Star Ring Mission Chapter 410


Chapter 410 Test

At this time, Lin Yue suddenly thought of something and asked.

“Lord Xiao Wen, but don’t you and Chen Shan belong to the mid-level officer system? Don’t you live in Shangcheng?”

Xiao Wen shook the head replied: “Most of our people live in How can we live in the upper city by ourselves in the lower city. The level of the position is only to better display our abilities, not who is more noble! In addition, in the lower city, it is more convenient to go out of the mission and go to the training area to be a War Zone.”

After listening to Su Mo, she secretly admired Xiao Wen a little more. There are not many people who can achieve this level these days.

“Well, Mr. Xiao Wen, you are right.”

Lin Yue agrees very much.

“What are you talking about? Go to the dormitory and put your luggage.”

Chen Shan didn’t care at all.

“Well, disband in place and follow the text message to find your own room.”

Xiao Wen turned his head and gave orders to the subordinates behind him.


The people who followed suit responded.

Then Xiao Wen took Su Mo and the others moved towards a metal building.

Not very long, Xiao Wen took Su Mo to a small single room. . He opened the door, and there was a bed, a desk, and a small independent bathroom in the metal room. The entire room was only about fifteen square meters.

“Su Mo, this will be your room from now on. Conditions are limited, so you can order it soon.”

“No, it’s pretty good.”

Su Mo looked around and was very satisfied. At least it is a separate room, although it is a little narrow, the privacy is not bad.

Xiao Wen then said to Su Mo: “It’s fine if you are satisfied, there is another thing to tell you.”

“You tell me.”

” Since you decided to participate in the expedition temporarily, I didn’t prepare too many daily necessities for you. If you don’t have enough, you can ask Chen Shan to accompany you to the trading market in Zhongcheng District to purchase some. There are two currencies used here, one is One is federation coin, and the other is star coin. Of course, federation coin is enough for general things, and star coin is only used to buy more expensive things.”

Xiao Wen reminded Su Mo .

“I understand, but I’m a little confused. Wasn’t this ship mined by the federal government? How could such a large free trade zone be set up? It seems that private trading is allowed from your posture.”

Su Mo asked in confusion.

“This is to promote economic prosperity and some balance needs. Fifty percent of the people on this ship are professionals like us. The remaining fifty percent No, there are production personnel, private scientific researchers, scholars, and external personnel, and most importantly, there are a large number of private development companies. These private development companies, after paying high admission fees to the federal government, also They are allowed to board the ship and follow the mining. Of course, the minerals or other resources they mine are subject to tax. But after paying the tax, the goods are owned by private individuals and can be bought and sold freely. In fact, it is not surprising. History has proved that blindly Plans and dictatorial policies are not good for the market economy, and they still require a certain amount of free capital.”

Of course Xiao Wen didn’t tell Su Mo the most important point, most of these people are living in seclusion. The big conglomerate behind the scenes, all of them are hands-on existences.

“Oh, I see.”

“One more thing, you boarded the ship as an advisor, so your next actions will be tied to our squad. Your salary is 20,000 Federal Coins per month, but I also know that you are not a real professional soldier after all, so I will not be too harsh on you in terms of work and rest and attendance. You can arrange freely when you have no important tasks. “

Xiao Wen explained the general situation to Su Mo. Others are not quite clear about Su Mo’s ability, Xiao Wen is still very clear. He really admires Su Mo, so he has always been very strict, and it is rare for him to be so tolerant of people.


Su Mo nodded.

Chen Shan patted Su Mo’s shoulder said with a smile: “There is nothing to thank, we will be brothers fighting side by side in the future. If you have any needs or troubles, feel free to contact me.”

At this moment, the broadcast sounded, and a steady voice sounded.

“Dear passengers, I am Li Ruiqi, the captain of the Heiyao, please return to your room as soon as possible. The Heiyao will officially take off in five hours. Hours later, start the sub-light speed flight. During this time, there may be severe turbulence inside the ship, please pay attention to safety.”

