Star Ring Mission Chapter 406


Chapter 406 Going to

Tang Qin said more, then picked up a document again, calmly Reports.

“Here is a report from the newly established GT department of the Federation. The IV generation biomecha operator has serious problems with the test drive. Compared with the in-game, the real driver has very serious rejection and mental pollution. It almost caused The rampage of the biological mecha, only three of the ten candidate pilots have reached the passing line.”

After listening to Long Ming, he took a deep breath, which was still injected with type IV gene enhancement. The driver of the injection, and everyone in the Star Ring world is experienced, so the rejection is so serious.

“What about the test work of the IV generation pure mechanical mecha?”

Long Ming then asked.

“The experiment of the pure mechanical mecha of the IV generation, although there is no rejection reaction, it is still very unsatisfactory. Because the IV generation mecha has an additional device called a hyperneural link, the driver is also the first time to contact this This kind of equipment is not easy to control and needs to be run in. It is estimated that it will not be successful in a short time, but after all, given some time, it can still be adapted, but the IV generation pure mechanical mecha, we have exchanged a total of one.”

Tang Qin explained.

“Take turns to drive for training, and the number of mecha will come back and find a way.”

Longming’s head is also nodded, and the price of the IV generation pure mechanical mecha is twice the price of the same level biological mecha , and the battle strength is indeed almost the same, even not as good as the biological mecha, buying one has already made him feel very distressed. That’s why, Longming purchased three IV-generation biological mechas, but only one pure mechanical one.

“Got it.”

Half a month later, inside a star hotel in Imperial Capital.

Su Mo was lying on the bed and was sleeping soundly when suddenly the phone buzzed. He opened his eyes and reached out to touch the phone that was beside him.

Picking it up and looking at it, looking at the name of the caller, Su Mo suddenly got refreshed and quickly connected the call.

“Hey, Chen Shan.”

“hehe ~brother, good news, everything is done. Xiaowen Corps Head has applied and will go to Star Ring tonight. The route of the city has been approved. In addition, your status as a consultant and staff officer has also been completed, please send me your current location, and I will pick you up in a while.”

Chen Shan is in a good mood. said.

“Okay, I’ll send you the location right now.”

Su Mo is also in a very good mood, he didn’t expect everything to go so smoothly, and he has been worrying for nothing these days.

Half an hour later, Su Mo was waiting by the street in front of the hotel, not very long Chen Shan drove a green converted military jeep in front of Su Mo.

Su Mo opened the passenger’s door and got on it.

Chen Shan took out a blue military uniform from the side and threw it to Su Mo.

“Put it on!”


Su Mo took off his coat and pants, and put them on neatly.

Immediately after Chen Shan handed Su Mo a certificate, he said: “Su Mo, remember, no matter who you meet, and any questioning, you will be killed. You are the Federation Fifth. The thirteenth battalion under the Army regiment is the external tactical advisor of Captain Xiaowen.”

“I understand.”

Su Mo nodded.

“Of course you don’t have to be afraid. Your identity has been formally reviewed, and everything meets the standards. In fact, it is difficult for normal external consultants to pass, but a large part of your Star Ring resume proves that you have We have been fighting side by side with us for a long time. That’s why it was so easy to pass the review, but you also know that the review above is too strict recently.”

Chen Shan explained to Su Mo and stepped on it. The accelerator went off.

“Thank you so much. In order to help me, you gave up so much effort, and even made a trip to the city of Star Ring.”

Su Mo is indeed very move.

“What are you talking about, it’s all brothers, it’s nothing to be busy. And don’t worry too much about it, we are going to the city of Star Ring to buy some things and escort materials, only It’s just an advance plan.”

Chen Shan explained cheerfully.

“Didn’t you guys have already made centralized purchases?”

Su Mo also looked at Chen Shan a little surprised.

