Star Ring Mission Chapter 5


Chapter 5 Star Ring

Su Mo opened the browser and was just about to search for Star Ring related information.

Suddenly there was a bang in the sky outside, and the downpour was accompanied by a strong wind.

crash-bang ~~

The window in the room was blown open, and the rain poured in.

Su Mo got up and walked to the window, glanced at the pouring rain outside, and extended the hand to close the window.

Then he moved towards the computer, but as soon as he walked to the chair, he saw the advertisement of hiding the sky and covering the earth on the monitor.

The application of the new ZR technology will give you an immersive experience.

The masterpiece of Epic Grade Star Sea will take you to experience a different life and seek the ultimate meaning of life.

The grand propaganda films emerge one by one, and you can see the barren modern city, the raging sea and the raging waves, and the ice age.

Then the image changed, the huge planet began to shrink, the bright stars emerged into the eyes, countless fleets, pitch-black cannons, icy mecha, followed by a terrifying giant beast illusory shadow covered The fleet

The picture is full of sense and it is heart-wrenching.

When the promotional video ends, a line of words pops up, and the team is honored because of you.

Su Mo saw the word “team” and immediately became interested, if it wasn’t for selling dog meat. Judging from the promotional video, it seems that it is very difficult to deal with, and it seems that this game is still a team game.

He continued to browse the relevant information, and the result became more and more surprising.

This turned out to be the first global game in history, and it was also a game jointly created and published by the federal government. And no recharge function, absolutely fair and just game.

At the same time, the game does not set the currency, the currency will be selected and created by the player himself.

The gold and silver in the game will be linked to the real gold and silver in a certain proportion according to different versions. But it can only be redeemed, not recharged.

Also authorized by the federal government, the first Sky Cup competition will be held. The final winner of the Star Ring game, whether it is an individual or a group, will receive a cash reward of 1,000 billion yuan, as well as all the operating income of the entire Star Ring.

Su Mo was even more surprised when he saw this, and a single thought popped out of his mind uncontrollably. How do you feel that this Cup of Heaven competition has such a terrifying reward? And there is a kind of fire medical smell. Could it be that countries are preparing to resolve conflicts in the game.

Before Su Mo could think about it, countless inserted advertisements popped up.

“Batian Guild, we sincerely invite you to join. This guild has many girls, good benefits, and contracting five insurances and one housing fund. The strength recruits top combat players, life players, real-life doctors, nurses, butchers, and planters. , miners, mercenaries, etc. will be admitted first”

“Brother, the person who came is brother, and it is brother who will come with me! Big brother promises, if you refuse, you will pay! Come on!!”


The dozens of advertisements popping up on Su Mo’s computer are all recruiting.

These advertisements are all paid promotions, in the form of dog skin plaster, they are not allowed to be closed, and must be clicked or read.

Su Mo reluctantly clicked, and as a result, a very formal membership application form popped up immediately, and even had to fill in the bank card number. Among them, it is also clearly written that anyone who fails to apply for membership will receive a compensation of 50 yuan.

These guilds have really made a lot of money.

After a lot of work, Su Mo finally turned off these ads, and he continued to browse the relevant information.

It turns out that the official disclosure of the game content is very limited. Only know that it is a future sci-fi game, and according to the upgrade of the version, the civilization will be gradually opened up. The specific gameplay has not been announced too much, only that this game is known as the final ZR, and the degree of simulation is 100%.

Su Mo has always been skeptical about this data.

Then Su Mo also found the social platform of Star Ring, which is jointly constructed by the largest communication software companies in various countries, and is specially used to discuss information about Star Ring and make friends. The number of online registrations has exceeded 1 billion. You must know that the population of the entire world, after two hundred years of recuperation, is only 10 billion.

Su Mo curiously registered an account and went in, the whole forum was super lively. There have been more than 100 million posts online, and they are basically looking for teammates and guild members.

According to the official announcement time, the game will officially open in three days.

Now everyone is desperately preparing for the game.

The number of people participating is estimated to create a miracle in history. If nothing else, the bounty of the Cup of Heaven is enough to make 99.99999% of the people in the world go crazy, not to mention the inside. Gold and silver can be exchanged.

It’s a paradise for treasure hunters, miners and explorers.

Be aware of how many people, after completing their assigned assignments, are extremely idle and have nothing to do all day.

Su Mo also prayed silently, hoping that it wouldn’t be a fake or exaggerated propaganda, which would be too boring.

The next day, Su Mo lay in bed and was fast asleep.


The phone beside vibrates.

Su Mo slowly opened his eyes, picked up the old mobile phone next to him, glanced at it, and sat up to connect.

“Uncle Wang.”

“Su Mo, I’ve got the renovation and equipment budget for the internet cafe, why don’t you come and discuss it?”

“It’s so fast.”

“This is something that can’t be helped. I’ll tell you the details when you arrive.”


Su Mo hangs up the phone after chatting with Uncle Wang.

He got up and went to the toilet to wash up and change into casual clothes.

The moment the door was opened, the original howling wind and torrential rain dissipated. At a glance, the sky is blue. The bright sunshine after the rain shone directly on his face.

“The rain has stopped!”

At this moment, his gloomy mood seemed to ease a lot.

A moment later, Su Mo came to the dilapidated Internet cafe, and Uncle Wang was already waiting at the door.

β€œUncle Wang!”

β€œSu Mo, you are here, here is the budget list, please take a look.”

Uncle Wang took out a copy Handwritten budget sheet, handed to Su Mo.

“Okay, but Uncle Wang, you don’t have to be in such a hurry, take your time, don’t think about making a profit immediately, your health is the most important.”

Su Mo opened it and said, A budget sheet, obviously made all night long.

“You can’t do it if you don’t hurry up. Just a while ago on the opposite Xinjie, a large Star Tour Cafe just opened. It is said that Boss is still a big beauty. How far are they lined up.”

Uncle Wang explained to Su Mo.

Su Mo turned his head and glanced at the opposite Xinjie. He was also a little surprised. The business was super hot, and there were hundreds of meters of people queuing up to recharge.

“And that game will be launched the day after tomorrow, and ZR’s equipment has to be reserved. The time is too tight. Even if you try your best to do it now, you won’t be able to get it right in a month.”

Uncle Wang is also feeling a lot of pressure.

“It’s okay, take your time.”

Su Mo looked back at Uncle Wang while looking at the budget table carefully. The items of renovation and upgrade were clearly listed very clearly.

(end of this chapter)

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