Star Ring Mission Chapter 403


Chapter 403 High-Dimensional Civilization·The City of Star Ring

A few days later, at dusk, outside the old town of Moduyuan, A new garden-style manor is located, and its interior villas are converted from very retro buildings.

At this moment, Su Mo was standing on the balcony on the second floor in her pajamas, looking into the distance.

A spectacular scene comes into view. The ruins of the old town that was originally pushed down have been built into the new interstellar airport. The giant all-metal terminal building, each layer is as high as 50 meters, obviously this is not used to accommodate normal aircraft.

Su Mo has checked a little, and the entire federation has planned a total of 24 interstellar airports, of which 18 are built in Area M, Area Z, Area E, Area O, and the remaining six branches are in other areas. .

In two months, the twenty-four interstellar airports were basically completed on time in the rush at all costs.

It can be regarded as the largest construction project in recent years.

Su Mo took a look at his mobile phone. Today is the last day of the year-end. After tonight, it will be the New Year. In previous years, today is absolutely very lively, and every household is welcoming the new year.

But today is unusually quiet, because everyone is waiting for the beginning of the Cup of Heaven.

At the same time this morning, Su Mo received a public text message issued by the federation. From this morning, the entire federation entered a state of Level 1 standby.

Su Mo looked at the streets of Modu from afar, and he could see a group of fully armed soldiers patrolling the streets. The plane flew past.

According to the closed Star Ring game prompt, the Cup of Heaven will officially open at 12:00 pm.

Su Mo is also more and more inexplicably curious about what the Cup of the Day looks like.

In the Federal District Z Imperial Capital Center·Administration Building.

Long Ming was wearing a blue robe embellished with stars, and sat firmly on the chair, resting with his eyes closed. There were also various members of the Federation sitting next to him. But most of them are restless. As the time of the Cup of Heaven is approaching, everyone is very nervous. After all, everyone is about to face the unknown New World.

On the wall of the room, an oversized mechanical clock kept moving.

When the needle reached half past eleven, a dull bell rang


Long Ming opened his eyes and stood up, facing the Augustus and the others said, “Let’s go!”

All the councilors were shocked and followed behind him.

Led by Long Ming, everyone came to a special elevator inside the administrative building. It is heavily guarded here, and everyone goes to the depths of the ground through elevators.

The elevator door opened, everyone came out, and an alloy gate with a height of 30 meters came into view.

Long Ming put his hand on the identification device.

“Fingerprint identification passed!”

“Pupil identification passed!”

“Biometric identification passed!”

at one after After another identification command was passed, ka!

The huge alloy gate slowly rose, and a super-spectacular underground mechanical room came into view. I saw countless optical cables inside, and those optical cables all extended to the central area.

In the very center of the mechanical room, there is a very special metal pillar with a special metal Rubik’s cube embedded in the center.

The crowd walked up to the metal spikes, their hearts in their throats.

This is the cornerstone of the Star Ring, and it’s what they got from space.

Long Ming raised his hand and looked at the time on his watch, when the time reached twelve o’clock. He immediately stepped forward and led the crowd to bow to the metal spikes.

The House of Representatives also followed Long Ming’s sonorous and powerful declaration.

“Long Ming, President of the Federation Council of Earth Star Civilization, hereby swears.”

“I am willing to use faith and life as fuel, ignite the fire of civilization, and open the Star Ring to fight the Star Ring day. The cup, that is, signed to eternal damnation, will never regret.”

“I am willing to use faith and life as fuel, ignite the fire of civilization, and open the Star Ring to fight the Star Ring Cup of Heaven”

In the solemn and solemn oath of everyone, Long Ming extended the hand on the metal spike.

In an instant, the whole metal spike is like a blooming iron tree!


Pops countless prismatic metal squares.

The metal cube embedded in the center floated, and then the metal ceiling above the head cracked open layer by layer.

The next second, the metal cube automatically turned and began to split, and then a beam of light rushed into the dark sky.

It is like a sharp blade that cuts through the dark night sky, and it is like a path that points to light in the dark.

Everyone in the whole world at a time can see this extremely spectacular scene.

Su Mo watched the beam of light rising into the sky, and his heart was slightly trembled.

Looking down from in the sky, you can see a beam of light passing through the atmosphere and then spreading out, forming a huge circle of blue halo.

This is like an angel’s circle of light, which immediately shrouds the entire earth star together with the nearby moon stars.

In the next second, the scene of the Earth and Moon stars all around begins the Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, which changes Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

In the earth star, everyone raised their heads and looked towards the starry sky, only to see that the whole world was shrouded in a special halo, and the beam of light reaching the sky was like the only indicator light of this world, illuminating everyone.

Many people who were watching made horrified voices, and even involuntarily produced emotions such as curiosity, excitement, worry, panic and so on.

