Star Ring Mission Chapter 43


Chapter 43 is too difficult

North of the outer periphery of Dawn City, the tenth Legion Β· Twelfth group defense area of the Dawn Guild.

At this time, the embers of the battle are burning everywhere, and the ground is full of zombies, the corpses of aliens.

a girl and male player are moving the corpses to garbage trucks and disposing of them.

Many repairers are quickly repairing trenches and protective nets here.

In the center of this defensive area, a girl with watery eyes, long black hair reaching her waist, and a gentle face, was a little tired and explained to the sisters next to her.

“Everyone, work hard and clean up the corpses on the battlefield, otherwise the smell of blood will easily attract new monsters to attack. There are also damaged defense lines, which should be repaired as soon as possible, and weapons and other equipment should be re-installed.”

“Sister Zhao Han, you don’t have to worry. Leave this to elder sister Lin Zinuo. You have worked so hard to command for so long, so just go offline and rest for a while.”

One The dark-skinned uncle, the simple and honest persuaded.

“Li Shi’s uncle is right.”

The sister next to him agreed.

“elder sister, I’ll take care of the rest, I’ll make sure to get it right.”

One is not very tall, with long black hair and a loli The face, the girl with an unusually mature body, assured her very seriously.

“I’m still very relieved about Zi Nuo’s work, so please help my brothers and sisters.”

Zhao Han replied with a smile, she was indeed a little tired. In reality, she has been online for more than 18 hours in a row, and her body can’t stand it. She wants to go offline for a while. In addition, this wave of monster shock is also over. In a short period of time, there should be nothing to do.


In the deserted field on the other side, a tank was driving on the muddy road.

In the cab, Sun Duoxiang’s lips were dry and his stomach was screaming. He stopped the tank and turned his head towards Su Mo with a bitter face.

“Big brother, do you have anything to eat or drink? We’ve been driving for a day, and we’re running out of spare oil.”

Su Mo’s eyes were closed. Kai, glanced at Sun Duoxiang and said, “Do you think I might have it? When I came in, I was empty-handed and had nothing. Didn’t you bring anything to eat there?”

“Aiya, It would be great if I had a belt. Didn’t I refuel the tank at the time? The oil drum was so heavy that it was too much of a hindrance to carry a backpack on my body, so I took it off. When I was attacked, it was too late to run for my life, so I didn’t even think about taking the backpack. “

Sun Duoxiang replied with a sad face.

“Go ahead and look for it.”

Su Mo solemnly replied .


Sun Duoxiang could only continue to drive forward with the brace oneself, and he didn’t know if it was because of luck or something. I bumped into scattered zombies along the way, and I didn’t see any decent buildings.

At this time, even Su Mo’s stomach made a protesting sound. The previous high-intensity battle had consumed a lot of his physical strength. Although he recovered a little after rest, he hadn’t eaten for a long time.

Sun Duoxiang hesitated, fumbling in his pocket. Eventually finding a cookie bar, he unpacked it, folded it in two, and handed the half to Su Mo.

“big brother, this is my last fortune, give it to you.”

“No need.”

Su Mo directly refused.


Sun Duoxiang didn’t force it. He had a little understanding of Su Mo’s temperament. Generally speaking, what this guy said would rarely change.

So he ate the cookie bar himself.

The tank continued to drive forward, and after a long time it came to a grove.

Su Mo suddenly said, “Stop!”

Although Sun Duoxiang was a little confused, he stopped the tank according to Su Mo’s request.

Su Mo simply said to Sun Duoxiang: “Stay here and watch the tank, I’ll go find something to eat.”

“Okay, boss, you must hurry up.”

Sun Duoxiang said with some anxiety.

“I see.”

Su Mo didn’t say much, lifted the lid and climbed out. After landing, he directly moved towards the grove in front of him.

This forest looks very sparse, and the vegetation is ash-gray.

Su Mo vigilantly walked deep into the woods. Although the suburbs are relatively safer than the city, the monsters are less visible, but the disadvantages are quite obvious.

It’s just that there aren’t many resources. They drove all the way and saw some buildings. But the buildings were devastated, nothing inside.

The most crucial point, Su Mo and the others don’t have a map of this area, and now they are just blindly moving forward.

If you don’t eat, you can barely survive, but if you don’t drink water, it will be fatal.

Su Mo is not unwilling to eat the food that Sun Duoxiang gave. Rather, he is afraid that the more he eats, the more thirsty he will feel when the time comes.

Ten minutes later, Su Mo saw a large lake in the grove.

Su Mo was also a little surprised. Originally, he thought it would be good to find a small stream, but didn’t expect to find such a big lake.

He walked to the edge of the lake and squatted down, scooping a little water with both hands, carefully observing the water quality of the lake.

And deep in the center of the lake, a huge black shadow was shaking.

Su Mo looked at the fairly clear lake water and was about to give it a try. Su Mo suddenly saw the reflection in the water, subconsciously retracted his hand, got up and looked at a big tree on the right side of the lake, only to see one after another graying fruit hanging on the branches and leaves of the big tree.

Su Mo was silent for a few seconds. The trees near the lake were polluted, so the water here should also be polluted.

If you guessed correctly, you should not be able to drink.

“big brother!”

At this moment, Sun Duoxiang’s voice came from not far away, interrupting Su Mo’s thinking.

Soon Sun Duoxiang ran over.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to watch the tank?”

Su Mo indifferently asked.

“There is no one around here, so the tank can’t be lost there. I’m dying of thirst, let me drink some water first.”

Sun Duoxiang said while squatting Next, drink the water from the lake.

Su Mo extend the hand grabbed Sun Duoxiang’s collar, pulled him up, and warned him.

“This water is not drinkable. Look at the vegetation all around. If you guessed correctly, the reason why this world is full of monsters is that it has been polluted on a large scale, with only a small amount of water and Bottled water is clean.”

“No, don’t you drink it too?”

“I didn’t drink it. As for you believing or not, it’s up to you.”


Su Mo was too lazy to explain to Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang swallowed hard, and told him rationally that what Su Mo said should be true, but the problem was that he was really thirsty.

“Hey, why is the water dark?”

Just when Sun Duoxiang was tangled, he found that the originally clear lake water suddenly turned black.

Su Mo glanced at Sun Duoxiang’s words, his eyes suddenly changed.

He stretched out the arm that grabbed Sun Duoxiang and yanked it violently.


In an instant, the originally calm lake burst into bloom, and a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl hit, and all the fangs in the mouth were broken. Teeth, and at the same time with a highly poisonous and foul-smelling tone.


(end of this chapter)

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