Star Ring Mission Chapter 408


Chapter 408 mutation

Su Mo thought for a while, then quickly left here and returned to the ship.

After all the money has been spent, things are done, so we should meet up and return as soon as possible, so that it will not be easy to be targeted and unintended.

Don’t look at this as the city of Star Ring. It seems to be very big, but in fact, the area where Su Mo is active is the surface trading market. And this trading market is an area where members of the Federation often haunt. As for other civilized personnel, they are more active in the trading area next door, and they are staggered from each other, which can be regarded as a tacit understanding in disguise.

After all, no one can be sure about who, so just try not to meet each other as much as possible.

Su Mo moved towards the airport, but when he was halfway there, he bumped into Xiao Wen and Chen Shan.

β€œSu Mo!”

Chen Shan laughed and greeted.

“Chen Shan, Xiao Wen, why are you here? I’m just planning to go back to the ship.”

“We just finished our business, we need to buy something, do we want to go together. “

Xiao Wen asked with a smile.


Su Mo didn’t refuse, even though he had no money. But it’s good to get to know a little bit more even if you go for a walk around.

“Let’s go together, how are you doing?”

Chen Shan enthusiastically hooked Su Mo’s shoulders and asked cheerfully.

Su Mo thought about it for a while and didn’t know how to describe it, so he replied: “It’s okay.”

“It’s okay, by the way, Su Mo, you don’t buy anything. Is it?”

Xiao Wen looked at Su Mo who was empty-handed and asked.

Su Mo replied calmly: “No, all the money is spent.”

Chen Shan laughter said: “If you can’t control it for a while, you spend it all. It’s clean.”

“That’s right.”

“Don’t feel sorry, it’s normal. I’ll be honest with you, if Xiao Wen hadn’t stopped me along the way, I’ve already spent all my money. Let’s go shopping together, tell me if you like it, and brother will help you out.”

Chen Shan said generously, patting his chest.


Su Mo didn’t refuse either.

So the three of them continued to stroll around the street shops, and they first walked to a roadside stall. Boss is a male with very long braids and a little gray-blue skin. He is tall, at least two meters tall, but very thin.

Its booth is full of clutter.

In the trading area of Star Ring City, except for some relatively powerful stores, there are warehouses, general stores and street stalls, and the things placed are all their belongings.

After all, the house here is so expensive that a few people can afford to rent a shop.

In addition to the mechanical column, there are basically no shops that sell low-level ships, because the port fees for low-level ships are too expensive.

The cost of stopping for a period of time is higher than the spaceship price.

So basically they sell some parts and the like.

Xiao Wen squatted down at this time, picked up some metal circular patches, and asked, “How do you sell these translation patches?”

“You really have a good eye, 1.5 One piece of star coin, large quantity can be cheap.”

When the stall owner saw that there was business, his eyes immediately lit up.

“Too expensive, 0.5star coin is a piece.”

“Can’t sell it, the cost is not enough.”

“You don’t have to fool me, the mechanical column is talented If you sell 1star coin, you dare to open 1.5star coin, and there is nothing more than 0.5star coin.”

Xiao Wen’s attitude is very firm.

The stall owner’s expression changed for a while, and finally sighed asked: “How much do you want?”

“Fifty pieces.”



The stall owner immediately took out a box from a box behind him and handed it to Xiao Wen.

Xiao Wen picked up his card and swiped it on the booth machine, and paid the star coin.

“What do you buy these for.”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“This is the language translation patch, we rely on this to communicate with people of different civilizations. The reason why you have no language communication in the city of the Star Ring is because everyone here uses this thing .Once you meet someone who doesn’t use the translation patch, there will be problems in communication. These metal patches are recorded in advance, and all the languages that participate in the Star Ring civilization can help you translate information, and can also help you translate speech. The language that goes out, otherwise the ghost knows what you are talking about. Come on, I’ll give you a slice.”

After Xiao Wen explained, he took out a slice and handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo took it over and took a look at it. It felt amazing, a proper black technology.

“How to use it?”

“Attach it to the side of the neck, try not to be too far from the vocal cords, so the effect is better.”

Chen Shan pointed to himself On the side of the neck, there is also a piece attached to it.


Su Mo put it away.

“Several guests, you can take a look at the other things I put on the stall. They are all good ones, and many of them were dug up from the relics of civilization outside.”

The stall owner diligently went on to sell other things.

Xiao Wen took a look at the things in the booth, most of them were old objects. And most of them are like dismantled parts and some bizarre ores from scrap.

