Star Ring Mission Chapter 405


Chapter 405 Reality

Long Ming slightly disavowed , he took out a notebook and pen, and began to transcribe what needs to be purchased directory.

After a long time, he copied page after page of the list.

At a glance, you can clearly see some directory listings written in the notebook.

Technology for mass production of synthetic nutritional bars.

High-energy sewage purification technology.

The second-generation mechaยทIron Guard mass production line.

Interstellar mining shipยทPlunder production line.

The I-generation all-round gene injection synthesis formula.

The synthetic formula of the second-generation almighty gene injection.

Compendium of the negative universe monster.

A complete collection of negative universe creatures and minerals.

Long Ming has made a list of more than 1,000 items, all of which are their most urgent technologies and needs.

It is no exaggeration to use an analogy, if all the technologies and equipment on this list can be redeemed. The civilization of the Federation will officially enter the Interstellar Era and squeeze into the category of the Interstellar Powers.

Of course there are so many good things in the world.

After writing all the lists, Long Ming started to cross out the items written on it.

For example, space transition technology, high-level life support technology, and three generations of mecha production lines.

Augulas watched Longming cross out a technology, and his heart was bleeding. But there is nothing to do, after all, with limited funds, there is no perfect thing.

But watching Long Ming cross out more and more quickly, more than 1,000 lists have been crossed out over 700.

Augulas and the others are also a little anxious.

“Long Ming is almost done, stop scratching, we should be able to afford the rest.”

“Not enough to compress.”

Dragon Ming insisted abnormally, and he continued to cross it out.

Augulas wanted to open his mouth to say something, but he closed his mouth in the end. In the end, Long Ming only had more than 80 strokes left.

He raised the pen and was still drawing, Spade extended the hand and held Long Ming’s hand, shaking his head constantly.

“It’s alright.”

Long Ming sighed, not continuing to cross out, he picked up the pen and filled in a new item.

Interstellar Mothership Black Yao.

The ship is about 120 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide.

The maximum number of inhabitants is 30 million.

Equipped with five nuclear fission CSW-02 power units.

TOU04 large-scale life support system and circulation system, CEW-12 anti-gravity device, exploration type 4 radar scanning device.

CIDS Sublight Flight Device.

High micro-energy ship shield, high-strength alloy armor plate.

VDS-02 Concentrated Beam Cannon (Main Cannon)*1, BCE01 Destruction Light Cannon*2 Secondary Cannons, Shipborne Missile Launch Port*5000, Guards Artillery*3000

The price of this ship alone will cost 1.5 billion star coins.

Occupy nearly half of the funds on hand.

“This is you?”

Augustus and the others looked towards Long Ming in confusion.

Long Ming took a deep breath and said: “The crafty rabbit must be prepared with both hands. On the one hand, buying this mothership can be used for in-depth exploration, allowing us to find more wealth and resources. On the other hand, The aspect is that if one day we really can’t hold it, at least there is a safe place to escape and continue civilization, of course I hope it doesn’t really reach that point.”

After listening to Longming’s words , many fell into silence, and after a long time Spade broke the silence and said.

“You’ve thought it through, so just do it.”

Augulas and the others agree with replied.

“Just do it.”

Long Ming nodded, and began to exchange according to the written list. Of course, the so-called exchange is just placing an order on the mechanical column.

The specific goods still need to be picked up in a specially designated area, and a certain preparation time is also required.

Half a month later, Su Mo was lying on the sofa and browsing the forum. The forum is very lively now, and there are countless posts sent out every day.

It’s all talking about the Ring of the Stars and the returning fleet.

According to internal sources, the Federation exchanged a reorganized fleet to return, and it also brought a lot of technology, and it is said that there are technologies that are not old fart.

Anyway, the more exaggerated it is, the more exaggerated it is, and the specific and real information has not been released to the public at all. Including the returning fleet, most of them landed at the hidden interstellar military airfield, taking advantage of the night.

