Star Ring Mission Chapter 45


Chapter 45 Enemy Attack

On the north side of the periphery of Auroville, on the front line of the position, Lin Zinuo distributed dry food to the sisters He Shui said encouragingly.

“Hey~ Due to the bad situation recently, I heard that many guild-occupied areas have fallen again. The situation is not optimistic! So we have to make sure that the repair work of the entire defense line is going smoothly!”

“You don’t have to worry about elder sister Zinuo. We didn’t lose a lot of money in the previous battle. More than a dozen buffer defense lines, that is, some areas were damaged, and they are already being repaired.”

“No Wrong, maybe when the team leader is online, we will be almost repaired.”

Many sisters said one after another.

“Thank you for your strong support.”

Lin Zinuo replied in a good mood. During this time, the guild has developed very well. Even with the strength of their Legion, it is also a day’s work. stronger than ever.

However, just as they were chatting very happily, a rumbling sound came, followed by a tank galloping, like a wild horse running away, hitting more than a dozen protective barbed wire and wooden barriers. Destroyed all the defenses they had just repaired.

Then rushed straight in front of Lin Zinuo and the others.

Everyone present was dumbfounded. Some water bottles don’t move as soon as they are placed in the mouth.

Sun Duoxiang shouted tremblingly in the car.

“Be careful, big brother, there’s a ditch ahead! Ditch! Ditch! Ditch!”

There is a long, man-made horizontal ditch just in front of them.

Unfortunately, the tank didn’t mean to slow down at all, and it still rushed forward.

“Big brother, why don’t you slow down!”

Sun Duoxiang’s face turned green, screaming frantically.

“The brakes are broken.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

“Oh my God! What to do then!”

“Come over!”

Su Mo instead increased the gas!


A very spectacular scene appeared. A main battle tank flew over the horizontal ditch very fast, just like a racing car.

However, the next second, when the main battle tank landed, the ground camouflage instantly collapsed, revealing a boxy underground temporary trench headquarters.

The tank rammed directly into the boxy headquarters wall.

The surviving girls and players in the headquarters were all frightened by the sudden change, what happened? Who drove the tank to the headquarters.

“Who is that?”

Lin Zinuo came back to his senses, turned her head with difficulty, looked towards the sister beside her and asked.

“We don’t know either.”

The crowd replied in confusion.

At this moment, a beam of thermal radiation blasted over in the distance and landed on the open space beside Lin Zinuo.


A huge explosion swept across.

The giant silhouette of the Type II mutant Ertodon appeared in the field of vision.

Lin Zinuo and the others, who were in a daze, immediately reacted and shouted anxiously: “Enemy attack! Everyone enters a fighting state!”

Originally still in the The bewildered defensive line players immediately came back to his senses, and began to turn their weapons one after another to target the incoming enemy.

“One team stops it!”

Lin Zinuo immediately shouted loudly.

Seeing the first line of defense, the player raised the automatic rifle in his hand and swept the Erodon.

The dense bullets hit it directly, but unfortunately the scales on its surface are too tenacious, and it doesn’t have much effect at all.

Erodont’s eyes became even more red, and the red spots on its body lit up.

Then the Ertodon walked forward with the bullet and directly broke into the first line of defense. Those steel wire protection nets and wooden barriers have no effect on it, just like paper paste.

The players on the first line of defense, suddenly dizzy one by one, with expressions of great pain on their faces, fell one by one.

Lin Zinuo saw this scene, her expression changed slightly, it was heat radiation! She quickly picked up the wireless communicator and asked.

“Are the heavy weapons ready!”

“The rockets are being prepared!”

“The artillery positions are ready!”

“The tank group is entering Area A, Area B, Area C, and is about to outflank!”

Immediately, tanks rushed out from the front and both sides, and shelled the Ertodon!

At the same time, the artillery positions not far away began to complete the reloading.

Bang! Bang~~

A dense rain of bullets poured down.


The erodont seems to have been beaten too, it lifts the head and opens its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl!

Here we go!

A beam of thermal radiation swept across.


Tanks were swept away and exploded like firecrackers. Immediately after the dead player’s corpse nearby, one after another red fire energy floated out, and was directly absorbed by Erosodon.

After absorbing the fire, the scorched black and festering parts of the body of the Erosodon began to recover quickly.

And getting even more excited, Erosodon let out a thunderous roar and moved towards the center of the defense zone.

The battle became more intense, a player of the Dawning Guild, armed with rocket launchers and grenades, rushed from all directions fierce and unafraid of death, trying to stop it.

It would be catastrophic for this monster to break through the defense zone and rush into Auroville.

Here, Su Mo and Sun Duoxiang shook their heads, and with difficulty they got their heads out of the driver.

As a result, they were greeted by pitch-black muzzles, and they were surrounded by a group of girls with angry faces.

Su Mo both raised their hands decisively in surrender.

But fortunately, after controlling the two of them, these girls are not in the mood to care about them, but are all paying attention to the battlefield.

Su Mo also looked at the past curiously. The battles were not usually fierce. Many players were like Suicide Squad, not afraid of death at all, and rushed forward one after another.

At the same time, a large number of rocket vehicles in the distance poured intensively.

xiu xiu ~

one after another rocket pierces the sky and hits Erosodon with precision.


The powerful firepower immediately suppressed the Erythrodon, blocking its progress.

At this time, the girl in charge of medical treatment rushed up.

“Quickly save people!”

They swiftly carried a wounded team member and left the battlefield as soon as possible.

The whole process cooperated very well.

However, after the intensive firepower was poured out, the Eurodon still stood still, but the attack was no effect, its tenacious skin was blown to pieces.

Eurodon’s eyes turned blood red, and its mouth opened frantically to gather power.

Here we go!

A beam of red thermal radiation moved towards the distant rocket car position.


The ten rocket cars were killed on the spot, and then the Eurodon rushed towards the center of the position like crazy, and swung its huge tail and swept across.

The players who were shooting wildly with Gatling in the position were swept away like stones together with their weapons.

And keep opening his mouth, one after another heat radiation beam slams into the trenches where all around players are hiding, desperately absorbing the fire of the dead players to recover the wounds.

Commander Lin Zino’s little hands were shaking.

“My rocket car, my tank.”

“No, Vice Group Leader, I can’t stand it anymore.”

A covered in dirt The sisters ran over and said that they were about to cry.

“Immediately mobilize the air force formation for me, and the mecha formation, and kill this guy for me.”

Lin Zino gnashing teeth said.


The sister in front of her responded quickly.

(end of this chapter)

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