Star Ring Mission Chapter 41


Chapter 41 Desperately

Ling Lie’s fist smashed directly on the steel column, the entire steel column was completely deformed, and its The power has broken through common sense perception.

After dodging the attack, Su Mo builds up and slams Yorke with a fistfiercely.

York turned out to be completely motionless, but Su Mo’s fist throbbed faintly, feeling like he was hitting a concrete wall.

“Hehe! Just that power?”

York lifted his foot and swept across.

How dare Su Mo be swept away by it, a side flip, and dodged in danger.

However, when Su Mo just landed, York rushed up, not giving him a chance to buffer, and he launched an attack like a storm.

Su Mo can only keep going backwards, but soon he has no way to go back, he has retreated to the edge.

In retreat, he can only fall. And below is the corpse tide, when the time comes, no matter how strong you are, it is impossible to survive.

Of course York wouldn’t give Su Mo a chance to breathe, he moved towards Su Mo with a condescending punch.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, and it seems that he has long anticipated the opponent’s attack.

In fact, Su Mo wasn’t just being beaten and suppressed all the time, he was observing York after using the medicine.

Su Mo is keenly aware that this guy has become stronger after using the potion, but there are also shortcomings. Originally, this guy was supposed to be a very calm expert, but now his sanity seems to be affected, so a lot of judgment has declined. There is also a very difficult to deal with that York’s strength and physique have greatly increased, but the agility has declined.

Su Mo went around behind York, put his hands on the ground, jumped up, and kicked his feet on York’s back.

He wanted to kick York down, but unfortunately his strength was still a little short. York just took a small step forward and stopped.

Su Mo hurriedly stepped back, as far as possible.

Then York turned around and looked towards Su Mo .

“Sure enough cunning! But in the face of absolute power, everything is useless.”

After finishing speaking, York rushed towards Su Mo like a bull.

But this time Su Mo didn’t run away or retreat, he stood there, took a deep breath, he didn’t plan to keep it.

“Open the dragon’s spine and include the dragon’s back.”

Suddenly, Su Mo’s skeleton rattled, and the muscles and joints of his whole body became active. The spine behind him was rearranged, and his shoulders widened.

Su Mo uses his Master’s housekeeping skills to increase the flexibility of his entire body.

The moment York approached, he turned sideways to dodge directly, folded his body and kicked the knuckle of York’s right foot.

York flexed his right foot, but resisted, he was just about to come back straight.

Su Mo punched him in the back of his cervical spine, then flipped over and kicked his temples sharply.

York’s head shook, his whole body leaned forward and almost didn’t fall down, he put his hands on the ground and stood up again.

Turn around and attack Su Mo frantically.

It’s a pity that Su Mo is like a nimble monkey at this time, lightly dodging all York’s attacks, and punching at every vital position of York’s body with one punch after another. If one punch doesn’t hurt, then he goes to the same position, punching punch after punch.

Even if York was able to resist, it would be a bit overwhelming, he growled angrily.

“Are you just hiding?”

Su Mo didn’t answer him, but told him with his actions that he rushed up very fast, jumped up, and kicked On his chest, another kick directly kicked his face.

York staggered back and forth, his eyes were bloodshot, his breathing became more and more rapid, and a look of pain appeared on his face.

It appears that the side effects of the genetic medicine have begun.

So in the next second, York, who had nowhere to vent his strength, rushed straight to the side of the steel column, broke the steel bars with his bare hands, and then twisted them into a steel rod like twisting a twist.

York swung his steel bar moved towards Su Mo and swept across.

Su Mo kept retreating, and at this time the zombies also climbed up.

“fuck off! ”

In York’s eyes, those zombies were as annoying as flies, he swept the steel rod angrily, and the zombies were swept away, his body bent over the waist .

This scene, Su Mo was a little terrified when he saw it. If he was actually hit, he would definitely be killed on the spot.

Soon Su Mo had nowhere to go, and he was pushed to the edge again, gasping frantically.

In addition, Su Mo has already begun to experience physical exhaustion, his body is sore, and his movements have begun to slow down.

Falling down is a matter of time.

At this time, York also realized that Su Mo was dying, so he rushed over excitedly, and swung the steel rod vigorously towards Su Mo and smashed it down.

“Go to hell!”

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, he met him head-on, and just as he was approaching, he hit the sliding shovel and slid past York’s feet.

York’s double-wielded iron rods fiercely hit the ground.

Immediately, Su Mo got up, rushed straight to York’s back, jumped and jumped directly onto his back, with his left hand on his neck, and his right hand smashed wildly against his temple.

Punch after punch!

York kept shaking his body in pain, trying to shake Su Mo off.

It’s a pity that Su Mo is just like Kise, just can’t shake it off, and Su Mo smashes harder and harder, and the skin of the entire fist is a little bloody.

York’s head fainted, and his entire body was moved towards the underside of the rim.

Su Mo immediately released his hand from his neck and landed on the edge.

He looked at the falling York with extreme unwillingness in his eyes. Unfortunately, it was useless, he still fell into the zombie group, and the group of zombies swarmed up and drowned it directly.

Su Mo staggered to his feet, gasping for breath, but he wasn’t happy at all.

It is to kill the other party, but he is almost at the end of it.

The building is full of zombies, and it’s still climbing. The entire city should have fallen. In this case, there is basically no chance of survival.

And now the bracelet is judged to be in a combat state and is not allowed to go offline.

More and more zombies climbed up the roof, moved towards Su Mo and surrounded them.

Su Mo took a deep breath, ready to face reality.

A huge rumbling sound came from afar.

Su Mo took a look in the distance, and saw a tank rolling over in the corpse tide all the way, blocking the corpse tide along the way and being crushed directly.


With the sound of a cannon, the group of corpses below Su Mo exploded directly.

When the tank went downstairs, the lid was lifted, Sun Duoxiang excitedly waved to Su Mo on the roof.

“big brother!”

Su Mo saw Sun Duoxiang, in addition to being surprised, he was also slightly happy. He took a deep breath, smashed the approaching zombie with one punch, and went down to kill.


Z countryΒ·Imperial Capital, in a simple office.

An old man with white hair and full of energy, with his hands behind his back, stood by the window, his deep eyes, looking out at the scenery outside.

At this time, a smart and temperamental woman in a white shirt walked aside with a cup of freshly brewed tea and greeted respectfully.

“The President of the Council.”


(end of chapter)

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