Star Ring Mission Chapter 418


Chapter 418 is weird

In the east area of the reserve base, Su Mo drives the black steel mecha with the team, and will land soon Click the monster all around to clear it up.

Then take the team back to the landing point.

At this time, Xiao Wen drove an Iron Guard over, he said to Su Mo: “Quick, come with me with the team.”


Su Mo didn’t ask much.

Their entire group moved towards the specified coordinates.

Su Mo, who was driving the mecha, walked at the forefront, wielding the weapons in their hands to cut through the obstacles and open a path. The other people followed closely behind, and the progress was smooth.

Although there were several mutant creatures along the way, they were all beheaded by Su Mo and Xiao Wen mercilessly.

Just as they moved towards the coordinates.

Intensive explosions and exchanges of fire were heard in the distance, Xiao Wen said to Su Mo and the others: “There is a fight in front, speed up to support!”

“Okay! “

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed.

In the gathering point area, a monster with a height of three meters, a black body, tentacles on the back of the head, and limbs like blades, was attacking a team of people.

The team consisted of five mechas, one hundred infantry members.

They now form a circular formation, using the mecha as a shield, to shoot desperately at the monsters who attacked them. .

peng peng ~~

The dense rain of bullets hit those monsters, making holes!

But even so, these alien monsters did not flinch at all, but rushed forward like crazy.

The Captain who took the lead drove mecha with a sharp alloy blade, slashed a riddled with scars monster in half, and loudly shouted: “Don’t panic, everyone is attacking the monsters in their own area, the number of them is not the same. A lot.”


The soldiers who answered had their tongues quivering, even though they knew it was okay with their firepower. But in the face of the real monster, I was still in a panic.

If things go on like this, there will be problems.

At this moment, there was movement in the distant woods.

“Not good, Chief Sawagi! It seems that a new monster is coming.”

“Damn it!”

Sawagi’s expression is also a little uncomfortable. Good-looking,

Just at this moment, Xiaowen and the others rushed out of the woods, and they immediately shot at the monsters when they appeared.

The trapped personnel burst into cheers.

“It’s our own people!”

Sawagi is also secretly sighed in relief.

At this moment, Xiao Wen’s voice sounded in their communication channel.

“I’m Captain Xiao Wen of the 11th Formation of the Third Army, sorry for being late.”

“It’s okay, I’m here on time, I’m Captain Zemu of the 14th Formation! “

Sawamura responded politely.

“Captain Zeki, let’s take care of these monsters first, and then clear the monsters around here together.”


Zeki nodded responded .

On the other side, General McHan, driving the III-generation mecha Β· Shatterer, appeared with the main force outside a huge deserted base. Looking at the past from a distance, the entire base gate was lost, the gate fell to the ground, and the metal walls were stained with blood.

Wrecks of weapons left over from the war are everywhere, and the entire ground is stained black.

But the weird thing is that I didn’t see too many monsters, and I don’t know if the monsters are hiding in the base.

Mike Han asked in the communication channel: “How is the team in the outer circle area cleared?”

“Back to General, the eight surrounding coordinate areas have all reported the latest situation. The combat team has arrived, but it is still being cleared!”

“Wait, all prepare to attack, send a message to the surrounding troops, and ask them to guard their defense area, and do not allow any peripheral monsters Come in.”

McHan looked at the time, and didn’t have the patience to wait any longer. This combat operation lasted for fourteen days in total, and the time was very tight.


Su Mo, who was paying the monster, suddenly popped up the latest mission log on the screen,

“Mission 3: Stick to the gathering point Area, intercept all monsters in the periphery, and don’t leave without permission.”

Su Mo just read the latest mission log, and there was a sky-shattering explosion in the distance. If there is no accident, it should be the headquarters that launched the base attacked.

In the communication channel, Xiao Wen opened his mouth to reassure: “Everyone, don’t panic, and pay steadily!”

In fact, after Xiao Wen saw the order, he deeply disapproved of it. General McHan’s command was too hasty.

But a command is a command and can only be executed.

Now we can only hope that the main force will attack the base and not attract too many monsters from the periphery.

Time flies by.

As the sky darkened, the battle on Su Mo’s side gradually came to an end. I don’t know if it’s good luck or not. After the base battle started, although the number of monsters has increased, the number is still within the controllable range.

And there is no monster that is too high level, the settlement task went very smoothly.

None of the personnel died. It can be said that the interception is very beautiful.

But after all, it was an actual battle, and there were still some accidents. Seven team members were approached by the monster and were slightly injured.

Xiao Wen was driving Iron Guard mecha lifts the head to look at the sky at this time, and the sound of fighting on the side of the main force gradually subsided. If there is no accident, it should have won the reserve point base, and I don’t know how much profit I can get.

