Star Ring Mission Chapter 421


Chapter 421 Exploration (Add more sugar for Silver Alliance Leader in water) (three shifts)

The Second Army regiment successfully defeated the city of Dom Enter a large abandoned bank and get a lot of Star Stones from the vault.

Seeing this result, Spade was very satisfied, and the second day of the action began to make profits. If there are no accidents, the profits should be higher and higher in the following days.

Of course there are good things and bad things.

Three Exploration Legions have appeared, with varying degrees of casualties.

Among them, the third Legion suffered the most serious casualties, and there is no profit for the time being.

Of course, it is impossible to say completely that the casualties of the third Legion were bad luck and how strong the monsters were.

The most important point is that the First Army Regiment and Second Army Regiment are far superior to the Third Legion in terms of their elite level of personnel and weapons.

So this result is not surprising.

At this point, the operator suddenly said, “Report, Master Spade has some problems.”

“What’s the problem?”

“That reserve base. Over the sky, the air pressure is turbulent, and there are large areas of pollution clouds gathering, as if extreme weather is about to occur.”

“Is it serious?”

“It is very serious, maybe communication will be affected. A certain amount of interference.”

The operator called up the detected image to explain.

“Inform McHan to deal with it. If it really doesn’t work, let him suspend the task and respond.”


In the mountains, Chen Shan was getting more and more annoyed as he drove the mecha at the front, and couldn’t help but punch a tree passing by.

Click, the whole tree fell down, he said repressedly.

“If the people sent by Lao Tzu can’t be cured, when I return to the Hei Yao, I will be the first to file a complaint against them and send them all to the court!”

Su Mo sighed’s Said: “Okay, don’t talk about it.”

“Isn’t this feeling too aggrieved.”

“What’s so aggrieved, Chen Shan, have you ever thought about it? A question.”

“What’s the problem.”

“Although the medical team in the GT department has a bad attitude, but have you ever thought about why they do this?”

Su Mo asked.

After Chen Shan finished listening, he couldn’t help but fall into silence. He heard Su Mo say this, and also thought of some probability.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about it, let’s speed up to the coordinate point.”

Su Mo pushed the joystick to speed up.

After a long time, Su Mo and the others arrived at the designated area, and the journey was very smooth. Except for a few alienated creatures without eyes, others were not attacked much.

Not far ahead, Xiao Wen has been waiting for a long time with a hundred people.

Su Mo and Chen Shan immediately greeted him.

“Old Xiao, we’re here.”

Chen Shan said hello.

“Just come, just received the latest order, let’s explore the hidden stronghold No. 7.”

“Not far?”

“There is a paragraph The distance is within the valley in the distance. I just used an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to scout it. There are many alienated creatures entrenched in the within the valley, and it is almost a monster’s nest.”

Xiao Wen said with a headache.

Su Mo pondered and asked: “Is the probability high?”

“It shouldn’t be a big problem to get in, but there will definitely be casualties, I originally thought I wanted to set it on fire to see if I could drive it away. But you look at the sky, the dark clouds are pressing down, and the wind is starting to pick up, so it feels like it’s going to rain.”

“If it rains It’s even harder to explore.”

Su Mo also became more and more painful.

“Then Su Mo, do you have any good suggestions?”

Chen Shan asked irritably.

“I don’t have any good advice. If you really have to explore, I suggest do it quickly, and speed up now. Otherwise, retreat back to the camp first, or it will rain heavily, and we will drive The mecha is fine, the people below can’t take it.”

Su Mo explained.

“Then do it!”

Chen Shan said fiercely.

“Just do it.”

Xiao Wen couldn’t care less.

“I’ll open the way!”

Su Mo controlled the black steel mecha to walk directly in front, he took a deep breath, ready to spare no effort.


Xiao Wen didn’t shirk, no one was more suitable to open the way than Su Mo at this time. A good pioneer can greatly reduce casualties.

So the whole team started to move fast.

Not to mention that after Su Mo got serious, he obviously felt that his perception and neural response were greatly improved.

all around He is keenly aware of every move.

Su Mo felt more and more abnormal changes in his body, and he had a very strong premonition. Although the injection of V-type gene injection by himself has greatly strengthened his body, he has not fully developed the potential of his body.

Not long after Su Mo and the others moved forward fast, a dazzling lightning pierced the sky, accompanied by a thunderstorm.

A heavy downpour followed with strong winds.

A closer look at the pouring rain will reveal that the rain is cloudy, worse than the rain on their terrestrial stars.

The prompt keeps popping up on the black steel mecha.

“Tip: The external environment has changed, and the adaptability to survival has declined.”

“Tip: Scanned slightly corrosive polluted rainwater.”

Su Mo Can’t help but look at the head, when people are really unlucky, nothing goes well.

He took a deep breath and continued to concentrate one’s mind forward, but the corresponding speed also slowed down a lot.

The sky was getting darker as the rain poured.

I don’t know and thought it was night.

The black steel mecha walks in the torrential rain with Su Mo’s eyes constantly scanning the areas ahead in the cab. Suddenly, he keenly caught something strange in the front area, and immediately raised the short-range rifle in his hand, and shot it sharply.

A piercing wailing sounded from the bushes ahead.

The sudden shooting also startled everyone behind him.

Chen Shan and the others immediately alerted, but after Su Mo finished shooting, he put away his gun and continued to move forward, he said.

“Ambush alone.”

Chen Shan and the others also admire and trust Su Mo more and more, so they can find each other.

More than an hour later, Su Mo and the others crossed the mountain forest and came to the top of the piece of mountain valley.

At this time, the rain was relatively smaller, but it also made the muddy mountain road extremely difficult to walk.

But fortunately, Su Mo and they all overcame it.

Then they looked into the distance and could see a rusted steel gate exposed in the mountain valley.

Su Mo turned on the radar to scan the entire valley carefully, and red dots appeared one by one. Not to mention, there are forty-fifty monsters of different species entrenched here.

“It’s the gate, let’s go in.”

Chen Shan said with courage.

“No, it hurts too much. Come on, I’ll go down to attract everyone’s attention to the monsters, fight them, you guys are on high, support me with firepower.”

Su Mo suggested road.

“Aren’t you in danger, no, no, how can you be risked alone.”

Chen Shan firmly opposed.

β€œThis is the best way, and I drive black steel mecha, skin is rough, flesh is thick is not so easy to go wrong.”

Su Mo explained .

“Just do as Su Mo said.”

Xiao Wen thought and agreed.

(end of this chapter)

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