“In addition, a friendly reminder, during the sub-light speed flight, the Heiyao, In order to save energy, the gravity system will partially work, only covering the living area and the control area. Other areas will be in a state of weightlessness, and some areas of the ship will not be covered by the life support system, please do not leave the ship’s passengers without authorization Living area, running around, breaking into areas that should not be entered. If you really do this, you will not only bear the corresponding risks, but also accept the relevant penalties.”

Lin Yue was a little surprised Said: “It’s going to take off so soon, I thought it would be at least 24 hours later.”

“It’s really a bit hasty, let’s not talk about that. Su Mo, you rest here first, we’re going Under the inspection, the placement of other people.”

Xiao Wen thought for a while.


Su Mo responded.

Then Xiao Wen and others left, leaving Su Mo alone in the room.

He looked at the unfamiliar room, stretched deeply, and felt a faint excitement in his calm heart.

In the control room of the Heiyao ship, the operator a is busy making the final preparations before takeoff. They keep checking the status of each line and listening to the reports of patrol personnel in various areas.

“The condition of the power area A1 area is normal!”

“The condition of the integrated circuit area is normal!”

“The condition of the freezer area is normal!”

Li Ruiqi sat firmly in the command chair, listening to the reports of the people below.

At this time, Putmi (Deputy Captain of Hei Yao), who was standing aside, browsed tightly frowns and said, “Isn’t this too rushed, a little too hasty.”

” Where you can compress the time, compress it as much as possible, otherwise it will be too late to cry when you encounter irresistible factors. You should know better than anyone how urgent the mining time is for our voyage. Now everyone has come up, prepare The work has also been completed, so let’s set sail as soon as possible.”

Li Ruiqi didn’t mean to change at all.


Putmi’s expression changed for a while, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

Li Ruiqi raised his hand and looked at his watch. Seeing that it was almost time, he said.

“Time is up, close all gates, transmit the news to the interstellar airport ground crew and ask them to evacuate everyone on the surface!”

“Yes, the message has been sent!”

An operator responded.

The next second, the huge interstellar airport ground staff immediately received an order to evacuate, and the command staff loudly shouted.

β€œEvacuate! Quickly evacuate!”

Many ground crews pushed some equipment and began to evacuate.

In the high-rise observation deck of the interstellar airport terminal, Long Ming and the others stood there, watching the Heiyao that was about to take off.

Everyone’s expression is extremely serious. This is not just a mining mission, but also carries the hope and future of the Federation.

And this time the mission will be under the sole command of Augustus and Spade.

Not very long, the invisible end of the Heiyao was activated, a huge rumbling sound resounded throughout the area, and then the Heiyao began to float slowly.

The anti-gravity device operates at full force, and the energy shield is fully opened.

The height of the ascent is getting higher and higher, each unit is running at full strength, the tail section jet opening is opened, and the hot tail flame is jetted out.

Then the huge mothership began to move towards the vast universe, and the silhouette gradually became smaller.

Long Ming let out a long sigh of relief as he looked at the mothership that was gradually moving away, and said to the people beside him: “They have already set off, we should do our own thing, I look forward to three years later. , the federation can officially rise!”


Itherine and the others responded.

A few days later, Su Mo was still sleeping in the living area of Hei Yao, Xiacheng District.


Suddenly his phone vibrated.

Su Mo picked it up and took a look, then sat up, and the group training began.

He took a shower, although Xiao Wen had said before that he could participate if he wanted to, or leave if he didn’t want to. But he has not been to the training camp several times in a row, and it seems a little unreasonable, especially since he is still receiving a high salary.

You must know that the normal salary is only about 3000 federal dollars, and this price is only raised because of the mortal danger involved in the expedition.

A moment later, Su Mo grabbed a nutrition bar and ran towards the K52 training area.