At this time, Zemu drove mecha over and extended the hand to Xiao Wen.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head, didn’t expect Star Ring world goodbye, the next meeting will be in this form.”

Xiao Wen also extended the hand and Zemu Hold it.

“Captain Sawagi, it’s a pleasure to fight with you.”

“The battle is almost over, the next step is patrolling and defense. But until then, we It is estimated that the injured personnel will be sent to the accompanying medical team of the GT department.”


Xiao Wen lightly sighed.

“Well, let my people send them there.”

Sawagi suggested.


Shawwin nodded.

“By the way, who is the driver of that second-generation mecha, the equipment used is higher than yours, and the technology is very good. In the previous battle, at least more than 100 monsters died. In his hand, he almost shot a headshot.”

Sawagi was very keenly aware of Su Mo’s presence.

“That’s Chief of Staff Su Mo, and if I remember correctly, you may have dealt with each other before.”

“Oh, it was him!”

The reserve base is full of strangled monster corpses.

At this time, more than 130 seriously injured and 320 lightly injured were gathered together. Another 120 dead soldiers were transported out of the base and burned on the spot outside.

You can see how intense the previous battle was.

Of course this is not the worst, the worst is when they lay down this reserve base and open those dusty warehouses, which are basically empty.

As clean as possible.

Maihan’s face was even uglier than the sauce pig’s trotters.

“What kind of bullshit information is this!”

At this time, a group of medical teams from the GT department in biochemical suits came over.

They said in an old-fashioned manner: “Move these people to the empty warehouses in the west side of the base. From now on, those warehouses will be the isolation area. Without our permission, no one is allowed to approach, and it is strictly prohibited. Visiting.”

Although he had been informed in advance of entering the war.

But there were still many Captains who watched their team members being taken away, and some couldn’t sit still and said.

“Some of them are so seriously injured, shouldn’t you treat them immediately? Why are you transferring first? What do you want to do?”

“That’s right, if you don’t treat them quickly, Instead, he was talking nasty things next to him!”

He took the lead in GT Medical Captain, and said indifferently: “I have no obligation to explain to you, this is an order, not a notification, take it away!”

“No, you can’t take it away if you don’t make it clear.”

A lot of Captains got anxious and drove mecha to block in front.

In the end, General McHan scolded: “I will retreat, whoever is blocking will be dealt with by military law.” They all backed off, not saying a word.

Then McHan said to the subordinate beside him: “Inform all the surrounding troops to report the battle situation, as well as the specific number and list of the injured, and let them gather all the injured.”


“Some people are on alert. Mechanic will repair this base as soon as possible. From now on, this will be our base camp. In addition, contact the Hei Yao and report the situation to Lord Spade. “

McHan gave the order in a deep voice.


Hei Yao’s central command room.

Spade looked at the latest feedback, lost in thought.

The Batak Kingdom and Dom City are still in the process of exploration. Although they encountered some obstacles, they are still going well.

The exploration team found a lot of fragmented wealth and resources in the occupied city, which is more or less profitable.

But the information from the reserve base made Spade very unhappy.

He turned his head and looked towards Diller: “Diler, my people took the reserve base at a great price.”

“This is a good thing, Congratulations.”

“Don’t congratulate, the problem is that in the storage base, all the warehouses are empty, just empty shells. The gap between this and the information you gave is too big.”

“Lord Spade, as I said before, I’m not quite clear on how many supplies are left in the reserve base, but it is very likely that there will be a large amount of supplies. But you don’t need to, Lord Spade. Don’t worry, our Batak Kingdom will never put eggs in one basket. Near the base of the reserve point, there are large and small and dozens of hidden reserves, and there will definitely be a lot of money in it. And I didn’t Playing with you, after all, my income is linked to your income.”

DeLayer explained.

Spade was silent for a few seconds, then spoke to the operator.

“Message McHan to let him rest. Go explore other hidden repositories and transmit relevant information to him.”


At night, the Grey Bee and the small transport ship Kasugao, two ships, one after the other, flew over from different directions.

Among them, the Grey Bee landed wildly, splashing dust all over the sky, on the contrary, the Grass Mustard seemed very stable and descended slowly.

Xiao Wen and Zemu moved the ship over, intending to establish a temporary defensive line here. They are not arrogant enough to act alone. The saying that more people are more powerful applies to many scenarios.

Especially in this unknown planet.

At this time, the exit of the Grey Bee was opened, and Chen Shan walked down from the inside wearing the I-generation mechanical armor and said excitedly.

“Sure enough, it’s still a big guy, and it’s fun to drive!”

“Old Chen, don’t mess around, we’re just a little bit of a fortune, and if you mess it up, we all have to Drink the northwest wind.”

Xiao Wen reminded helplessly.

Su Mo opened the mecha cockpit and jumped out of it, but also reluctantly said to Chen Shan.

“Be safe, if you break the boat, how do you go back.”