Of course Su Mo wouldn’t believe this. Although he didn’t know how many chips the Federation had, he definitely couldn’t afford the old fart technology. And the city of the Star Ring may not necessarily have this technology.

But looking at these posts every day, he also finds it very interesting.

His yearning for the city of Star Ring is a little more. The only trouble for him now is how to go to the city of Star Ring quietly.

It’s also a bit disgusting to have money and not be able to buy things.

All ships leading to the city of the Star Ring are controlled by the Federation, and the Federation has no plans to open civilian access. Instead, it is taking measures to recycle gold points and silver points at high prices, and is vigorously repurchasing from everyone.

So far, the purchase price of Gold Points has reached 10,000 Federal Coins for 1 point, and Silver Points have also reached 1,000 Federal Coins.

Of course, this is because the official has not opened the channel to the city of Star Ring, and the price is so stable.

Thinking of this, Su Mo sighed helplessly. I could only ask for help from others, so I picked up the phone and dialed Chen Shan’s number.


not very long, the call is connected.

“Brother, why don’t you call me when you have time.”

Chen Shan replied in a low voice.

“Are you inconvenient?”

Su Mo immediately noticed something was wrong and asked in a low voice.

“We’re in class. I’ll call you later. If you find out, you will be punished.”

“Okay, okay”

Su Mo hurriedly hung up. Disconnect.

At this time, in a trapezoidal classroom in the Imperial Capital military building, neat rows of non-commissioned officers were sitting, and everyone was listening intently.

A white-haired lecturer on stage is teaching all the non-commissioned officers.

“This is the conventional interface console for interstellar ships, usually composed of five areas and more than 500 command buttons. Of course, there are two types of high-level ships, which are assisted by artificial intelligence. It will favor the simplification of the console, and if there is no, it will favor complexity.”

Having said that, the non-commissioned officers below were all dizzy, but everyone listened carefully.

Xiao Wen stabbed Chen Shan.

“Listen carefully.”

“Okay, okay.”

Chen Shan responded quickly.

It’s not that Xiao Wen is harsh on Chen Shan, but this study is too important. After the study, they will take a mock test. The non-commissioned officers with the best scores will be assigned to the first batch purchased ships.

Nowadays, the typical monks have too much porridge and not enough porridge.

And even so, the non-commissioned officers who can sit here are all elites among the elites of the Federation. The people in the overwhelming majority here have all won the Federal Medal of Honor, otherwise they have a good father or a good boss.

As for the purchased mothership, it is the lifeblood of the Federation, and it will not be launched at all if the outside world is not clear.

In addition, the purchased mothership has to be renovated, the material production line will be added, and the messy things have to be installed on it, which is not suitable for going out to perform tasks.

It’s not expected to be live until at least a year at the earliest.

The class was over soon, when the old fogey on the podium said solemnly.

“Okay, I’ve said everything I need to say, it’s useless to say more, the first batch of people who eat crabs always have to figure it out by themselves. We actually figured it out by ourselves, maybe we teach The content may be wrong, so I won’t teach more. When the time comes, the operation manual and space navigation manual of the corresponding ship will also be issued to you, so the test begins.”

Hearing old fogey’s words, all the non-commissioned officers on the scene froze.

It took them less than seven days to learn, and everyone was playing drums in their hearts, which was no different from rushing ducks to the shelves.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to brace oneself now.

Soon the test papers will be handed out one by one, and each person will be assigned ten test papers, all of which are densely packed questions.

At the same time, the doors of the trapezoidal classroom were opened, and soldiers wearing special styles of clothing came in. They stood behind each non-commissioned officer who was about to start the test to prevent them from cheating.

The white-haired lecturer said, “The exam time is 12 hours, and you can only go to the toilet and eat in the middle of the exam. Of course, the premise is that you have to eat, and now it is officially started!”

As soon as these words came out, all the non-commissioned officers immediately started to write.