After a long time, after going round and round, Su Mo finally found the K52 training area.

The ship is too big and the terrain is extremely complex. If this is really hidden in any corner, it is really hard to find.

The entire K52 training area is super lively, with at least tens of thousands of people gathered here, and ten different teams are training.

Hey! hey yo!

A team is running a regular fitness run.

Although it has entered Interstellar Era, the power of individual people has become very small, and various mechanical weapons have become mainstream. But having a strong physique is still the foundation that supports everything.

“The speed is fast, haven’t you eaten breakfast?”

a The trainer’s voice was loud and scolded.

“Yes, sir!”

a the soldier responded loudly.

Just hearing this sound makes one’s blood boil.


Su Mo walked around the training area, attracting a lot of attention, but the training officers ignored him when they saw the style of his military uniform.

They could tell at a glance that Su Mo was hired from outside. Generally, there are two types of people hired from outside. One is related households who come to eat welfare and hang around, and the other are those who have real ability.

Either way, outsiders are free.

Not very long, Su Mo found Xiao Wen and the others in the corner.

I saw Xiao Wen and their people forming a big circle.

Inside a, soldiers are fighting physical fitness, free Sanda hand-to-hand combat.


There are occasional loud applause.

Su Mo also passed by at this time. Chen Shan saw Su Mo coming over and said with a smile.

“Why do you get up so early? We originally wanted to let you rest for a while before calling you.”

“There is nothing to do if you are idle.”

Su Mo sat directly next to Chen Shan and replied.

“If you have nothing to do, you can stroll around the living area.”

“Forget it, it’s more fun to be with you.”

“Well said, or else Go up and have a try.”

Chen Shan asked with a smile.

Lin Yue came over at this time and complained: “Chen Shan, did you do it on purpose, Su Mo is not a regular staff, how can he fight meleely.”

“Uh, this is Didn’t I forget?”

Chen Shan also looked embarrassed.

“It’s fine, I just want to exercise my muscles and bones.”

Su Mo was a little itchy when he saw the hand-to-hand combat on the court. Since he finished apprenticeship that year, he hasn’t been with him for a long time. People started.

“Su Mo, you don’t have to force it, don’t listen to Chen Shan’s nonsense, it will be bad if you get hurt.”

“It’s fine.”

Su Mo was still confident, so he stepped forward.

Xiao Wen, who was watching his subordinates fight hand-to-hand, was a little surprised to see Su Mo come up, but he reacted immediately.

So he blew his whistle.

“Pause, does anyone want to try it with Mr. Su Mo.”

“Me! Me!”

A soldiers on the field be eager to have a try, except for the upper sergeants who know Su Mo well, the others don’t know him at all. Therefore, I have always maintained a curious attitude towards this external officer.

But because of Chen Shan and the others, no one dared to raise objections.

Now there is such a good opportunity, you can try this guy’s ability, one by one is like a chicken blood.

In fact, in the army, it is very simple to gain respect from people, that is to show your ability.

“Qi Hang is yours, remember to click until now.”

Xiao Wen extended the hand and pointed to a big man named Favorite.

“Relax sir.”

Qi Hang replied with rubbing hands.

The others below roared and said: “Don’t lose Qi Hang, it would be a shame.”

“Fuck you, I can fight so well, when have you ever lost. “

Qi Hang scolded with a smile.

Then Qi Hang walked up to Su Mo, the two saluted at the same time, Xiao Wen blew the whistle directly, and the duel began.

“I’m sorry, sir!”

After Qi Hang finished speaking, he punched Su Mo with a howling wind, not to mention that Qi Hang’s fist was extremely fierce, In particular, he is also a type I gene-enhanced person.

This fist is even an ordinary steel plate, and he is confident that he can make a notch.

But this fist is like a 10 times slower movement in Su Mo’s eyes, and Su Mo also feels very novel. Originally, he could dodge easily, but the ghost sent him to try, what would happen if he was hit.

