Star Ring Mission Chapter 404


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“That’s right!”

Many people are also gradually returning to their senses.

Time goes by little by little. Seven hours is not too long, not too short.

Of course few people can sleep.

As time approaches, the Booster is getting closer and closer to the city of Star Ring, and can clearly see the appearance of the entire mechanical city. In fact, it is a city of machinery, more like a mechanical planet.

Nick was raving about the magnificence of the Star Ring city with every word of praise he could think of right now.

“My God, look at this, this scale, this sense of technology, it’s just amazing work”

At this moment, the spaceship radar system suddenly issued a warning.

“Warning, an unknown spaceship has been scanned.”

“Lord Zhang Wei, these spaceships also seem to be flying to the city of Star Ring.”

Operator Some nervously reported to Zhang Weihui.

Zhang Wei turned his head to report to Long Ming and the others: “It’s the spaceship of other civilizations.”

“Don’t worry about them, just drive as normal. Small actions are unwise actions.”

Long Ming gave orders very rationally.


Zhang Wei nodded replied.

At this time, a special prompt pops up on the phantom screen.

“Please follow the directions and go to the T01 interstellar port.”

Immediately the next second, the illusory light and shadow gathered in front of the propeller, forming a guiding track.

“Slow down, follow the directions, everyone is ready to land.”

Zhang Wei immediately gave an order

Nick excitedly reported to everyone: “Brothers Sisters, we are about to arrive at the city of Star Ring, and it is time to witness the miracle of history.”

At this time, a non-commissioned officer walked beside Nick and whispered a few words in his ear.

Nick quickly nodded to express his understanding, and then Nick solemnly said to the many people watching: “Dear people, because it is not quite clear, what is it like to arrive at the city of Star Ring, so the next step is The live broadcast will not be explained. Only video transmission will be carried out, and the smoothness of the video will not be guaranteed, but we will try our best to ensure the smooth progress of the live broadcast.โ€

Su Mo in front of the TV watched more and more fascinated, heartbeat involuntarily Accelerate, more or less excited.

At this point, the live viewing rate has reached 99%.

In the live video, an operator reported in a loud voice: “In 1 minute, enter the expected orbit.”

“Show the Star Ring city and flight orbit, and also There is a detection of the rotation rate and parameters of the Star Ring city, and they are all displayed.”

Zhang Wei gave orders in a deep voice, it is not so easy to operate a ship.


Then a row of complicated parameters appeared.

Although there are guidelines, the city around the stars is not static, its body in the shape of a top is constantly rotating, forming gravity.

This Propeller does not have an artificial intelligence system, and all operations need to be done manually. If there is a mistake, the ship will drive face to face and smash into the interstellar port.

Even now the most elite Academicians in the Federation are in charge of the operation.

They were also very nervous at this time, after all, they didn’t have much experience.

“The output of the power system is adjusted, and the positive parameter of the bow is corrected by 0.03.”

“It is being adjusted.”

Through the optical imaging system, everyone can clearly see that the city around the stars is getting closer and bigger.

The Thruster is getting smaller and smaller, like a grain of sand.

“Distance: 172 km!”

“Entering port 1 of interstellar!”

“Data correction.”

“Turn off the No. 3 auxiliary power unit.”

“Reduce the power output and further decelerate.”

“Activate the rest auxiliary system, open the anti-gravity system, and prepare to land.”

From the air, the Thruster is slowing down, and the anti-gravity device is activated, and it is landing a little bit at the interstellar port.

There are countless battleships throughout the interstellar port, but even so, there are still plenty of vacancies.

A moment later, with the vibration of the propeller, it finally landed smoothly at the designated position.

“Successfully landed.”

Zhang Wei sighed in relief reports.

“Good job.”

Long Ming took the lead in applauding.


Zhang Wei and the others also showed a smile.

A moment later, the gate of the Propulsion opened, and Long Ming and the others walked down, looking at the endless port of Interstellar, where there were countless ships.

Long Ming and the others were completely shocked. At this moment, they were like a frog in well, seeing the sea surging forward with great momentum for the first time.

At this time, a sweet voice sounded.

“Welcome to the city of Star Ring.”

Long Ming and the others just slowed down, not knowing when, Ge Li had appeared in front of them.

“Hello, Miss Gerry.”

Long Ming greeted politely. It’s always right to be polite. Of course, Long Ming is also looking at Gerry constantly, but It’s a pity that he can’t tell if Golly is a human or a robot at all.

“Don’t be so polite, President Longming. By the way, please wait for a while. The others will arrive soon. When the time comes, let’s go together.”

Song Li said with a smile.


Long Ming just wanted to see what other civilizations looked like.

At this moment, a group of silhouettes came over in the distance. Looking carefully, they were not much different from people, except that their skin was paler, their ears were pointed, and their whole body was wearing silver high-necked corset clothes. , looks very proud. The leading man is holding a scepter in his hand and a crown on his head, which can be seen as an imperial system.

