Star Ring Mission Chapter 412


Chapter 412 Sorry

After a long time, a wobbly mecha began to return, and the pilot tried his best to stabilize mecha enters the designated battle channel to return home.

After all the mecha rushed into the battle channel, they struggled to stabilize the mecha’s body and tried their best one by one. But there were still quite a few mecha who were out of control for a while, rushed out of the battle channel, fell directly, and slipped out more than ten meters with their faces on the ground.

Sparks are flying all at once!

The driver in the cab was also confused.

The officers who were waiting to return to the voyage couldn’t help but slapped them on their faces with a look of disgust, but couldn’t say anything more.

Let’s not talk about others, just take Chen Shan as an example, he’s almost jumping up now, and ten Iron Guards are returning home. Two were too close to each other and collided after returning home.

Three of them rubbed directly on the ground hundreds of meters away.

Although Iron Guard mecha skin is rough, flesh is thick, it should not cause too much damage, but there are many people who want to test drive it.

If everyone falls at this rate, it will be over sooner or later.

“Old Xiao, this can’t be done, the damage ratio is too high, why don’t you practice in the hangar?”

Chen Shan couldn’t help but said to Xiao Wen.

“Repair after it’s broken. Actual driving is the most important thing. Look at the other training teams. Did one team stop training? The next batch is on!”

Xiao Wen didn’t have a trace Hesitant and shaken. .


Chen Shan sighed, he is a little regretful now, he knew that gold points are so important and can be exchanged for weapons. Bao Ke’s gang turned into dogs and dug hard by themselves. In this way, there can be multiple small vaults, and it will not be so embarrassing.

Time flew by as teams of drivers took turns driving the Iron Guard charge ahead.

In space, Su Mo’s eyelids are fighting a little, not because driving a black steel mecha is boring, but being a babysitter is boring.

He struggled to cheer up, watching the Iron Guards on the same team fly crookedly around the Black Glory.

Su Mo said from time to time in the communication channel: “Iron Guard No. 03, you are too close to Hei Yao, raise it.”

The next second, that one Iron Guard jumped up and quickly moved away from the Hei Yao. At first glance, it seemed that the operation was too forceful.

But it’s normal. In the case of gravity and no gravity, the force used by the two is different.

“Yes, I’m sorry sir Su Mo.”

A man’s nervous voice rang through the communication channel.

Su Mo checked the directory information, found the name of the team member and said, “Sergeant Chen Ming, don’t be so nervous, control the joystick, you are now seriously away from the Hei Yao, and return immediately.”

“Yes, yes, sir Su Mo.”

Chen Ming answered nervously while performing the operation, not sure if the more nervous people are, the more likely they are to make mistakes. That Iron Guard mecha was flying the wrong way, getting further and further away from Su Mo.

Su Mo touched his forehead and was helpless. What the hell, it’s normal to make a mistake once, but this is a bit outrageous.

“Sergeant Chen Ming, you have deviated from the intended track.”

“No, not sir, there is a monster, the monster is approaching me, sir, I’m going to fight back.”

Chen Ming replied nervously.

Su Mo’s expression froze, what’s going on? He looked at the airborne radar, and there was no warning.

But Su Mo still chose to believe Chen Ming’s words, he adjusted to optical imaging, followed the position where Chen Ming avoided, and zoomed in on the camera.

I immediately saw a gray plankton about seven meters long, with pits and pits on the surface of its body. If it curled up, it would definitely look like a floating meteorite.

At this time, the black steel mecha pops up an automatic identification prompt.

“The data match is successful!”

“The target is a special type I camouflaged plankton with low threat and good ability to evade radar scanning.”

The next second, Chen Ming panicked and took out his short-range rifle to shoot.

peng~ peng~!

A violent rain of bullets is fired!

It’s a pity that it basically missed the hit. In addition, Chen Ming’s driving skills in space are not very good, and the accuracy of mobile shooting is naturally worse.

And the rash attack not only didn’t work, but the reaction force of the shot directly caused Chen Mingmecha’s flight trajectory to sway.

At this time, Xiao Wen’s voice sounded on the communication channel.

“Chen Ming calm down, don’t attack randomly, just control mecha and run away.”

“No, Xiao Wen Corps Head, the other party is going to catch up with me.”


