Star Ring Mission Chapter 415


Chapter 415 Preparation (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (three shifts)

Lin Yue bit her lip and said: ” I want to participate.”

“Obey orders.”

Xiaowen replied unquestionably.

Lin Yue tugged at the corner of her clothes and lowered her head to replied: “Yes.”

At this time, Su Mo said lightly: “I also want to participate in this operation as a consultant. , how can I just collect money and do nothing? It’s not my habit to retreat, you don’t have to persuade you, I can’t choose my combat skills.”

Chen Shan smiled and patted after hearing Su Mo’s words. his shoulders.

“Brother! Don’t say anything, let’s go together!”


Xiao Wen thought for a while and finally agreed, indeed There is no reason to deny Su Mo’s participation in the war.

In the early morning of the next day, the sound of the broadcast sounded in various areas of the Black Glory.

“Dear fellow comrades and the public, I am Lieutenant Koni, and now the Black Glory has arrived in the Batak Row Sector outside the Star Ring. After the decision of the upper level, the Batak planet will be conducted for a period of 14 days. At that time, the Heiyao will suspend sailing, and the interior of the ship will enter a temporary state of control, and it is strictly forbidden for any unrelated personnel to appear in the military jurisdiction.”

The people in the Commerce District were also in an uproar.

They didn’t expect a big move so soon.

In the hangar area, Su Mo and the others fighters gathered early. .

Sean will be distributing combat equipment to everyone at this time, one set of gray protective clothing, this protective clothing is very well crafted, with anti-virus filters and oxygen supply.

At the same time, give everyone a GS-01 armor-piercing rifle, a small tactical communication device, and an NTE high-energy blasting grenade*2.

Emergency supply kit*1, first aid kit, tenacious tactical backpack*1

GS-01 armor-piercing rifle is one of the few mass-produced and cost-effective weapons in the Federation. Its improved warhead, Compared with the conventional warhead, the formidable power is more than 3 times higher, and it can easily penetrate most objects.

Xiao Wen continued: “You have to remember one thing, although the Batak planet was once a habitable planet, and the oxygen solubility in it was suitable for our survival. But at this moment, the Batak planet was It is already a death star. According to the information given above, this planet has been covered by viruses. Anyone who is infected will lose their minds and become monsters. So remember my words, without ensuring the safety of the environment, It is strictly forbidden to take off the protective clothing, and you must avoid damage to the protective clothing.”

“Understood, but how do we eat, sir?”

A subordinate asked in confusion.

“You don’t have to worry about this, we have plenty of time to explore. Therefore, a temporary camp will be established, and a special rest area will be provided in the camp.”

Xiao Wen explained.


The crowd responded.

“As for other aspects, I won’t say more. In a word, I hope that we will complete the task and come back in full.”

Xiao Wen said.


Everyone responded.

Xiao Wen then turned to Su Mo and said, “I’ll give you that black steel to drive.”

“What about you?”

Su Mo Also stunned.

“I’m driving a robber spaceship, and I’m driving a mecha if I can’t.”

Xiao Wen briefly told Su Mo.

Immediately, Xiao Wen officially announced to everyone: “Everyone put on their equipment and come with me.”


Immediately gathered The people moved.

In the command room of the Black Glory, Spade walked in.

At this time, Li Ruiqi was instructing the following operators: “Sail the Heiyao into the orbit of the T21 near-Earth planet. Also, turn on the radar to the maximum extent. Don’t make another stupid mistake this time, let the monster get close to the capital.

I don’t know.”


Many operators responded quickly.

Spade walked up to Li Ruiqi and asked, “Is everything ready?”

“There is no problem with the ship, so far no enemy has been found in space. But no Excluding those monsters that are entrenched in the planet, and it is expected to enter the predetermined orbit around eleven o’clock, how are you preparing?”

Li Ruiqi replied.

“Don’t worry about GT department, the three IV generation biological mecha and IV generation pure mechanical mecha are all ready, and will take the spaceship to go down.”

Spade replied.

“How did you assign it?”

Li Ruiqi asked after thinking.

“Although there are three combat targets, I think the main focus should be the first two targets, one is the royal city of Batak Kingdom, and the other is Batak Kingdom Economic City – Dom City. As for the third One of the goals, the strategic reserve point of the Kingdom of Batik, I don’t think it is that important, and it may have been hollowed out. So I plan to arrange the IV generation biological mecha Β· Dark Red Apostle and IV generation pure mechanical mecha Β· Shadow of Light In Batak King City, the other two mechas of the IV generation are arranged in the stronghold of Dom City, as for the third strategic reserve point, it is routinely explored! After all, bite off more than one can chew, I still understand the truth.”

Spade probably put his battle plan out of the tray.

Li Ruiqi pondered and replied: “Also.”

“It’s a pity that the broken IV-generation creature mecha brought by Diller has not been repaired, otherwise this time The action success rate is higher. You must know that the damaged IV-generation creature mecha is much stronger than the ones we bought. It is only made of cosmic creatures. It is said that the force field it unfolds is not ET force. It’s the AT position.”

Spade said regretfully.

After all, the ET position belongs to the ability of planet creatures, and its effect can only have the effect of repulsion. As long as the force is strong enough, it is still easy to break through. But the ability of cosmic beings, the AT position, also called the absolute position, is like an insurmountable barrier, and its strength is basically comparable to the ET position.

“How can there be so many perfect preparations in reality? You plan this combat operation, and I will fully cooperate. I hope everything goes smoothly.”

Li Ruiqi said briefly.

“Not a hope, but a must!”

Spade said firmly.

Li Ruiqi didn’t say anything. In fact, he didn’t believe that Diller’s words from the bottom of his heart, and felt that the guy was not so reliable.

I always feel that he is hiding something, but there is no evidence.

The most important thing is that in their current situation, they have to jump in knowing that there is a pit in front of them.

After all, the forces of the major fronts are all beginning to explore and collect weapons frantically. They can’t get behind the others, or the consequences are predictable.

There are not many targets that can be explored and excavated in this voyage, and every profit cannot be missed.

If people with intelligence like this don’t dare to explore, then there is no need to explore other areas.

At this time, the door of the control room opened, and Putmi walked in with Diller, Putmi smiled and said to Diller.

“Mr. Diller, the plan is about to start, and you’ve been working hard these days to sit here and cooperate with us. Hope everything goes well, not just for us, but for you as well!”


Although Putmi’s tone was laughed, it made Diller’s expression a little uneasy.

He naturally heard the warning.

(end of this chapter)

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