“I am the King of Yanas, Memikas, I am here at the invitation.”

The leader of the country said.

Goli said with a smile: “Lord Yanas, please wait a moment.”

Then came two groups of people, both humanoid civilizations, but wearing clothes. The styles are not the same.

The group on the left has scales on its skin, gill-like organs on both sides of its lower jaw, and frog-like claws on its hands.

The group on the right is thin and short, with large pupils, dark and rough skin, and gray all over.

The two teams introduced themselves separately. The people with gills belonged to the Heike Free Country, a civilization that lived in seabeds.

The other group claimed to be from the Falaise tribe, whose civilization was born underground.

Long Ming brows tightly frowns, his expression is constantly changing as he looks at the participating civilizations.

At this moment, one after another towering silhouette appeared, a with a burly body, a face full of flesh, the whole body embedded in the metal outer armor, the eyes were violent, the big man full of oppression came over, everyone The body is a lot taller than everyone else.

He leads the way, his eyes are like wild beast, which is daunting.

Nick and the others couldn’t close their mouths when they saw that there was such a tall person.

“Look at what, little dwarf!”

A passing big man said to Nick, his eyes full of disdain,

It’s amazing that, Nick was able to understand, he was very sure that the other party was not speaking their language, and his tone was so loud that he almost suffocated himself.

And this is the overlord from the Gomotos civilization.

Immediately after the landing, the remaining civilizations also appeared, all of which are human-type creatures. Some civilizations have abnormally strong body hair, a bit like savages, and also have very beautiful appearance, with extremely tender skin and eyes. Humans like sapphire.

There are also very gloomy, wearing cloaks, with bone jewelry on both hands, and black beam guns on their waists, watching the existence of the enemy.

Long Ming took a deep breath, he had some clues in his heart, and it should be a humanoid civilization to participate. It’s just that there is a problem in a certain part of the progress of civilization. For example, the sea of some planets submerges the land, so human beings have evolved to sea creatures.

Or there is a mutation in the climate, in order to adapt to the environment, a new evolution occurs.

In layman’s terms, it is more like the same species, moving towards different evolutionary terminals in different environments.

Goli glanced a little and snapped her fingers when she saw that the thirteen civilization teams were all in place.

“Okay, let’s go!”

The next second, the metal checkered floor tiles under everyone’s feet began to float in the air, like a small aircraft, taking everyone to the sky .

Along the way, people can see magnificent steel buildings, and

can also vaguely see some silhouettes, but no one can confirm whether these are people or something else biology.

At the same time, from time to time in the air, a miniature aircraft swept past them at a very high speed.

Looks like it’s about to hit, but never hits.

A moment later, in amazement, everyone landed on a giant circular square.

In the center of the square, there is a metal stele with a dazzling throne on top of the stele.

One with silver long hair, wearing a blue long dress, a cold expression, arrogant and elegant demeanor, wearing crystal high-heeled shoes, leaning Miaoman’s body on his side, supporting his chin with one hand, the queen is full of style. The girl sits on it.

Everyone recognized the girl in front of them at a glance. It was the NPC Ikaloya opened by Star Ring.

Ikaloya stood up slowly, looking down at everyone with arrogant eyes.

“Welcome to the Negative Universe. I am honored to tell you that your thirteen civilizations from different dimensions have successfully stood out from the hundreds of contestants and qualified for the Cup of Heaven.”

Hearing Ikaloya’s words, everyone took a breath.

The subconscious meaning of her words is that hundreds of civilizations are disqualified, have no chance to stand here, and are doomed to perish.

At this time, the King of Yanas, Memikas also lowered his arrogant head and asked: “Respect Lord Ikaloya, may I ask what we need to do to win the Cup of Heaven and get the The continuation of civilization.”

Representatives of other civilizations also asked in awe.

Ikaloya’s indifferent replied.

“The so-called victory of the Cup of Heaven is very simple, that is to live.

As soon as this statement is made, all representatives of civilizations are alert to the representatives of other civilizations looking towards all around.


Long Ming’s heart sank, is it possible that cannibalism?

“You don’t have to speculate, what I said about surviving is not to let you kill each other. โ€

Ikaloya explained with a blank face.

Hearing this, everyone sighed in relief. But Ikaloyaโ€™s next words made everyoneโ€™s hearts. It’s cold.

“What I said about surviving is more cruel than letting you both kill each other. “

Ikaloya said this, and with a wave of her hand, a special virtual image expanded, and

The vast galaxy map emerged, and you can see that the city of Star Ring is in the center I saw thirteen twinkling dots of light, twinkling in the orbit of the city of the Star Ring, representing the chosen planets of thirteen different civilizations.

