Star Ring Mission Chapter 46


Chapter 46 Calm down

Su Mo looked at the fierce battle and slightly shook the head, which was a pity.

The baptism of the previous wave of rockets caused a lot of damage to the monster, but unfortunately the follow-up firepower was insufficient, which made the opponent slow down.

This time it was a bit bode ill rather than well, but one thing surprised Su Mo a little. In such a bad situation, there was no confusion among these players. The rescue of the rescue, the block of the block, and the desperate efforts to perform their duties.

Just as the Erosodon slaughtered, there was a whistling sound in the sky, and armed helicopters flew over. After entering the range, they poured the missiles they carried with them from a long distance.

At the same time, a huge silhouette appeared one after another in the distance. Looking carefully, it turned out to be mecha.

Green thick outer armor, human-shaped body, a round skull on the head, a cross-shaped display device, a big red dot in the center, and a height of about eight meters. He holds a heavy airborne firearm in his left hand. The caliber is about the same as the muzzle of a tank.

There is a supply mechanic backpack hanging behind it, as well as auxiliary jets, which can fly short distances.

At this moment, the Su Mo bracelet pops up a prompt name, the first-generation city defender mecha Β·Green Shield.

To be honest, these icy mechas that have just appeared give people a full oppression. But when he got closer, a strange look appeared on Su Mo’s face.

I saw these mecha walking crookedly and feeling like they were about to fall over at any time. It can be seen that the operator was driving very reluctantly, but it was normal. This thing does not exist in reality.

Mecha is unfamiliar to everyone and can only be explored by oneself.

But even so, some of these mecha’s power comes into play when they’re in combat range.

They spread out, attacking the Erosodon from different directions, and attacking!

peng peng ~~

Rumble ~

Intensive explosions bloomed on Erodon, its bloated body becoming more and more bloody.

Erosodon moved towards A mecha opened its mouth, and a beam of thermal radiation blasted through.


The mecha was hit and fell on the spot.

However, all around all players are attacking more and more fiercely, all kinds of shells and missiles are poured on it, even if the life force of Ertooth beast is strong, it can’t bear it.

Soon, it whimpered in pain, turned and ran away!

“Kill it for me!”

Lin Zino shouted with gnashing teeth.

xiu xiu ~~

At this time, the distant artillery positions also entered a fighting state, and one after another artillery shells covered them.

Without any accident, under the siege of multiple heavy firepower, Ertodon finally fell down unwillingly, and the red flares on its body turned into ash-gray.

Many of the surviving players were paralyzed and fell to the ground.

Medical players rushed to rescue their injured companions. This battle was too brutal.

Lin Zinuo looked at the messy War Zone and the brothers who suffered heavy casualties, unable to say a word for a long time.

At this time, Li Shi came up and said to Lin Zinuo very helplessly: “Just now, the people below made a preliminary calculation. More than 500 brothers were killed and more than 200 people were injured. One mecha was damaged, thirteen tanks were damaged, and seven rocket launchers were scrapped.”

Hearing Li Shi’s report, Lin Zino was instantly mad.

“Where’s the culprit!”


The sisters next to them were slightly trembled and pointed to Su Mo and the others in the headquarters.

Lin Zinuo, gnashing teeth, rushed over with many sisters.

Sun Duoxiang looked at the menacing Lin Zinuo and said to Su Mo shiveringly.

“Big brother, we seem to have a big trouble.”

“You just know!”

Su Mo replied with a slight twitch.

“big brother, do you have any idea? You see that gang of girls are very angry and look like they are going to eat us.”

“Neither did I. way.”

Su Mo replied in a low voice, he was not joking, although it wasn’t intentional, they were just trying to escape. But the monsters who were brought in really made this group of people miserable.

“Don’t! Big brother!”

Sun Duoxiang was about to cry, and leaned on Su Mo in fear.

Soon Lin Zinuo walked up to Su Mo and the two of them. Without a word, she pulled out a short blade from her waist, and she was about to slash both of them.

“I killed you!!!”

The sister next to her hurriedly hugged Lin Zino.

“Elder sister, don’t be impulsive!! Impulsiveness is the devil! It’s too easy to kill them, but how can I explain it to the team leader later?”

“I don’t care, I want to Kill these two guys!!!”

Lin Zinuo’s blood pressure was also soaring, and he went straight to the top of the head.

Su Mo and Sun Duoxiang also looked at each other in blank dismay.

At this moment, Zhao Han, the leader of the 12th group, just went online, she came over and asked with a smile.

“What are you guys doing? Why is Zi Nuo so angry? Say something and solve it slowly.”

She just slept beautifully and felt refreshed , the mood is very comfortable.

Lin Zinuo, who was in a rage at first, stiffened, and the expressions of the sisters present suddenly became very unnatural, and they all calmed down.

Lin Zinuo’s eyes were red, and she explained to Zhao Han aggrieved: “elder sister, these two guys came out of nowhere, and they even broke through our dozens of fronts. Only the mutant monster of type II elite level has destroyed our defensive area. More than 500 brothers have been killed and their weapons have suffered heavy losses.”

After listening to this, Zhao Han’s smile suddenly stiffened. , turned his head and looked all around. Only at this time did she notice that flames were burning everywhere, the wreckage and the corpse of the a member of the team, the entire defense zone was destroyed, and there was a Type II mutant monster corpse lying there in the distance.

“Elder sister Zhao Han?”

“Team leader?”

Seeing that Zhao Han didn’t respond for a long time, the brother sister asked cautiously.

In a trance, Zhao Han came back to his senses, and without a word, pulled out a pistol to kill Su Mo.

“I’ll kill you.”

In the end, Lin Zinuo hurriedly hugged Zhao Han, persuaded by earned and well-meant advised.

“elder sister, don’t be impulsive! Let’s ask first and then make a decision. It’s too cheap to just kill them”

“Don’t stop me, let me I killed them both.”

“No! Team leader, please calm down.”

Everyone also went up to block and persuade.

At this time, Zhao Han gradually calmed down, and she was so angry that her chest kept rising and falling.

“Tell me, who are you?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, my name is Sun Duoxiang.”

Sun Duoxiang replies tremblingly.

“Su Mo.”

Su Mo responded calmly.

It’s not that Sun Duoxiang didn’t think about telling a lie, but it’s useless. They can play back the video, and when the time comes, take their photos to the big database to match, and check them out.

Zhao Han resisted his anger and warned: “From now on, if you can’t give me a satisfactory explanation or answer, my mother will definitely kill you and bury you in a thousand-meter-deep pit.”

Hearing Zhao Han’s words, Sun Duoxiang was almost scared to pee.

“Sister, we really didn’t do it on purpose, we just ran for our lives.”

“Run for our lives? Do you think I would believe that running for our lives could kill so many of us? “

“I really didn’t lie to you.”

Sun Duoxiang responded with tears in his eyes.

“Let’s talk, how can we pay? We have lost more than 500 elites, not counting weapon damage. All these add up to more than 20 million!”

Zhao Han asked with gritted teeth.

Sun Duoxiang almost fainted when he heard Zhao Han’s words. But don’t say, Zhao Han really didn’t make a random price. There are more than 500 elite players, and an elite young man said that it is worth 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. In addition to the damage to the weapon, the price is very fair.

“We were wrong, and we can’t afford to pay!”

Sun Duoxiang’s heart was ready to die.

(end of this chapter)

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