Star Ring Mission Chapter 413


Chapter 413 Conditions (One Update)

In the command room of the Heiyao ship, the operator reported: ” The battle has ended, and after radar scanning, all the invading enemies have been eliminated, but the damage is a bit excessive.”

“Battle damage report.”

Li Ruiqi asked directly.

“A total of 521 trainers and 521 mechas participated in the battle, and a total of 726 special I-type camouflaged planktons were eliminated, and the I-generation Iron Guard mecha suffered minor damage to 120.

Ten units, 82 units were severely damaged, and three units were scrapped! In terms of personnel, 78 people were slightly injured, 12 people were seriously injured, and no one died.” .

Li Ruiqi’s old face was tense, and there was no trace of thought.

He turned his head to ask Putmi and asked, “How long until the first stop?”

“Let’s fly at sub-light speed for about seven days.”


“Let all combat departments step up their training.”

Li Ruiqi said solemnly.

“Actually, you don’t have to be so annoyed. After all, they have never been in contact with space combat from beginning to end, and it is normal that it is not ideal.”

Putmi tried persuaded.

Li Ruiqi said very harshly: “I don’t have to be angry, or I don’t have to be angry. But those monsters won’t show mercy, we can only chase ducks into battle now.”

After Putmi listened, he also rarely fell into silence, and finally replied.

“I understand.”

Seven days later, the Heiyao in the dark starry sky activated the suspension and static system, and a gray planet in the distant Star Sea came into view.

Hei Yao, the highest level war room door, welcomed a special guest.

I saw Spade, Augustus, Li Ruiqi, Putme and Diller came over.

The guard soldiers saluted and opened the door.

When the five walked in, Li Ruiqi stopped and said to the soldiers at the door: “No one is allowed to disturb.”

“It’s the captain.”

The guard soldiers respectfully replied.

Then the gates close!

The dim special war room lights are automatically turned on, followed by an automatic image deployment.

A line of prompts is displayed above, the remote communication begins to be established, and then the images of Longming and Itherine appear.

Long Ming said solemnly to Diller: “Diler, we have fulfilled the conditions we promised you. Can we start talking now?”

Di Lyle’s old face was twisted for a while, and he seemed determined to say.

“Respected Mr. Long Ming, President of the Federal Parliament, thank you very much for bringing me here, and I believe in your sincerity. Now we can start to talk about the death you are seeing now. Star, it is the mother planet that our Batak Kingdom once controlled. After the destruction of Batak Kingdom, this planet was repelled by the city around the stars and lived here. I used to be the hereditary Duke of Batak Kingdom, in charge of The material deployment of the entire country, I am ashamed that at the most dangerous time, I chose to escape by struggling on whilst at death’s door.”

Long Ming still gave Diller some dignity, and did not ridicule him for sweeping away. Many wealth fled to the city of the stars, but said very considerately.

“Mr. Diller, let him pass by what happened in the past. People always have to look forward and can’t blame themselves all the time. Our federation is an olive branch of friendship to you. I hope you Don’t let us down.”

“I understand, let me tell you briefly, although our country of Batak has been destroyed, most of our weapons have been destroyed. But it is not that there is nothing left. , as far as I know, there is also a huge amount of Star Stone hidden in our treasury, which is the small treasury of the Imperial Family. The most important point is that our country has purchased a third generation mecha manufacturing technology, but due to limited funds , and no production line has been built. And there is a lot of raw materials and other technologies left, as well as cutting-edge equipment obtained from the City of the Rings, I know where it is.”

Diller came out with all the pallets.

“Very good, then what do you want?”

Long Ming asked.

This Diller is very shrewd, don’t look at his cooperation with the Federation. But he kept everything, such as the agreed-upon exploration of their home planet, he refused to talk about what was in it, and must talk about it on the spot. And he also revealed little by little about the entire Cup of Heaven and the entire Negative Universe, always keeping enough chips in his hand.

“Respect Speaker, I don’t want much. I hope you can give me a noble status and enjoy certain immunities. Allow me and my family to live a decent life in the federal system, and in addition I hope I can get 10% of the profit this time.”

Diller made his request, and he had a good grasp of the scale of his offer. In fact, if he insisted on dividing a large part, it is estimated that he would be able to succeed, but the outcome after succeeding may not necessarily be good.

Now he’s in a situation that doesn’t allow his lion’s big mouth.

However, Long Ming still did not fully agree to Diller’s request, he said directly: “Exploring Batak is extremely risky, and we might have to pay a heavy price. I can’t tell how much wealth there is still in the past so many years, so I can only promise to give you a 5% revenue share.”

Diller’s old face fiercely drew, he thought of dragons Ming will haggle, but didn’t expect to haggle so hard.

But it doesn’t matter, Diller also kept his hand, he said.

“President Longming, I know your difficulties, but I still insist on 10% profit. Of course, you will never lose money, because other than what I said before, there is another most important thing. It’s important.”

Long Ming sneered in his heart although his expression didn’t change much when he heard Diller’s words. Sure enough, there is no fuel-saving lamp that can survive.

“Oh, what? I’m not an unreasonable person either. You can tell me, if the weight is enough, it’s not impossible to give in.”

Diller is very Replied with confidence.

“You can rest assured that you are satisfied with everything, just”

“Just what.”

“It’s like this.”

Diller said in a low voice.


In the hangar of the Black Glory, Su Mo sat in a squat, watching the a team members training in the Iron Guard mecha.

Not to mention that after this period of training, every player has improved very well, much stronger than before.

Su Mo believes that each of them can be a good player for one side if they are given enough time to grow.

At this moment, Chen Shan walked over to Su Mo, squatted down, picked up the nutrition bar and handed it to him.

“Eat some, it’s a hell of a lot. Recently, the above asked to eat this thing every day, and my mouth can’t stand it.”

“The recent training has been quite intense.”


Su Mo took the nutrition bar and ate it.

“It is estimated that the last space battle was too ugly, so I issued a high-intensity training order, but it is not in the way. After all, the training benefits are my own.”

Chen Shan doesn’t care. .

(end of this chapter)

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