On the other side, Su Mo waited at home, but did not wait for Chen Shan’s call back.

He was also a little puzzled, what class would he take as an officer? And it’s taking so long to go to class?

However, Su Mo continued to wait patiently. Apart from Chen Shan, he really couldn’t find any other way.

At night, when Su Mo was about to wash up and go to bed, the phone rang, and the caller ID was Chen Shan.

Su Mo picked up immediately, and Chen Shan’s hearty laughter sounded on the phone.

“Brother, sorry, we just finished the exam.”

“Exam, what are you taking?”

Su Mo was also interested for a while.

“This is not a large number of ships brought back by the Federation, so don’t they need to be allocated. So we compete in this form, hey, we are really tired.”

Chen Shan kept complaining.

Su Mo listened quietly without interrupting.

After a while after Chen Shan complained, he asked cheerfully, “brother, do you have anything to do with me?”

“I want to trouble you with something.”

“We have no trouble before, as long as we don’t violate the principles, I can do it, absolutely no problem.”

Chen Shan patted his chest and assured.

“I want to go to the city of Star Ring, can you do anything?”

Su Mo asked Chen Shan simply and clearly.

Chen Shan’s expression froze when he heard Su Mo’s words, and he didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Su Mo didn’t urge him either.

After a while, Chen Shan said, “This is a bit of a hassle, you are not quite clear about one thing, the federation is not allowed to buy back gold points and silver points in the unwritten rules. Any unofficial person going to the city of Star Ring. But this order was not issued, it was just a tacit understanding. But I personally heard that there are also some conglomerates who can go to the city of Star Ring, after all you know Yes, in places like M District, their conglomerate influence can even shake Augustus’ status. So it’s not surprising, so, I can’t give you an answer on this matter for a while, I’ll discuss it with Xiaowen , you come to Imperial Capital tomorrow and we will talk face to face.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Su Mo is very grateful to replied.

“Thank you for what, you’ll see the outside world if you say that. Okay, I won’t talk to you for now. See you tomorrow night.”



The next day, Su Mo bought a ticket and boarded the high-speed train to Imperial Capital.

Su Mo leaned against the window, looking at the fast passing scenery outside the window, the not very long high-speed train left the magic capital.

In the suburbs, Su Mo’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

He saw that a lot of suburban land was dug up outside the magic capital.

These suburban lands are all heavily polluted areas. They used to be wasteland, and now there is only one possibility for them to be reactivated. Large-scale polluting heavy industries will be built on them.

The military industry does not care about the nature of the land at all.

Seeing this scene, Su Mo also sighed more and more. It is estimated that in a very short time in the future, everyday all will be an epoch-making leap.

It’s really possible that it won’t keep up with the times.

In an unremarkable restaurant in the Imperial Capital Center at night, Su Mo sat quietly in the corner.

At this time, the door was pushed open, and Chen Shan and Xiao Wen walked in.

โ€œMr. Su Mo, long time no see.โ€

Xiao Wen is in a good mood to extend the hand to Su Mo.

“Lord Xiao Wen.”

Su Mo smiled and extended the hand and shook it.

“Whatever is polite, it’s all my own.”

Chen Shan said boldly.

“What would you like to eat?”

Su Mo asked with a smile.

“Let’s have some meat and beer, my mouth has faded for the past few days.”

Chen Shan complained.

“Uh, your food is not always good.”

Su Mo also asked in surprise.

Xiao Wen said with a bitter smile: “There is the latest order above, in order to test the effect of the new product synthetic nutrition bar, and to train us to adapt to the new product. We have been eating synthetic nutrition bars for three meals recently, that thing It’s like channeling.”

“How’s the effect?”

Su Mo is also very curious.

“The effect is great. After eating, I’m not hungry at all. But I’m exhausted, and my mouth always feels like something is missing. Would you like to try it? I brought a few here, and strawberries. It tastes good.”

Chen Shan took out three synthetic nutrition bars from his pocket and handed them to Su Mo.

