Star Ring Mission Chapter 409


Chapter 409 Begins

But even so, Su Mo still didn’t feel any better, but became more violent.

At this moment, his heart is like a repressed volcano, about to spew out.

The loneliness, emptiness, helplessness, etc. that had been suppressed in my heart were all released at once.

Su Mo opened his mouth and let out a low monster roar, then waved his hand and swept across.


Furniture in the house all split up and in pieces!

He couldn’t feel any pain at all.

The whole person was crazy like a wild beast, like a hell-like demon.

At this time, Uncle Zhao and Uncle Wang, who were downstairs, heard the crazy sound of destruction and hurried upstairs to shout.

“Su Mo!”

“What happened?”

The two ran to the door on the second floor and kept knocking on the door.

“Su Mo, open the door.”

In the house, Su Mo was still frantically destroying all the furnishings like a wild beast. Hearing the knock on the door, he turned his head sharply, Scarlet, fierce eyes stared at the door.

Followed step by step.

Outside the door, Uncle Zhao and Uncle Wang kept knocking on the door.

“Su Mo, open the door!”

The two of them were also anxious, what happened?

At this moment creak, the door opened slowly, revealing a gap.

“Uncle Zhao, Uncle Wang, why did you come up.”

Su Mo asked with a pale expression.

“Su Mo, are you alright, why did you hear that your house is being demolished?”

Uncle Wang asked worriedly.

Uncle Zhao also said, “I have something to tell us.”

Su Mo squeezed out a smile and explained: “Sorry, I was practicing martial arts just now, and I haven’t practiced for a long time. , I accidentally touched the furniture and broke some.”

Uncle Zhao saw through the cracks that the house was full of mess, and he simply didn’t believe that it was accidentally touched.

But Uncle Zhao hesitated and didn’t continue to ask. After all, everyone has their own secrets. Since Su Mo doesn’t want to say it, there must be his reasons.

“Okay, then you don’t have to hide and tuck things up by yourself. Say it, everyone can help.”

“No, that Uncle Zhao, Uncle Wang , I’m a little tired, I’m resting.”

Su Mo responded quickly.

Uncle Wang was about to say something when Uncle Zhao directly pulled Uncle Wang downstairs and replied: “Then take a good rest.”


Su Mo immediately closed the door

Uncle Wang looked towards Uncle Zhao who pulled himself and complained: “Why are you pulling me, I feel that Su Mo is not right, his face is ugly, I was about to ask How about asking.”

“What are you asking, since Su Mo doesn’t want to say it, he must have his reasons.”

“Do you think it’s a lovelorn?”

“Hey, it’s hard to say.”

Inside the house, Su Mo leaned against the door and let out a long sigh, with a look of happiness and fear on his face. Fortunately, at the last moment, his last sense of reason suppressed the crazy heart, otherwise there would be a tragedy.

Thinking of this, Su Mo’s face became more and more ugly, what the hell did he spend so much money on.

He kept thinking about everything, and the hints that came to his mind when he first merged with the light brain.

After a long time, Su Mo was deeply sighed, and after thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t come up with a reason. But he probably guessed some information. The spar he fused in the Dragon Kingdom treasury at the beginning may be the inner core of the forgery owner, the Devourer, so he was able to activate this light brain.

But from the current reaction, this light brain has super strong side effects, which will make you lose your mind to a large extent, and maybe unnoticeable influence will affect your personality.

This time maybe I really shot myself in the foot.

Thinking of this, Su Mo’s expression changed for a while, he decided not to use this shit until it is a last resort.

Although it’s a shame, I can only do this first, and we’ll see if we can find a way to suppress and control this light brain in the future.

So Su Mo lifts the head looked towards the messy living room, squatted down and cleaned up a little bit, looking at the destroyed figure, he felt a pain in his heart.

These are all out of print collections.

