Star Ring Mission Chapter 417


Chapter 417 went well (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (five shifts)

In the operation room of the Grey Bee, Xiao Wen succeeded Drive your ship to break through the atmosphere and look down at a glance.

You can see the mountain range of gray pressure.

I don’t know why, but the sight in his eyes made him feel very depressed.

He cheered up and turned the monitoring radar to the maximum, and red dots appeared on the radar.

Xiao Wen began to concentrate one’s mind to find a safer landing spot. Although Major General McHan gave an approximate landing area, there are still many options.

At this point their quest log has changed.

“Task 1, land safely, and clear all the lurking monsters around.”

“Task 2, go to the 322 and 23 areas on the left to gather.”

Xiao Wen, along with Su Mo and Chen Shan’s communicator, said to the two.

“Su Mo, Chen Shan, we are about to land. After landing, I will immediately open the tail section cargo hold. You bring mecha formations to guard, and kill all creatures that come close!”


Su Mo replied in a deep voice.

As the ship landed, huge wind pressure and rumbling sound resounded all around.

In the distant mountain forest, after hearing the movement, some wandering creatures swarmed here just like cats smelling fishy smell. .

The cargo door of the ship opened, Su Mo took the lead to control the black steel mecha and jumped dexterously, he switched his weapon to a short-range rifle, and began to be alert all around.

Chen Shan kept shouting at this time: “Get off the boat, round the defensive lineup!”

a soldier rushed down, hid behind mecha, alert all around.

At this time, not far from the forest, a monster with a highly decomposed body, a body like a hound, and extremely scarlet eyes rushed out.

Su Mo shoots without saying a word.


Instant headshot, viscous green liquid splashed all over the place. The fluid was still bubbling and looked terribly disgusting.

It is estimated that it is very toxic and corrosive, and it is absolutely dangerous if it is sputtered.

At this time, the sound of salsa constantly came from all around the woods, and more and more monsters rushed out.

Its shape is also messy, much like animal mutation.

The soldiers who came down at this time opened fire one after another.

peng~ peng~!

Under the intensive firepower coverage, the intruding monsters were all wiped out, and everything seemed to be going smoothly.

In about fifteen minutes, no monsters appeared.

At this time, Chen Shan said to Su Mo: “Su Mo will lead a group of people, patrol all around, clear the remaining monsters, and I will take some precautions.”

“No Question, 6-10squad come with me.”

Su Mo drove the black steel mecha moved towards the forest in front.

The huge body of the black steel mecha was like a bulldozer, pushing it directly, and the trees along the way fell to the ground.

On the one hand, the black steel mecha is powerful, and on the other hand, the trees here appear to be in good condition. In fact, the inside is already rotten, and it’s all Gold Jade, and it’s not touched at all.

Su Mo controls the mecha to draw out the alloy long spear, and the nerve is highly concentrated.

He is not afraid that he will encounter a sneak attack, but that the person behind him will be a sneak attack, and when the time comes it will be troublesome.

In case of any injury, I have to rush to the GT department medical team. There is another point that others don’t know why they are sent to a special medical area for intensive treatment, but Su Mo is very aware of it. You must know that he bought a lot of materials at the beginning.

Anyone who gets hurt or breathes in the air here is likely to be infected by a special virus. When the time comes, either people will become monsters, or their minds will be corrupted by viruses and become extremely evil.

The reason why this place is called the negative universe is explained from a scientific point of view because it contains special viruses. And to explain it from a theological point of view, this universe contains mysterious negative forces.

This virus will not only infect people, but even monsters will be infected, of course, these viruses are graded.

People who have been injected with type I gene injections can persist for a long time when they are infected with a class I virus. And people who have been injected with type II gene injection can be immune to class I virus infection, and so on.

As for the fact that the commander above is not fully disclosed, it should be because he is afraid of causing too much psychological burden to the people below.

Suddenly Su Mo narrowed his eyes, then controlled the black steel mecha to move towards a big tree next to him and swept over.


The viscous liquid sputtered, and a disgusting worm in disguise was instantly cut in half.

But the worm wasn’t dead yet, its round mouth opened, revealing one after another fang, moved towards Su Mo and bit it.

Su Mo backhanded back the long spear and shot through his mouth.

A whimper sounded.

This worm monster is completely dead.

All of this happened super fast, and before the team behind him could react and fire, it was resolved.

They looked at Su Mo with more admiration.

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle in the cab, he is keenly aware of the difference between reality and Star Ring world. Before the monsters in this world are completely dead, they will keep attacking like crazy, even if they are fatally wounded, they still have a certain ability to counterattack. And more good at camouflage, very cunning, and life force is also very tenacious.

If you are careless, you will definitely suffer a lot.

Thinking of this, Su Mo opened his mouth and reminded the team members behind him in the communication channel.

“Pull yourself together, monsters here are very good at disguising, and have a very strong life force, don’t be careless.”



On the other side, Xiao Wen jumped out of the cab of the Grey Bee wearing the second-generation mechanical armor.

He said to Chen Shan: “Chen Shan waits for Su Mo to clear the area, you stay temporarily to guard the ship. Su Mo and I will lead everyone to the coordinate gathering point.”


“No problem, you have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry, when I was landing, I used the ship radar to scout the surrounding area, and no large creatures were found, so it should be fine. And this time, it is not us who are in charge of the main attack of the base, but the first battalion of the 3rd Army. The area where we are now landing is the east side of the base. If I am not mistaken, Major General McHan’s strategic deployment is to let us clear the east of the base. This side of the hidden danger, at the same time establish a defensive line, when they start to attack the base, if there are monsters gathered from outside, we will help.”

Xiao Wen explained.

“It makes sense.”

Chen Shan didn’t say anything.

peng peng ~

At this time, there was a sound of shooting from the nearby mountains and forests from time to time, but the sound of shooting ended soon, and each battle ended quickly.

Xiao Wen glanced at him and said, “It seems that Su Mo’s clearing went well.”

“There is no doubt about that guy’s level. If you talk about space pilot mecha fighting, you may have to worry about it. Point, it is trivial for Su Mo on land. Unless it is the existence of type III, but the type III monster is so easy to meet.”

Chen Shan is full of confidence in Su Mo.


Xiao Wen replied in a deep voice.

In the command room of the Hei Yao, the operator kept reporting.

“Report! The First Army regiment successfully landed outside the capital.”

“Report! The Second Army regiment successfully landed outside Dom City.”

“Report! The troops of the third Legion successfully landed on the periphery of the reserve base.”

Spade listened to the progress of the report and browsed tightly knit.

This is going too well.

“What’s wrong?”

Li Ruiqi noticed that Spade’s expression was a little unnatural.

“According to that guy, the Batak Kingdom’s strength is not weak. But the Batak Kingdom has been destroyed, which shows that the internal monster should be very strong, and this progress is too smooth. .”

Spade’s war instincts are still very keen, and although he wants to hope for a successful completion, this kind of thinking is very dangerous.

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(end of this chapter)

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