Star Ring Mission Chapter 40


Chapter 40 Evolution

So York threw the rope ladder directly and said chillingly to Kani and the others.

“You go!”


“This is an order!”

York gave the order without question.

Kani and the others had no choice but to leave by helicopter. If they stayed any longer, they might not even be able to leave.

At this time, York faced the place where Su Mo was hiding, and spoke in the Z language proficiently.

“Come out.”

Su Mo came out of cover and stared coldly at York.

At this time, the zombies below have surrounded the entire steel structure building, and they seem to smell the smell of humans and climb up frantically.

The steel structure building, in this brief moment, is like an island about to be submerged.

York looked Su Mo up and down. To be honest, he was a little surprised. He always thought it would be the top expert from Country Z who would hunt them down. Didn’t expect it to be a young man he had never seen before.

York twisted his neck and threw the rifle in his hand into the corpse tide in front of Su Mo.

He didn’t want to settle the fight with guns, because it made no difference whoever won or who lost. Zombie swarms will soon climb up, and no one will be able to leave alive.

After Su Mo saw this scene, he didn’t hesitate at all, and threw the gun in his hand.

York gives Su Mo a thumbs up.

“There is a kind!”

Su Mo didn’t answer either, and slowly extended his right hand to tick it.

York was not polite when he saw this, and rushed directly to Su Mo, hitting him with a very ruthless right uppercut. Su Mo reacted very quickly, dodged his body to the side, and smashed a straight punch against the bridge of York’s nose at the same time.


York took a few steps back, bleeding from his nose.

He wiped it, and the smile in his eyes became even better. He had never suffered such a big loss before.


York charged up again like a furious lion, and kicked it with a moved towards Su Mo.

Su Mo raised his left hand to block his attack, clenched his right hand into a fist, and fiercely slammed into York.

York was also hard-hearted, carrying the attack hard without snorting. He chooses A Tooth For A Tooth and slams Su Mo with punch after punch.

Su Mo didn’t flinch, but was hard on the front.

At this time, zombies climbed up one by one, moved towards Su Mo, and the two rushed over.

York and Su Mo, who were fighting, seemed to have a very tacit understanding, and staggered the attack and smashed a punch on the approaching zombie, killing him.

Then York immediately turned around and swept towards Su Mo.

Su Mo took a step back, grabbed York’s feet with both hands, and yanked back.

York suddenly diverged.

Su Mo slammed into York with punches and punches, York couldn’t move for a while, and could only raise his hands to keep blocking.

Immediately, Su Mo grabbed a gap in York’s block and turned over and kicked York’s face with a series of kicks.

York’s head was stunned, and he was kicked several meters away, blood spilling from the corner of his mouth. Then he shook his head and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his thumb.

“You got me excited, I’m going to be serious next time.”

After York finished speaking, he took off his body armor and clothes, revealing his muscles and blood upper body of vessels.

Su Mo couldn’t help but frowned when he saw that the other party was serious.


Yorke slammed into the chest twice, then charged towards Su Mo like Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain.

Su Mo didn’t hesitate when he saw this, he rushed up, got up and kicked each other’s chest with both feet.

But it didn’t work. Instead, it was bounced out, and Fiercely fell to the ground.

Upon seeing this, Yorke immediately chased after the victory and smashed down the fallen Su Mo with a punch.

Su Mo can’t escape, if this fist is hit, even if he doesn’t die, he will be seriously injured.

Then quickly put his hands behind his back, raised his feet, clamped the opponent’s head, and threw the opponent out.

After York got up, moved towards the ground spits out a mouthful of blood.

A look of violence flashed across his face, and he rushed towards Su Mo frantically, kicking him sharply.

Su Mo raised his left hand to block, Yorkie’s sharp fist smashed again, Su Mo was suppressed for a while and kept retreating.

Just when York thought victory was in sight, Su Mo keenly seized an opportunity and avoided York’s fist.

A kick on York’s left leg joint, York felt a pain, and his body leaned down.

Su Mo didn’t stand still, fiercely kick, kick, kick on the same joint in his leg.

The continuous attack directly kicked York to his knees, Su Mo raised his fist and punched him in the face one after another, making York confused.

After that, Su Mo turned his back, kicked fiercely, and fiercely moved towards York’s head.

York, however, endured severe pain and dizziness, and grabbed Su Mo’s feet.

Su Mo slammed his other foot on the ground, his whole body moved towards York, both of his hands hugged York’s head, and his knee hit his face directly.

York fell to the ground immediately, Su Mo grabbed the hand of the fallen York, fiercely threw it away, and threw it away to the roof.

Just as York was about to be threw away, extend the hand grabbed the reinforced iron pillars on the edge of the roof, turned around and landed on the roof again.

He staggered to his feet, face covered in blood, panting frantically, his eyes fixed on Su Mo.

“It’s amazing, there are very few people who can force me to do this!”

After speaking, York took out a special needle tube from his pocket, and the needle tube was flowing A bubbling blue potion.

At this point, a prompt pops up on Su Mo’s wristband.

β€œType I genetic medicine (component unknown)”

York stuck it directly on his arm and injected the medicine inside.


York screaming in pain after the injection!


The muscles on his body swelled immediately, and his bulk became larger at a speed visible to naked eyes. Originally, York was 1.8 meters tall, but now he is at least 2.4 meters. At the same time, his eyes turned blue, blue stripes appeared on his face, the muscles on his body became extremely hard, and his skin became red, as if it had just been steamed.

Su Mo was also secretly surprised when he saw York’s changes. His first instinct is that York has become stronger several times, it feels like evolution, is it possible that players can also evolve?

Isn’t this game a traditional monster-killing upgrade? But does it require genetic breakthrough evolution?

York’s wild beast-like eyes stared at Su Mo ferociously, and the pent-up endless anger burned from the bottom of his heart.

He was originally reluctant to use this type I gene drug, because the composition of this type I gene drug is unknown. route. He can completely wait for a while until he obtains a more stable high level genetic medicine.

But his pride didn’t allow him to lose, so he had no choice.

York turned his anger into strength, let out a wild beast-like roar, and rushed towards Su Mo at a very high speed, his fists smashed with a strong wind.

Su Mo failed to dodge and raised his hands to block.

At this moment, Su Mo seemed to be hit by a car, and flew out and hit the steel pillar behind him heavily.

Several bars are bent.

The severe pain almost made Su Mo breathless, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

However, before he could react, York rushed up like an ominous beast, snarling another punch.

Su Mo’s nerves are tense, feeling extremely dangerous, and his instinctive head tilts to the side.


(end of this chapter)

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