Star Ring Mission Chapter 49


Chapter 49 Freshmen

“You are right, but that is only superficial, and the deeper meaning is development. We need to constantly absorb fresh blood supplements from stragglers, we need to obtain some resources from other guild merchants, and we need to step up everything to develop ourselves. Forget it, why are you talking so much, you don’t understand, anyway, just do it .”

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo up and down a little puzzled, she always felt that something was wrong, she thought about it for a long time, and finally realized it.

Su Mo’s reaction is a bit wrong. How can they say that they are all beautiful women. When a normal boy sees them, whoever doesn’t lick them hard will make their scalp tingle. But Su Mo couldn’t speak the whole time without speaking. She was talking the whole time, which made her mouth dry.

At this moment, Su Mo said, “Is there food and water?”

Lin Zinuo’s expression was very exciting, she didn’t know how to describe Su Mo anymore, she was looking for something for girls to eat .


She took out a bottle of purified water and beef jerky from her small backpack behind her.

Su Mo was not polite at all, each minding their own business ate.

Lin Zino was speechless.

“Okay, I’ve told you everything I can tell you, and I’ll introduce you to the rest when you officially join the guild. Let me tell you, no matter how many people want to join our guild, you won’t have a chance. It’s cheap and good. By the way, what’s your WeChat account number, I’ll pull you into the guild group later.”


Su Mo replied casually.

Lin Zinuo was dumbfounded, as if looking at something strange.

“Anyway, you can register one with your registered mobile phone number.”

“Oh, then I’ll be offline first.”

Su Mo finishes eating After the water, I was a little tired, lifts the head replied.

“This is my cell phone number, text or call me when you figure it out. But I have a personal piece of advice for you to consider the consequences before making a decision.”


Lin Zino wrote a note to Su Mo and warned him very seriously.

“en. ”

Su Mo nodded slightly and then logged out of the game.

Lin Zinuo touched his forehead. He didn’t know if this guy was really cold or had an emotional intelligence problem. He couldn’t say a few words for a long time, he was a straight man among straight men of steel.

After a while, Su Mo opened his eyes in the game cabin, and he got up and walked out of the private room.

Soon to the front desk.

Xiao Kui greeted Su Mo, she greeted with a sweet smile: “Respect Mr. Su Mo, what can I do for you.”

“Get off the plane.”


“Okay, as a distinguished VIP customer, do you need us to reserve a room for you?”

Xiaokui asked.

“I don’t need it for now.”

“Okay, please take a slow walk.”

Xiaokui replied with a smile after some operations.


Su Mo turned and left.


In the silent room, Su Mo sat in front of the computer desktop in a daze.

“Whether to go or not.”

He thought about it for a long time, but his heart was still very tangled.

To tell the truth, since I came here from the high wall, I have never left the urban village. I didn’t go to any school, and the farthest place I walked was Xinjie. Now I not only have to step out of the old city, but even leave the capital to go to Imperial Capital.

This is indeed an unprecedented change for him.

He was more or less confused and uneasy inside.

The night was getting darker.

But Su Mo stayed up all night.


I don’t know how long it took, Su Mo’s eyes fell on the photo of grandfather on the desktop. Involuntarily in his mind he recalled a question the grandfather asked himself before he left.

Su Mo vaguely remembers the scene.

Under the bright moonlight, the pale grandfather Su He held his hand, looked up at the sky and asked,

“Su Mo, do you know that people are poor in life? , what exactly are you looking for?”

At that time, Su Mo answered him without thinking.

“Money, power, beauty, glory!”

But then grandfather just turned his head and gave Su Mo a deep look, then smiled slightly.

“You’re right, but you’re not right either.”

Su Mo asked with a puzzled look after listening.

“What are you looking for?”

After listening, grandfather stroked Su Mo’s head and said with a laugh.

“foolish child, in this world, everyone is different, and their pursuits are also different.”

Su Mo asked curiously.

“The grandfather what are you looking for?”

After listening to Su Mo’s question, the grandfather fell into deep memories. After a long time, he sighed leisurely, took Su Mo’s hand dotingly, and replied meaningfully.

β€œgrandfather pursues two things in this life, namely sense of value and sense of belonging. The sense of value comes from being affirmed by relatives, and the sense of belonging comes from being loved and wanting to be loved by family members. Love.”


Su Mo felt a lot after listening to it, and could not help clenching the grandfather’s big old hand.

However, the grandfather suddenly asked Su Mo.

“Child, what are you looking for in your life?”

These words instantly stumped Su Mo.

After seeing this, Su He grandfather didn’t ask any further questions, but was just pampered and laughed.


At this time, Su Mo remembered what Sun Duoxiang said to him. If he doesn’t want to be alone and closed, maybe he really needs to make a change.

No matter how much you resist, you can’t avoid it.


“Well, if that’s the case then let’s go.”

Su Mo let out a deep breath, and he finally made up his mind .

So Su Mo picked up his mobile phone and edited a text message to send to Lin Zino, and then sent a text to Uncle Wang.

Immediately after Su Mo, I booked online, the earliest train ticket to Imperial Capital tomorrow.

The next morning, Su Mo woke up early, packed some clothes into a bag, and turned off the water and electricity switches.

He walked to the computer desk, picked up the wallet on the desk, and put a black diamond bank card and a color diamond card that his grandfather left him and never used it. , all of them were taken out and put in the drawer, leaving only one thousand yuan in cash in the wallet.

Then Su Mo picked up the phone and unbound all the bank cards bound in the phone.

He also figured out that people always have to make some changes and try in this life. He intends to go out for a walk, which can be regarded as a challenge to himself.

Try a new life as an ordinary person again.

Of course, if one day he tied the bank card back to the mobile phone and used the money in it, the challenge would be considered a failure.

When everything was done, Su Mo closed the door and left with the bag in hand.

Leaving this area, he was born and raised in the urban village.

After a while, Su Mo walked out of the old town, all around the high-rise buildings stand in great numbers, all kinds of public facilities are extremely perfect, and the floor is clean and spotless.

There is a lot of traffic on the road, and a brightly dressed man and woman on the sidewalk rush to work.

Although the Star Ring game is on fire, work has to continue in reality. On the one hand, the death rate in the game is too high, and on the other hand, the game is too weird. No one can guarantee that they can be lucky and stay alive. If you stupidly quit your job and choose a full-time job, you will probably end up badly.

(end of this chapter)

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