Star Ring Mission Chapter 42


Chapter 42 Civilization

The President of the Council slowly took the brewed tea, took a sip, His eyes were still looking at the lights of thousands of homes in the distance.

“Sir President, do the civilizations of those worlds really exist?”

Tang Qin didn’t know what the president of the council was thinking, so he asked curiously.

“I believe it exists, but their civilization is facing a test, and we are not the same.”

“What if civilization really died out? ?”

“Civilization is gone, so let the fire ignite it.”

“You’re right, but I don’t understand a bit. Why should the whole people participate, they It’s just the most ordinary person, can it be useful? Maybe it will get out of control.”

Tang Qin asked worriedly.

“You forgot one thing, the ignition of the fire requires fuelwood. The most ordinary people, aren’t they just fuelwood?”

The president of the council showed a meaningful expression look.

Tang Qin was a little shocked after listening to it.

“Tell me about something.”

The Speaker indifferently asked.

Tang Qin immediately came back to his senses, and quickly replied: “Sir President, everyone is here and waiting for you.”

“Let’s go.”

The President of the Council turned around and put the teacup on the table, replied with a solemn expression.

Then the two left the office and came to a grand and solemn door, which opened slowly.


The general on the left with a fortified face and sharp eyes stood up.

A calm congressman on the right also stood up, headed by five older men dressed in luxurious clothes and with deep eyes. The clothes on their chests were embroidered with Dragon Mark logos of different colors. .

Under the public eye, the head of the parliament walked to the parliamentary platform and solemnly asked.

“How’s it going!”

“President of the Council, according to the feedback information below, the progress of the development is not ideal, the difficulty is too high, and there are many obstacles in all aspects. However, these difficulties do not matter, they can always be overcome. But there is one thing, it is difficult. The people from the M country and the United Nations have begun to attack us. Now a large number of enemies have sneaked into our area to destroy and cause damage. It’s a big loss.”

“Since no one is willing to submit to anyone, let’s have a good contest with them! Let’s see! Who is the last indicator!”



All the people present stood up neatly and replied loudly and solemnly.

“The President of the Council is wise!”


On the outskirts of the ruined city, Su Mo sits in a narrow tank.

Sun Duoxiang kept crying to Su Mo while driving the tank.

“Big brother, I’m so miserable.”

“Okay, stop ranting, why are you here?”

Su Mo is somewhat asked suspiciously.

“The speaking of which is long.”

Sun Duoxiang saw Su Mo questioning him, and started talking about the preparation for smacing the lips.

“Long story short.”

Su Mo replied with some headaches.

“Okay, okay, that’s it, we were just fine in the stockpile. I just found the barrels and was filling up the tank when a swarm of zombies rushed in, there were so many It scared people to death. Our guild members were killed directly. I was almost stunned. Fortunately, I was dead, so I climbed into the tank in time, and rushed out with the tank. But all those weapons are finished, Chen The new supervisor is probably hiccups too.”

Sun Duoxiang said with snot and tears, he finally managed to stand out in the guild, but he ended up hanging up.

“My life, why is it so painful!”

“Tell me the point.”

Su Mo asked with a pain in his head.

“Oh, I forgot. It wasn’t that all the guild members were wiped out, so I just wanted to go back to the Safety Sector, so I drove my tank through the corpse horde. Not to mention this big guy is pretty good. Yes, basically these rubbish zombies can’t block my way. When I was approaching the Safety Sector, I saw you chasing people from a distance, and then I turned around and chased you.”

Sun Duoxiang briefly explained the reason for the matter.

Su Mo didn’t say anything after listening to it, he could only say very good luck.

At this time, Sun Duoxiang asked Su Mo a little confused: “big brother, where are we going now, this city seems to be abandoned.”

“Go south and get out of here.”

Su Mo thought for a moment, then said.

“No problem, by the way, big brother, why are you chasing those people, who are those?”

“Don’t ask if you shouldn’t.”


Su Mo didn’t have much mood to replied.

“Uh, okay, what about Lan Xi? Why didn’t you see her with you?”

Sun Duoxiang asked in confusion.


Su Mo replied with a dull expression.

He was going to wait to turn around, find a chance, get a fire, and bring her back to life.

Sun Duoxiang was also very surprised, and originally wanted to express his feelings. But seeing that Su Mo’s face was not very good, he closed his mouth decisively.


Imperial Capital, a 23-storey building full of futuristic technology.

Lan Xi slowly opened her eyes and took off her helmet. She bit her lip lightly, and there was a hint of sadness on her delicate face.

It’s over, the in-game character has died.

She knew very well that her gaming career was coming to an end.

At this time, there were many girls crying all around. Due to the attack of the zombie group and the fall of the Safety Sector, many people were killed.

There is a holographic projection screen in front of the lobby, on which the portraits of various girls in the projection guild are displayed. You can see that the portraits of many people have turned gray.

“Yo, Lan Xi, you also quit the game, so you shouldn’t die.”

Tang Zhi and a group of sisters walked over knowingly and asked with a smile.

Lan Xi was very depressed, she did not answer Tang Zhi.

“Aiya, why did you die if you were not on your thigh? Could it be that someone abandoned you? tsk tsk, it’s really pathetic.”

Tang Zhi blinked, a pity for Lan Xi.

The sisters next to her all covered their mouths and snickered, looking like they were watching the fun.

Lanxi’s nose was sour, her hands on her legs curled into fists, she endured it firmly.

“What are you doing here?”

At this moment, Sister Wu came over and asked with a sullen face.

“It’s nothing, isn’t she concerned about her?”

Tang Zhi replied to Sister Wu with a smile. But she said with a sneer in her heart, this sister Wu is very lucky, she didn’t hang up, if she did, it would be even more exciting.

Of course, Tang Zhi didn’t foolishly express her thoughts. Anyway, Sister Wu’s position is considered high.

“Just do your own thing.”

Of course Sister Wu would not believe Tang Zhi’s nonsense.

Tang Zhi didn’t care either, and took her sister to the side to watch the show from a distance.

Sister Wu walked over to Lan Xi and sat down, sighed said to Lan Xi: “Don’t be discouraged, death is a normal thing, you should retreat to the logistics first, and work there for a while. Wait until When the guild gets the fire, it will resurrect you when the time comes.”

“I see, Sister Wu.”

Lan Xi bit her lip and replied with a trembling voice.

Although the guild said it would resurrect dead players, Lan Xi knew very well how precious a spark was, and someone on the forum couldn’t get it for a million dollars. How could the guild resurrect her with sparks? .

(end of this chapter)

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