Star Ring Mission Chapter 407


Chapter 407 Shop around

Su Mo calmed down a little and browsed the other items on the counter.

But the prices of the items here left him jaw-dropping.

Basically, there is no less than hundreds of millions of star coins, but the things here seem to be very strong from the name.

Star Destroyer Cannon, Space Jump Device, CSD Star Crystal Shield Device, TCS Shipborne Optical Brain Device

Even Su Mo saw a product that made his eyelids twitched, that Just a very special Star Destroyer model.

Su Mo can be quite sure that this is definitely not an ordinary store, and the items sold here are not of ordinary high quality.

At this moment, Su Mo’s eyes swept across the middle inadvertently. Inside the counter guarded by the old fogey, there was a broken mechanical ball, and his heart shrank inexplicably.

He reacted immediately, and let him be guided to come here on a whim. It should be this broken mechanical ball.

Su Mo calmly observed that this broken mechanical ball has no price tag, it looks like it is not for sale.

If something is normally for sale, there should be a label and price here.

Since it is not for sale, there are only two cases, one is for display, and the other is because it is damaged and cannot be sold.

Su Mo’s thoughts turned quickly, he checked the wealth in his hand a little, and now he holds 1.321 billion gold points and 12.689 billion silver points, which together are 25.9 More than 100 million star coins.

So Su Mo once again inspected all the things placed on the site, intending to divert the opponent’s attention first. He focused on a set of V-generation armor Β· Tiansin, and its parameters are as follows.

Using micro-biological auxiliary optical brain as the core, the power core is CASS biological nuclear crystal, which can resist V-level mental pollution, immune to V-level harsh environment, provide dark biological energy assistance, and equipped with the blade of sin


The price is 10 billion star coins.

Su Mo looks at this parameter, it is more fierce than the average three-generation mecha, if you put on this equipment, it is comparable to a humanoid monster.

It’s impossible to say no.

So Su Mo said, “How do you sell this equipment?”

The old man didn’t look up, but replied coldly: “See for yourself.”

“Your price is too expensive, how about you sell me 2 billion star coins?”

Su Mo rudely began to haggle, adhering to the spirit of hacking to the death, first Cut the broken bones.

Unfortunately, the old man in front of him was completely indifferent and did not give any response.

“Well, I’ll give out a little more 2.1 billion star coins.”

Su Mo was not embarrassed and replied calmly.

“10 billion.”

The old man replied hoarsely, with no intention of making any concessions.

“2.3 billion, this is my sincere price.”

“10 billion.”

The old man’s fundamental remains unmoved.

Su Mo said to the old man very seriously: “Well, I will add 2.5 billion star coins, this is the limit price. I’m not bragging, you don’t sell it to me, no one buys it now. From now on, this thing of yours is valuable if you say it is worthless, and if you say it is not valuable, it is just dusty.”

“10 billion.”

The old man is like a robot In the same way, he repeated without a trace of emotion, and did not give in at all.

Su Mo then shocked the head and replied: “It’s too expensive, only 2.5 billion star coins, if you want to sell it, sell it, if you don’t want to sell it, I’ll leave. There are a lot of merchants outside, no Say something else, you can buy it at the mechanical column.”

After saying that, Su Mo walked out, waiting for the other party to stop him.

Unfortunately there is still no response.

Su Mo didn’t turn back, just left, as if giving up.

After leaving the store, Su Mo waited and looked around. There are quite a few stores nearby. He plans to visit a few more and stop by the mechanical column to have a look. There is a saying that it is always right to shop around.


In the outer trading market of the city of Star Ring, Xiaowen Wen and Chen Shan are handing over to a federal quartermaster.

“This is the list of materials you will escort back this time. There must be no problems. This is a very important batch of materials for the Federation. Every resource in the early stage is very important.”

“Wu Yue, don’t worry, we will escort these things back properly.”

Xiao Wen solemnly assured.

