Star Ring Mission Chapter 422


Chapter 422 Attraction (adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

Su Mo crossed his hands and snapped his fingers , Twist the lower neck and slightly move the lower muscles and bones.

Then he put his hands on the console and entered a series of commands quickly.

“The upper limit of the power value is lifted.”

“The overclocking state is turned on.”

Immediately, Su Mo pushed the power lever to the end, and the black steel mecha was like a violent From the ominous beast, rushed into the mountain within the valley.

He crashed like a pebble into a calm pond, making waves.

Suddenly, all the alien monsters inhabiting the mountain within the valley were alarmed, and a pair of scarlet eyes stared at the black steel.

The whole body is covered with black barbs, and it has eight legs. The body is all monsters with bulging pustules opening their mouths and making a sharp sound.

One of them is six or seven meters high.

Immediately one after another rushed up like a cheetah.

A prompt pops up on the operation screen of Su Mo.

The data is successfully matched,

“The target is: Type I mutant species Β· Dirt Origin Beast.”

“The target is: Type II mutant species Β· Dirt Origin.” Beast.”

Su Mo didn’t panic, his thinking became more and more calm, and all the directions of the monster were imprinted in his mind. .

He controlled the black steel mecha to face it, and the pitch black long spear swept across.

The viscous liquid splashed out, and a Type I pollution beast was beheaded.

And the black steel mecha is like a gap pin, passing through the monster group.

At this moment, the Type II Pollution Beast burst out with a terrifying movement speed, suddenly sprang out from the side, moved towards Su Mo and rushed towards it.

Chen Shan and the others on the high ground raised their voices.

Su Mo squinted his eyes, pulled the lever violently, and the entire black steel mecha braked sharply, sideways dodging the attack of the Type II pollution beast. Immediately after Su Mo pulled the operating lever again, the black steel mecha folded and shot into the Type II pollution beast.

The Type II Tainted Beast turned its head angrily and opened its mouth.

A pale beam of light accumulates.

At this time, Su Mo directly lowered the heavy cannon on the shoulder of the black steel mecha, opened his mouth and fired at it.


The head of the Type II tainted beast all split up and in pieces, and the black steel mecha was viscous and sputtered all over the body.

At this time, all around monsters swarmed up.

At this time, Xiao Wen saw that the situation was almost the same, and most of the monsters’ attention was attracted by Su Mo.

He waved his hand!


Chen Shan and the others, who had been waiting for a long time, pulled the trigger, and a heavy rain of bullets poured down.

The tainted beasts were hit by the dense rain of bullets, punched out one by one, and fell down with a wailing sound.

After half an hour, the whole mountain within the valley was full of monsters’ bodies. A stream formed by the collection of rainwater and monster’s blood slowly flows out of the valley.

Xiao Wen and the others descended from the heights to join Su Mo.

Chen Shan praised Su Mo a little excitedly: “Brother, this battle is a pleasure, kill these monsters without injury.”

“The terrain is good, impossible Good luck with that.”

Su Mo simply replied.

Chen Shan couldn’t help sighed when he heard Su Mo’s words.

Xiao Wen said, “Let’s not talk about that, the rain seems to be getting heavier again, let’s go and explore first, pull yourself together, maybe there will be monsters in the reserve.”

“en. ”

Su Mo and the others nod.

Soon Su Mo and the others came to the door of the hidden reserve.

A team member was checking the switch of the gate, and after some testing, he said helplessly.

“It’s broken, the switch doesn’t work anymore, I can only try to brute force it.”

“I’ll do it.”

Su Mo You’re welcome, control the black steel mecha and kick the rusted steel gate!


The whole steel gate began to dent, constantly deforming, kicking after Su Mo.


The entire steel gate collapsed.

Su Mo controls the black steel mecha to take the lead in walking in. The door is a downward passage, about 20 meters high, which is quite spacious, and the mecha can easily move in it.

However, the emergency lighting facilities inside seem to have been damaged, and it is dark.

Su Mo can only turn on the hidden lights on the black steel mecha.

Going deeper, you can see shriveled skeletons wearing old uniforms.

No accident, these dead people should be the guard soldiers of the Batak Kingdom.

“These soldiers are staying here, maybe there is something here.”

Chen Shan looked at the corpse and said.

“We’ll find out later, we should be almost there.”

Su Mo replied .

Not very long, Su Mo and the others walked out of the passage and came to an empty warehouse.

Some sealed boxes are placed here.

With a wave of Xiao Wen’s hand, the people below stepped up and pried open the sealed boxes one by one.

“Sir Xiao Wen, there are weapons here!”

“There are also some here.”

Su Mo and the others looked at them, too. Disappointed. Just some light weapons, and there are quite a few large sealed boxes that are empty.

The weapons that looked good were basically used up.

“Damn, as for being so poor, let’s not talk about anything else, just leave some ships or mecha for us! It’s okay to have some missiles even if it’s bad, but it turned out to be a bunch of unknown models after a long time. The rifle.”

Chen Shan was also speechless.

Xiao Wen’s mood didn’t fluctuate much, he lightly said: “It doesn’t matter, how much is counted.”

“Then what shall we do next?”

Chen Shan asked.

“It’s raining so hard outside, so I’ll take shelter here for now. We’ll return to the camp when the weather improves.”

Xiao Wen thought about it and decided to rest in place.

“Also, Qin Feng, you can bring some people to build a temporary emergency tent, and everyone can eat some nutrition bars to replenish their strength.”

Chen Shan did not object, in fact, he also feels now Very tired, from yesterday to today, I almost never slept.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they were all injected with type I gene injections, their tolerance in all aspects has been greatly improved, and it is estimated that they can’t stand it.


Qin Feng responded quickly.

During the torrential rain, the defensive camp on the west side of the reserve base.

The ground was blood dyed red, littered with dead soldiers and mecha wreckage.

The torrential rain couldn’t wash the ground for a while.

A handsome man in pale bone armor stepped on a scrapped Iron Guard mecha.

Besides it stands a special biological hybrid mecha.

The bodies of these mechas are partly metal and partly sticky flesh. But it is unusually harmonious, as if it was born like this.

He lifts the head and looks into the distance to the reserve base at the end of the sky.

At this time, a woman with a bony tail and spots on her face came up.

“Lord Rulavi, in front of you is the base camp where those people gathered.”

If Diller was at the scene and heard this name, he would definitely be terrified to the limit.

Rulavi is the first general of Batak Kingdom, his battle strength is unparalleled, when Batak Kingdom was attacked. He led the kingdom’s army in a bloody battle for a month, and finally lost, was annihilated by the monster tide, and died heroically.

“tsk tsk, these guys are finally showing off.”

(end of this chapter)

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