Star Ring Mission Chapter 411


Chapter 411 Training

Su Mo opens the Iron Guard’s cockpit and jumps from it.

All around the soldiers onlookers raised their excited applause. This demonstration was wonderful.

Lin Yue and Chen Shan walked up, laughed praised.

“Brother, your technique is good, you don’t feel slack at all, it’s a seamless connection. You must know that a normal expert, no matter how good the technique is in Star Ring, in reality, the body’s neural reflexes are the same as If not, it will take some time to get used to it.”

“It’s just so-so.”

Su Mo replied very modestly, he didn’t think there was anything to be proud of.

Immediately, Xiao Wen turned around and said to everyone: “If you all people don’t have Su Mo’s skills, then obediently and honestly do a little training, try to get in with mecha as much as possible, and everyone can operate it. The time for mecha is limited, only 15 minutes! There are also the best operators. After the Heiyao has completely stopped resting, they can also get the opportunity to control the mecha to go to outer space for training. The opportunity is earned by yourself, understand Is it?”


Everyone at the scene became more and more excited when they heard that they could leave the ship and go to space.


Hei Yao, in a clean and tidy room in Shangcheng District.

Qianchengxue looked indifferently at herself in the mirror when the alarm clock beside her rang.

Ding Ding~~~

She reached out and picked it up and hung it on the wall next to her. She put on the blue and white standard officer uniform, put on a blue hat, put on leather shoes, silver Long, smooth hair fell over the shoulders.

Then turn the doorknob and walk straight out.

After a while, we came to the GT department, and the whole department was very lively. .

Qianchengxue walked along the cold metal corridor with a calm expression. The staff of the a GT department were talking to each other along the way.

She walked right past the a staff.

Not far away, Xiao Jie was having a good conversation with Ye Wuhen and the others.

“I’m lucky to be able to join the GT department this time.”

“Fortunately, if it wasn’t for grandfather and the others this time, we probably wouldn’t be able to reach GTP. The threshold of the department, even if it is only the peripheral establishment.”

Ye Wuhen replied with a smile.

“Yes, after all, the GT department is a specially established department of the federation, which gathers the strongest experts and heroes of the federation. In the future, it will not only be the highest military power agency of the federation, but also the highest war review agency of the federation.”

Xiao Jie agreed.

Ye Wei said with a smile: “I heard that there is a big training exercise in the GT department today, and maybe the most core experts will also appear.”

“Well , today is the IV generation creature mecha training day, and it will definitely appear.”

“Then very good, maybe we will meet again later, if we can make friends with any of them, it will be even better. It’s over.”

“Rest assured that there will be opportunities in the same department.”

Ye Wuhen said with great certainty.

At this time, a very surprised voice came.

“This is the GT department. It looks so tall.”

I saw Sun Duoxiang following Lin Ming, followed by all the children of the Lin Family. .

After the official opening of the Cup of Heaven, the elders of the five dragon heads have all come out one by one. They used their personal connections and strong capital to insert the younger generation into the external editors of the GT department. Although it is only a candidate member, there is still a chance. The future also has boundless prospects. But Lin Ming is the exception. After the GT department was established, he officially joined.

The core combatants of the entire GT division are divided into full members, alternate members and alternate members.

“Isn’t this Lin Ming’s big brother?”

Ye Wuhen greeted politely.

Lin Ming glanced at Ye Wuhen and said with a cold expression: “Is something wrong?”

“Lin Ming big brother, see what you said, it’s rare to see each other, no. There must be something to do, just have a normal chat.”

“I have nothing to chat with you, I used to think you were not very good, but now I look down on you at all, the merits of a man It came from hard work with blood and sweat, not from others.”

Lin Ming gave Ye Wuhen no face at all.

Ye Wuhen’s handsome face suddenly twitched fiercely, and the atmosphere dropped to freezing point.

Lin Ming didn’t care whether Ye Wuhen could get off the stage, so he walked in with his younger brother and younger sisters.