“I’m naturally relieved to leave the matter to you. Now that the business is over, you don’t have to be so cautious. After the goods are finished, there is actually a lot of free time. You can take this opportunity. , go to the trading market here, and properly arm yourself.”

“We think so too.”

“Friendly reminder, if you’re not a local tyrant, don’t Go to the mechanical column to buy, the things there are very expensive, and you can’t bargain, of course, there is no need to say about the quality. You can buy it in the nearby shops and stalls, maybe you will get unexpected results, the owners of the shops and stalls here are all those People left behind by the defeated civilization, you just buy things and bargain, and ignore everything else they say. We are new here, and we don’t know much about this negative universe. When we communicate with them, we are very disadvantaged. I don’t know. But we also have our strengths, that is, our future is full of possibilities, and they can only struggling on whilst at death’s door, slowly dying in the city of the Star Ring.”

Wu Yue is serious said to Xiao Wen.

Xiao Wen stepped forward and hugged Wu Yue to express his gratitude.

“I will.”

“That’s right, I’ll go to work first, I’ll transfer back to Earthstar when I get back, and we’ll get together.”

“Okay, bye!”

Xiao Wen said goodbye to Wu Yue.

Chen Shan sighed to Xiao Wen; “When I graduated from the military academy together, didn’t expect Wu Yue to mix so well, and the logistics department itself is a fat poor, didn’t expect him to be still in Star Ring. Serving in the city.”

“don’t say this, although it’s fat, but I don’t envy it at all, I’m very satisfied now, we at least have the opportunity to witness the sea of stars!”


“Okay, let’s not talk about this, let’s quickly send these material boxes to the port to be loaded on the ship, and then we can go shopping.”

Xiao Wen Looking at the several tightly sealed boxes in front of him, although they are not big, they are estimated to be of great value. If no one dared to mess around in the city of Star Ring, he would definitely escort them back immediately.


On the other hand, Su Mo just came out of a private store, also with a sad face.

The quality of the stuff inside is not good, and it’s expensive to sell.

The most important thing is the Boss in the store, who keeps talking and asking all sorts of questions.

The shopping experience is bad.

“Brother, you are here to buy it, I have a whole batch of arms here, which are of good quality and low price!”

“Don’t believe him, I have a batch of ships here, and more Inexpensive.”

“Trust me, I have a batch of mecha here, all brand new.”

“Fuck, your Ancient Ones are centuries old mecha.”


At this time, three or four unwilling Yellow Ox got together immediately and competed for business with each other.

Unfortunately, Su Mo has no interest at all. He just took a look at it. The quality of the items sold in this store is not very good. At the highest level, he saw a third-generation mecha, which is still a few years old.

But it’s better to haggle!

At this moment, Su Mo saw a mechanical column not far ahead, and was immediately attracted by it.

He ignored the Yellow Ox and went straight up.

Those Yellow Ox sighed when they saw Su Mo moved towards the mechanical column, like a deflated ball.

Soon Su Mo came to the front of the mechanical column. He stretched out his hand and pressed it in front of the mechanical column. Instantly, the mechanical column emitted a special halo, covering Su Mo.

Immediately after, a special light-screen image appeared in front of him.

Rows of lists appeared, making Su Mo’s eyes dazzled.

He glanced at the general catalogue a little, and the mechanical column sold more than a million different items, which was simply too powerful.

It can be said that the first civilization to the fifth civilization has everything.

Su Mo can’t wait to filter and browse.

He looked at it for a while, browses tightly frowns, he made a little comparison, although the V generation mecha also sold 100 billion here, but the label is the standard fifth generation mecha.

Its performance data is a lot worse than that old-fashioned store.

Su Mo Continue to browse the Star Destroyer, the V-Generation Armor, and more.

Comparing the results, the price is ridiculously expensive. Under the same quality, the mechanical column is nearly 20% more expensive than that store.

In this way, the items in that store are really at the real price, without much moisture.