Chen Shan replied with a smile: “That’s the federal collective procurement, and we have to buy it ourselves! Which Legion participating in Star Ring these days didn’t hide their belongings in private, and those belongings were sent at this time. It will come in handy. We use these belongings to purchase some mecha and some auxiliary equipment and weapons to ensure that our return mission can be carried out smoothly. After all, it is not a good thing to say, this time it is different than usual, or we will not be able to return.”

“Well, I understand.”

Su Mo responded with a nod.

At this point, Chen Shan had already arrived at the interstellar airport in the center of Imperial Capital, where he was heavily guarded all the way.

There are even two I-generation mecha standing by the door.

Su Mo looked at the two I-generation mechas, the eyes immediately lit up, and he felt inexplicably kind.

“The mecha has been armed so quickly.”

“It was purchased, the production line has just been set up, and production has not yet started. And even the I-generation mecha production cycle is very long , not to mention that the supporting factories have not been completed yet.”

Chen Shan explained to Su Mo.

At this time, the guard soldiers extended the hand to stop Chen Shan’s car. Now the interstellar airport is under jurisdiction and is not open to the ordinary person. Even people from the military must hold relevant passes to be able to enter.

“Hello, please show your pass and your ID. In addition, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your car to make sure that no illegal items are brought in.”

“Okay. .”

Chen Shan and Su Mo cooperated to get out of the car for inspection.

A few moments later, Chen Shan and Su Mo were checked and drove into the interstellar airport.

After entering the airport, you can see the interstellar airport, where five interstellar ships of different sizes and models are docked.

Su Mo watched curiously. Compared with traditional aircraft, interstellar ships are larger and more technological.

“Have you seen the gray ship in front?”

Chen Shan said excitedly to Su Mo.

Su Mo followed Chen Shan’s reminder to look over, and a gray interstellar ship about 500 meters long and 80 meters wide docked in the distance. This ship is the second-to-last among the five ships docked, and it almost came to the bottom.

In addition, Su Mo took a closer look and didn’t see how many weapon ports this ship was equipped with, and he didn’t know if it was hidden.

Out of courtesy, Su Mo asked modestly, “What kind of ship is this?”

“Small plundering ship Grey Bee! The maximum load capacity is 1,000 people. , is the most common mineral mining and material transport ship in interstellar voyages.”

Chen Shan explained casually.

“Isn’t it a battleship?”

Su Mo was also a little surprised. He thought that with Xiao Wen’s talent, how could he be equipped with a small battleship.

Chen Shan sighed and patted Su Mo’s shoulder.

“It’s good to have. Forget it, let’s not talk about this, we’ll be there soon.”

Chen Shan drove the car to the T3 rest area of the interstellar terminal, and saw A thousand soldiers gathered here, and everyone put on a new type of space suit.

Of course, these space suits are not purchased, they are produced by the Federation itself, so it looks a bit bulkier, but it is enough.

But if you look carefully, you can see that Xiao Wen is not wearing a space suit. He is wearing a second-generation mechanical armor, which is not only very close-fitting and cool, but also gives a strong oppression.

Xiao Wen saw Chen Shan’s car approaching and said solemnly: “Disband! Lin Yue stays.”


Everyone Answer the reply, and then move freely.

Su Mo and Chen Shan got out of the car and came over and greeted.

“Mr. Xiao Wen, Staff Officer Lin Yue,”

Lin Yue replied with a smile: “Hello, Chief of Staff Su Mo, we will be half colleagues from now on.”


Su Mo couldn’t help but smile.

Xiao Wen turned his head to Lin Yue and said, “Lin Yue, take Su Mo to do a little training and explain some knowledge about entering space for the first time. We expect to leave at 6 o’clock in the evening. , the time is a bit tight.”

“No problem, leave it to me.”

Lin Yue accepted this task very gladly.

“Thank you.”

Su Mo modestly replied.

“Su Mo, come with me here.”

So Lin Yue took Su Mo and left.

Not very long, Lin Yue took Su Mo to the interior of the interstellar terminal, a remodeled training room.

Along the way, Su Mo also had a heavy face and kept silent. After all, he was also preparing to go to space for the first time, and he was inevitably a little worried and excited.