However, looking out, the galaxy The outside of the map is all bright red, the standard occupation area.

โ€œOutside the track you are in, all are monster occupation areas, including Titan Race, Insect Race, Qijuzi, Alien, etc. , more than tens of thousands of races. They will tear you apart at all costs, all you need to do is live. โ€

Hearing this, the eyes of everyone present revealed infinite panic. Isnโ€™t this Fire Pit?

Long Ming and the others also looked very ugly. They knew that the Cup of Heaven had won. The difficulty will be very high, but no one didn’t expect it to be like this.

However, Long Ming was patient and didn’t say anything. Normally, he shouldn’t give a dead end.

But some grumpy people may not be able to hold back.

For example, the big man from the Gomotos civilization rebuked with red eyes.

โ€œWhat is this? The Cup of Heaven is clearly a dead end. “

Ikaloya said with a sneer like watching an idiot.

“It’s up to you whether you live or die, and in the galaxy occupied by monsters outside, countless fallen The ruins of civilization, you can plunder from them indefinitely to achieve a new civilization. When you are victorious, your civilization will be reborn from the ashes and become the new world Sovereign. “

“Of course, as an inviter, I also prepare a gift for you all person, allowing you to obtain the minimum qualifications to fight against monsters. You all person get gold points and silver points from Star Ring, which will be converted into star coins unconditionally 1 to 1 and 1 to 0.1. At that time, you can enter the city around the stars and exchange everything you want inside it, materials, weapons, technology blueprint, etc. It is worth noting that the gold points and silver points that can be exchanged for star coins are not in your hands The gold and silver metals, after all, those metals are not worth mentioning in the vast universe. “

“It is also worth noting that you are strictly prohibited from attacking each other within the sheltered area of the Star Ring city. Of course out of the area shrouded in the city of the Star Ring, do whatever you want. Of course, you can also ignore my words, arbitrarily choose your future and make all the choices you want, including attacking each other between civilizations, or even attacking the city of Star Ring, as long as you have the strength and bear the corresponding consequences. “

When they heard Ikaloya’s words, everyone fell silent.

At this time, Longming’s old face kept changing, and he finally asked.

“Respect Lord Ikaloa, what about the civilization that participated in the Cup of Heaven before? “

“They’ve all sunk into the endless Star Sea.” The Sky Cup will always select contestants until the real winner is decided. Your presence will prove their demise. “

Ikaloya made no secret of revealing the cruel reality.

“Isn’t this the same or a dead end, in disguise to let us die? “

Some representatives of civilization responded with some unacceptable responses.

Ikaloya’s eyes became colder and colder, she flipped her sleeves and replied with a very cold voice.

“The future can be used as a bet, what is trifling human life? Fate may be unfair, but death will be treated equally! ”

The next second, everyone in the room fell silent.

Including Su Mo and the others who are watching the live broadcast, also from the very beginning shocked to silence.

Anyway, this is the reality, if you don’t fight, you will die, and if you fight, there may be a glimmer of survival.

“Goli gave them the exchange pass sign, and you will explain the rest to them.”


Gollie respectfully replied .

Then Ikaloya’s silhouette turned into a spot of light and disappeared. No one knew whether Ikaloya, the owner of this Star Ring city, was a human or an illusory image.

At this time, Ge Li took out some metal signs and handed them to the representatives of the civilization one by one with a smile.

“This is the symbol of your civilization.”

Long Ming took a look at the sign that was handed over. It had a number of five written on it, which should represent their number.

Goli said with a smile: “Okay, now you can exchange the gold points and silver points on your body into star coin, star coin is the common currency of Star Ring city, its main material It is made of Star Stone, and Star Stone is a kind of ore containing special energy, and it is also the building block of this world. You can exchange star coin for weapons and all technologies you want, even materials. Of course, these are just you The initial capital does not mean anything, and you still have to look at your own development in the future.”

“Give us 700 million gold points and 2.6 billion silver points.”

The Lord of Yanas, Memikas, was the first to speak.

Hearing the words of the King of Yanas, Memikas, some civilized expressions were a little moved. Long Ming accurately captured the changes in their expressions. 700 million gold and silver points should be considered a lot.

Goli directly took out a special striped metal card and handed it to Memikas, and at the same time operated the bracelet directly in her hand, directly deducting its corresponding gold and silver points.


In fact, Long Ming guessed correctly, 700 million is indeed a lot.

The next exchange for many civilizations is only 300 million, 400 million, and of course there are more.

But what surprised Long Ming the most was the humble Falaise civilization, who exchanged one billion gold points and three billion silver points in one go.

In the end, it was Long Ming’s turn, but he was not in a hurry to exchange, but waited for the exchanged civilization representative to leave.

Goli said to the people who had already exchanged: “You can go to the city of Star Ring and exchange it on the smart mechanical pillars erected everywhere. You can also go to various shops to exchange, in short, everything is here. Only What you can’t think of, there’s nothing you can’t exchange.”