He couldn’t tell the effect at all, and coupled with the limited funds, he lost interest immediately.

“No, let’s go, let’s go and have a look.”

“Don’t go, I also sell top-secret information here. I tell you, when I was young, I was The black tower is the Corps Head of the Sri Lankan ace army, with more than a dozen standard battleships. I know the material reserve ruins left after the fall of the black tower. If you are interested, I can sell it to you at a low price. “

The stall owner in front of him was in a hurry. His business was getting worse and worse, and he could no longer pay the tax.

Su Mo couldn’t help looking towards Xiao Wen, he was very curious how Xiao Wen would deal with it.

As a result, Xiao Wen solemnly said: “We not only buy news, but if you are willing to follow us, our federation is willing to pay you a sum of money.”

The unexpected is in front of you The stall owner shook his head like a rattle when he heard Xiao Wen’s words.

“No, no, I’d better sell it to someone else.”

Those who survive here dare to deceive newcomers, that’s because conflict is absolutely forbidden in the city of Star Ring. As long as it is not a live transaction fraud, it is useless to come to the door afterwards.

But if you leave the Star Ring city with the newcomer, you will become a fish on the chopping board. when the time comes when the money is not in hand, it is torture to greet oneself.

Not to the point of being a last resort, no one wants to leave the city of Star Ring.

Xiao Wen sees that the other party is unwilling, and no longer insists on it. For those who are unwilling to follow and leave, 99 out of 100 information given are false.

Even if one percent is true, who can gamble.

So the three of Su Mo continued to stroll forward, there were too many stalls here.

At this time, Su Mo saw a booth selling a large number of books, and the price was extremely cheap, ten books and one star coin. Of course, if you read the printed material of the book, you can see that it is a pirated printed matter, and there are also information disks for sale next to the book.

The stall owner is a silver-haired woman, wearing a very special blue skirt, and her delicate and beautiful face is full of melancholy.

Su Mo squatted down and flipped through the pages. Each book looked strange.

Chen Shan asked, “brother, do you want this?”

“Well, lend me some star coins, I’ll buy some.”

“You By the way, you can choose how many star coins these can be.”

“Then I’m welcome.”

Su Mo picked some books, and then picked up a few more. The data disk, opened his mouth and asked

“How much.”

The girl in front of her extended the hand, making a sound like a nightingale.

“Five star coins.”

It was like a pleasure to hear the girl in front of her speak, with a very special tone.

After Chen Shan picked up the card and paid the money, he whispered.

“This girl must have been a star before, her voice is so special.”

Xiao Wen reminded Chen Shan: “Don’t speculate on other people’s past.”


Chen Shan immediately reacted. Basically, none of the people who survived in the Star Ring city after the collapse of civilization are vegetarians. Of course, most of them are vegetarians. An unforgettable memory.

If you say the wrong thing, it will be troublesome to make people angry.

“We’re visiting a few stalls, it’s almost time to go back.”

Xiao Wen looked at his phone and said.

At this time, Su Mo suddenly made a suspicious voice: “This is.”

Xiao Wen and Chen Shan turned their heads and looked towards Su Mo, only to see Su Mo squatting down and picking up the booth The previous mecha model, looking left and right.

“This thing is very similar to the second generation mecha black steel, although the appearance is a bit different.”

“Is it the second generation mecha black steel, or an enhanced version, how to sell this mecha.”

Xiao Wen suddenly became interested, knowing that their Legion has only been assigned the I-generation mecha so far. It’s not that federal procurement can’t afford it, but that the number of federal procurement is extremely rare, and more of it is to purchase production lines and technologies, and want to continue to develop.

β€œTwenty thousand star coins.”

The pretty stall owner lifts the head melancholy replied.

Hearing this number, Xiao Wen was in a dilemma, the price far exceeded his ability to bear. This time he came to the city of Star Ring, and he carried no more than 15,000 star coins in total, and he basically purchased almost the same amount of money.

Although he liked it very much, the price was still too expensive.

“Yo, isn’t this Xiao Wen.”

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded.

The three of Su Mo turned their heads and looked over, only to see Mo Baoke walking over with a group of subordinates. He was wearing a Union uniform at this time, with the rank of colonel hanging on.

The position is just on the same level as Xiao Wen.

“Mo Baoke? Is there something wrong?”

Xiao Wen’s voice was very cold. Before in the Star Ring world, the two Legions had no less conflicts. Of course that’s nothing, after all, it’s all in the past, the problem is that Xiao Wen doesn’t have any good feelings for this guy.