Su Mo’s heart accelerated involuntarily as he watched this unseen spectacle in a thousand years. It was really shocking.

But fortunately, the whole process did not last long, just over half an hour, the beam of light began to dissipate.

At this time, the cracked metal Rubik’s Cube immediately rotated again, and a special halo appeared on its surface.

Long Ming and the others subconsciously took a step back.

Next, a cute loli in a colorful dress, the virtual hologram of Golly who had guided them into the Star Ring, appeared.

“Dear pioneers of civilization, welcome to your presence, I’m Golly, and I’m honored to tell you that you are fortunate enough to participate in the Cup of Heaven to get a chance for a new life. I also know that you must be very confused, But it doesn’t matter, all your doubts will be answered, I officially represent the will of Star Ring, as you invite you to go to the city of Star Ring.”

“Where is the city of Star Ring?”

“Where is the city of Star Ring?”


Long Ming took a deep breath and asked.

Immediately after, Ge Li waved her hand gently, and a special virtual image appeared.

In the vast starry sky, a gyroscopic shape, the whole body is made of metal, is several times larger than the giant planet. Its whole body is surrounded by seven halo circles of different sizes and colors, and the Star Ring city emerges.

The illusory image began to zoom in, and it could be seen that its surface was densely covered with pitch-black gun barrels, and its reflected luster was terrifying. There is a magnificent interstellar shipyard, a dense automatic mechanized processing plant, a vast interstellar port, a ship of interstellar battleships docked on it, and looking inside, the tangled and complicated circular orbits are intertwined

The super-futuristic city around the stars makes everyone stunned.

“How do we get there?”

“As the victors of the Earth Cup, you will get your last interstellar ship for free. You can board that ship Go to the city of the Star Ring, and then I will receive you. In addition, I need to tell you that there are twelve other winners of the civilization who have gone to the city of the star ring with you. They will also take the interstellar ships, and it is strictly forbidden to attack each other on the road and Conflict.”

Goli smiled replied.

Just when Long Ming was about to ask again.

The rays of light of the Metal Rubik’s Cube are getting dimmer, as if the energy is running out.

Goli’s silhouette gradually collapsed.

“I am waiting for you in the city of Star Ring.”

Auglas and the others looked towards Longming not knowing what to do.

“President Longming, what should we do now?”

“Yes, are we really going?”

“Will this happen? Is it a trap?”

Long Ming was a little undecided at this time, this happened so suddenly, it’s different now. The previous Star Ring could more or less be called a game, but now they are facing another advanced civilization. Once they make a mistake, they will make a mistake.

After all, people instinctively fear the unknown.

At this moment, Li Ruiqi hurried in and said to Long Ming.

“President Longming, an unknown ship appeared in the sky and was landing at the interstellar airfield of Imperial Capital. Now it has caused extreme panic, and the fighter formation has locked the ship. But No response was received to any calls, now the air formation Captain is asking for the next step to respond, whether to launch an attack?”

Long Ming took a deep breath, lifts the head said: “No attack.”

“I understand.”

Li Ruiqi hurriedly turned and left.

Long Ming turned his head and looked towards Itherine and said: “Isherine, you come forward immediately, give a national speech, and stabilize the panicked people. Augustus and the others, let’s go to the interstellar airport and see that ship interstellar ships.”

“Are we really going?”

Spade is also brows tightly knit.

“Let’s take over the spaceship first. I guess we don’t have much choice. Let Zhang Wei and other Academicians go to the interstellar airport together.”

Long Ming gradually calmed down.


No one said much.

Su Mo swipes the latest news on the Star Ring forum with his mobile phone to see if there is the latest intelligence update.

As a result, I swiped to a pinned post as soon as I swiped, and the eye-catching title fantasy came true!

This post was posted by an anonymous player and has reached hundreds of millions of views.

Click on the post, you can see a photo, the photo was taken at Imperial Capital, District Z. I saw Imperial Capital in the sky, a gray giant interstellar ship with a length of five kilometers and a span of one kilometer broke through the clouds, moved towards the interstellar airport and landed.

At the same time, there is another photo attached below the post, this photo was taken at the ruins of the civilization in the center of the Star Ring lost continent. The ship with its internal propellers is exactly the same as the ship that has actually descended.

The name of the post owner, with red eye-catching words, write a paragraph.

“Brother sisters, see clearly! The things in the Star Ring have appeared in reality. Is this a reflection of fantasy into reality, or we enter into fantasy.”

Su Mo took a deep breath.

At this time, a live broadcast prompt popped up on his mobile phone. Of course, this was obviously sent by the federation indiscriminately, and it should be necessary to deal with panic.

Although everyone had done a little bit of preparation before, when the reality came, the inner fear was born involuntarily.

Su Mo clicked to enter the live broadcast.

