Star Ring Mission Chapter 420


Chapter 420 Questioning (Second Update)

At this time, Xiao Wen hesitated and explained: “There is one more point , when you hand over people to the medical department of the GT department. If there is an opportunity, ask them to take care of them.”

Su Mo was also slightly startled, and immediately replied nodded.

“I see.”

“Then it’s not too late for you to go. For every minute of delay, their condition will get worse.”


Chen Shan solemnly replied .

In the reserve base, General McHan looked a little ugly looking at the latest information from the Hei Yao.

The adjutant beside him asked cautiously.

“General McHan, is there something wrong?”

“Lord Spade has sent the latest information, and the supplies may be scattered and hidden in the vicinity. Dozens of hiding spots .”

“Aren’t we going to split up to explore? I just received feedback from the teams at various defensive points in the periphery. There were a lot of defensive points last night, and they were attacked by messy monsters, and the casualties were very serious. .”

“Yes, the risk is extremely high. But if we don’t do this, we’ll probably go home empty-handed!”

Mchan gradually calmed down.

“Then, what should we do now?”

The adjutant also didn’t know what to do. This dilemma was the most disgusting situation.

“Divided troops to explore! Our purpose in this operation is to supply supplies. If we can’t get supplies, we will have no face to go back.”

Mike Han made a decision in a deep voice, don’t look at him It’s so easy to say, in fact, he has no better way.

“Understood, I’ll make arrangements now.”

The adjutant hesitated and replied.

At this time, Su Mo drove mecha to escort the machines The transporter moved forward, and within four or five hours, they arrived at the base of the reserve point that was shot down.

Here is heavily guarded, with Iron Guards guarding the periphery.

As soon as they approached, they were stopped by the patrolling team. The lead was a female Captain who asked.

β€œWhich team are you from!”

Chen Shan replied; β€œWe are from the 11th team, I am Major Chen Shan! We were attacked by monsters last night, these They are all injured people, and they were sent here on purpose according to regulations.”

After hearing Chen Shan’s words, the lead female Captain said solemnly: “You wait here, I will help you inform the medical staff accompanying the GT department. staff.”


Chen Shan replied.

Not very long, a medical staff from the GT department wearing protective clothing and a special logo hanging on their chests rushed over with a fully armed fighter.

As soon as they arrived, they said, “Take all the wounded.”

Su Mo saw the accompanying combatants, and brows slightly wrinkle asked, “Can we You can’t go in and have a look.”

“No! You can go back.”

The lead medical director responded indifferently.

“Then what can we do to pick up people.”

Su Mo then asked.

“I have no obligation to answer you, I will wait for the notice.”

The medical director who took the lead responded impatiently, then waved his hand and let the wounded be taken away.

And when the medical staff saw the patrol officers who were tied up with five flowers, they asked, “What’s going on with these guys, why are they tied up?”

“They were bitten I’ve lost my mind.”

Su Mo said simply.

The medical director at the scene coldly said: “Take them away alone.”

After saying that, several fighters went up and dragged them up, with a very bad attitude.

Su Mo and Chen Shan looked at the brows tightly frowns, and the two looked at each other. With this attitude, can they trust their own people to them?

So Chen Shan asked, “This Captain, what do you call him?”

“Fenty, what’s the problem.”

Fen Thierry coldly replied.

“Dr. Fenty, we delivered 98 people to you, and I hope you can return them to us when the time comes, otherwise you’d better think of a reason to explain.”

Chen Shan had lost so many brothers, and he was in a bad mood. As a result, I saw this doctor who was wearing protective clothing and couldn’t see his face clearly. His attitude was still so bad, and his anger was even worse.

If the injured brother hadn’t had to rely on these guys to heal him, he wouldn’t be able to speak properly.

The defenders at the base, seeing this scene, didn’t mean to help the medical staff of the GT department at all.

In fact, since the beginning of the mission, the relationship between the GT department’s medical corps and everyone has deteriorated sharply. If it weren’t for the pressure from the superiors above, it is estimated that a conflict would have occurred long ago.

“As you like!”

Fenty didn’t even bother to perfunctory, she waved her hand and led people into the base.

Chen Shan was also so angry that he gnash the teeth.

Su Mo calmly asked the guards at the base: “Hello, can I ask you about how many other injured people were sent in and how many were cured.”

The guards listened When asked by Su Mo, Rarely fell silent, and finally spoke up.

“So far, no one has come out. It is estimated that we will have to wait for a while to see.”

“Okay, I understand, thank you.”

Su Mo didn’t say much.

At this time, Su Mo and their communicator sounded Xiao Wen’s voice.

“Su Mo and Chen Shan, after you have completed the escort mission. Immediately go to the 267, 62 coordinate area to join us. We have received the latest mission and are going to explore a hidden stronghold.”



Su Mo glanced at the reserve point base replied, and now he can only perform the task first, and then deal with the rest when he comes back.

On the other side, those who were slightly injured were brought into the base with some anxiety.

They were locked in very narrow independent rooms, which were retrofitted to the original rooms at the base, and the space was very narrow. There is only one person who can barely lie down, and there is a simple toilet.

There are still some blood scratches on the metal steel plate walls in the room.

Fenty turned his head to the subordinate next to him and said: “Check their physical condition with instruments, if the mutation value exceeds 60 points, give them a good meal, inject an overdose of SCSmedicine (strong sedative agent), send Go to the incinerator. Inject type I ISQ antiviral drugs that are not over, and observe alone.”

“Understood, that”

The subordinates hesitated.

“The director, why didn’t we tell them the truth? We didn’t do anything wrong? A lot of people now have a lot of opinions on us.”

“It’s during the war. , do you want them to be distracted and hopeless? Do your job well, and at most we will be blamed compared to them who are fighting to the death.”



Fenty turned away, her eyes uncontrollably wet. There is nothing more depressing than ending the life of one’s own companion.


Black Flash, Spade is watching the latest progress video transmitted back.

The troops of the First Army regiment have attacked the core of the capital, and the progress is very gratifying.

And according to the intelligence provided by Diller, a service center station was searched from a dilapidated military building, and some new technologies were obtained from internal cracking.

In addition, seven large warehouses were also received, and some weapons and materials were accumulated inside.

(end of this chapter)

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