Star Ring Mission Chapter 48


Chapter 48 Ma Bao Nan

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

“No, since you I promise to join us, I will briefly tell you the situation now, our guild is the Dawning Guild, you can check it online, it is one of the very best guilds in country Z. We belong to the tenth of the three Great Legions of the Dawning Guild Legion Twelfth group. Since you join our guild, I won’t bully you. If you lose so much money, you will definitely not be able to pay for it. We will only have one tinder money up to one million. You only need to pay back enough. This matter is even clear. You don’t have to be discouraged or resisted. Joining our guild has many benefits. We have standard five insurances and one housing fund. Moreover, the salary of the elite group is very high, and it can give you 2,500 yuan a month. If you perform well, there will be bonuses, even if you die, it doesn’t matter, we are different from other guilds.”

“Other guilds have died in battle, saying that you are forced to retreat to the logistics, in fact, it is a disguised suppression, borderline If you don’t change, you will be paid with a subsidy of 180 yuan a month. And we are killed, and the basic salary will be paid every month! And if your credit is big enough, the guild is even willing to use fire to resurrect you, and you don’t have to worry about it. We exploit you, and I will not confiscate all the wages you handed down. You only need to pay 1,500 within 2,500 yuan, and the rest will be used as living expenses for you.”

Zhao Han smacked the lips to Su Su. Mo said a bunch of benefits, so that he wouldn’t be repulsive.

Actually, Zhao Han’s salary for Su Mo is a bit high. The normal salary should be around 2,000 yuan. The reason why she gave Su Mo a higher salary is to make him pay more debts.

Su Mo doesn’t really care, he’s slightly resigned.

“I accept.”

“That’s good, where do you live now.”

Zhao Han suddenly asked coldly.

β€œMagic City.”

Su Mo replied in surprise.

“Tomorrow you will come to Imperial Capital, the official report of Building 342 Green Avenue.”

Zhao Han issued a formal notice to Su Mo.

Su Mo, who has always been calm, had an unnatural expression for the first time. He hesitated to replied: “I can join the guild, can I not go?”

Su Mo is very uncomfortable. Adapted replicated. Don’t look at Su Mo’s IQ is quite high, but his emotional intelligence is not high. Although he is proficient in 18 languages, fighting, swimming, mechanics, programming, etc., he only learned it to play games from various countries. And through childhood, he didn’t have many contacts with many people, and he had always lived in the old city, and the farthest distance he went out was the nearby Xinjie. His unusual rejection of the outside world made him go to Imperial Capital, which really made him embarrassed.

Zhao Han was also stunned, she said to Su Mo: “No, this is the guild’s rule, if you don’t come, how to cooperate with the team, how to communicate offline, many battle plans are offline It’s going on.”

She complained in her heart that if she didn’t catch you, if she suddenly stalked away one day, where would she go to find a scapegoat. No, it should be the culprit who ran away and became a scapegoat.

“You can also communicate in the game, but you can’t, you can make a phone call offline.”

Su Mo replied hesitantly.

When Zhao Han saw that Su Mo was awkward, he suddenly reacted and said to Su Mo: “You don’t have money to pay for the toll, right? It doesn’t matter, I can advance a thousand yuan in advance. Here it is. Besides, you don’t have to worry about food and accommodation, the guild will cover food and accommodation.”

Su Mo became more and more entangled after listening to Zhao Han’s words.

“You don’t regret it, right?”

Zhao Han frowned, looking at Su Mo suspiciously.

Su Mo remained silent and did not return to Zhao Han for a long time.

“Oh, I see, you shouldn’t be the legendary mom and baby boy, do you listen to the family?”

“Or you’ve never been out of the house, Are you very timid?”


Zhao Han suddenly became interested and kept guessing.

It’s a pity that it’s all silence.

Zhao Han was speechless, she said angrily.

“You’re talking.”

Su Mo asked hesitantly.

“No, can’t you?”

“Certainly not, I won’t talk nonsense with you, this matter is not discussed. I can give you some time to let you Think about it carefully or go offline and do ideological work with your family. But don’t be naive and think that you can run away if you don’t go online. The game characters will starve to death if you don’t go online for too long. Another point, even if you really don’t Playing this game, this matter will not end. When the time comes, we will directly find your home and tell your family that the compensation will not be one million, but tens of millions. Think about it carefully, If you figure it out, just tell Zino Vice Group Leader, she will be in charge of you next.”

Zhao Han made it clear to Su Mo very seriously. Of course this is more to scare Su Mo.

Now it’s Su Mo’s turn to be a little confused. It’s the first time he’s heard that playing games can still collect debts in reality. It was so strange that he immediately asked him to put three question marks on this game, and the strange things have not stopped since the beginning.

“Don’t worry, Sister Han, leave this to me.”

Lin Zinuo replied nodded.

“By the way, Zino younger sister, you register his basic information by the way. At the same time, start reporting, quickly pull him into the guild, and briefly introduce the guild.”

Zhao Han thought about it for a while and said, she is completely each minding their own business arrangements.


Lin Zinuo responded quickly, in fact, she stabbed the basket in disguise, and Zhao Han’s elder sister was mostly wiping her ass.

Then Zhao Han walked to the side and said to the other team members: “Clean up the battlefield and repair the defense area as soon as possible. And dismember the monster for me to maximize the recovery of losses.”



Everyone responded and started to get busy.

Lin Zino and Su Mo were left at the scene.

Su Mo stood where he was, still hesitating, as if he was facing a huge problem.

“Okay, don’t make it difficult, you should consider this matter slowly, and fill in the basic information and contact information first.”

Lin Zinuo took out a notebook and a notebook The pen was handed to Su Mo, and she took the time to implement Su Mo’s joining the guild.


Su Mo took it and started writing.

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo up close, she calmed down and suddenly felt that Su Mo looked quite handsome. It’s not that stunning, but it’s also very attractive.

Soon Su Mo finished writing, and he returned the notebook to Lin Zinuo.

Lin Zinuo put away the notebook and said to Su Mo: “I will briefly tell you about our Legion, the city behind us is called Dawn City, and this city is the waste of our Legion. The strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers is also the pride of our Legion.”

“In the future, we will use this as a base to expand outward, of course, it should be noted that this The city is divided into several districts. The main city is an independent island, and there is our Legion headquarters. Except for the official members of the guild, no one else can enter. Other areas do not have so many requirements and can accommodate a lot of them. Sanyou and other guild members. But one thing to pay attention to, although we are the owners of this city, Corps Head has a clear requirement that bullying the people of Sanyou and other guilds is strictly prohibited.”

β€œThis game Isn’t the weak and the strong eat?”

Su Mo asked curiously.

(end of this chapter)

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