Chen Ming’s voice became more and more frightened, and the camouflaged plankton got closer and closer. He could clearly see its ugly appearance and scarlet eyes, and his fear gradually enlarged.

Although he has gone through brutal baptism in the Earth Cup, there is a difference between the two. In the Earth Cup competition, everyone knows in their hearts that this is just a virtual world and will not really die.

Unfortunately, when everything becomes reality, the real fear will burst out.

Soon Chen Ming was approached by the camouflaged plankton, which opened his wriggling mouth, revealing sharp teeth. A bite directly on mecha’s right hand arm, while the tail section swung over and hit Iron Guard.


Chen Ming became more and more frightened.


At this moment, a dense rain of bullets hit one after another, and the body of the camouflaged plankton was precisely swept.

The body of the camouflaged plankton was punched out one by one, and the viscous liquid was sprayed out.

I saw Su Mo rushing over in black steel.

He said to Xiao Wen in the communication channel: “It’s solved.”

“It’s hard work.”

Xiao Wen couldn’t help sighed in relief.

But at this moment, Su Mo suddenly said: “The crisis is not over yet, I’ll tell you later. I’ll leave it to me here. I’ll cover the training staff to retreat first.”


After finishing speaking, Su Mo switched to the public channel and said to all the training teams: “Trainers and trainers, please pay attention, there are I-type camouflage plankton sneaking close to us, please pay attention to safety, this type of monster Very good at camouflage, easy to disguise as a moving meteorite.”

As soon as these words came out, the public channel immediately frowned.

“True or false, wait, there seems to be a meteorite floating next to me, it’s not a monster!”

“Damn, I have it here too!”

Immediately, the training staff directly fry the pot, and for a while, many mechas can be seen firing in the distance.

Not to mention some of the counterattacks are pretty good, instantly killing the approaching camouflaged plankton. In fact, this type of monster is not very dangerous, and its biological response is also extremely low, which is easily ignored by radar.

Under normal circumstances, Iron Guard can easily kill these monsters.

It’s a pity that most of these trainers are newbies, so it turns them into a bit of a dangerous situation.

And there was an extremely oolong situation. Someone fired on the Heiyao and sputtered sparks.

The trainer on the scene also reacted.

Immediately shouted: “Don’t shoot randomly, you shot to the ship!”

In the command room of the Hei Yao, red warning boxes popped up on the holographic image screen.

“Warning! Type I camouflage plankton detected, number 726.”

“Warning! Ship Heiyao was attacked by Iron Guard mecha.”

Li Ruiqi asked with a face sank: “Can someone explain to me what’s going on? Why is there a monster approaching, and the radar has no warning, but only now.”

Operation People hurriedly checked the log and reported it immediately.

“Master Captain, when we set the radar warning, we didn’t set it properly. This monster is extremely low-threatening, so it is automatically ignored. We will activate the guard guns immediately and destroy them.”

“No need, send instructions to all training mecha personnel to destroy those monsters.”

“Would you like to let me Collaboration with other instructors?”

“No, I can’t handle this trivial matter well, so what kind of battle is there?”

Li Ruiqi asked coldly.

“Yes, I’ll give the order right now.”

Soon the order popped up on the Su Mo and the others mecha log.

“Combat mission, destroy all camouflaged plankton close to the ship, don’t retreat!”

Su Mo looked at this log and it hurts, but I have to say that this order is correct , No matter how elite the troops are, they must experience the baptism of blood and fire before they can become truly powerful.

At this time, Xiao Wen’s voice sounded in the channel.

“All personnel execute the order, fight back!”


I saw that in the communication channel, everyone responded in succession, even though they had a lot of heart Fear less, but as a soldier obeying orders is overriding everything!

At this time, Xiao Wen connected with Su Mo one-way and said, “Help me take care of them as much as possible, and don’t let them have an accident. They are not good enough, but need time to grow.”

β€œOkay! Got it.”

Su Mo responded casually.

He pushed the lever violently, and the black steel mecha rushed towards the players at high speed, this time he was really going to be a babysitter.

Although the threat of camouflaged plankton is not high, once it is besieged or approached, it may be killed.

On the other side, in the GT department’s operating room.

Zhang Wei looked at the timer on the console. It had been forty-five minutes, which was the minimum time to play.