Because of his character and exaggerated style, he hates it the most.

“Don’t be so indifferent, how can I say that I will be my companion in the future, look up and see, you are shopping.”

“It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you, right? ”

Su Mo is also very uninterested in Mo Baoke, this guy suddenly appeared, it must be no good.

Mo Baoke turned his head and looked towards Su Mo, and the more he looked at it, the more familiar he became, and suddenly he remembered, isn’t this guy the one who hurt him badly? He robbed his mecha and caused him to lose a lot of gold points. It is not an exaggeration to say that he was an enemy. His anger suddenly rushed up, it was really enemies on a narrow road.

“It’s you, Su Mo!”

“What do you want?”

Chen Shan directly blocked in front of Su Mo.

Mo Baoke immediately came back to his senses when he saw Chen Shan standing in front of him, and he only remembered at this time.

It doesn’t seem to be more than usual now, they’re all from the Federation. And Long Ming also became the chairman of the Federal Parliament, so he said with a smile. “What do you want to do, this is not the first time to see Su Mo in person, I am a little overexcited.”

“It’s better, don’t think about it.”

Chen Shan warned.

“Look at what you said, it’s too late for me to admire. Stop talking about this, what are you looking at, yo, you have a good eye, Top Grade second-generation mecha.”

Mo Baoke replied with a smile, while looking towards the mecha model, he recognized it at a glance.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

Chen Shan replied angrily.

Mo Baoke didn’t care either, he looked towards the stall owner, his eyes lit up even more, she was such a beautiful girl, so he asked.

“Sister, how can I sell this mecha.”

“Twenty thousand star coins.”

“Twenty thousand star coins are not expensive, Xiaowen brother hurry up and buy it Down.”

Mo Baoke opened his eyes and said nonsense, 20,000 star coins are not expensive, converted into the current federation coins, the price has reached 200 million federation coins.

Xiao Wen did not reply to Mo Baoke’s words.

Seeing that Xiao Wen’s expression was not very good, Mo Baoke immediately reacted and said with a smile: “Xiao Wen brother, you probably don’t have enough money. If so, Tell your brother, brother will give you money to help you, I am very generous, don’t be sorry.”

The more Mo Baoke said, the more proud he became, knowing that in the Star Ring world, their The sites are next to each other, and there are many conflicts with Xiao Wen all the year round, and each time they suffer a lot of losses.

In his eyes, this guy always looks arrogant and disdainful. Now that there is such a good opportunity to run on the opponent, how could he give up.

Chen Shan’s face is not very good-looking, isn’t this deliberately finding fault? Knowing that they don’t have much money, they still say so. You must know that these guys are digging for gold all day long, and of course they are very rich on hand.

On the contrary, Su Mo thought, this second-generation mecha can handle most of the dangers of normal tasks.

Its importance is self-evident, and now the funds are so tight. Even if there is an allocation back, it is estimated that there are not many, and one more is a battle strength.

It’s not a game now, it doesn’t mean that if the mission fails, it’s over, people will die, and there is no Regret Medicine.

It’s nothing to lose face, and the reason why Mo Baoke is so generous is clearly to take Xiao Wen’s character, and he will definitely not agree to it. If that’s the case, then just do the opposite. , If you have money, you don’t need to use it for nothing. If you pass this village, you won’t have this land.

Just when Xiao Wen was about to decline, Su Mo suddenly interrupted Xiao Wen’s words.

“Okay, then I thank you for Xiaowen Corps Head, please pay.”

As soon as these words came out, Mo Baoke and the others suddenly smiled Stiffened, including Xiao Wen and Chen Shan were also confused.

Xiao Wenwen and Chen Shan incredible looked towards Su Mo.

Su Mo reminded the two of them with his eyes, it’s better to agree, it’s nothing to lose face, this is the mecha of genuine.

Although Xiao Wen and Chen Shan were very uncomfortable, they also kept silent, which was regarded as the default of Su Mo’s words.

So it was the turn of Mo Baoke and the others who were not calm, Mo Baoke squeezed out an ugly smile and said, “I think so, the problem is that Xiaowen Corps Head doesn’t seem to want it very much. “

Su Mo said calmly; “Our Lord Xiaowen won’t mind, and it just so happens that our Legion is lacking mecha. Lord Mo Baoke is so eager for justice, how can he sweep you away?” What’s your face, you say?”

Xiao Wen took a deep breath, very replied against his will.

“Su Mo is right, thank you, then I’m welcome.”