Soon the image of Ithleen appeared in front of everyone, and she saluted everyone.

“Dear people, please don’t panic about the various mutation situations, and everyone should stay at home. We have officially participated in the Star Ring Cup of Heaven, but the specific situation is still unclear. It is clear, but everything will be revealed soon. The federal government promises to disclose all front-line information and will not hide it from you. But at the same time, I hope that all the people will not make any commotion at this juncture, otherwise everything will be dealt with as treason. ”

I have to say that Isherine’s speech is still very useful, directly strangling the hidden danger of instability in the cradle.

On the other side, when Long Ming brought everyone to the interstellar airport, the interstellar ship had landed steadily in the middle of the airport.

Li Shijie has led his subordinates to surround it.

He saw Long Ming and the others who came, and they all saluted.

“The President of the Council.”

“How’s it going?”

“The interstellar ship appeared and landed suddenly, and after landing, logged into the hatch It was automatically turned on, but no one came out. For the sake of safety, I didn’t let anyone in.”

“Well done, how long will it take for Zhang Wei and the others to come back.”

Long Ming nodded lightly, then turned his head to ask the next subordinate.

“They’ll be here soon.”

The subordinate next to him responded quickly.

Sure enough, Zhang Wei and other Academicians hurried over. When they saw this interstellar ship, they shouted excitedly.

“The Propeller!”

Long Ming saw Zhang Wei and the others and immediately recognized the ship as the Propeller. Most likely it was right. The ship should be the spaceship that the Cup of Earth finally obtained.

“Get on the boat.”

Long Ming said.

Zhang Shijie said with some worry: “Sir President, is this too rash, let’s go up and take a look first.”

“What is there to worry about? Yes, the craftsmanship and technology of this interstellar ship has long surpassed our time. If the other party really wanted to harm us, we would have hung up long ago, there is nothing to worry about, let me old fogey go up first.”

Zhang Wei and other scientific research Academicians can’t wait, their eyes are full of excitement.

“Don’t worry, go up.”

Long Ming pondered for a few seconds before replying.


Zhang Shijie backed away.

Long Ming and the others boarded the ship from the boarding gate and came to the slender metal corridor.

The top of the channel is embedded with soft lighting.

Zhang Wei led the crowd to go inside. When he got this ship in the Star Ring game, he walked all over the ship and was very familiar with every corner of the ship. .

Soon they came to a three-way intersection.

Three metal gates cut off the road, Zhang Wei pressed the switch of the gate on the right.

The metal gate opens automatically.

Zhang Wei walked in with everyone and introduced them to everyone as he walked.

“The passage we come in is called the login passage. There are three gate breaks here, which lead to the ship’s area A, B, and C. But one thing is the same, after the gate is opened , we will arrive at a sealed and transparent isolation room. People who are on board normally will be checked here, on the one hand, to prevent people from entering. On the other hand, it is to prevent people on board from carrying viruses or parasites. The design concept is very advanced. Going through the first isolation room, there is also a review room, which is used for the second inspection, which is worth explaining. These areas are all microgravity areas, because the ship’s gravity device has limited coverage, so it can’t cover all directions.”

Augulas and the others could not help extending the hand to touch the smooth wall, Although I have touched it in the game, it feels different in reality.

The cold walls make people feel inexplicably excited, as if the stars and the sea are waving to them.

Soon after, Long Ming and the others successfully arrived at the central control room.

The huge control room was empty, without a silhouette, while the central console was activated, and the virtual image screen kept popping up prompts.

“Please bind the identity authority”

Zhang Wei and several others immediately stepped forward and entered the identity authority.

Long Ming and the others stood there and looked all around In the control room, the expression became more and more complicated.

Spade solemnly said: “What should we do now? It is estimated that there is not much time left for us to make a decision. “

“As President of the Federal Parliament, I have to go there myself.” “

Long Ming took a deep breath and said with a decision.

“We will also go with you, there is always a discussion. “

Augustus and the others shook the head.

“Okay then, then leave Itherine and the others go, but I have one more proposal. “

Long Ming thought about it, and it is estimated that the risk is not high.

“What proposal?” ”

“Bring some reporters and live broadcast the whole process to reduce the panic among the people. “

“Will this work?” I’m talking about the technical side. “

Auglas was also very surprised by Longming’s proposal.

“No problem, the Booster is advanced enough, and its internal information transmission device is very powerful, as long as you use this A ship is used as a relay device for information transmission, and there is no problem. “

Zhang Wei is very sure that it will be replicated.

“Then how long will it take you to debug it?” “

Long Ming asked.

“All the parameters of this Propeller are adjusted, you don’t need to move much, you just need to be familiar with it.” However, the cold storage of the ship’s survival material reserve is empty, and we need to fill it by ourselves, so we can set off after twelve hours at the earliest. “

“Replenish the ship immediately, and set off in twelve hours”

Long Ming gave the order decisively.