At this time, the operator said: “Report to Mr. Zhang Wei, the synchronization rate of Qianchengxue has begun to fluctuate erratically, and it is about to reach the limit, and his life characteristics also fluctuate to a certain extent.”

“Abort training immediately, end biological mode!”


All operators start busy typing commands.

On the observation platform, Wen Luosi watched the dark red apostles gradually stop moving, and the aura gradually declined, and her hideous eyes slowly closed, and she said.

“The training is over, it’s the first time to use the biomecha, and it’s amazing that you persisted for so long!”

Xiurice turned his head and looked towards Wang Hai and said, “Wang Hai, over there with you. There are really many talents, but the dark red apostle mecha is Haimo’s mecha. During the last training, she was too confident, which caused her body to be polluted to a certain extent. Now it seems that there are qualified candidates, look Come here, she can rest in peace, do you think she will be very happy?”

“You don’t have to worry about this.”

Wang Hai replied, in Star Ring In the game, he often fought against Thuris on the battlefield. Although the two could not talk about hatred, they were definitely the kind of old enemies. Naturally, the relationship wasn’t much better, and he didn’t believe that repairs could say anything good.

At this time, Spade said, “Follow me, I will take you to meet the new team members who are the official substitutes, and I will also introduce you and the GT department to Qianchengxue. In the future, you will be For a team, don’t make fun of yourself, jokes are jokes, don’t overdo it. These creatures mecha don’t look like you can control, but every time you open it, you are overdrawing your physical functions, and it is fortunate that someone can take over. , at least in a crisis, you can replace someone to fight.”


Wang Hai and the others responded in succession.

In the training room, the robotic arm disassembles the square cockpit and places it in the designated position.

The cockpit opened and Qianchengxue walked down. At this time, her face was extremely pale, and it seemed that the situation was not very good.

At this time, Spade walked over with Wang Hai and several others.

“Congratulations from Qiancheng Xue, you have done a great job. You will be part of the official substitute team of the GT department from today onwards.”

Spade extended a heavy hand hand.

Qianchengxue also reached out and shook it in response.

“Thank you.”

“I would like to introduce you to your companion. This is the first ace Legion’s strongest mecha driver in Thuris’ former Freedom Victory Guild. The driver of the IV generation creature mecha Dark Martial Artist. This is the first ace Legion and the strongest mecha driver of the Greves original violent bear guild. He has the title of Iron Heart, and is now the IV generation creature mecha Ganks The other is Wen Luosi, the former ace tactical commander of the Mythical Guild, and is now the driver of the IV generation Pure MechanicΒ·Shadow of Light. And this is Wang Hai, the former Heavenly Dragon Guild First Army The strongest mecha driver in the regiment, the creature mecha that fits it, just got it, but it has not been repaired. Another person was not present, that is, Hai Mo, the official driver of the Dark Red Apostle, who was originally the strongest ace driver of the Mythical Guild Member, I’ll introduce you later.”

“Hello Qianchengxue!”

Wang Hai and the others extended the hand one after another.


Qianchengxue’s face was calm, and she shook it one after another extend the hand.

Spade then said to Qianchengxue: “You are both the elites of the Federation’s highest, and you will get along well in the future.”


Qianchengxue nodded replied, now the entire federation can control the IV generation creature mecha, if there is no accident, there should be only a few of them. Because the most important point is that all of them were injected with type III gene injection, and type III gene injection was extremely expensive, and the federation simply did not purchase it. Even the genetic injections injected into them were injected by Longming, Augustus, Spade, Itherine and the others privately.

In other words, Long Ming was responsible for two type III genetic injections, one for Wang Hai and one for Qianchengxue as a secret.

As for Wen Luosi, she did not inject the III gene injection because she was driving the IV pure mechanical mecha.

“I will give you a brief introduction to the structure of the GT department. The sect master of the GT department is divided into three parts. The first part is the official members, and currently there are only five of them. high authority, and they will serve as the first battle echelon. In the event of a very dangerous war, they will be immediately dispatched into the battlefield. You can work hard, and you can.”

