Star Ring Mission Chapter 414


Chapter 414 Plan (Second Update)

“I heard that the Heiyao seems to have ended sub-light flight. How did you open up space training?”

Su Mo asked in a bored state.

“I don’t know about this.”

Chen Shanshook the head.

Just then the radio sounded.

“Urgent notice, all officers at the school level are requested to immediately go to the temporary Conference Hall in Area K to participate in the emergency meeting. Everyone must be present and not allowed to be absent.”

Chen Shan hurriedly Getting up, he said to Su Mo: “Su Mo, you and Lin Yue are watching here, I’m going to a meeting, it seems that something happened.”


Su Mo nodded.

I saw Xiao Wen, who was training the players, heard the broadcast, ran over immediately, and shouted at Chen Shan.


Su Mo had a bad premonition as he listened to the repeated broadcast sound.

The people who were training in the hangar were also dazed. They were very curious as they watched their officers run away one by one. .

However, things returned to normal soon and training continued.

Su Mo moved towards Lin Yue walked over.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t received any notification before.”

Lin Yue said after thinking.

“Forget it, stop thinking about it, wait for Xiao Wen and the others to finish their meeting and continue training.”

Su Mo said calmly.


Lin Yue nodded.

At eight o’clock at night, the training in the hangar was over. But all the players didn’t leave, they all spontaneously waited in the hangar for Xiao Wen and Chen Shan to come back.

“This meeting is really not that long.”

Su Mo said after checking the time on his phone.

Lin Yue had a worried look on her face.

At this moment, Xiao Wen and other officers appeared in the distance. Their expressions were tense and their faces were a little ugly.

Su Mo and the others immediately greeted him.

“What happened.”

Xiao Wen took a deep breath and said: “Everyone follow me to the corner, I have something to notify.”

The people looked at each other in blank dismay and responded.


Soon Su Mo and the others came to the hangar to descend quietly, Xiaowen said straight to the point: “We just got the latest news, Black The Glory has now arrived near the home planet that once destroyed the Batak Kingdom. After the decision of the upper-level staff, it was decided to implement the code-named thief’s operational plan, which is to drop the Batak planet and steal the remaining resources from it.”

Hearing Xiao Wen’s words, Lin Yue couldn’t help taking a breath.

“Is this plan a bit crazy? Although the Heiyao is quite advanced. But the destruction of the Batak planet is definitely full of crisis. If the Heiyao dares to land, it will be 90% finished.”


“You are right, so the Black Glory is not within the scope of the operation. Only the mobile troops and infantry are performing the stealing operation, and we are one of the selected troops.”

Chen Shan said with an unusually heavy heart, it wasn’t that he was resistant, it was because he hadn’t trained well.

Su Mo, who was standing beside him, frowned. He was also extremely surprised by the stealing plan, which was no less than taking chestnuts out of fire.

“I don’t think upper-level decision makers would normally take such a big risk. Since they make such a decision, they must have reliable inside information.”

“Yes, this This action is not blind, there are mainly three major action target strongholds, but it is not quite clear which we are assigned to.”

Xiao Wen explained.

“Then Xiao Wen, how many people do we need to fight? When will the execution begin.”

Lin Yue bit her lip and asked.

“We need to dispatch a small plundering ship, the Grey Bee, and we will arrange our own personnel. However, the minimum number of people should not be less than 300. There is still a little buffer for the combat time. It is scheduled to be at 12 noon tomorrow. .”

Shawyn said solemnly.

“Sir Xiao Wen, I’m not afraid, I’m willing to fight!”

“I’m also willing!”

The soldiers present rushed to raise their hands to sign up. No one flinched, although the previous battle was really bad, but they were not discouraged. Instead, they were ashamed of it, secretly determined to train hard, waiting for the opportunity to play again.

Xiao Wen looked at the determined faces and said.

“All line up!”


In the next second, many players present immediately dispersed to line up.

Xiao Wen looked at them with his hands behind his back and said: “I tell you the truth, this mission is extremely dangerous, I don’t know how many people will come back alive. But I promise as long as I have a breath , I won’t leave you alone, and now I’ll give you a chance, those who are afraid will step back! Don’t hold back, this is not an exercise, I don’t want anyone to collapse and become a burden to teammates.”

None of the players present flinched. Although some of their eyes revealed a trace of unease, their bodies still stood firmly in place.

Xiao Wen looked at his soldiers and felt inexplicably relieved, no one flinched.

But he didn’t intend to take them all, so he continued.

“Very well, I honor you, and now listen to my orders, all the only sons in the family are all listed.”

As a result, no one moved.

Chen Shan walked up to a soldier and extended the hand on his shoulder.

“Qin Feng, I remember that although there is an elder sister, but you are the only male in the family. You are listed.”

Qin Feng’s voice is replied.

Chen Shan kicked him, and said angrily, “You’re wrong! Come out to me.”

“I don’t!”

Qin Feng Just stand still.

Chen Shan was also angry and moved, he turned his head and looked towards the others. But other people also remain unmoved at all, in short, no one is willing to quit.

Su Mo’s heart was slightly touched when he saw this scene. But it won’t work like this, if they don’t want to quit, they can’t play all of them.

When the time comes, the casualties are even more serious, and the formation might be wiped out.

So Su Mo proposed: “Xiao Wen, why don’t you draw lots.”

“Okay, draw lots!”

Xiao Wen heard Su Mo ‘s suggestion, agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Lin Yue turned around and left to prepare after hearing this.

Soon after, Lin Yue brought back a big box with slips of paper in it for everyone to draw lots.

All the soldiers go up and draw one by one!

There are relieved expressions on the faces of those who have been drawn, while the expressions of those who have not been drawn are somewhat complicated.

not very long Three hundred people were selected.

Xiao Wen said: “All the selected people will gather in the hangar at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, and all will be disbanded!”


Everyone has Replied.

Soon only Su Mo, Lin Yue, Xiao Wen and Chen Shan were left at the scene.

Xiao Wen turned to Lin Yue and Su Mo and said, “This operation is too dangerous, you two should not participate.”

“I want to participate.”

Lin Yue shook her head and replied.

“Lin Yue, aren’t you rambunctious, your fighting skills are not good, it’s so dangerous down there, we have to spare our energy to protect you. And we’re all down, who’s going to stay behind!”

Chen Shan discouraged.

(end of this chapter)

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