Su Mo was also very strange, so I took it down.

“Then I’m welcome.”

“Eat less, this nutritional bar basically makes you not hungry for a long time, and people will gain weight if you eat too much. Theoretical It is enough to eat two sticks a day, and professional soldiers who have a big appetite can eat three sticks.”

Chen Shan explained to Su Mo how to use it.

“Okay, let’s try it later. Let’s order food first.”

Su Mo also felt very strange.


Chen Shan replied in a good mood.

A moment later, plates of meat were served, and the three of Su Mo poured a glass of beer each.

The three touched and drank it all!


Chen Shan said with emotion.

After a brief chat, Xiao Wen asked Su Mo, “Su Mo, I heard from Chen Shan that you are going to the City of Rings?”

“Well, where are you? Is there a way?”

Su Mo’s heart immediately raised, if Xiao Wen couldn’t get through here, then it would be troublesome.

Xiao Wen smiled and said to Su Mo: “If you told me about this a few days ago, I really can’t help it, but now there is still a way.”

“hehe , don’t you know, yesterday Xiao Wen successfully defeated everyone. With the quota of designated looting ships, our entire Legion also has interstellar ships.”

Chen Shan said excitedly.

“That’s very good.”

Su Mo was also sighed in relief.

“But it’s still a little troublesome.”

Xiao Wen’s tone suddenly changed.

“What’s the trouble?”

Su Mo was also slightly taken aback.

“After all, you are not a federal agent. When you take off, there will be inspection personnel. When the time comes you may be stopped. I also know that you don’t like being tied down, so my suggestion is that I find a way to get you a semi-legal status. “

Xiao Wen said thoughtfully.

“What identity? “

Su Mo curiously asked.

“External chief of staff, also known as the consultant. “

“Is this possible? “

“It should be no problem, and then I will apply to my superiors to go to the city of Star Ring, and the whole thing will take ten days at the fastest. “

Xiao Wen said to Su Mo after a little calculation.

“Ten days is fine.” “

Su Mo is very satisfied with the result.

“That Mr. Su Mo, I still have one more request.” “

Xiao Wen said to Su Mo with some embarrassment.

“You said. “

“I don’t want to ask you why you go to the Star Ring city, but you always give us a lot of surprises.” If you can, you must not make too much noise in the city of Star Ring, otherwise it will be noticed by the people above the Federation, and we will not be able to explain it. The current federation is not the same as before. Let me explain it to you briefly. I used to be a Corps Head, and my rank was also a general. But since the federation was merged, I am only a colonel, and this colonel position is still because of the assessment. Stand out and get a ship is standard. It was tentatively appointed as a lieutenant colonel before. In addition, after the establishment of the federation, many new administrative departments were newly established. The situation is a bit complicated and I can’t tell you for a while. “

Xiao Wen explained to Su Mo.

“So strict. “

Su Mo is also very surprised.

Chen Shan forced a smile and said: “What Xiao Wen said is true, brother, let me tell you, I still Just a major. “

“Okay, I’ll try not to make a fuss.” “

Su Mo’s words have no confidence at all, he thought to go buy something, this is not a big move?

“Don’t worry, Su Mo does things Still very reliable. “

Chen Shan replied with a smile.

“Well, can I ask you one thing?” “

Su Mo thought of something, and suddenly asked.

“You ask.” “

Chen Shan responded readily.

“Have you seen Qianchengxue recently?” “

Su Mo hesitated or tried to ask.

“You said Qianchengxue, I haven’t seen her for a long time, and I can’t contact her now. “

Chen Shan was also stunned and then replied.

Su Mo didn’t say anything after listening, just sighed. In fact, Su Mo was also a little worried about her, she was out there. A big accident, the situation should be quite bad.

At this time, Xiao Wen suddenly said, “I have some news about her. “

“What news. “

Su Mo’s eyes shined.