Ye Wuhen’s expression was a burst of green and a burst of red. The angry person left, Ye Wei and all the people around quickly chased after him.

“Brother, wait for us.”

Xiao Jie looked at Ye Wuhen’s back in angrily leaving, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, showing a sneer, it was so funny.

At this moment, Xiao Jie heard footsteps, and he subconsciously turned his head to look.

The handsome face was also stagnant, and then he showed a hint of excitement, and he moved towards the approaching girl to meet him.

“Xue’er, why are you here, I’m so surprised”

Qianchengxue’s cold eyes just glanced at Xiao Jie, without answering his words, she walked right beside him walk over.

Xiao Jie followed closely behind excitedly.

“Can we chat, Cher, it’s rare to meet here, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

“Just chat for a while?”

Unfortunately, Qianchengxue didn’t pay any attention to what he meant, and she went straight into the core passage of the GT department.

The guarding soldier extended the hand to stop Xiao Jie with a blank expression.

“The inside is the control area, Captain Xiao Jie, your authority is not enough.”

Xiao Jie stopped his steps with an expression of unwillingness.

Inside the GT department, inside the special lounge.

Greaves, who was transferred in from Area E, was bare upper body, exposing the steel-like muscles of his whole body. He was breathing heavily, and his entire face was extremely pale. A medical staff was holding equipment on his body. Full inspection.

The staff next to him whispered: “It’s amazing, today, Mr. Greaves, successfully broke through the limit, and continued to drive for more than an hour under the heavy pollution of the IV generation biological mecha, and the neural synchronization rate also increased to Seventy-five percent.

“Yeah! It’s too powerful, you must know that Mr. Greves has only used the type III genetic medicine. “

“Big man, I heard you did a great job today.” “

At this time, a man with golden hair, calm face, sharp eyes, and arrogant walked in.

The staff on standby in the lounge also whispered cry out in surprise.

“It’s Lord Shuris, he’s here anyway, and their training isn’t usually separated. “

“I heard that the vice president of Spade wants to select the spare IV generation mecha driver, and all the core members of the GT department and all the reserve members are called together.” “

“You mean, there are more people than that.” “

“That’s it!” You see, Lord Wang Hai and Lord Wen Luosi are also here.”

“Oh my God! “

I saw Wang Hai walk in with the elegant Wen Luosi with an indifferent expression.

Greaves took a deep breath, turned his head and looked towards the three of Shuris: ” It’s such an important training day, you guys are here so late, I’ve already driven one lap. “

“Don’t worry, we are not the main event today. Instead, it’s a substitute, to test drive the IV biomecha. “

Wen Luosi said with a smile.

“Oh, I’m curious, who can get such a big opportunity, is it those boys waiting outside?” “

Greaves solemnly replied , outside the special lounge, there are still many top combat officers drawn from various units. Their strengths are excellent, of course compared to the top level of their pyramids The existence of existence is much worse.

Although there is definitely no shortage of buried talents in the army, but after the Star Ring Earth Cup test, basically 99% of the talents have been screened out long ago.

“We’ll find out later. “

Wen Luosi said with a smile.

At this moment, the door of the lounge was pushed open, and Spade and Zhang Wei walked in together.

Greaves and the others stood up and greeted each other.

“Master Spade, Master Zhang Wei. “

“Come on, go to the viewing room, if there is no accident, you will have a new combat companion.” “

said Spade in a good mood.

“Yes!” ”

Everyone responded neatly.

After a while, Wang Hai and the others all came to the transparent viewing room. Through the partition glass, they could see the giant circular machine. The library.

A height of 40 meters, the important joints of the whole body are bound by the dark red restraint device, the ugly monster’s head is wrapped in layers of metal armor, the two hideous eyes are tightly closed, and its back is pierced through. Three black restrained metal steel pipes are inserted, and their hands are like monster claws. The armor is engraved with complicated lines, exuding a suffocating terrifying aura.

At this time, a staff member wearing protective clothing, standing On different elevators, they are busy doing final inspections.