It’s no wonder that the old man likes to buy it or not, and doesn’t show any affection.

However, although it is confirmed that the mechanical column is more expensive, Su Mo did not close the operation interface, but continued to browse. The things of the mechanical column are relatively complete, and the safety is more guaranteed.

Su Mo soon called out a gene-enhancing injection.

shua! A whole interface pops up!

Hundreds of different types of gene injections have popped up, ranging from type I to type V.

And the same type of gene injection, there are different branch types, the price also has nothing common with each other.

But if you look closely, you will find that the price of the all-around perfect CRES gene injection is the most expensive, and it is several times or even dozens of times the price of other isotype gene injections.

Su Mo opened it and took a look, only to see that it was written very clearly on the introduction, non-alienated gene-enhanced injection, without any side effects. It will not cause damage to genetic stability, can maximize mental and physical strength, and be immune to negative intrusions below level V.

Su Mo tried to click the price of type I is 100 star coins (special price), type II is 1 million star coins, type III is 10 million star coins, type IV is 100 million star coins, type V is 1 billion star coins star coins.

It’s a robbery!

Su Mo took a deep breath, raised his hand tremblingly and clicked a few times before buying the most expensive set of genetic injections.

After all, it was penetrated into the body, so it’s better to buy it better, and this thing, even if the private store is cheap, he doesn’t want to buy it.

The ghost knows if the other party sells fakes and sloppy-work.

The mechanical column should be more secure.

At that time, a prompt will pop up on the mechanical column: “Please exchange gold points and silver points into star coins first, whether to exchange them.”


Su Mo clicked.

In the next second, a metal card is ejected from the groove in the middle of the mechanical column.

Su Mo pulled it out, it should be something similar to a bank card, but this thing seems to be bound by biometrics, no password is required, only the person can use it.

Immediately after Su Mo clicks Checkout again.

“The settlement is successful, please go to the biological warehouse in the G7632 area to pick up what you purchased. Since your consumption meets the standard, you will be given a free one-year stay in the city of Star Ring.”

Su Mo was also a little surprised to see the last tip, even with a free gift.

At this time, Su Mo asked a question out of curiosity.

“How can I stay in the Star Ring city for a long time.”

“It is suggested that you need to purchase the corresponding real estate in the Star Ring city, and you have to pay a fixed annual fee. Taxes are required to obtain the right of residence, otherwise, they will be forcibly evicted.”

Su Mo opened his eyes to look at the properties in the city of Star Ring, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

The price of each house is not less than 10 million star coins, it is simply a robbery!

In an instant, Su Mo even felt that the entire Star Ring city was an invisible vampire, sucking up the people who wanted to live here and forcing them to leave the Star Ring city in disguise.

Su Mo browsed the items for sale in the mechanical column for a while, and was very envious, but he still restrained rationally.

Then Su Mo asked.

“How do I get to the G7632 area!”

“You can pay 1star coin, ride the floating mechanical square, or walk there.”

said The holographic image shows the road map, and it is not very far, only 500 kilometers.

Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly and decided to pay 1star coin.

In the next second, the metal square under his feet automatically floated into the air, and at the same time released a transparent energy cover to cover Su Mo, and then flew away at high speed.

It’s moving so fast, he sees the outside scenery passing quickly.

Before Su Mo came back to his senses, the floating mechanical square started to slow down and prepare to land.

Soon he came to the designated area, when the energy shield was removed, Su Mo saw a huge biological building appear in front of him.

The closed metal gate opens automatically.

At this time, a very short humanoid frogman in a white jacket walked out.

The disgusting bubbles all over his face. The skin is also very oily.

“Hello, Mr. Su Mo, are you here to pick up the purchased genetic medicine.”


Su Mo suppressed his heart I’ll replied.

“Please come with me.”

The frogman in front of him led Su Mo inside.

After entering the building, Su Mo obviously felt the temperature drop a lot, and shivered.

