Star Ring Mission Chapter 401


Chapter 401 Grand Era

Uncle Wang saw that Su Mo was not very interested, so he asked, “What’s wrong with you, Su Mo? Don’t you feel very happy?”

“No, just think of something.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

At this moment, the music on the TV suddenly became more and more exciting, mobilizing everyone’s emotions again.

Long Ming took the three of Augustus, Itherine, and Spade straight onto the stage.

At the same time, the hosts, Miss Betsy and Zhao Moshuang, stepped aside.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed, and he vaguely felt that the atmosphere had changed.

The four of Long Ming saluted the crowd, and then he said, “Hello everyone, I’m Long Ming, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to watch this honorable event. The grand ceremony. I believe that everyone must be like me at the moment, full of blood! I am extremely proud of all the honored heroes.”

Long Ming said here, suddenly he spoke, and said in a very chilling tone: “But now I want to confess one thing to you, and then we will usher in a historical decision, and this decision will affect the life and death of all of us and the continuation of civilization.”

This remark one Out, the people all over the world watching the live broadcast were stunned, and everyone had a blank look on their faces.

“That is that we are about to usher in the Cup of Heaven, and the Cup of Heaven and the Cup of Earth are not of the same nature at all. If the two are really to be compared, at most one can say that one is Warm-up, one is the real cruel reality. Let me tell you the truth, the world we go to is actually a real world, and everyone has seen the collapse of that civilization. But what you don’t know is that the Civilization has also participated in the Cup of Earth, and its main internal kingdom, the Dragon Kingdom, has been qualified to enter the Cup of Heaven.”

“But they chose to give up participating in the Cup of Heaven, and finally ended up with the collapse of civilization. .And now the same, at this time we will also face such a choice, either participate in the Cup of Heaven, or give up the Cup of Heaven like cowards.”

Long Ming said excitedly.

He has also made it very clear. The difference between the Cup of Heaven and the Cup of Earth. That is, one fights at someone else’s house, and the other fights at his own home. One is that there is still a chance to survive, and the other is that you really have to fight for your life. And you don’t have a choice yet, don’t fight or wait for a slow death, fight, at least a glimmer of survival.

At this time, one after another grid image appeared in the scene, and each grid image was broadcast, and the images of the people watching in the open squares in various areas.

You can see fear and anxiety on the faces of many people.

At this time, Longming solemnly said: “There is a saying that you will either die in silence or explode in silence. I once again call on everyone to unite and fight for the Cup of Heaven together! Of course you don’t have to. Worry, we are not unprepared, just fifty years ago, we participated in the Cup of Earth for the first time, and obtained some technologies, but at that time we did not immediately participate in the Cup of Heaven, thinking that using those technologies can improve us However, everyone saw that the environment we live in has not only not improved, but has become worse. At that time, we knew that evasion would not solve the problem. I think everyone should be very confused. Obviously, the resources are so scarce, why do we need a large number of breeding populations , I will tell you today, this is the preparation made in advance for the Cup of Heaven!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was in an uproar.

At this time, Augustus stood up and said: “Although I am also very afraid of the unknown journey, I would rather die standing up than die in silence. I support Long Ming’s Proposal, fight for the Cup of Heaven!”

“If it is a man, take up arms and fight together! I call on all people in E country to participate.”

Spoder said in a deep voice. .

“Death is nothing to fear, hopeless despair is the most terrifying existence, I agree with the Star Ring Β· Cup of Heaven!”

“My country R I also agree to fight for the Cup of Heaven!”

Fujiwaratani also stood up to express his position,

At this time, the president of the a council stood up and expressed his position one after another.

“We also agree, and would rather fight to the death!”

Immediately, the atmosphere in the venue was completely stirred up. Seeing the head of parliament a stand up and express his support, many people’s faces were full of fear. Gradually faded away, replaced by bloody cries.

“What are you afraid of, I’ll fight with them!”

At this time, seeing the atmosphere stirred up, Long Ming officially announced: “I’m proud of your brave fearless, but this After all, it is about the fate of everyone. So I decided to hold a referendum on whether to participate in the Cup of Heaven. Now all voting channels will be opened. You can edit text messages on your mobile phone and send them to the official mailbox, or you can vote in the designated polling station. Everyone has no opinion on how much the few obey.”


Everyone on the field shouted.

“In this case, I officially announce that voting begins! The time limit is 3 hours.”

Long Ming announced in a deep voice.

Immediately after the gala party, a statistical percentage appeared on the hologram screen.

The percentage of people who agree to fight for Star Ring Β·The Cup of Heaven jumped from 0% to 1% in an instant, and began to rise rapidly.

In fact, the plan to fight for the Cup of Heaven has been finalized long ago. The reason why Long Ming and the others have put together such a referendum is that in the future, if the battle for the Cup of Heaven encounters desperation and difficulties , I am afraid that some people will complain and regret, and use this as an excuse to make trouble and shake everyone’s beliefs.

After all, you can’t regret what you choose, right?

Of course, the result of the referendum is actually nothing to see. , can’t tell in astonishment.

“It’s about to change.”

“It’s not about to change, but the Grand Era is coming.”

The blood of Su Mo’s body He also felt the boiling inexplicably, and he had a very strong premonition that the Cup of Heaven should really be a realistic game as he had guessed.

“That, Su Mo, do you agree?”

Uncle Wang asked in shock.


Su Mo replied without the slightest hesitation, he witnessed the fall of the Dragon Kingdom with his own eyes, this world is not as beautiful as he imagined.

“Since Su Mo agrees, it’s definitely right to choose to participate.”

Uncle Wang nodded replied .

At this time, Uncle Zhao shouted in surprise; “Look, the percentage of approval has risen so fast, it has reached 30%, only 0.7% of the disapproval votes, and only 0.2% of the abstentions.”

At this time, everything on the screen switches to different stars and elites from all walks of life.

They began to call on everyone to participate in the Star Ring Β· Cup of Heaven. After all, the preparation of the backup is still very important.

“I’m Becky, I’m cheering for the Star RingΒ·Cup of Heaven! I believe the future belongs to us.”

“I’m Zhao Moshuang, the brave are invincible, I believe Victory is ours.”

(end of chapter)

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