β€œThe first The second part is the substitutes, they are just like you, they are also very good. For example, the big Han Tous sitting on the left, he was originally the strongest Mecha Master of the second ace army of the Storm Bear Guild, and he is now Greaves , the Lin Ming over there is Wang Hai’s substitute, and the one on the left is Witke’s substitute for Thuris. But since they didn’t inject type III gene injections, they couldn’t bear the IV generation mecha, so they didn’t have either. Get on the plane, only you can get on the plane, so you are the official substitute.”

Spider walked out with Qianchengxue and raised his finger to show her.

“Well, got it.”

“The third part is the reservists, which are the most numerous members of the GT division. They are responsible for auxiliary combat and guarding the base, as well as logistics and Technical maintenance, etc. If some of them perform well, they can also be turned into substitute players. One thing I want to tell you is that regular players have the absolute right to dispatch the substitutes and reserve members, and they are obliged to cooperate with you. “


“Another point is that the GT department is very lax about the management of regular members. Usually, there are no training tasks and combat tasks. You can arrange them freely. But there is one thing to pay attention to, not too far from the GT department, if there is an emergency, you need to rush back immediately, and if you have to go out in special circumstances, you need to apply in advance. “

“Okay. “

Qianchengxue kept responding.

At this moment, a burst of hurried footsteps came.

I saw a tall and slender man, The girl with golden hair, a heroic and arrogant appearance, and a neat walking movement hurried over.

Her expression seemed to have a trace of displeasure.

“Hai Mo, you are not in the hospital. Take a good rest, why did you come here? “

Spade said with some surprise.

“Just a little injury, nothing. “

Haimo responded neatly.

“You don’t have to come back in such a hurry, just rest in the hospital.” A new substitute has been arranged for you here, and you can still get on the plane. “

Shuris said with a smile.

Hai Mo’s eyes flashed with anger, she replied arrogantly.

“The reason why I was injured last time, It’s for breaking through the limit, in order to become stronger, I don’t need a substitute! “

“Enough sea foam, biological machines do a lot of damage to the body, and there is a substitute for your own good.” “

Spade said.

“Lord Spade, I don’t need a substitute, don’t worry, I will never fall, and she won’t have a chance to control of. ”

Haimo glanced coldly at Qianchengxue, her mecha was no one’s turn to meddle.

After saying this, Haimo coldly snorted and left. It’s over.

Qianchengxue stood quietly and did not refute anything.

Spider was silent for a few seconds and said, “Dissolve.”


In space, Su Mo drives black steel flying at high speed, staring at the team members, and once they lose the battle, he will attack.

In fact, with Su Mo’s ability , which can completely swept away those insects for the team members.

But he didn’t, so it wouldn’t play a role in training.

Under the strong protection of Su Mo, When the battle was over, the ten team members were all intact except for two minor injuries.

Of course, the other training squads did not go so well, and it seemed that many mecha were seriously damaged.

“Everyone goes to the special passage to return! “

Su Mo opened his mouth to give orders.

“Yes!” ”

In the isolation room of the special passage, a doctors in protective clothing are on standby. They will conduct physical examinations for all returning pilots to see if they are infected with the virus or parasitized. Treatment.

Outside the isolation room, Xiao Wen and other officers rushed over.

Seeing the team members who returned safely, their expressions softened a little.

After a long time Afterwards, Su Mo and the uninjured team members walked out of the isolation room after inspection. The ten team members bowed their heads in shame when they saw Xiao Wen and Chen Shan.

They themselves felt very ashamed, and the battle was a mess.

If it weren’t for the long-range fire support of Chief Su Mo, half of them would have to lie down in the ward, or even die.

Xiao Wen extended the hand patted their Shoulder: “You have done a good job, although you have experienced the baptism of Star Ring, but it is not reality after all, there is still a gap, and you have never fought in space before. “

“Sir, we’ll do our best.” ”

The players opened the mouth and said one after another.

Actually, Xiao Wen was quite satisfied with their performance, at least in the face of non-human creatures, they did not back down. All the constituent countries of the Federation have not fought a war for over a hundred years. That is to say, this is the first actual combat in their lives, and it is still in space, so anyone who comes in will be afraid.

“Well , dissolve! “

Xiao Wen waved his hand and told them to leave first.

Then Xiao Wen turned his head and looked towards Su Mo, thanking him: “Thank you this time, if it wasn’t for you If the shot is made in time, it is estimated that there will be a big problem. “

“Nothing, it should be.” “

Su Mo didn’t think there was anything.