Along the way, various scanning devices were constantly scanning from Su Mo’s body, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

After passing one after another gate, the frogman brought Su Mo to a cold storage room. He stretched out his hand to open the door of the cold storage room, and the super-cold breath was released.

Almost freezing Su Mo, he followed oneself in.

The frogman walked to the cold storage and began to take out small metal boxes and hand them to Su Mo along the way.

Su Mo glanced at the metal boxes, which read Model, this is a type I gene injection.

Until he went deep and pulled out the fifth gene metal storage box, his expression showed envy.

“Here, five different types of genetic metal storage boxes are given to you, you can choose to take them away directly, or you can choose to play here. We provide a quiet injection room here, you can inject yourself, Of course it’s not free, you need to pay 10000star coins.”

“Okay, give me an injection room.”

Su Mo didn’t even think about this service, these five genes The injection is about to destroy almost half of his assets. He doesn’t want to have any accident. Use it sooner rather than later!

“Please follow me.”

The frogman took Su Mo directly out of the freezer.

A moment later, Su Mo came to a closed metal room with a metal bed and nothing in it.

“You can use it here without anyone bothering you. Of course, if you have side effects from the injection and need first aid, we also provide it here, but it is not free. “

“Understood. “

Su Mo nods

in response.

“Then I won’t bother you. ”

The frogman in front of him finished speaking, and then backed out.

Su Mo looked at the five gene metal storage boxes in front of him, and was also a little frightened, using genes in Star Ring The memory of the injection is still impressive.

But he couldn’t care less, he opened the first metal box first.

Take out the I-type biological gene injection, without the slightest hesitation Inject yourself into it.

The gene injection soon worked, but unexpectedly, it was not as painful as Su Mo imagined. I also felt strange.

But it was much stronger than before.

After the strange feeling disappeared, Su Mo moved his muscles and bones a little, and his body felt more comfortable than ever.

But he couldn’t tell exactly what was good. After all, this is no longer the Star Ring world, and there won’t be any interface to tell him how much his body is strengthened.

But Su Mo could clearly feel that he was actually getting stronger.

His eyes became more and more determined, looking towards the second gene injection.

Twelve hours later, Su Mo walked out of the biological reserve gate, At this moment, he feels like he has been reborn.

The senses, nerves, smell, and physical strength have been increased like never before.

He also feels stronger than ever, but Su Mo is not lost because of this. He knows very well that although his body is powerful, it is still within the scope of human beings.

If the brain-dead wants physical resistance to weapons, it is courting death. After all, he uses It’s not an alienation injection, and we’ll have to test it slowly later to find out what effect it achieves.

Forget it, I don’t want this, Su Mo just stood on the metal grid suspended at the door and took out his metal Ka said.

“Go back to the mechanical column I came from before. ”

The suspended metal square will start on its own and fly to the destination.

It can be seen that the transportation in the city of Star Ring is very convenient, it can take you anywhere you want The place to go, of course, is not cheap.

The street where Su Mo returned shortly after, he checked the time and felt that it was almost there.

It’s time to get down to business , so he moved towards the store again.

Soon he walked into the store as if nothing had happened.

The store was still cold and cheerless, the infiltrator The old man was still sitting at the counter motionless.

There was no intention of welcoming guests.

At this time, Su Mo walked around each counter again and found four generations of machines, from There are 100 million star coins to 10 billion star coins. Immediately staring at a special IV generation creature mecha Β· dark warrior, the model looks very handsome, using double light blades, the price is 1.2 billion star coins.

“Can this mecha be cheaper? “

“1.2 billion.” “

The old man is as indifferent as always.

“You can’t do business like this, so you have to be cheaper, 1.1 billion star coins.” “

Su Mo tried to cut some off.

“1.2 billion.” “

The old man was not angry, but he didn’t bargain.

Su Mo looked very tangled, and then said with a determined look: “Go 1.2 billion It’s only 1.2 billion, but I’m in a panic, you have to give me that broken iron ball. ”

At this time, Su Mo calmly stated his purpose.