“Haha, Mr. Su, don’t worry, it’s easy with your innate talent.”

Lin Yue looked at Su Mo’s expression and guessed it right away.


Su Mo replied.

“Relax, it’s not difficult. Let me tell you, most of the space is a zero-gravity area. Even if there are gravity devices in the interstellar ship, it is not all-round coverage. So it needs to be very good. To adapt to the non-gravity environment, another qualified interstellar ship member also needs to learn how to deal with various emergencies, among which is included how to open emergency escape channels and survive. But those are not needed for you for the time being, After all, you are only going to the City of the Rings, so I just want to give you some basic training to familiarize you with it.”

Lin Yue was very thoughtful introduced.


Su Mo nodded.

Lin Yue immediately picked up a remote control, pressed the button, and the anti-gravity device in the training room was turned on immediately.

Su Mo and Lin Yue suddenly floated up, and Su Mo felt that this feeling was amazing

“In the state of no gravity, relax your body”

Lin Yue floated to Su Mo’s side, started to hold hands, and explained to him patiently.

In the evening, Su Mo put on a space suit and followed Lin Yue to board the Grey Bee from the landing gate.

Su Mo looked at the internal structure of the spaceship very strangely, and the log-in channel was not very wide to be honest.

“Does it feel very narrow?”

Lin Yue asked with a smile.


Su Mo responded with a nod.

“That’s because the Grey Bee is a plunder spaceship, and most of the space structure is given to the storage space in the back half of the spaceship. It’s very spacious there, but that area is used to carry cargo, which is not suitable. People stay.”

“What’s this.”

Su Mo followed them forward to a sealed room, and the entire sealed room was also equipped with cameras without blind spots.

“The observation room is also used for disinfection. You may not be quite clear. The biological information of the universe has not been disclosed to the public. The creatures in the negative universe we are now in are full of viruses, super Dangerous, if you are not careful, the entire ship will be destroyed.”

“en. ”

Su Mo nods.

“Su Mo, if you are interested, wait for the spaceship to take off later, and I will show you the relevant information.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Soon Su Mo followed Lin Yue to the cab. The Grey Bee’s cab was relatively spacious.

The console looks complicated and requires seven people to operate it at the same time.

There are also many safety chairs in the cockpit, which are specially designed for people to ride on.

Lin Yue specially arranged a position for Su Mo.

“Su Mo is your place, our journey to the Star Ring city will take about fifteen hours, when the time comes you can sit on a chair and squint for a while if you feel tired. “

“Well, good.”

Su Mo nodded.

At this moment, Xiao Wen led a group of inspectors into the cockpit. The lead inspector was a middle-aged woman with indifferent eyes, she said indifferently.

β€œ Everyone shows their documents and conducts a routine pre-sail inspection, I am Liu Cai from the FB inspection department.”

Lin Yue and the others took out their documents one after another.

Liu Cai began to check the documents one by one, and checked the number of people in the declaration form on hand.

Soon to check on Su Mo here, she picked up Su Mo’s ID and looked at it, browses slightly wrinkle.

This year, an external consultant suddenly appeared. It was suspicious no matter how you looked at it, but there was no problem with the procedures.

Su Mo felt guilty for some reason when he saw the inspector stop in front of him.

Chen Shan watched Liu Cai keep staring at Su Mo, his brows furrowed, but Xiao Wen calmly said, “Inspector Liu Cai, may I ask Su Mo? Is there any problem with the staff officer?”

“Is it a bit too far-fetched for you to bring an external staff officer on your first trip.”

Liu Cai questioned.

“Our procedures are all formally approved, and it is precisely because we are going to the city of Star Ring for the first time that we have no idea, so we need to bring our staff. If you think you have any objection, you can We are willing to respond in writing to any objection to the procedures, and our departure time is approaching, please don’t embarrass us.”

Xiao Wen replied lightly.


Liu Cai answered in a deep voice and left with someone.

Chen Shan gave Xiao Wen a thumbs up when he saw Liu Cai was gone.