So there was no dodging.

So Qi Hang punched Su Mo’s chest.

Lin Yuexin was also stunned when she saw this scene.

“Su Mo!”

Chen Shan’s expression also changed slightly, and it’s a bad dish!

The people present were also puzzled, but Su Mo didn’t even run away. However, in the next second, a still surprising scene appeared.

Qi Hang, who punched Su Mo’s chest, pulled his hand back suddenly, with a painful expression on his face.

The entire right hand was bleeding, and he felt like he was smashed against an alloy wall.

At this time, Su Mo moved, and he instinctively kicked over, and the moment he kicked out. His instinct was wrong, and he took back most of his strength in time.

But even so, Qi Hang raised his left hand to block!


The whole left hand made a crisp cracking sound, and then the whole person flew out like kite with its string cut and hit the ground heavily.

Su Mo’s face changed suddenly, and he stepped forward to check it.

“Are you alright?”

“It’s alright, but it seems that my hand is broken.”

Qi Hang covered his hands, not only sweating coldly on his face, but he endured it. Said in pain.

Xiao Wen turned his head to the subordinate next to him and said, “Send the Medical Room!”


The two soldiers hurried up to help Qi Hang Leave.

The eyes of everyone present changed immediately when they saw Su Mo. There was no contempt or doubt in their eyes, and they were full of admiration.

Xiao Wen was surprised to see Su Mo playing so well, he asked.

“Another one?”


Su Mo decisively refused, finding that his body was out of the realm of normal people. If it was changed to the previous one, although he could defeat the man named Qi Hang, it was absolutely impossible to do so easily.

However, it has to be twice, not crushed. I can’t fight anymore, there will be problems later, and it’s not easy to explain why I’m so strong.

“Well, continue the free confrontation training. A strong physique is the foundation of everything we do. Only when you are strong can you control mecha better. At night, the Hei Yao will end its first sub-light speed flight. At that time, we will stop the boat to rest, and when the time comes we will conduct mecha training in turn, and those who have outstanding physical training during this time will give priority to mecha training when the time comes.”

Xiao Wen to everyone said.


Everyone excitedly replied, each of them seemed to have been beaten by chicken blood, and finally they could touch the real mecha.

Su Mo became more and more curious when he heard this. He retreated to Lin Yue and Chen Shan and asked in a low voice, “Have we been assigned to mecha?”

“Assigned Arrived, but the number is pitifully small, a total of 10 I-generation mechas were allocated, not even one II-generation mecha.”

Sighed Lin Yue said.

“It’s fine, I’ll see it later.”

Su Mo was also very surprised that even a second-generation mecha was not assigned.

“There’s a fart, since the number of II-generation mecha and III-generation mecha is extremely rare, the above decided to use merit exchange. That is to say, whichever Squad has the best task completion in the next days can be given priority. Redeeming to high level mecha, is it a competition anyway.”

Chen Shan complained.


Su Mo didn’t say anything. Given the extreme lack of resources, this might not be a bad idea. Good steel is used on the blade.

“Su Mo, do you want to try mecha together tonight?”

Lin Yue asked Su Mo with anticipation.

“Of course I will.”

Su Mo has not touched mecha for a long time, and is feeling a little itchy.

Su Mo and the others waited in the training area at night.

At this time, a multi-purpose transport vehicle drove over, and then a brand-new black mecha was moved down.

Everyone jumped around excitedly.

Su Mo also leaned over curiously and looked up and down these I-generation mecha Β·Iron Guards.

In fact, in terms of appearance, these mechas are similar to the green shield, but their volume feels much lighter than the green shield, and there are six launch ports on the back.

It is relatively flexible and should be more suitable for space operations.

“Really mecha! It feels so cool!”

“Look at you, it’s just I-generation mecha.”

Just then , a dull sound of footsteps woke everyone up.