“Isn’t this the IV generation creature mecha Β· Dark Red Apostle! “

Wang Hai frowned.

“You mean the newcomer who wants to drive the most polluting Dark Red Apostle among the three? Isn’t this nonsense?”

Greaves brows tightly frowns.

“Lord Spade, who is going to test drive? “

Thuris asked.

“You will know by looking at it, Zhang Wei let the people below start.” “

Spade solemnly replied.

“Yes!” “

Zhang Wei nodded the answer, then moved towards the console next to him.

Then there was a rapid notification sound in the hangar.

” All staff, please end the work immediately and evacuate the hangar! ”

β€œRepeat, all operators immediately evacuated the hangar. “

“External restraint released!” ”

I saw that the operators wearing protective clothing interrupted the inspection work and left one by one.

The IV-generation biological mecha was activated, which itself is a source of pollution, and the ordinary person stayed in They are easily polluted and seriously ill.

β€œThe cell activity value is being detected. “

“The value is OK! “

“The external power supply is disconnected, disconnect the link! “

“Auxiliary voltage detection is normal! “

“The driver is in place.” ”

Hearing this, Shuris and the others lifts the head looked towards the right side of the operating cabin area, and saw Qianchengxue wearing a tight-fitting combat uniform, her perfect body curves were unobstructed, and her expression was indifferent. Step into the square infusion pod.

“It’s her! “

Both Thuris and Wang Hai showed a hint of surprise.

“You know her?” “

Greaves asked.

“Know, if there is any hope for her, she manipulated the IV generation mecha in the Star Ring Earth Cup.” And we were able to lay down the City of Praying Dragons, which has a lot to do with her, but later, for some unknown reason, she disappeared and she didn’t get any glory, didn’t expect her to join the GT department. “

Wang Hai replied solemnly.

“If you say that, it’s worth seeing.” “

Greaves became more and more interested.

Soon Wei Zhang gave the order.

“Injection into the cockpit!” ”

A huge robotic arm extends from the wall, clamps the square metal cockpit, and injects it into the chest of the dark red apostle.


Square The metal cockpit fits in perfectly.

At this time, all the staff are busy, everyone is highly concentrated, and the next operation is crucial.

β€œDriving The cabin is filled with life support fluid! Open communication link”

” is injecting. “

“The communication link is established successfully! “

In the cockpit of the dark red apostle, the metal barriers all around are opened one by one, gu lu lu! The viscous green liquid penetrates.

Qiancheng Xue’s expression is very calm, Let the viscous green life-support fluid cover you.

“How does Qianchengxue feel? “

Zhang Wei asked.

“Very good.” “

Qianchengxue’s light voice came from the communication channel.

“Next we will do the most important operation, if you feel uncomfortable, immediately tell us and we will stop manipulation. “

“Understood. “

Qianchengxue replied.

“Activate the biological mode, the T30 neural link starts!” “

Zhang Wei gave orders to the subordinates next to him without the slightest hesitation.

“When the nerve restriction is lifted, the first round of nerves start linking!” “

“Open the exchange loop!” ”

Qiancheng Xue felt a burst of severe pain and discomfort in the cab. She felt that the life support fluid covering her whole body seemed to come alive, became abnormally viscous, and entangled herself tightly.


She began to breathe a little faster, and she felt nauseous for no reason.

But Qianchengxue’s expression became more and more indifferent, and she supported her!

“Synaptic measurement, synchronization 45.4%”

β€œThe synchronization rate is on the rise! “

Wang Hai and the others looked at the data and their expressions became more solemn.

“There is hope!” “

“Sync rate 52%”

Spade’s eyes are getting more and more excited. If Qianchengxue’s test is successful, they will soon have an ace expert.

Although with the increase of resources in the future, the injection of genetic medicine will get better and better, and there will definitely be more talents who can control the IV generation biological mecha, but the nature is different.

