Star Ring Mission Chapter 44


Chapter 44 End Calf

I saw that bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, and almost killed Su Mo and Sun Duoxiang Both were swallowed.

“Well! What a monster, why am I so unlucky!”

Sun Duoxiang was almost scared to pee, he and Su Mo were running and crying.

Su Mo glanced back, and his heart thumped violently. It rushed out of the lake with a height of five meters and a body of more than 20 meters. His whole body was dark and very greasy. There are also glowing red spots on the surface, a monster with an ugly head like a crocodile, eight thick thighs and a slender tail.

The bracelet vibrates at this time.

Su Mo took a look, and sure enough, a prompt was displayed on the wristband screen.

β€œType II Mutant (Elite)Β·Ertodon”

Seeing the prompt, Su Mo’s face is as ugly as it is ugly. In their state, it is enough to encounter an I-type, and they are not opponents at all.

“Run to the forest!”

Su Mo immediately shouted in a deep voice.


Sun Duoxiang didn’t have time to complain and ran after Su Mo.

Unfortunately, they still underestimated the erodont beast in the back. It chased after him recklessly. The huge body was like a bulldozer, and the trees were knocked down one by one along the way.

“No, big brother is going to catch up.”

Sun Duoxiang turned his head and looked back as he ran, all around the trees could not stop it, it was too fierce .

“Run separately!”

Su Mo ran to the left after saying that.

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly ran to the right, thinking to himself, choosing one of the two would not be so bad luck.

As a result, a very embarrassing scene appeared. The Erostooth seemed to recognize Sun Duoxiang and continued chasing him.

Sun Duoxiang’s face turned green, and the extreme fear made him burst into a stronger potential and run faster.

“Big brother, help!”

Su Mo turned to look at Sun Duoxiang, who was being chased, and moved towards the tank faster.


Ertodon is getting more and more irritable, and it can swallow its prey in three or two times. But the trees next to it got in the way, greatly slowing it down.

But soon Sun Duoxiang couldn’t run anymore, panting frantically, and his mouth was dry. He was already hungry and thirsty, and his physical strength was quickly exhausted.

“I can’t run!”

Soon, a huge shadow enveloped him directly.

“It’s over!!”

However, just when he was desperate, a rumbling sound came from a distance, followed by a shelling sound.

A cannonball strikes with unparalleled precision on the Eurodon’s head.


A violent explosion sounded, and after the smoke passed, a charred black piece was revealed.

Ertooth was beaten, turned its head furiously and stared at the tank in the distance, then changed direction and chased after it angrily.

Su Mo immediately turned the steering wheel, suddenly accelerated and fled, obviously the attack was very bad.

And to make matters worse, Sun Duoxiang wasn’t in the tank yet. There was no way to help him reload, so one blow did not cause heavy damage to the opponent, and the follow-up was suspended.

On the other side, Sun Duoxiang, who had avoided a catastrophe, sat on the ground and looked at the tank running away.

“Big brother, wait for me! My tank.”

He really wanted to cry, but he was really lucky. The boss was killed, the teammates were all hung up, the arsenal was taken away, now the big brother is gone, and the tank is gone.

Who is more unlucky than him.

In fact, it’s not that Su Mo doesn’t care about Sun Duoxiang, it’s that he can’t control it at all.

Su Mo can’t escape now, the Ertodon is chasing super fast, and the distance is constantly shortening.

His brain quickly thought about the solution.

At this time, Su Mo saw the approaching Erosodon from the rear image, and swung its slender tail violently and swept over.

Su Mo turned the steering wheel quickly and slammed on the accelerator pedal to maximize power output.


Suddenly, the hatch cover above his head was thrown out.

Su Mo felt more and more that death was approaching. For some reason, he not only had no fear, but was inexplicably excited.

At this moment, he drove the tank out of the grove from the other side. There was a highway in front and a deep ravine on the right side of the road.

Seeing that ravine, Su Mo immediately had a plan in his heart.

At this time, the Ertodon also rushed out, and it was faster without the obstruction of trees.

It opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, revealing sharp teeth capable of crunching steel, as if to shred it.

Su Mo was unusually calm, he drove the tank frantically moved towards the edge of the road and rushed over. His concentrated attention completely stared at the edge of the road, his eyes were getting closer to the guardrail, his lips moved slightly to estimate, completely ignoring the erodont that had already caught up.




Su Mo moved instantly, turning the steering wheel sharply, Pull the lever and apply the brakes slightly.

The entire tank turned sharply, almost touching the edge of the road.

And the Erosodon behind him simply couldn’t stop due to the huge impact inertia, and rushed straight into the ravine, and at the same time it fell, it let out an extremely angry roar.


Of course, Su Mo dashed back into the woods as if he didn’t hear it.

In the woods, Sun Duoxiang squatted on the ground with an expression of hopelessness. His heart was cold, and there was nothing worse than him.

At this moment, Su Mo drove his tank to a stop in front of Sun Duoxiang, and the dust and dead leaves covered him.

“Bah, pah”

“Bah what?”

Su Mo got his head out of the tank, looked at Sun Duoxiang and asked.

Sun Duoxiang heard Su Mo’s voice, lifts the head in surprise, and shouted excitedly.

“Big brother, you’re back, I thought you abandoned me.”

“Idiot, how can I pick you up if I don’t throw that monster away.”

Su Mo is too lazy to complain about this guy.

Suddenly, a roar resounded through the sky in the distance, and at the same time, a huge explosion sounded.

Su Mo shuddered and shouted at Sun Duoxiang.

“Come up soon, that monster is going to catch up.”

“Big brother, you didn’t say you’ve left him.”

Sun Duo Xiang asked in horror as he quickly climbed onto the tank.

“Stop nonsense, reload!”

Su Mo’s heart sinks to the bottom of the valley. It really deserves to be a Type II mutant, and it is really outrageous.


Sun Duoxiang responded quickly, and started to reload in a hurry.

Su Mo controls the tank to speed up and escape from the area.

As a result, before he could run far, he heard Sun Duoxiang’s terrified shout: “big brother, hurry up, that monster is chasing after him, its mouth is still red light. I’m done.”

Su Mo turned the steering wheel sharply when he heard Sun Duoxiang’s words.

Here we go!

A beam of thermal radiation blasts from behind, strikes on the ground to the left of the tank.


Although it didn’t hit, the shock wave of the explosion directly lifted the side of the entire tank, and fiercely fell to the ground.

In the cab, Sun Duoxiang was shocked.

“My waist!”

Su Mo immediately stabilized his body, controlled the rotation of the turret, and fired a cannon at the chasing Ertodon.

Precise hits!


Unfortunately, the effect was not very good. Ertodon rushed out of the explosion smoke, but it did not stop except for the speed slowed down.


Su Mo turned his head and shouted at Sun Duoxiang, who was still moaning.

“Okay, okay.”

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly got up to reload.

Soon Sun Duoxiang shoved the cannonball into it, and he eagerly shouted to Su Mo: “Big brother filled it up.”

“He stuck his head out of the cockpit, Keep an eye on that monster, and if it accumulates heat radiation attack, notify me immediately.”

While operating, Su Mo found that the camera behind the tank was damaged, and shouted to Sun Duoxiang .

“How to tell if it has accumulated.”

“By feeling.”

“If the estimate is wrong.”

“Then let’s finish the calf together.”

Su Mo solemnly replied .

Sun Duoxiang swallowed, and bronze oneself replied: “I understand.”

(end of this chapter)

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