Many civilization representatives left after hearing Goli’s words.

At this time, Long Ming stepped forward and solemnly said: “Exchange for 2 billion gold points and 8 billion silver points for me.”

Gely read more meaningfully Glancing at Long Ming, then replied.

“Okay! A total of 2.8 billion star coins, you can take it.”

In fact, under normal circumstances, the Federation is impossible and has so many gold and silver points, but the Federation and other civilizations have One thing is different, they participated in the Cup of Earth twice.

Accumulation is naturally thicker than others, which is a big gamble!

Fortunately they won the bet after giving up their first cup of heaven. All the kingdoms gritted their teeth to reach unity, overcome difficulties together, forcibly until the Cup of Earth was opened for the second time.

Not killing each other and crashing.

Goli picked up a card and handed it to Longming.

“Good luck to you.”

“Thank you.”

Long Ming took the card.

Goli turned around and left after finishing everything.

At this time, Augustus and the other members looked towards Long Ming with very ugly expressions.

“How do I feel, Star Ring summons us, like using us as shield consumables to resist external monsters.”

“Yes, like cannon fodder. “

“I feel this way too.”

Long Ming raised his hand to interrupt everyone, said solemnly.

“Fate is won by oneself, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Don’t say such things in the future, this is also our opportunity, our opportunity to rise.”

“Makes sense.”

Augulas responded with nodded response.

At this time, Long Ming suddenly turned his head and looked towards the distance, and several silhouettes left in a panic.

“What’s the matter?”

Augustus asked.

“Someone is staring at us, but it’s not clear whether it’s a person or what. Let’s leave them alone, let’s go and see what resources and weapons can be exchanged for, so we can discuss and maximize the use of the limited resources in our hands. Funds.”

Long Ming replied in a deep voice.

“Okay, but are we looking for a store to exchange for, or are we looking for a mechanical column to exchange?”

“Looking for a mechanical column, I have a feeling that the mechanical column should be opened by the owner of Star Ring. .But the store is not necessarily, although the store is likely to be cheaper, but it is not guaranteed, after all, their knowledge is much richer than us.”

“It makes sense.”

The crowd responded.

So Long Ming walked towards a mechanical column with no one in the distance.

At the same time, Nick whispered to the broadcast equipment in his hand: “Dear people, the next step is to involve federal secrets, so the live broadcast will no longer be public, goodbye!”

said When Nick cuts off the live signal.

The TV in front of Su Mo suddenly snowed.

Su Mo was speechless, he was fascinated. He was extremely curious as to what the Star Ring city could exchange for.

Curiosity is a pain in the ass.

Su Mo walked around the room, he had a bit of a heartache, although the federation does not restrict the public’s access to the truth, but even if the public knows the use of gold and silver points, it is unlikely that they will be able to. Play a role.

Because you want to use these two things, you must go to the city of Star Ring.

And going to the city of Star Ring must be a ship, and the ship is only owned by the Federation now, which means that the exchange channel is controlled by the Federation.

I have so much money, and it is difficult to exchange it. Maybe there will be a way in the future, but at least this is the case for now.

On the other side, Long Ming and the others stood in front of the mechanical column, checked the exchange interface, and looked at the dazzling exchange list. Everyone was stunned.

A type I gene drug that can comprehensively strengthen human beings, which can prolong human lifespan for a hundred years, actually only requires 100 star coins.

It’s cheap to die for, but this is only limited to the lowest genetic medicine, the higher the level, the more expensive things are. For example, the V-type genetic medicine will cost one billion star coins, and the price will vary depending on the variety.

The variety of ships is drooling.

They even saw a Planetary Grade Star Destroyer that sold for 100 billion star coins.

Its remark parameter clearly states that the main gun is equipped with a meteor cannon, fully charged, and can easily destroy a standard planet.

Destroying Planetary Grade ships is something they normally wouldn’t even think about.

Now it’s just a bunch of exchange numbers, how can you not make people excited.

“Look at this Planetary Grade fortress! It’s super cheap. The price is only 200 billion star coins.”

Spade said with red eyes.

Long Ming also browses tightly knit, reminding: “Calm down, we will have 2.8 billion star coins, and it is impossible to exchange only one item of Grade. We need the exchange production line, blueprint, and reserve materials, And all kinds of urgently needed items.”

Spade and the others gradually calmed down when they heard Longming’s words, and were replaced by extremely disappointed.

It’s like the treasure is right in front of you, and you can get it right away, but unfortunately, the balance is not enough.

Augulas said solemnly: “Longming, you are the calmest here, you will allocate the purchases, and we will support you unconditionally.”

Auglas doesn’t dare to let Others gave advice, including himself, who had the urge to just spend all the money on a large ship.

(end of this chapter)

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