The sooner The potential of people who can control it is immeasurable. If people who have been injected with type IV genetic medicine are allowed to drive a generation IV biological machine, I believe many people can do it.

β€œ59% ! “

The operator shouted excitedly.

“60%!” “

Zhang Wei took a deep breath.

The next second, the entire IV generation creature mecha Β· Dark Red Apostle’s eyes immediately lit up, and the terrifying pressure spread. Come.

Qianchengxue successfully activated the IV-generation creature mecha Β· Dark Red Apostle, and the synchronization rate is still rising.

Seeing this scene, Spade became more and more I am glad that the GT department secretly invested a lot of energy and financial resources in secretly giving her a year-long special training, and it did not disappoint them.

Zhang Weian was excited and told Qianchengxue Said: “You can now roughly control the dark creature mecha, the dark red apostle. But you have to keep calm, don’t be influenced by its negative emotions, and manipulate the Dark Red Apostle a little bit”

“Understood. “

Qianchengxue’s hoarse voice came from the communication channel.


In the Heiyao hangar, Su Mo and Chen Shan squatted , watching a soldier driving the Iron Guard running fast there.

To be honest, the soldiers in Xiao Wen’s belt are really very good at fighting.

Although everyone is driving mecha for the first time It’s not amazing, but the operation is obviously much better as I get started a few more times.

“How do you feel, give me some advice. “

Chen Shan chatted with Su Mo.

“Excellent.” “

Su Mo replied.

“Of course, these are all carefully selected by us and cultivated by us. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are our own children.” But to be honest, if I can, I really don’t want to take them on an expedition. After all, an expedition will really kill people. “

Chen Shan said more and more with emotion.


Su Mo nodded.

Just at this moment A sweet broadcast sounded from the library.

“Dear sirs, it is temporarily notified that the Hei Yao has suspended sailing and will undergo a 24-hour floating rest. At that time, the taxi mecha check-in exit will be open for your own use by the officers. “

“According to Captain Li Ruiqi’s request, all officers need to pay attention to the following points. The first training time needs to be strictly controlled, and it is strictly forbidden to exceed 24 hours. Once the time expires, the Heiyao will continue to move forward according to the sailing route. , will not stop and wait for the officers. “

“Live ammunition is allowed to be loaded during the second training, but it is strictly prohibited to cause any damage to the hull.” “

“Thirdly, we are now out of the coverage of the Star Ring city. Any non-federal existence, whether monsters or other civilizations, will be regarded as enemies and can judge for themselves the threat. In addition, if the training personnel go out and the mecha is damaged during the battle or training in the external area, the driver shall not return through the combat passage, and must go to the special return passage to undergo a comprehensive physical examination. “

“Finally, I wish all the officers a smooth training! “

All the trainers in the hangar suddenly cheered excitedly.

“Very good!” “

Chen Shan stood up and said excitedly: “hehe, the Su Mo combat taxiway is open, do you want to give it a try?” “

“Forget it, let them practice first, you see how excited they are. “

“You stupid, you got on Xiao Wen’s second-generation mecha, Xiao Wen definitely didn’t have time to drive it out himself.” “

Chen Shan suggested.

“Also. “

Su Mo actually thinks of walking around in outer space. As for what mecha to drive, he doesn’t pick.

So Chen Shan and Su Mo moved towards Xiao Wen.

At this time, Xiao Wen gathered the first ten team members who were going to go out for training, and was explaining to them the details of taxiing out of the battle channel.

“I will explain to you. , the so-called combat logout channel is not a general exit channel, it will give an acceleration to the mecha that goes up, allowing you to leave the ship at a very fast speed. This is to prevent mecha from colliding with the sailing ship after leaving the ship and shortening the time for mecha to fight. You should pay attention to controlling the operating lever of mecha to avoid hitting the wall of the passage. This will not only cause damage to yourself, but also affect the companions behind to fight! Of course, if you are confident, you can start the jet device of mecha at the same time, and accelerate twice! “

“As for space combat, I’m not going to give you any more explanations after thinking about it. No matter how much you talk about, it’s better for you to practice it yourself, and it will be even more profound! “

“Understood sir!” “

Everyone responded in unison.