But Su Mo immediately showed a happy expression. Fortunately, only these figures were destroyed, and no one was injured.β€”β€”

A year later, the Federal Imperial Capital Center Administration Building conference hall.

a The officers entered in an orderly manner, and the large conference hall soon filled with people.

The people who entered the hall chatted in a low voice.

“Called us all over today, what happened?”

“I don’t know, but I heard a little bit of wind, it seems that there is a big movement on it.”

“True or false.”

“We’ll find out later”

At this moment, Long Ming and the others entered, originally discussing spiritedly, the venue suddenly became quiet.

Long Ming naturally walked to the middle of the podium, and he said to everyone in a deep voice: “I’m glad you all came to this meeting on time, I believe you are full of confusion in the heart now. But it doesn’t matter. , your confusion will be answered soon, and I now officially announce the completion of the reorganization of the federal government’s interstellar mothership, the Hei Yao.”

The next second, the whole group burst into warm applause, and the reorganization was finally completed. Well, you must know that this year, the entire federation has been operating around the interstellar mothership, the Black Yao.

Long Ming extended the hand, signalling everyone to be quiet, and then he gave a speech.

“Normally speaking, after the reorganization of the interstellar mothership Heiyao, training or other small tasks should be carried out. But the situation does not allow it. We are now in a very dangerous situation. This danger refers not only to The monster outside also refers to our interior.”

Speaking of this, Long Ming waved his hand, and the holographic image behind him emerged.

Densely packed financial statements emerge, and the final settlement figures are scarlet deficits. Looking at the zeros above, everyone was a little scared.

“The federal government’s finances have been seriously overstretched and materials are extremely scarce, so we urgently need the injection of external resources. And the Cup of Heaven has been opened, although the specific content is still unknown. But there is one thing we are You know, monsters outside won’t give us too much time to breathe, we need to strengthen ourselves as soon as possible. And to strengthen ourselves requires resources, so considering all the circumstances, we must implement the voyage mining plan in advance.”

Long Ming made things clear in a few words.

“But where do we mine.”

Some people at the scene asked anxiously.

“You can rest assured that this year, we have not been idle. Through our unremitting efforts, we have found a reliable partner and invited Mr. Diller to give a speech for everyone.”

Long Ming said simply.

At this time, a man was very short, about one meter two, a bit like a dwarf, and a middle-aged man with withered yellow hair walked out uneasy, his skin was full of pimples, and it was not at first glance. Federal people.

He walked in front of the crowd and said, “Hello everyone, I’m Diller, from the destruction of the Batak civilization. I’m very happy to join the Federation and become a part of everyone. This time we want to We went to a planet numbered RC702 located in the gray scorpion galaxy outside the Star Ring galaxy. This planet is a resource planet that our Batak country spent countless manpower and effort to explore. It has Star Stone veins. Rare metal ore veins, etc.”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes immediately glowed.

Diller continued: “However, the road along the way is not easy to walk. We need to cross the occupied Star Domain, and it is likely to be attacked by various monsters in the middle. And the whole voyage, even if the whole flight is sub-light speed. , it will take a year to go back and forth. Of course, this is a theoretical time. If there are attacks and other things in the middle, the delay will be longer.”

These words are like a basin of cold water. It was poured on the heads of everyone, and everyone whispered.

“The risk is very high.”


“Is this guy reliable, if he lied to us, we won’t It’s miserable.”

Long Ming raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and he said, “Thank you very much for Dilake’s explanation for us, and I am very grateful that he will participate in this operation as a navigator. Go down and sit down.”


Dilek walked off the stage.

Long Ming continued his speech and said: “Don’t worry everyone, this year, we have not been idle, and we have also dispatched several reconnaissance squads to investigate the first half of the road. Basically what Mr. Dilake said Almost, this plan can be said to be imperative. In addition, there is one more thing I want to tell you. With the current economic situation of our federation, it will only last for about four years at most. In three years, there will be signs of collapse, so this mining plan must return within three years.”

After hearing Longming’s words, everyone felt even more pressured, but they were still replied.


