Star Ring Mission Chapter 416


Chapter 416 Operation Begins (Adding Silver Alliance Leader Sugar in Water) (Fourth Update)

If the exploration goes well , then everyone is happy, if you pit them, don’t blame them for being rude.

They are not Long Ming, but they are not so easy to talk about.

You must know that if you go to explore, a large part of it is his people. Don’t look at the combat skills of the first batch of fighters, it’s just because they haven’t really touched those weapons at all, these are all elites.

Diller showed a smile and replied: “I believe that with the strength of the Federation, this operation is nothing difficult.”

Spade is not in the mood to fight haha here, he Sitting in the commanding position, he announced.

“The thief program is officially underway, all executives are notified to be in place.”


In the GT department, a rushing battle prompt sounded.

β€œLevel 1 battle reminder, please go to the built-in hangar for all combatants! The large transport ship is in place.”

β€œLevel 1 battle reminder, the transfer of the IV-generation creature mecha begins Go ahead, please speed up the completion of all operators.”

I saw operator a, who is instructing the operator to control the robotic arm and transfer the IV-generation biological mecha to the designated sliding platform, so that it can be transferred to a large-scale transportation on board.

In fact, the normal IV generation mecha has the ability to log in independently. .

It’s a pity that the driver is still not up to the standard, and there is no way to control it for a long time.

So good steel is used on the blade.

On the observation platform, Qianchengxue looked at the crowd who were busy fighting, and her expression did not fluctuate at all.

She’s not on the list this time.

At this time, Xiao Jie came over. He took advantage of the opportunity to enter the GT department. He asked happily with a smile on his face.

“Ye Xue.”

Qiancheng Xue’s cold face turned around, seeing Xiao Jie approaching, turned her head and left.

From the moment she left the Breaking Dawn Group, she made up her mind to start over, give up everything, and have nothing to do with the family. Because she has done everything she should, and owes nothing to anyone.

Xiao Jie hurried to catch up.

β€œYe Xue.”

The Black Glory has a built-in giant hangar.

Su Mo and the others piloted the mecha aboard the small raider, the Grey Bee.

Compared to other transport ships, this raider ship is not only much faster, but also 30% more powerful.

Chen Shan shouted loudly: “Quick, get on the boat.”

a The soldier rushed to the boat with his weapon and backpack, looking for a fixed position to sit down.

The tactical communication device attached to their chest kept popping up combat mission prompts.

“The Grey Bee team is automatically incorporated into the 11th combat formation of the 3rd Army and is under the command of Major General McHan.”

In the entire huge hangar, the broadcast continued to sound.

“Fifteen minutes before the start of the battle, the Heiyao will start the large ship to log out of the exit. All combat crews are requested to be ready.”

In the cockpit of the Grey Bee, Xiao Wen personally controls the ship.

At this moment, a steady voice sounded in everyone’s communication channel.

“My colleagues, I am Major General McHan, and I am the supreme commander of this Third Army operation. I am now declaring the objective of the first combat mission and will share the intelligence map with you. We will The goal of the operation is to serve as a strategic reserve point for the Batak Kingdom, where there is an occupied base, all around the mountain range and a large number of reserve points hidden in the town, we will first land on the outskirts of the occupied base.”

“At that time, we will launch a sweeping attack on the occupied base. The combat time will be 12 hours. If it goes well, we can occupy the base at night and use it as our camp for a celebratory dinner.”

“There are two other very important orders that everyone should keep in mind. The first one, after we log in to the planet Batak, we will not only encounter monsters, but also Batak. Those who remain in the kingdom, remember my order, execute without any mercy! Never allow any stupid mercy.”

“The second rule is that in the course of the war, if the protective clothing is damaged, the body Injured people. Immediately go to the accompanying GT medical team to report, and must not hide, anyone who deliberately hides will be severely punished if found, and the serious ones will be executed on the spot!”

Everyone heard this last The two orders were also in an uproar and full of doubts.

They didn’t quite understand why they wanted to kill the survivors, but after all, it was a war and there was nothing to say. But the injury, even minor injuries, must go to the designated area for treatment, and the punishment is so serious, it is very confusing.

It’s a pity that Major General McHan didn’t intend to explain the reason to everyone.

“I know you have a lot of doubts, but you just need to remember one thing, unconditionally obey the order, don’t question, and finally wish you all good luck!”

At this time, the broadcast sounded sounded.

“Hint: The built-in access gates in the hangar start to shut down, and the gravity system is canceled.”

“Hint: Large ships are logged out and open.”

ka !

All the gates of the entire hangar leading to the internal access gate of the spaceship are cut off.

Xiao Wen turned on a button and calmly applied.

“This is the 11th Formation of the Third Army, Gray Bee, I’m Colonel Xiao Wen, we are ready, and apply for sailing!”

“Sir Xiao Wen, your application Granted, I wish you the best of luck.”

Once authorized, Shawyn pulled the lever.

The Grey Bee immediately started to float, and at this time, a large exit began to crack in the distance from the hangar.

The Grey Bee flew straight out.

In space, a transport ship of various sizes can be seen detaching from the Hei Yao.

moved towards the dead planet ahead.

In the cargo hold, Su Mo sat in the black steel mecha with a tense expression. For some reason, he not only didn’t feel scared, but inexplicably felt excited.

Maybe life is too boring, and I found something I am interested in for a while, and my mentality has also changed a lot.

At this moment, Xiao Wen’s voice sounded from their communication device.

“Everyone pay attention, we are about to enter the atmosphere of the planet Batak, there will be severe turbulence, and when it is close to the ground, it is not ruled out that it will be attacked, everyone fasten the safety devices on their bodies. ”

tone barely fell , swaying!

The entire transport began to vibrate violently.

At the same time, the power of the life support device in the transport ship is turned on to the maximum.

But even so, the fixed number of people showed uncomfortable expressions on their faces.

A lot better than someone in the mecha cab.

In the command room of the Hei Yao, the operator kept reporting.

“The Thruster has entered the atmosphere and is descending! No attack has been received yet!”

“There is no abnormality in radar monitoring.”

” The third group of warships has entered the atmosphere.”

Spider’s eyes were fixed on the screen, and he didn’t dare to relax at all, for fear of something going wrong.

Time flies by.

“The Thruster has broken through the atmosphere and is landing on the outskirts of Wangcheng.”

“The radar monitoring feedback of the Thruster shows that there are different biological reactions in the Wangcheng.”

Spade said solemnly: “A lot of it.”

“A lot of it, but it’s still within the acceptable range. No high-level biological response has been scanned for the time being.”

“After letting the Booster land in the suburbs, clear all the hidden threats around first, and don’t make a rash advance.”


Book Title: Dream Back to the Midsummer of That Year .

When I woke up, I went back to that summer.

Since it’s all over again, it’s better to reconcile, let go, and let go.

Why should I think about the old things in this life, and try the new tea with the new fire, and the poetry and wine take advantage of the years.

Life is the most beautiful, half poetic, half fireworks.

1998, there is a story, and that she.

(end of this chapter)

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