Star Ring Mission Chapter 400


Chapter 400 Commendation 2

At this time, all the lights on the podium came together, and I saw a plain-looking one The young man walked out with indifferent eyes and strong steps. His body is extremely tall and straight, and his whole body reveals a tenacious meaning, like an insurmountable mountain.

Immediately after his appearance, there were enthusiastic shouts on the field.

“Ocean of Kings!!!”

The strongest ace mecha driver in the younger generation of the Heavenly Dragon guild.

At this time, the holographic image behind him changed for a while, and I saw Wang Hai driving a riddled with scars and a broken arm of the IV-generation creature mecha Kwassiz in the underground mechanical wreck site. With all his strength, he inserted his other hand into the giant nuclear fusion power plant operating at high temperature, the whole hand melted, and the whole biological machine let out a wild beast-like roar

Then the screen kept switching, you could Seeing Wang Hai driving different mechas, beheading countless alien monsters, entering and exiting seven times on the tidal battlefield, like entering no man’s land.

Betsy introduced: “Mr. Wang Hai played a key role in the victory of Star RingΒ·Earth Cup with his unparalleled skills and incomparable courage. Especially in the final decisive battle, He dragged his broken body, entered the central power room alone, destroyed the power system, interrupted the operation of the core self-defense weapon, and guaranteed and protect the victory of the Cup of Earth. During the journey of the Cup of Earth, he killed a total of 112,311 I. 4,283 Type II Xenomorphs, 463 Type III Xenomorphs, 2 Type IV Xenomorphs, Perfection has completed 232 special operations missions. Now it is officially announced that Mr. Wang Hai has been awarded First Class Federal Merit!”

At this time, an honorary host came up with a tray with a hexagonal diamond medal on it.

The audience burst into applause.

Under the blessing and witness of everyone, the honorary host hung the medal on Wang Hai’s chest.

Wang Hai bowed to everyone and turned to go down.

Betsy then excitedly introduced: “Now we have the next hero to appear.”

At this time, a golden hair, face Chen Jing, sharp eyes, full of arrogance, and muscles all over the body A man full of explosive power came up, and the person who came was the strongest mecha pilot of the Freedom Victory Guild, Thuris.

Immediately, the guests from the Freedom Victory Guild were in a frenzy.

They shouted Thuris’ name.

In the guest seats, Long Ming, Augustus and the others were talking in a low voice.

Auglas said with satisfaction.

“The effect is very good.”

“The era creates heroes, and the future is destined to be an era of heroes. The journey of the Cup of Heaven is imperative.”

Long Ming replied with very sharp eyes.

Itherine on the side said: “The following people just sent the statistics, the viewing rate of this event has reached 97%, and the passion has gradually been adjusted.”


“Don’t say that the people watched with enthusiasm, I was very excited to see it.”

Spade responded in a very good mood.

“Continue as planned.”

Long Ming nodded lightly, very calm.

Soon the first-class federal merits were awarded, and the second-class merits were next.

Betsy announced with a smile: “Heaven’s Chosen Child is as bright as a star, but we can’t forget the twinkling of the starlight. Now there is a second-class federal merit recipient, Mr. Xiao Wen will appear!”

Then countless lights shone on Xiao Wen.

I saw Xiao Wen in a formal suit and stepped out.

The image behind him begins to show, Xiao Wen’s historical combat achievements, you can see the troops he led attacking the base site, and he can also see the bloody battle with the troops of the Free Victory Guild.

Su Mo, who was watching TV, saw Xiao Wen’s appearance, a smile appeared on his face, and he saw a familiar person.

The memories of the past at this moment are recalled like sea water.

Su Mo remembered that they followed Xiao Wen Corps Head to run for thousands of miles and fought

Can’t help but think of Qiancheng Xue, Su Mo couldn’t help but feel a little more in his heart at this time Looking forward to seeing that familiar silhouette.

At this time, more and more people came to the stage.

There are many more people who get second-class merits than first-class merits, so the process is relatively faster.

At this moment, Zhao Moshuang announced excitedly: “I would like to invite the next hero, Mr. Lin Ming.”

Seeing this, Su Mo couldn’t help holding his breath, and finally arrived People with five dragon heads.

I saw Lin Ming stepped up to the stage with a firm and powerful force, and he received a lot of applause.

In the backstage, Ye Wuhen’s face was a little stiff, not at all like before. kind of ecstasy.

Ye Wei, who was standing beside him, said unconvinced: “The people above are too stingy, so I will give big brother a second-class federal merit. Big brother, you have done so much for him. And so many credits are also due to you, how can you be a first-class federal merit.”

Xiao Jie also echoed the laughter: “It is indeed a bit thin, but second-class. The meritorious service is also quite good, maybe the adults above think, Ye Wuhen big brother, you are still too young, you need to practice it, and you will be reused in the future.”

“Well, it makes sense, it must be so. .”

Others present followed suit.

Hearing this, Ye Wuhen’s expression softened a little.

At this time, a backstage staff member came up and hurriedly said to Ye Wuhen: “Mr. Ye Wuhen, you should come on stage, you will be here soon.”

“Okay. ”

Ye Wuhen swept away the depression in his heart, sorted out his instrument, and walked up very calmly.

In the distance, Chen Shan and Xiao Wen stood together, Chen Shan glanced at Ye Wuhen who was on stage to accept the award, and shattered in displeasure.


Xiao Wen reminded embarrassedly.

“Chen Shan, pay attention to your image.”

“MD, when the meritorious deeds will be able to trade. But fortunately the above people, this time is finally reliable, no Give this guy a first-class merit, or his tail won’t go up to the sky.”

Chen Shan felt very angry.

Xiao Wen said in silence: “Actually, according to the reported merits, Ye Wuhen had a chance to get first-class merits, but was rejected by President Long Ming. He would rather cut more. I don’t want to lose a first-class meritorious hero, and I don’t want to add another one with moisture. If Qianchengxue came to take it in person, I believe that President Long Ming will definitely support it.”

You must know the first-class federal meritorious service. , it needs to be reviewed by the people below and reported to the merit list, which can be awarded only after the four Long Ming negotiate and approve at the same time.

“It’s really a pity”

Chen Shan sighed and didn’t know what to say.

The credit for my brother Su Mo and Qian Chengxue was replaced like this. That anger, there is simply nowhere to vent!

In front of the TV, Su Mo’s eyes lit up when Ye Wuhen appeared. He looked more and more fascinated, and his face was full of anticipation. Unfortunately, the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

After Ye Wuhen stepped down, Jiang Hanqiu came on stage

Su Mo didn’t see Qianchengxue’s silhouette until the last third-class meritorious winner came to power.

He was slightly sighed.


(End of this chapter)

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