Mo Baoke’s face turned green, 20,000 star coins! ! !

Su Mo looked at Mo Baoke with a wonderful expression, and said calmly: “Mr. Mo Baoke, please pay, for a great character like you, it shouldn’t be broken. right?”

“Bullshit, how could I possibly break my promise, I’ll pay.”

Mo Baoke awkwardly took out the card from his pocket.

Su Mo, with a quick eye, extended the hand and drew the card over, and said to the stall owner.

“shua card!”

He was afraid that Mo Baoke would suddenly go back on his words.

The pretty girl in front of the stall owner took the card, swiped the money in it, and then took out a delivery slip from her pocket and handed it to Su Mo.

“You can follow the information on the bill of lading, go to the Z281 sundries storage warehouse, and pick up the mecha stored in it.”


Su Mo took it without any regrets.

Mo Baoke almost fainted when he saw that the money was paid.

“Thank you, Mr. Mo Baoke, this is your card, please keep it.”

Su Mo handed the card back to Mo Baoke, and said calmly, Not much gratitude at all.

Mo Baoke’s face was more like a pig’s trotter. When he took the card, he instinctively wanted to reach for the delivery list in Su Mo’s hand.

Unfortunately, Su Mo turned around and handed Xiao Wen the delivery list.

“Mr. Xiao Wen, here is the delivery list for you.”

Both Xiao Wen and Chen Shan looked very hard and wanted to laugh.


Xiao Wen bluntly put away the delivery list.

Mo Baoke stared at the delivery list, his eyes were about to fall out, he really had no choice but to suffer in silence having unspeakable bitter suffering .

“That Su Mo, when will you be able to pay me back?”

“Lord Mo Baoke, see what you said, we are the kind of people who can renege on a debt But you also know that we really have no money on hand now, or you can wait until we have money to pay it back, I know you won’t care about this money, right?”

“What year!”

Morbak’s face was about to collapse.

“Is there a problem?”

Su Mo asked rhetorically.


Although Mo Baoke is in pain, he is the uncle who borrows money these days.

“That Mr. Mo Baoke, we still have a lot of things to look at. If you don’t help us, we are really grateful.”

Su Mo asked calmly.

Mo Baoke is like a cat whose tail has been stepped on.

“Well, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

As he said that, Mo Baoke led people away in a panic, for fear that he would say the wrong thing later. .

“Walk slowly! Haha!”

Chen Shan looked at Mo Baoke and the others who were leaving in embarrassment and couldn’t help laughing.

Xiao Wen extended the hand on Su Mo’s shoulder and said with some emotion: “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Su Mo, you are really too awesome, The guy couldn’t get off the stage, but he actually paid for it. We got a mecha for nothing, and I’m really grateful.”

“What’s there to thank, it’s not me who paid, But sometimes face is actually worthless. Because we are about to face the cruel reality, weapons are confidence, so we have to get it first, maybe a mecha can save our closest companions, as for money and so on later Pay it back again.”

Su Mo saw it clearly, for some reason, since the injection of the gene, Su Mo felt that his mind became clearer and smarter.

“You’re right, Chen Shan and I really want to reflect and learn to be flexible.”

Xiao Wen nodded.

“It’s nothing, it’s a good thing to have principles.”

Su Mo replied with a smile.

While the three of Su Mo were talking, a very polite voice sounded.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head is really you, I can see you from a distance, but I’m just a little unsure, didn’t expect to meet you here.”

The three of Xiao Wen turned around and looked over. Today was really a good day, and they kept meeting acquaintances.

The people who came were none other than Ye Wuhen, Ye Wei, and Xiao Jie. Next to Ye Wuhen was a tall woman with blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a bright red skirt. This woman, Su Mo, can see at a glance, the top star of the Federation, Miss Betsy.

It looked as if they were shopping with Miss Betsy.

β€œMr. Ye Wuhen.”

Xiao Wen responded coldly, he was not interested in him, and Ye Wuhen also took the credit for Qianchengxue, he No more colds.

“Yo, isn’t this Su Mo, didn’t expect to be able to see you here. I said how did you quit your job and run so fast, your feelings are hugging new thighs! No, no If I can call it Su Mo, it should be called Mr. Su Mo.”

Ye Wei looked at Su Mo up and down and sarcastically said, it was this kid who helped Qianchengxue do a lot of things.

Xiao Jie’s eyes also fell on Su Mo at this time, a trace of imperceptible hostility flashed in his eyes, and then he returned to normal.

