Star Ring Mission Chapter 402


Chapter 402 Results

I have to say that this group publicity lineup is indeed extremely powerful.

In less than an hour, the percentage of approval reached 59.6%!

The guests at the scene became more and more excited, and shouted in unison with the progress value.




β€œ60%!!!! “

“It’s done!”

The audience cheered, and at the same time, the video areas were broadcast, and some people could be seen shouting excitedly.


In an instant, the enthusiasm of the people was ignited, and fanatical shouts began to appear in the streets.

Of course the statistics are still going on, after all the deadline is not over yet.

Long Ming and the others stood quietly on the stage, watching the soaring percentage ratio until the end For a second, the value was fixed.

“97.1% approve of the Star Ring Β· Cup of Heaven, 2.1% disapprove, and 0.8% abstain!”

Long Ming took a deep breath , bowed to everyone.

“Thank you for your support, our descendants will be very proud of our choice today! I officially announce that the decision to fight for the Star Ring Β· Sky Cup has passed!”

In an instant, everyone present stood up and applauded warmly.

The cheers in the city were deafening.

The cheers and applause lasted for more than ten minutes, and everyone’s hands were red.

At this time, Long Ming raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and he said tightly: “Dear people, in order to be able to unite to win the Cup of Heaven. Let our civilization continue, our parliaments of various countries. The president officially announces it here.”

The next second, all the heads of parliaments of all countries came to the stage to stand together and announced in unison.

“We announce that we will abandon gaps, estrangements, greed, interests, and unity. Adhering to the principles of justice, fairness, light, and freedom, we will jointly establish a complete federal government. From now on, all troops will be integrated and unified. The boundaries between kingdoms.”

Hearing this exciting news, all the people were even more excited, and many people shouted loudly.

“Long live the Federation!!”

Su Mo watched the TV and heard the news, and his brain was buzzing.

Today is really destined to be an extraordinary day, and it was merged into a federation.

At this time, Long Ming took a deep breath and announced to everyone: “I, Long Ming, officially announced as the President of the Federal Parliament that the Cup of Heaven will be officially opened on the first day of spring next year, That is, there are still two months. During this period, I officially announced that the federal government is vigorously recruiting troops, and I hereby appeal to all players who have participated in Star Ring, and those who have achieved certain results, to sign up and participate!”


Two months later, Su Mo was walking on the streets of the magic capital, and the announcements from the grand ceremony were played everywhere.

At the same time, a recruiting point was set up on one street.

Not to mention, there are really many people lining up to join the army, of course the requirements are quite high. Now the entry and filter conditions are very clear, just provide the resume report and achievement report in Star Ring.

The casual restaurant on the street, and the players sitting, are also enthusiastically discussing the Cup of Heaven.

“You said, will we get super high technology and prolong lifespan when we fight for the Cup of Heaven?”

“Maybe, you think, the Cup of Earth It’s all so magical, the Cup of Heaven is definitely better.”

“It makes sense, do you want to join the army?”

“Well, forget it. I plan to set up a pioneer A company that specializes in panning for gold and misses the cup of the earth must not miss the cup of heaven.”

“Is this kind of company easy to set up?”

“It’s good to set up, Don’t you know, the federal government is now liberalizing many policies, allowing private development companies to be established. Now many development companies are poaching people, and the wages are very high.”

“So good, then don’t all go. I’m working in a new company.”

“What do you say, each has its own advantages.”

Su Mo also walked over, found a corner seat and sat down, and ordered a cup of coffee .

He looked at people coming, people going, and was a little confused.

Just then his cell phone rang.

Su Mo looked down and saw that Chen Shan was calling, so he picked it up.

β€œChen Shan?”

β€œHaha, Su Mo, I haven’t contacted you for a long time. How are you doing, are you still at Imperial Capital?”

β€œNo Now, I’m back to the Magic City.”

“You’re back to the Magic City, that’s really a pity.”

“What’s the matter?”

Su Mo asked with a smile.

“What can I do? It’s not that we are recruiting troops recently, so I just wanted to ask you if you want to come. Our brother will work hard together.”

Chen Shan once again sent an invitation to Su Mo Letter, he has been thinking about pulling Su Mo into the team.

Su Mo replied with a smile: “No, I still prefer freedom.”

“Hey, aren’t you thinking about it?”

“No, I want to rest for a while.”

“Well, since you said so, I won’t force it, call me if something happens.”

Chen Shan is forthright said.


Su Mo nods.

Then Su Mo hung up the phone, and the waiter brought the coffee and placed it lightly in front of Su Mo.

“Your coffee, sir.”


Su Mo took the coffee and was about to take a sip.

At this time, his cell phone rang again, and Su Mo was also a little surprised. Usually, his cell phone hadn’t rang a single call for hundreds of years, but it was so lively today.

He glanced at it and saw that the caller ID was from Sun Duoxiang.

Su Mo sighed and picked it up, before he could speak.

Sun Duoxiang shouted excitedly: “big brother!”

“What’s the matter?”

Su Mo shook the head helplessly.

“Look at what you said, big brother, I can’t call you if I have nothing to do, don’t I miss you?”

“Speak human words.”

“Hehe, that big brother, I’ve been following Lin Ming recently, and the results are getting better and better, and I’ve already gotten into the top management. Isn’t this a good thing, can’t forget the good big brother? And I heard that big brother, you are staying The 10th Division of the Dawning Group is not disbanded. How about you coming to me, big brother? I will absolutely support you. Besides, I can feel at ease with you here! Otherwise, I will panic. “

Sun Duoxiang is looking forward to sending out the invitation.

“What’s wrong, you haven’t been doing very well recently, just hang around normally.”

Su Mo reluctantly complained.

“Aiya, big brother, you don’t understand, it’s not the same as before, the old man of the five dragon heads has come out. I don’t know about other groups, just the senior management of our Martial God group, that is There was a big change of blood, and a group of high-level talents were airborne. All of them were trained from the military. Before the relationship was a small fight, it was also because I was with Lin Ming, and his skills were strong enough. The others followed. Many of the descendants of the Lin Family have been relegated.”

Sun Duoxiang forced a smile and said.

“Just stay at ease. Your ability is not bad now, but you lack a little self-confidence. And after the Cup of Heaven starts, you have to be careful about everything, there is nothing you can be sure about. , discuss with me as much as possible, and I will give you corresponding opinions, this time is different than usual.”

Su Mo explained after thinking.

“Okay, okay, I’m relieved if I say big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang sighed in relief.

“One more thing, you are in a high position now, take good care of Zhang Hao, and Lan Xi.”

Su Mo instructed.

“You can rest assured, I’m here, but big brother, are you really not coming? Without you, I always feel like something is missing.”

Sun Duo Xiang patted his chest and said, but halfway through, he became discouraged again.

“Okay, don’t be ashamed, do your best! I’ll cover you.”

Su Mo replied helplessly.

“Okay, okay, then don’t bother big brother, I’m going to say New Year’s greetings to big brother on New Year’s Day.”

“Forget it, you don’t have to, The first day after the new year is the opening of the cup of heaven, what are you coming.”

“Understand, understand,”

“That’s it.”

Su Mo Hanging up the phone, looking at the street in the distance, his eyes became more and more determined.

(end of this chapter)

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