Chen Shan grinned and said, “It’s been hard work this time, let’s go, we’ll treat you to hot pot and have a nice drink.” . “

“Is this okay? Are you all right here? “

“What can happen, the Hei Yao will re-enter sub-light speed flight soon, there will be no problem. Besides, Lin Yue is staying here, it’s fine. “

Chen Shan explained.

“Okay then. “

Su Mo didn’t refuse.

A moment later, Su Mo, Xiao Wen and Chen Shan came to Midtown.

The whole Midtown was super lively , at a glance, all of them are shops.

There are passers-by shopping everywhere, in fact, there are many children.

Su Mo asked in surprise: “Why ship Are there any children on the boat? “

“What’s so strange, this voyage is expected to take three years at the fastest, and many vendors and ordinary skilled workers will simply bring their families along, otherwise why would there be a school here? class facility. You can think of Hei Yao as a small country with an independent cycle. Anyway, there are all the normal countries here. In fact, I personally feel that this is also a simulation experiment in disguise. It may be in the simulation, as a last resort, the probability of abandoning the earth star and roaming on the Heiyao. “

Chen Shan explained to Su Mo.

Xiao Wen coughed and reminded: “Old Chen, pay attention to your words.” “

“Oh, oh, I’m not going to say it.” ”

Chen Shan hurriedly shut his mouth, if the censorship department heard this, he would definitely be warned.

Su Mo thought for a while and felt that what Chen Shan said was very good Makes sense.

β€œWhich restaurant are we going to? “

“Not far, just ahead.” “

Chen Shan pointed to the front and said.

Su Mo put his hands in his pockets and followed Chen Shan and Xiao Wen forward, looking everywhere along the way.

He feels very strange.

Being in the middle of the city, it seems like a normal city, this illusion is very strange.

At this time, there is a boutique shop in front The door was pushed open, the wind chimes above made a crisp sound, and a silver-haired and beautiful silhouette came out.

Seeing that silhouette, Su Mo’s heart jumped, and an inexplicable impulse rose in the mind , immediately chasing after.

Xiao Wen and Chen Shan were stunned when they saw Su Mo run away, what happened?

Su Mo passed through the crowd, chasing that silhouette, and the distance increased It’s getting closer.

For some reason, his heart is inexplicably excited, and then Su Mo catches up, and he pats the silver-haired girl on the shoulder.




At this moment, the silver-haired girl stopped and turned around.

A delicate face, blue jewel eyes, and an elegant unfamiliar face came into Su Mo’s eyes, and the girl asked in a panic.

“What are you doing? “

Su Mo came back to his senses, quickly withdrew his hand, and said apologetically.

“Sorry, I got the wrong person, I thought you were a friend of mine.” “

The girl in front of her looked at the handsome man’s apology, her panic calmed down a little, and she replied nodded.

“It’s okay.” “

Then he turned and left.

At this time, Xiao Wen and Chen Shan caught up, and Chen Shan asked, “What happened? “

“It’s okay, let’s go eat.” “

Su Mo felt a little disappointed.

Xiao Wen and Chen Shan looked at each other and felt something was wrong.

Of course the two of them looked at each other. Emotional intelligence is not so low, and since Su Mo doesn’t want to say it, they won’t ask too much.

Soon after, Su Mo and the others came to a very authentic hot pot restaurant.

Chen Shan took three bottles of baijiu and said to Su Mo: “Eat your fill, drink some wine, go back and have a good night’s sleep, all your troubles can be swept away. “

“Okay. “

Su Mo took over the high-quality liquor and poured a large glass of it to everyone. Immediately, he raised the glass and sighed.

“It’s my honor!” “

When Chen Shan saw this scene, his brain suddenly buzzed, what’s going on? He knew that Su Mo’s drinking was okay, but when did it get so good.

Xiao Wen beside him He also looked helpless. This guy Chen Shan has nothing to do with abuse. This time he has to drink if he doesn’t want to drink it.

Actually, it wasn’t Su Mo who deliberately tricked them, but since the injection of the gene, Su Mo has I found that my resistance to alcohol became stronger. I didn’t feel much when I used to drink it, so I needed a sip to get a little feeling.

“Eat the vegetables first! “

Chen Shan was also frightened by Su Mo.

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(end of this chapter)


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