“Yes!” ”

Twelve hours later, the Booster completed its supply.

In the control room, Zhang Wei and the others sat in their respective control positions, and two reporters were carrying the live broadcast. The instrument was extremely nervous and stood aside.

After everything was ready, Zhang Wei turned his head and looked towards Longming.

“Let’s go. “

Zhang Wei gave orders in an orderly manner after being instructed.

“Close all login doors.” “

“Break the peripheral closed channel. “

“Starting the CS1 gathering power unit.”

“Starting, the power output is normal.” “

“Check all wiring, and loops. “

“The R1-R2342 line is normal”

“The anti-gravity auxiliary system is activated, and the injection device is ready to be activated. ”

As the one after another operation command was issued, the special device ports at the bottom of the propeller were opened one by one, and the huge propeller floated a little bit, and then the tail section jet device was ignited.

The Thruster began to slowly leave the interstellar airport.

Long Ming and Augustus stood on the observation deck, looking at the shrinking city and the earth, and their hearts also rose.


It would be a lie to say that they are not nervous. They are not really worried about their own safety. What they are more worried about is the fate of all mankind.

not very long They broke through the atmosphere, sailed out of the earth star, and came to the vast starry sky.

At the moment of flying out of the starry sky, through the telescope, they could see the incomparably spectacular city around the stars at a glance. The halo is so bright and dazzling, like the sun.

Zhang Wei quickly entered the command on the console to set the flight path, and at the same time issued the command: “Full speed ahead, target the city of Star Ring. “

“Understood! “

Many operators responded.

At this time, the two reporters swallowed and spit, and Brace oneself walked to Longming’s side and asked.

“Sir President, shall we start broadcasting? “

“Rebroadcast it!” Everyone is entitled to know what happened. “

Long Ming’s calm replied.

“Yes!” ”

The reporter started debugging the equipment.

Soon the live video was sent back to Earth.

Su Mo was sitting at home watching TV, waiting The latest progress.

At this time, the TV image was inserted into a live broadcast, and a rather young reporter said excitedly; “Dear viewers, I am the Federal News reporter Nick, and now I am responsible for We broadcast the latest progress of the Cup of Heaven. As you can see now, I’m in the control room of a ship called the Thruster, the ultimate reward for winning the Earth Cup. Now the head of the Federal Parliament is leading many members and is heading to the city of Star Ring. You may not quite know what the city of Star Ring is. “

“Actually I don’t know where that is, but that’s okay. I can point the lens to the binoculars and let everyone take a look. ”

As he spoke, the video screen began to turn.

From a distance, everyone could see a city of machines in the shape of a spinning top, but because of the distance, it was not quite clear.

“Now we can’t see very clearly due to the distance, but it doesn’t matter, when it gets closer, I will show you the city of Star Ring in all directions. Now let me tell you the situation, the target ship is moving at sub-light speed and is expected to arrive at the city of Star Ring in seven hours. The Thruster we are on now, as far as I know from the Academician on the ship. , its technology is at least five hundred years ahead of our existing technology, but this ship is very likely not the highest scientific and technological achievement of the city of the stars. It is expected that the technology in the city of the star ring may have an epoch-making generation gap with us. “

“So if the communication goes well, we will really win the Cup of Heaven, and maybe our civilization can really be reborn.”

Nick kept explaining.

Su Mo watched the live video and couldn’t help giving a thumbs up to Long Ming and the upper-level members of the Federation.

He also didn’t expect that the Federation did not choose to be alone this time. Go to the invitation, but choose to broadcast live.

This is really going to be transparent, not to do any cover up, and to unite all mankind to deal with this cup of heaven.

Su Mo walked to the refrigerator and took out instant noodles and drinks from the refrigerator. He didn’t go anywhere today, he just stayed at home and watched the live broadcast.

His heart became more and more excited, and now the interstellar ships are all Really, then the mecha is also real, and you can actually touch the mecha when you think about it.

Su Mo’s body blood is involuntarily boiling.

After everything is ready , Su Mo picked up his phone and glanced at the Star Ring forum. The forum is still super lively, and countless players are posting about the City of the Ring of the Stars and the Cup of Heaven.

They panic from the very beginning, Gradually I got used to it, and I began to look forward to a bright future.

Of course, there are also many sensible people who use words to dispel their illusions.

“Don’t hold too much. A beautiful idea, if you think about it carefully, the difficulty of the Cup of Earth is definitely lower than that of the Cup of Heaven. Even if we win, how many people will survive, let alone the Cup of Heaven. And the worst point, this is the real world, not the world of the Cup of Earth, it can be resurrected after death”

(end of this chapter)

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