelves are full of collector’s edition game gift boxes, covering a variety of games, each of which is worth a fortune.

Su Mo walked to the computer desktop and sat down, turned on the computer and prepared to check, about the recent hot Star Ring game. Whether it’s fun or not, whether it can arouse a little interest and let him have something to do.

(end of this chapter)

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