“Very well, now I will start to appoint the captain of the interstellar mothership Heiyao.”

Long Ming announced in a deep voice .

Immediately everyone was present, all eyes were on Long Ming, and everyone was very curious as to who would hold this important position.

“I officially announce Li Ruiqi as the captain of the Black Yao!”

Long Ming announced in a chilling voice.

I saw Li Ruiqi wearing the captain’s costume and walking straight to the stage, and there was warm applause at the sceneβ€”β€”

The entrance of the Federal Imperial Capital suburban expressway.

A row of armored vehicles parked neatly on the edge of the road.

In the tail section of the team, Chen Shan pulled Lin Yue outside to blow the cold wind.

Lin Yue complained a little unhappily to Chen Shan: “Lord Chen Shan, why are you holding me here, who are we waiting for? We’ve been waiting for more than an hour. It’s too late for the gathering.”

“Wait a minute.”

Chen Shan looked at the distance anxiously, and he didn’t have much confidence in his heart.

“Who are you waiting for? Don’t say anything for a long time.”

“Wait, soon.”

Chen Shan’s expression became more and more nervous.

At this moment, a silhouette appeared in the distance, and Su Mo walked over with a suitcase on foot.

After Lin Yue saw Su Mo, her originally complaining expression suddenly showed a bright smile, and excitedly pulled Chen Shan’s arm.

“It’s Su Mo! Mr. Su Mo also wants to come with us?”

Chen Shan also forced a smile and said: “Lin Yue, you don’t have to be so excited, wait. Wait, your reaction is too exaggerated, don’t you like him too?”

When Lin Yue heard Chen Shan’s words, her face immediately turned red, and then fiercely stepped on Chen Shan’s foot. .

“Oh, it hurts, what are you stepping on me for?”

“Lord Chen Shan is the worst, what nonsense are you talking about. I just admire Lord Su Mo, and I’m glad that he can follow We’re just together, aren’t you happy?”

“Who said I wasn’t happy, I almost jumped off the balcony with joy when I received the news that he was going to participate in this interstellar voyage yesterday. “

Chen Shan explained helplessly.

At this time, Su Mo came over and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m late, my car had a flat tire.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Su Mo, we still have time. It’s early.”

Lin Yue replied with a smile.

Chen Shan looked at Lin Yue strangely, thinking that this girl is really a double standard. It was too late to urge him just now, but of course he didn’t rammed into the muzzle so stupidly.

“It’s good to have someone come, let’s get in the car.”


The three of them then got into the armored car in the front row.

Soon the armored convoys started, one by one on the expressway.

“Where are we going?”

Su Mo said while looking at the scenery outside, the car was driving away from Imperial Capital.

β€œThe military interstellar airport we are going to now is an interstellar airport with the highest level of secrecy, and we take ships there.”

Chen Shan explained to Su Mo.

“Mr. Su Mo may be a little far away. You can take a break. I’ll call you later.”

Lin Yue said to Su Mo very thoughtfully.


Su Mo just happened to be a little tired too.

Chen Shan coughed and said to Lin Yue: “Lin Yue, if you come to drive, I just didn’t sleep much yesterday.”

“No, you don’t stay up all night often. I haven’t slept for a few days.”

Lin Yue refused directly without thinking.


Chen Shan don’t shake his head, sighed.

Su Mo leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Mo was awakened by a movement outside the car, and he opened his eyes.

It was found that the armored vehicle had stopped, and Chen Shan and the others got off the vehicle and were being inspected.


Su Mo opened the car door suspiciously and walked out.

Su Mo, who just got off the bus, saw the interior of the interstellar airport not far away, docking a ship with no end in sight. In front of the interstellar airport terminal, like a toy house, in front of its massive hull, Su Mo was completely blown away.

“What kind of ship is this big!”

Lin Yue said with a smile to Su Mo: “That is the federation’s interstellar mothership, the Heiyao, go back and talk to Su Mo. You introduce, go through security first.”