“It’s still your strength.”

“It’s okay, brothers check the status of the ship, and we’ll be ready to go.”


The crowd responded.

Su Mo sat quietly in his seat, trying his best not to trouble Xiao Wen and the others.

Everyone in the operating room was busy.

An operator reported: “The power module feedback is normal.”

“The conduction line is normal.”

Xiao Wen sat in the command chair listening After everyone reported it, the final order was made.

“Close the entrance! Lower the perimeter gates.”


“Start the twin high-powered engines!”

“Activate the anti-gravity system!”

Immediately, the entire ship began to vibrate. Although the vibration is not particularly exaggerated, it is not small, and it is not very comfortable anyway.

Soon the Grey Bee took off slowly.

In the cockpit, Su Mo clearly felt the acceleration and push back. From the video screen, it could be seen that the ship was already flying into the sky, and the height was constantly rising.

Su Mo was inexplicably excited. This should be the first time in his life that he has left the Earth Star.

not very long Lin Yuehui reported: “Enter the atmosphere!”

Then the Grey Bee shook even more violently.

“Increase the output power of the power system.”

Xiao Wen said.

“Lord Xiao Wen, we are going to turn on the internal gravity device, the gravity coefficient is decreasing.”

Lin Yue then asked.

“If you don’t turn it on, save energy. The above will give us that quota. The gravity device system is turned on throughout the whole process. How much energy will it take? Everyone check to see if you fasten your seat belts.”


Xiao Wen refused without thinking.


The crowd responded.

Su Mo also checked the seat belt, and soon he felt more and more weightless.

He also felt full of novelty. Although he had already experienced it in the gravity training room, it was another experience in space.

And through the screen, Su Mo saw the vast universe, he felt the excitement of the extraordinary spirit, everything was very new.

“Completely detached from Earth.”

“Set the flight path, target the city around the stars.”


At this time, Lin Yue drifted over, and she picked up a copy of the cosmic production guide and monster information book printed in-house and handed it to Su Mo.

“The journey is still a long time away, you can take a look and pass the time.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Su Mo opened the book, The first page at the beginning draws a monster with hairy tentacles, a branch of alien monsters and a parasitic type

The next day, Su Mo sat in the driver’s seat and was looking down at the book in his hand, looking more and more fascinated.

There was a sudden exclamation in the cab.


Su Mo came back to his senses, lifts the head to look over, through the optical screen, you can clearly see the gradually approaching City of Rings, its scenery Incredibly spectacular.

Although I have seen it from the live video, but now seeing it with my own eyes, it is a feeling that makes Su Mo extremely shocked.

“It’s so magnificent, what level of civilization can build this city.”

Su Mo said with emotion.

“I don’t know, but we’re going to the City of the Rings soon. By the way, we need to go to the designated area to report when we arrive at the City of the Rings, so you don’t have to go with us, you can do your own business. Let’s go.”

Xiao Wen said to Su Mo.


“By the way, remind you that you must not conflict with people in the city of Star Ring. There is no conflict there, and the consequences are very serious. Will be killed on the spot. Some idiots have already made such a low-level mistake and tried it for everyone.”

Xiao Wen explained to Su Mo.

“I see.”

“One more thing, we plan to stay in the Star Ring city for a maximum of 24 hours, and you must return to Ash by yourself at this specified time. Bee number. Otherwise, you may be left alone, and then it will be troublesome. The city of Star Ring is no better than other places. After staying here for more than 24 hours, every day all will charge a certain amount of star coin as a detention fee. , very foolish. If you can’t pay the money, when the time comes, they will sell you as a commodity.”

“No way”

The corner of Su Mo’s mouth twitched.

Half an hour later, the Grey Bee landed at the No. 72 interstellar port.

Su Mo and Xiao Wen and the others disembarked.

“Then go first.”

Su Mo said goodbye to Xiao Wen.

“Okay, stay safe.”

“No problem.”

Then Su Mo moved towards the interstellar port by himself.