In fact, despite what Xiao Wen said so lightly, he was actually a little worried about the team members going to space for training. But when he thought about it, When there is no enemy, he is worried about the east and the west. When he turns back and really hits the monster, what should he do when the time comes?

At this time, Su Mo and Chen Shan walked to Xiao Wen.

Chen Shan said to Xiao Wen: “Old Xiao, Su Mo wants to drive your mecha and go out for a spin. “

“Okay, Su Mo, can I ask you one thing?” “

“Go ahead.” “

Su Mo replied.

“They are still not very proficient in mecha manipulation. They are afraid of accidents in space. You can help me to watch more.” “

“No problem. “

Su Mo replied.

“Go ahead.” “

Xiao Wen nodded .

A moment later, Su Mo and the others drove mecha to the K23 battle logout entrance.

Xiao Wen hand one He shouted.

“Go! ”

Su Mo was the first to drive the black steel mecha to the exit runway, and the extremely fast gliding charge ahead!

The other team members behind him also have uneasy hearts Drive the mecha and rush up.

Charge ahead one by one.

Then one mecha rushes out of the exit, into the vast expanse of space, Glittering Group of Stars!

The scenery is very charming and shocking!

However, the people who rushed out did not have any mood to appreciate the beautiful scenery for the time being. After their mecha rushed out, they quickly lost control and moved towards the distance. .

They hurriedly pulled the lever, activated the jet on the back, and adjusted their body shape.

But in the state of weightlessness in space, an action was not performed well, or the jet was not adjusted. Good direction, straight to the east and west.

Some of them fell straight down, the scene was infinitely funny.

At this time, Su Mo controlled the black steel mecha to a steady stop, floating in the In space, he obviously felt that the difficulty of operation had increased.

Xiao Wen’s voice sounded in the communication channel.

“Everyone listen, the subjects you are training now are very simple, That is to stabilize mecha’s body, fly a full circle up and down around the stationary Hei Yao, and then return home. Remember, do not use weapons except in special circumstances. “

“Understood! “

Everyone responded on the communication channel.

Immediately everyone began to try to stabilize the mecha, and then flew around the Heiyao little by little.

Actually This training subject does not sound difficult, but the actual operation is extremely difficult.

Su Mo saw an Iron Guard mecha flying crookedly in the distance, and then hit the armor of the Hei Yao. At this time, a coach mecha behind him rushed over and pulled him up.

And in the public channel, the roar of the coach can be heard.

β€œ Nona, did you do it on purpose! The space is so big, you can’t fly in it, but you collide with the ship! ! ! My salary this month has to go to waste again! ! ! ”

Su Mo couldn’t help shouting the head, he controlled the mecha to fly behind the training mecha, watching them.

Don’t look back and laugh at others, people on your side do this Low-level mistakes, it would be very funny.

In fact, normally, if the civilization of the earth climbed up step by step, there would not be such a funny thing. But their civilization developed by leaps and bounds Therefore, in many aspects, the matching is not perfect, and it must be improved and perfected a little bit.

At this time, a pair of dark green eyes are open on the fragmented meteorite floating in the distance.

One after another, a slender gray silhouette swept out.

In the cab of the Heiyao, Li Ruiqi sat in the command chair and was listening to the report from the people below.

“The Black Glory Power Unit 3 has been shut down and all power units have now been switched to backup units. We’ll test the powerplant off to see how much load it takes to fly at sub-light speeds. “

“What about security? “

“We scanned the vicinity with the ship’s radar unit, everything was fine, and no threatening creatures were found.” “

“Very good. “

Li Ruiqi nodded, don’t think that they have been holding the Heiyao for more than a year. In fact, they still have a very poor grasp of the performance of this spaceship in all aspects, so they need to be treated cautiously, lest they will It’s broken.

(end of chapter)

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