At this time, the old man moved, and he lifted the head looked towards Su Mo.

Su Mo’s nerve instinct shrank, it was obviously strengthened, but he still felt fear instinctively.

The old man opened his mouth, revealing his rotten teeth, and said, “This broken optical brain device is priced at just Reach 1.5 billion, do you think you buy that 1.2 billion mecha and I will give this to you? “

“Are you robbing?” What’s that shit worth? ”

β€œLove or not! “

Su Mo didn’t hide it when he saw it, and replied directly.

“Well, if that’s the case, I don’t want that mecha, I want this broken optical brain device.” “

“1.5 billion!” pay. “

The old man extended the hand directly.

“I have so many, do you like to sell it or not.” ”

Su Mo also simply handed over the metal card. He now has more than 1.478 billion star coins in the card, which is indeed a little worse. But if he wants to sell it normally, it is estimated that he will sell it.

The old man took the card, swiped it, and saw the balance on the card fell silent.

Su Mo couldn’t help but get nervous. It’s hard to say.

But fortunately, the old man finally let go.

He emptied the balance in the Su Mo card directly.

Then took the broken metal ball He took out the metal card and handed it to Su Mo.

After Su Mo took it, he turned around and left the store without looking back.

I don’t know why Su Mo is afraid that the other party will regret it. His heart accelerated inexplicably, and it felt like winning the lottery.

Just after Su Mo left not very long, the old man’s grim face showed a twisted smile. Then he turned around He took out a bottle of orangutan wine from the counter behind him. He bit off the cap and took a sip.

However, in the next second, his dry face showed a painful expression and he spit it out.


The vomited liquor was completely dyed black.

On the other hand, Su Mo got the broken optical brain device, found an empty corner, and began to look at it.

At this time, the green fluorescent mark on his hand emits faint rays of light.

Then the green fluorescent light detaches from Su Mo’s body and floats into the broken optical brain device.

The surface of the originally dull and dry optical brain device began to repair rapidly, and then countless patterned circuits emerged. At the same time, the entire damaged optical brain device began to beat like a living lifeform.

Su Mo was also startled by this sudden change, and the next second the entire optical brain was activated, forcibly embedded in Su Mo’s chest, and began to penetrate.

The severe pain made Su Mo violently Kneeling on the ground.

He felt like the cells in his body were about to be torn apart. This was under the condition that he had strengthened his body.

Su Mo’s whole body blood vessels bulged, It looks extremely ferocious.

At this time, Su Mo remembered a voice in his mind, and a line of prompts automatically appeared in front of him.

“Hint: The fake master Light Brain Devourer was successfully activated! ”

β€œPrompt: Host identity binding is successful. ”

β€œHint: Database corrupted, auto-initialized! ”

β€œHint: Insufficient energy, go to sleep state. ”

After half an hour, Su Mo gradually recovered, he stood up slowly, his expression was horrified.

He always felt like there was something in his mind , but everything seems to be normal again.

Su Mo’s expression was constantly changing, and he finally took a long breath. Although he was a little worried, he accepted it and went back and studied it slowly.

After adjusting his mentality, he took out his mobile phone and checked the time.

It was still too early to leave 24 hours. If it was normal, he would definitely go shopping and buy some essential things. .

Let’s not say anything else, I must scour the data and enrich myself.

He is now on the mecha and ship performance of this world, as well as some messy devices and equipment , I don’t know it at all, let alone how to use it.

In addition, the most important point is that he also needs to buy a complete book of monster information. Chong.

The information that Lin Yue showed him before is not comprehensive, but a very general introduction.

This is estimated to have a lot to do with the limited funds of the Federation. .

But now that all the money is spent, I have to buy a fart.

Not to mention what kind of armor and mecha I have made for myself. Thinking of this Su Mo hurts, I feel Become a pauper overnight.

(End of this chapter)

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