Ye Wuhen also noticed Su Mo at this time. He was also a little surprised that Su Mo was with Xiao Wen Corps Head, and he was wearing a military uniform. Although from the perspective of style, it is not included in the weaving, but it seems to be mixed quite well.

This kid really has a bit of ability, he really didn’t see it wrong at the beginning, he is a talent.

Then Ye Wuhen scolded to Ye Wei seriously: “What did younger sister say? The tenth division of the Breaking Dawn Group has been disbanded, and it is normal for people to have their own aspirations. Besides, Mr. Su Mo was a The Dawning Guild has made a lot of credit, so please be polite. Mr. Su Mo, don’t worry too much, my little girl is like this.”

“It’s fine.”

Su Mo faintly ‘s answer.

Ye Wuhen said with a smile: “Mr. Su Mo has time, we can get together. If you are interested, you can come back, the conditions are open to you, the door of the Dawnbreak Group will always be open like you. “

His words are very level, on the one hand, on Xiao Wen’s face, it gives Su Mo enough face. On the other hand, I want to try to dig Su Mo back.

Chen Shan said impatiently: “Mr. Ye Wuhen, what else is there? We have to go first.”

He saw that Ye Wuhen was annoyed and restrained a little Can’t stop thinking about spraying this guy. In his opinion, this guy is a hateful thief.

“Chen Shan, you are really impatient. It’s rare to meet and chat.”

Although Ye Wuhen is polite to Chen Shan, he is not as polite to Xiao Wen. Respectfully. Because he is now a real lieutenant colonel, Level 1 higher than Chen Shan.

At this time, Miss Betsy opened the mouth lightly and said: “Mr. Ye Wuhen, why don’t you talk to your friends first, I’ll go shopping by myself.”

Ye Wuhen immediately replied with a smile: “No, we’re just chatting, Miss Betsy, let’s go to the front store to have a look, there are a lot of good things for sale there.”




Becky replied lightly.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head, let’s go first, we’ll talk when we have time.”

Ye Wuhen and the others left.

Su Mo couldn’t help but glanced, feeling this guy was after Miss Betsy.

Chen Shan coldly snorted: “That guy from Ye Wuhen is really snobby. I remember when he saw us before, he was as respectful as possible. Now it is really as the tide rises. , the boat floats , the words are different, it’s no wonder that someone like him can catch up with Miss Betsy.”

“Forget Chen Shan, let’s not mention those, let’s pick up the goods and return to the voyage.”

Xiaowen indifferently said.



The next day, after Su Mo returned to his villa, he went up to the second floor and closed the door.

He sat on the sofa after placing the purchased books on the shelf.

Close your eyes, concentrate one’s mind quietly feel the fake master light brain in your body.

In an instant, Su Mo felt like he was in a dark world.

He could clearly see a black silent mechanical sphere floating in front of him.

Su Mo concentrated one’s mind, try to touch it and see if it activates.

As a result, the thought moved, and the spirit just touched the fake master light brain, and an extremely disgusting and cold touch directly swept Su Mo’s whole body.

It’s like being wrapped around the body by an icy snake, greasy and cold.

In an instant, Su Mo felt extremely nauseated and chilled, opened his eyes suddenly, and retched continuously.

My heart keeps beating faster.

Su Mo gasped for breath, and it took a moment for him to recover.

“How could this happen?”

Su Mo’s expression changed for a while, showing an unwilling look. The things he spent so much money on could not be activated.

He was also a little disbelieving, and slowly closed his eyes and tried again.



Three times!

Su Mo has tried several times, but the strong negative pollution made him feel very uncomfortable.

But Su Mo didn’t give up. I don’t know how many times he tried, Su Mo concentrated all his energy and forcibly touched the light brain.

The world of the dark spirit, the floating black light brain finally moved.

The surface began to crack, and sticky pitch-black tentacles extended from the inside, instantly binding Su Mo.

In an instant, Su Mo suddenly opened his eyes like an ominous beast, and his left eye turned into a deep dark red. The entire face began to distort, the breath of black emanated from the body, and his entire head was constantly filled with death mourning and desperate roars. Su Mo suddenly felt that the whole world became dark red, and his eyes were extremely red.

Endless anger rose from the bottom of my heart, as if to swallow it cleanly.


Su Mo is going crazy right now!

His inexplicable desire to kill and destroy, he looked at the humanoid figures placed on the cabinet, and smashed it with a frantic punch.


The entire wooden cabinet all split up and in pieces, and the figures fell to the ground and smashed.

(end of this chapter)

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