As soon as he walked out of the interstellar port, he came to a super bustling street with densely packed shops on both sides.

It is covered with signs of feasting and feasting.

At the same time, the streets are super lively, with all kinds of humans wandering. But Su Mo can recognize at a glance that they are not from the Commonwealth. First of all, the style of clothes is wrong.

Secondly, although they are all human, their appearance, eyes, and some features are completely different.

There is one more thing these people don’t look like from the other twelve civilizations. Because of those twelve civilized people, he remembered their appearance and characteristics during the live broadcast.

At this time, the people wandering the streets turned their heads and looked towards Su Mo, each with a different look in their eyes.

Several people moved towards Su Mo immediately.

“Hi! Brother!”

Su Mo’s expression changed for a while, and he decided to ignore it and turned to leave.

He wouldn’t naively think how kind and hospitable the people here are. In such a cruel negative universe, the people who live in it will never be pure and innocent.

If Su Mo guessed correctly, these people may be the survivors left behind from the previous destruction of civilization, or the escapees struggling on whilst at death’s door.

It turns out that Su Mo guessed right, and those people saw Su Mo ignore them, but they didn’t give up to catch up.

“Brother don’t go, I know where to make a fortune!”

“Brother don’t believe him, I have lived in this Star Ring city for more than 500 years. I know every inch of land, whether you came to buy it, I know where it is good and cheap.”

“Whether your brother wants to be a hero, I know how to become stronger, just need a little star coin. “

“Brother listen to me, I’m cheaper.”

Su Mo’s expression was strange, he could understand what the other party was saying. And I still feel like these people, why are they so pimps?

Su Mo continued to ignore them, not wanting to have too much to do with this group of people, lest all the panties be deceived.

not very long, Su Mo just dumped them.

He let out a long sigh, but fortunately, these people were just pestering, not pulling or pulling.

Su Mo lifts the head looking for a mechanical column to buy what he wants, Su Mo wants to buy a V generation mecha if he can!

Thinking of this, Su Mo became more and more excited, as if the V-generation mecha was beckoning to him.

At this moment, Su Mo’s heart suddenly shrank, and then a special green fluorescent mark appeared on the back of his left hand.

Su Mo was on a whim, feeling as if some voice within her body was guiding her.

“Go forward”

Su Mo was also slightly taken aback, looking at the mark on the back of his hand.

My heart is like an overturned river, I can’t calm down, what’s the situation?

Doesn’t it mean that in Star Ring, except for gold and silver points, everything can’t be brought out? Why was the prismatic spar that was touched in the Dragon Country treasury brought out in this form?

And how does it attach to itself, is it possible that really through spirit or so called soul brand?

Su Mo’s expression keeps changing, but eventually Su Mo Or decide to follow the lead.

He kept moving forward, going far and far, constantly going east and west.

A few hours later, Su Mo appeared at the entrance of an unremarkable shop, with the door open and dark inside.

It doesn’t seem like a good place by any means.

Su Mo took a deep breath and walked in. As soon as he entered, he smelled a very special smell, a bit like a rotten breath.

The store is small, flanked by projection booths, with many models and very old objects.

On the middle counter, stood a man with extremely dry skin and dry hair. White messy old man with sunken eyes.

Su Mo’s nerves tensed up when he saw the old man for the first time, as if he saw a terrifying monster.

The old man lifts the head, glances at Su Mo, then ignores him.

“Hello, I’m here to buy something.”

The old man made a hoarse voice.

“See for yourself.”

“Well, but I haven’t exchanged gold points and silver points for star coins, can I exchange them here?”

Su Mo suddenly remembered something.


The old man did not look up replied.

Su Mo couldn’t help sighed in relief after listening to it, and then he saw a super exquisite and cool black V-generation mecha model on the counter, and Su Mo’s heart suddenly became hot.

Unfortunately, before Su Mo saw the data parameters of the V-generation mecha in front of him, he only saw the price on the label.

My heart is completely cold, 100 billion star coins!

It’s not worth the money to sell him.

(end of this chapter)

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