Su Mo nods.

At this time, Su Mo noticed that all around was full of people who were densely packed and queuing for inspection.

At a glance, it was so dark that I couldn’t count how many people there were.

β€œHow many people are going to board the ship?”

Su Mo asked in shock.

“About 10 million people. Of course, this is not the maximum number of people at full capacity. Because the ship has not been completely remodeled, and there is still a lot of space reserved for loading machinery and cargo.”

Lin Yue explained to Su Mo.

“Well, with so many people, when will we have to queue?”

“Relax, there are a lot of checkpoints open, and we’re taking the fast lane.”


Chen Shan is also in a state of excitement at this time. There is a saying that the romance of a man is nothing more than mecha and the sea of stars. Now both will be achieved soon.

not very long It was Su Mo’s turn.

The first thing is to check the most basic documents, and then you have to go through an oversized special instrument door. If you look at the appearance of the machine, you can see that the technology is very high, and it is obviously obtained from the city of Star Ring. technically manufactured.

This device will scan the whole body of the people passing by, which is not only to check whether there is any contraband, but more importantly, to check whether there are parasitic organisms and infectious diseases in the body.

When Su Mo saw this instrument, he was also a little murmured in his heart. He wondered if the optical brain in his body would be scanned.

But it seems that there is no way out now, Su Mo brace oneself to go up.

The huge instrument started to operate, one after another light swept across Su Mo’s body, and the instrument on the side immediately displayed to check all the parameters.

“OK, pass!”

The inspector glanced and shouted.

Su Mo secretly sighed in relief.

After half a day, Chen Shan and the others all passed the security check and entered the interstellar airport.

I saw Xiao Wen was already waiting inside, he moved towards Su Mo and extended the hand to him.


β€œThank you.”

Su Mo extended the hand and shook hands with Xiao Wen, to be honest he was able to participate in this interstellar tour Long voyage, thanks to Xiao Wen.

“Don’t be so polite, we will be a family from now on, let’s take the shuttle bus to the N2 boarding gate first.”

Xiao Wen began to arrange, this time the subordinates who sailed with him There are thousands of people, and it takes a lot of effort to set them up.


Su Mo nodded.

Immediately everyone moved towards the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus here is specially modified. It is similar to a bus, but it is much larger than a bus. A shuttle bus can easily fit into more than 500. people.

Soon Su Mo and the others boarded a shuttle bus, and when it was fully loaded, the driver moved towards the N2 gate.

“How big is this ship?”

Su Mo asked with emotion while looking at the ship outside the window. He felt that the entire interstellar airport was blocked by this ship. It’s full, and the interstellar airport is getting bigger.

“It’s 120 kilometers, so it takes half an hour to drive from us to the N2 gate.”

Lin Yue came over, and the laughed explained to Su Mo.


Su Mo was in disbelief.

“It’s not an exaggeration. When you get on the ship, you can feel the grandeur of this ship more intuitively, but it’s a pity.”

Xiao Wen explained to Su Mo calmly Dao, in fact, it is normal for Su Mo to not believe it. When he first saw this mothership, his reaction was more exaggerated than Su Mo.

“What a pity?”

“This mothership was purchased by the Federation with 1.5 billion star coins, and its size and performance cannot be said. The maximum number of people on board is 30 million. It can carry out interstellar voyages and sub-light speed flight, and it is impeccable in all aspects. The only pity is that this ship’s maximum capability is carrying and mining, and its combat capability is very general. It would be nice if this ship was used for battleship.”

Xiao Wen said this with great regret.

You must know that if this ship is a battleship, how powerful is a battleship of this size!

β€œThere will be in the future.”

Su Mo said thoughtfully.

“I think so too, take your time.”

Xiaowen nodded.

A moment later, the shuttle bus arrived at the N2 gate.

After the door opened, Xiao Wen and his subordinates got out of the car one after another.

Two I-generation mechas stand on either side of the N2 entrance, armed with heavy rifles on guard.