“Uh, well, I’ll be more careful next time.”

Chen Shan is a little uncomfortable. So nice to replied.

“Mr. Su Mo.”

A crisp greeting sounded.

Su Mo turned his head suspiciously and looked over, only to see a beautiful girl wearing a corset I-generation mechanical armor, with an excellent figure and black hair, walking down from the grass mustard.

“Who are you?”

Su Mo has an unfathomable mystery on her face, who is this girl? Does he know?

“Hi, my name is Ringtone, we’ve dealt with each other before.”

Ringtone self-introduced.

Besides Chen Shan and Xiao Wen, their expressions moved slightly when they heard the name.

They were also surprised that this woman turned out to be the former ace operator of the Amaterasu Guild, Suzune.

Actually, Lingyin’s skill in controlling large airborne fighters is very good. The only pity is that when she was in the naval battle, the airborne plane was shot down.

Although it was resurrected later, it has not been assigned a suitable weapon.

So the follow-up battle was not great.

But only those who have dealt with her know that her talent is underestimated.

“Sorry, I don’t remember much.”

Su Mo couldn’t even remember where he had seen her before.

“Mr. Su Mo doesn’t know me, but it’s enough that I know you. It’s a pleasure to fight with you, do you want to have dinner together tonight.”

bell Yin directly invited Su Mo, who has been paying attention to Su Mo since the last sea battle.

As she expected, Su Mo’s follow-up achievements were excellent. It’s a pity that he didn’t know what went wrong. After the Battle of the City of Qilong, he disappeared.

Not long ago, Sawagi told Suzine that the person she had been following appeared, and Suzine was also very surprised.

“No, thank you.”

Su Mo declined coldly, he was not in the mood at all.

Ringtone was not embarrassed, she replied with a smile: “It’s okay, wait for the next time, then I’ll step back first.”

After speaking, Ringtone saluted and turned to leave .

Chen Shan next to him, with a smirk on his face, poked Su Mo’s waist with his arm and said, “Brother, that chick seems to be very interested in you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. .”

Su Mo looked the head replied in a low mood.

“Hey, I’m not talking nonsense. Do you know how famous she is? And the boys who are chasing her are almost able to form a group, but who hasn’t seen her take the initiative to invite?”


Chen Shan said with a smirk.

“How do you know so much? I remember you don’t seem to be from the same country as her, right?”

Su Mo asked with a puzzled face.

“cough cough, man, after a long time of loneliness, he always finds something to comfort him, by chance, by chance.”

Chen Shan was embarrassed for a while.


Now it’s Su Mo’s turn with a question mark on his face.

At this time, at the periphery of a continuous mountain range, a high-mobility mecha hound of the I-generation standard crawled out.

It is followed by a soldier in a gray uniform with gray spots on his face and dark red eyes.

Immediately after all around the forest, one after another scarlet eyeball lit up.

Then, one after another, a huge silhouette drilled out, and I saw a type II mutant with scales, eighteen red eyes on its head, and sharp fangs exposed. Β·The Hem Spider appeared.

At the same time the whole ground starts to wriggle!

The soil layer was stretched, and sticky green tentacles drilled out, the head of which was like a bud split, and then one after another ugly head drilled out inside.

An ugly face is projected on its head, its split mouth lets out piercing laughter.

At this moment, a silver flash passed by and landed at the front of the monster group.

A man dressed in pale bone armor, his handsome face without a trace of blood, his hands like withered claws, and his ash-gray pupils flashing strange red light appeared.

His handsome face revealed a wicked smile.

“The hunt begins!”

Late at night, Su Mo sat around with Xiao Wen and the others.

Looking up at the unfamiliar sky, the sky is covered with gray clouds, and I can’t see any stars at all, and I feel very depressed.

However, this did not affect the morale of the team members, and everyone was passing the time talking and laughing.

Several female team members were laughing and playing in low voices, and then a pretty girl was pushed out and asked Xiao Wen with courage.

“Sir Xiao Wen, do you have a girlfriend?”

Chen Shan was immediately happy when he heard this, and looked at Xiao Wen with a wink.

Xiao Wen looked a little unnatural and coughed and said: “No, I don’t think about it for the time being, the main hope now is to be able to take you well.”

“What about Chief Su Mo?”

The girl in front of her was a little disappointed, but the other girls behind her immediately shifted their targets.

Su Mo also hooked the head.

“Same as Xiao Wen.”


The girls were also a little helpless.

At this time, the male players next to them offered themselves.

“Consider us, we’re not bad either.”

“You’re not bad. When I watch you fight during the day, all the hands holding the guns are shaking.”

“What is shaking hands, those monsters look so disgusting, there’s really no way to reject them, but none of us are pure men.”

“That’s right!”