“Before, after the award, Qianchengxue’s merits were not defeated by her big brother, so I asked someone to inquire. Chengxue seems to have joined the federal government’s conscription plan after leaving the Dawning Group. But it is not clear which formation Legion she was assigned to. You also know that after the establishment of the Federation, many Legion systems were added and adapted, and many permissions were kept secret. “

Xiao Wen roughly talked to Su Mo.

After Su Mo finished listening, sighed said: “This is also good. “

“What a shit, the old stubborn gang of the Breaking Dawn Group actually deprived Qianchengxue of the credit.” If I didn’t want to cause trouble to Qianchengxue, I would definitely sue them. “

Chen Shan drank a glass of beer and cursed in resentment.

“Forget about Chen Shan, every family has a hard book to read.” As Su Mo said, this is also very good, Qianchengxue is at least free now, and has joined the Federal Army. “

Xiao Wen is relatively open.

“I just don’t feel angry. If it weren’t for those idiots, Qianchengxue would have a chance to win a first-class merit.” Then join the military, the starting point is completely different. “

When Chen Shan said this, he felt very aggrieved.

“Stop talking about that, and drink a bar.” โ€

Su Mo raised his glass.

In the middle of the night after the three of them drank, Su Mo walked down the street alone after sending Chen Shan and Xiao Wen away.

It was also a little touching to see the advertisements for military recruitment that were continuously played on the bustling streets.

At this time, a young couple walked by with a child, and the child pointed to the advertisement. Excitedly shouted.

โ€œFather, I will also be recruited when I grow up. “

The young couple showed a wry smile, then patted the child’s head and said.

“Wait until you grow up, you are still young. “

Su Mo was stunned when he saw this scene inadvertently. It seems that the federal government’s recruitment may not be ideal.

But it’s normal. It’s not a game now, it’s time to go out To truly face the monster, when the time comes is the real blood baptism, and everyone will be afraid.

After all, people are always afraid of death.

Heavenly Void at this time A billboard was planned to insert a piece of news, and a calm male host said.

“Dear dear people, the second session of the Federal Assembly ended half an hour ago. The meeting adopted the latest policy to mass-produce type I all-purpose gene injection. This type I all-round gene injection can comprehensively enhance the body’s physical indicators, and has no side effects. It is safe and reliable. In theory, it can prolong human lifespan for a hundred years. Usher in an era of longevity. However, due to the limited production capacity, the federal government has decided that the production of type I all-purpose gene injection will be temporarily only open to front-line fighters and their families.โ€

After reading this news, Su Mo couldnโ€™t help but look at the head. It is adding bargaining chips to the conscription.

If there is no accident, it is estimated that there will be a large-scale turmoil in the original military establishment. There should be many personnel who refuse to participate in the front-line work, want to retire to the second-line or even retire.

In the Office of the Administrative Center of Imperial Capital, Tang Qin handed a report to Long Ming.

“This is the result of the latest federal Legion internal questionnaire, and the situation is not very optimistic, except for the ace Legion. In addition, a large number of second- and third-line troops are very resistant. The recent discharge application form is more than a hundred times higher than in previous years, and it is increasing. And the new policy has just been announced, which has aroused strong backlash on the Internet, and many people have strongly demanded that the type I genetic medicine should be opened to them.”

Long Ming took a look at the report and said silently: ” Hey, after all, it’s been safe for too long. If you want to retreat, let them retreat. We are about to usher in an extremely cruel war. Instead of letting them retreat on the battlefield and kill their teammates, it is better to let them retreat now. As for welfare, I still say the same thing, without making any changes, I can’t let the soldiers who are ready to die in the cold. “

“However, if we do, we’ll face a staffing shortage when the ace Legion is damaged.” “

“Let’s think of a way, this can’t be rushed.” People are afraid of death. Only after the tempering of blood and gradually adapting to it, the situation may get better. And you don’t have to worry too much, we currently have limited ships and enough manpower. “

Long Ming calmly replied.

(end of this chapter)

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