The security Captain who took the lead kept repeating: “Everyone on board, listen, go to your respective habitat areas according to the information you were assigned before, and don’t run around! Before the interstellar mothership set sail, Patrol inspections will be carried out, and those who violate the order will be punished according to the seriousness of the circumstances!”

Su Mo followed Xiao Wen and Chen Shan on board, and they walked along the access passage, Su Mo felt He glanced at the metal wall next to him.

It is very smooth, even the joints are handled very well, and the craftsmanship of this ship is perfect.

After walking a section of the road, there are different forks ahead.

Fluorescent signs on the metal walls guide them to different areas.

Xiao Wen took a look and walked to the N2-03 fork.

Then they came to an isolation room. After entering a certain number of people, the closed doors of the isolation room were all closed.

A staff member’s voice is heard on the radio.

“Colonel Xiaowen, I’m Captain Coni. According to regulations, we will scan and sterilize you in all directions. Please restrain yourself and do not have any overreaction. The entire sterilization process lasts five minutes. “


Xiao Wen calmly replied.

Su Mo also sighed a little, and it really is professional enough.

Lin Yue explained to Su Mo in a low voice: “After the mothership takes off, the entire mothership is an independent life cycle system, so it is necessary to isolate all viruses and some uncertain factors as much as possible. , so as to ensure that the entire interstellar voyage goes smoothly.”

“Makes sense.”

Su Mo nods.

At this time, the metal walls in the isolation room were opened one by one, revealing special probes one by one, and began to scan everyone in all directions.

Also release some special poison qi.

The whole process is really fast, only about five minutes.

After all the rules and procedures were over, the door to the isolation room opened, and Connie’s voice sounded on the radio.

“Xiao Wen, the Principal, you can bring people along. I wish you a smooth journey.”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Wen brought Su Mo The crowd went out.

Chen Shan asked Xiao Wen curiously: “Old Xiao, where are we arranged?”

“You’ll find out later, everyone listens to the queue to get on the elevator. , remember to press all 66 floors!”

Xiao Wen took everyone to a circular and empty rest area, where there are hundreds of large elevators.


The subordinates who followed behind responded one after another.

“Let’s go up.”

Xiao Wen took Su Mo and the others to the first elevator.

As soon as the elevator door closed, it began to ascend rapidly!

Su Mo looked at so many buttons above and asked curiously: “Where do these other layers lead to?”

“Some should lead to the electric well room. Or reserves, etc., but I don’t know the specifics. This ship is too big, and it is estimated that even the captain would not dare to guarantee that he fully understands every functional area.”

Xiao Wen said with emotion.

“Where is the 66th floor?”

Chen Shan asked.

β€œThe 66th floor is the living area.”

Xiaowen explained.

In the space of the conversation, ding dong!

The elevator ascended to the 66th floor, and then the elevator door opened, and the vision suddenly became clear.

Places of neat metal buildings come into view.

Su Mo was in a trance, as if coming to a mechanical city.


In fact, not only Su Mo was shocked, but Chen Shan and Lin Yue were also incredulous. This is a ship, it is clearly a city at a glance.

“I’ll officially introduce to you, welcome to the interstellar mothership Heiyao Β· Xiacheng District! This is also where we will live in the next few years. The entire Heiyao’s living city is divided into three The large area, one is the upper city, the other is the middle city, and the other is the lower city. The upper city is for officers, R&D personnel, and other important personnel, where the facilities are relatively better. And there is access to ship control. The midtown area is actually a free trade market, where most of the shops, schools, hospitals, etc. are located. It is mainly provided for businessmen and special personnel, while the lower city area is the main living area, usually mostly fighters. .”

Xiao Wen solemnly introduced.

Lin Yue glanced at the metal buildings. There was basically no greenery, and the buildings were densely constructed. Above are all square rooms, which sound like a staff dormitory in a good way, and a pigeon cage in a bad way.

(end of this chapter)

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