Su Mo and the others turned their heads to look, and saw a 12-meter-high, full-body armored black shine, a whole circle of the II-generation reinforced black steel mecha coming over. .

“Wow, wow, second-generation mecha!”

Everyone couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“All line up, go up and test drive one by one.”

Xiao Wen’s voice sounded in the black steel mecha.

Immediately everyone shouted excitedly: “It’s Lord Xiao Wen, Lord Xiao Wen has a second-generation mecha!”

This excited shout immediately attracted the other teams training nearby. When I came over, the other Master Chiefs suddenly lost their faces,

“Old Xiao, why do you have a second-generation mecha, we don’t.”

Xiao Wen turned to them and shouted: ” Go buy it yourself.”

“Damn it! You’re so good.”

Hearing Xiao Wen’s words, those sergeants all lost their faces, how can there be money to buy, expensive Just like a dog.

Chen Shan patted Su Mo’s shoulder and said: “Go, let’s go up and try Iron Guard mecha together.”


Su Mo moved towards a The Iron Guard walked over.

Soon Su Mo climbed into the cab of the Iron Guard, and he looked familiar with the interface, and it was very easy to get started.

He closed the cockpit, tried pulling the lever, and the whole Iron Guard mecha moved.

Su Mo started driving the Iron Guard a little bit, and he felt a tinge of jerky. I don’t know why, obviously the simulation degree in Star Ring is 100%, but when driving in reality, it still feels a little different from Star Ring.

No, it should be more of a psychological obstacle.

Su Mo quickly discovered the problem.

At this time, there was a loud bang!

An Iron Guard mecha fell just a few steps away.

Chen Shan saw this scene, and scolded both distressed and angry: “I told you all, there is a little difference between reality and virtuality. Don’t think that mecha will be manipulated in Star Ring, and reality will be very easy. , muscles need to be memorized, mecha needs to be run in, pull yourself together, don’t make such a low-level mistake.”

“Yes, sir Chen Shan.”

Drop To the subordinate, panic control mecha get up.

The non-commissioned officers of the other teams next to him smiled and said to his subordinates: “Have you seen it, that’s the best lesson from the past, if you can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, pull yourself together, get familiar with mecha a little bit, don’t. The hand is full of power.”

That’s when Su Mo pushed the power lever all the way, and the whole Iron Guard mecha powerplant hummed.

At the same time, the back jets are open.

The next second, Su Mo drove the Iron Guard out low and circled the training ground twice.

The action is very light and flexible, and Su Mo also controls mecha to test a few other performances from time to time!

“Good! Handsome!”

The soldiers present cheered and whistled excitedly!

At this time, the Master Chiefs extended the hand one by one and patted the heads of the booing soldiers.

“What the heck, people have the ability, dare to open like this, you idiots, don’t open like this, it will break later, I can’t repair it!”

“Uh, it’s the commander.”

“But grandma bear, who is that guy? He’s so skilled, but unfortunately it’s not my soldier.”

Next Su Mo was driving Iron Guard made an emergency stop in midair and fell heavily, the whole mecha supported on the ground with one hand, and then stood up steadily.

β€œSir Su Mo is mighty!!!”

Many soldiers watched Su Mo driving mecha, all of them were very excited.

Chen Shan also sighed with emotion: “I feel that Su Mo’s technology is getting better and better, although theoretically I have no problem driving like this. But it really made me do this as soon as I touched the mecha. I really don’t dare.”

Lin Yue replied with a smile: “It’s not easy, Lord Chen Shan, you have some time to admit it.”

“Go, go, I’m familiar with it. Just one time.”

Chen Shan’s face couldn’t hold back.

In the cab, Su Mo touched the buttons on the console and felt very comfortable, although the performance of this Iron Guard was really not that good. It uses a highly enriched fuel engine, but the operating performance is still good in the first generation.

In addition, Su Mo found that since the injection of genetic medicine, his neural response has become faster.

You can easily do some difficult tricks.

(end of this chapter)

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