Chen Shan scolded with a smile: “Okay, okay, don’t make fun of it, just chill out, you bastards are still in the mood to joke here. I said what you thought at the beginning, how did you Everyone who is not afraid of death has signed up.”

“Hey, how can I say, there is no one who is not afraid of death, but someone must take up arms to protect their homeland.”

Qin Feng After thinking about it, he said.

“Qin Feng is right. Of course, there are some benefits for participating in the war. People in the family can enjoy the first batch of injections of type I gene injections, and they can live an extra 100 years.”

The companion next to him added with a smile.

Su Mo looked at the talking and laughing faces of his companions in front of him, inexplicably felt very warm.

At this moment, a low voice of weeping could be heard in the distance.

Xiao Wen startled slightly, and said, “Stop, stop and be quiet.”

So everyone quieted down.

“Listen carefully, have you heard the cry of the little child?”

Xiao Wen brows tightly frowns asked.

“I heard.”

Su Mo listened carefully and answered in a deep voice.

“What’s the situation, why is there a cry of a little child here, impossible! is it possible that who brought the little child down to fight? This is too ridiculous.”

Chen Shandu felt that it was too much.

At this moment, there was a commotion on Sawagi’s side.

Xiao Wen said to Qin Feng, “Qin Feng, go over there and see what happened.”


Qin Feng immediately got up and ran over.

Not long after, Qin Feng ran back, he said to Xiao Wen.

“The patrolmen over Zemu caught an unidentified little girl.”

“What the hell, didn’t the above explain that they should all be killed? Zemu? How can you make such a stupid mistake.”

Chen Shan said with a sullen face.

“I don’t know either, but now they’re fighting themselves. The team members who brought back the little girl, desperate to save the little girl like crazy, all took up guns at their own people. .”

Qin Feng explained.

“I’ll take a look, Chen Shan, you guys stay, be careful!”

Xiao Wen stood up.

“I’ll go with you.”

Su Mo also felt something was wrong.


Xiao Wen didn’t say much.

Soon Su Mo and Xiao Wen walked to Zemu’s camp and saw two groups of people facing each other from a distance.

And he turned his weapon on his own.

Zawamu’s forehead appeared clean and scolded angrily.

“Bastard! Williams executed people!”

But the subordinates on the opposite side remained unmoved at all, and were excitedly protecting a crying little girl. The little girl didn’t look very big, maybe she was seven or eight years old.

My hair is messy and I can’t see clearly because I cry with my head down.

“What are you doing?”

Xiao Wen asked.

“This idiot has lost his mind. Not only did he disobey the order, he did not kill this little girl of unknown history, but he took her back to the camp.”

Sawagi was so angry It’s all dark.

The subordinate beside Zemu scolded angrily.

“Have you forgotten our duty? Our duty is to obey orders and hand over that little girl quickly.”

“Sir Sawagi, we are here to explore supplies. No To kill innocents indiscriminately, what kind of threat can she be a little girl?”

Williams just didn’t let go, and the subordinates behind him echoed excitedly.

“That’s right, we’re not executioners!”

Zawamu is also very helpless, his team is mixed. Some are people from other areas, which are not easy to handle and can easily lead to conflicts.

At this time, the little girl who bowed her head and wept slowly lifted the head, with an innocent and pitiful face, showing a heart of compassion.

At this time, some onlookers persuaded: “Sir Zemu, we don’t think what Williams said is completely unreasonable, how can we kill innocent people indiscriminately, and we are not cold-blooded killing weapons. “

Zawamu is going crazy, are these guys crazy?

Su Mo frowned, the little girl had a problem.

At this moment, the ringtone suddenly appeared behind Su Mo, she put a dagger into Su Mo’s hand from behind and said in a low voice.

“Mr. Su Mo, there is something wrong with that little girl. You look closely at Williams and the others. Their protective suits are torn and they seem to have been bitten. Try to kill the girl.”

Ringtone noticed something was wrong from the beginning of the conflict, and has been observing.

Su Mo glanced at Suzune, does this woman believe in herself so much? But now is not the time to count these things.

He narrowed his eyes and locked on the little girl.

I don’t know if she sensed danger at this time, the little girl turned her head to look over, red’s eyes staring at Su Mo.

For some reason, the little girl saw Su Mo as if she saw a monster, instinctively felt the danger, and subconsciously wanted to back away.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank and threw the dagger out of his hand.


Right on his forehead.

The rotting blood flows directly out.


Williams hugged the little girl tightly, his eyes turning red.

At this moment, the little girl who was pierced through her head, her face twisted for a while, then opened her mouth and bit Williams’ neck, frantically sucking his blood to repair the wound.


Williams let out a shrill scream.


Zemu immediately raised his gun and fired!


At this moment, the ground began to wriggle, and tentacles slammed out of the ground, directly wrapping around soldier a.

The head is like a flower split open, directly biting the soldier’s head.

The red and white slurries burst out.

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