Star Ring Mission Chapter 50


Chapter 50 Departure

At a glance, the prosperity falls into the eyes, with a very modern and prosperous atmosphere, which is very similar to the old The city is simply two worlds.

Speaking from a certain perspective, the old city is no longer suitable for this extremely prosperous city, and it should undergo a major renovation or reconstruction.

It’s just that Su Mo has always held a refusal attitude. On the one hand, whether it is renovation or renovation, it requires huge amounts of money. Su Mo really doesn’t have that much money. Another point is that after the transformation of the old city, both the rent and the cost of living in all aspects will soar sharply, and the original tenants simply cannot afford it.

To put it mildly, the tenants in his old town are basically the lowest-level existences in the city.

Of course, if the entire urban village was rebuilt and sold for tens of billions, it would be easy. But Su Mo doesn’t care about money at all and is not willing to go against his grandfather’s will.

In his opinion, this old city is the last thought left to him by his grandfather.

In this way, Su Mo looked in the direction of the old town and stood there for a long time.

After a while, Su Mo moved towards the public rail station, ready to take the rail car to the train station.

Because he only has 1,000 cash in hand, he can’t spend every penny indiscriminately. He chooses the most cost-effective plan as much as possible to go to Imperial Capital.

Soon Su Mo was on the rail platform.

There were too many people waiting for the rail car, and it was very crowded. Because it was the morning rush hour, many people were eating fast food such as meat buns, and the air was mixed with messy smells.

The public light rail will arrive soon.


Everyone squeezed in, along with Su Mo.

On the light rail car, Su Mo wanted to find a more spacious corner, but found that he thought too much, and it was crowded everywhere.

A fashionably dressed aunt, holding a luxury bag in her hand, and her body exuding a strong perfume smell, just stood in front of Su Mo and stared at him.

Su Mo subconsciously turned his head and looked towards the side.

“Oh, I’m still shy, it’s really rare to see such an innocent young man, what’s the name of young man?”

The aunt looked at Su Mo and didn’t forget that she was right. It cast a glance. Her eyesight is very good, this young man’s facial features are delicious and pretty, and her appearance is very good. But he was only wearing an old-fashioned yellow sweater, without any valuable decorations on his body. At first glance, he knew that he was a pauper, and he should be very good at it.

Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly, holding back the discomfort as if he didn’t hear it.

“Don’t pretend to be innocent, just listen to what I said, young people don’t know how good a rich woman is, and old people come to grief.”

Su Mo’s face darkened, but he still endured.

It’s a pity that the rich woman in front of her didn’t mean to give up at all, but was more interested, just when she moved towards Su Mo and posted it.

Suddenly, a girl wearing a blue high-collar school uniform, headphones, and an ice cream in her hand crossed directly between the two, directly blocking the rich woman.

β€œlittle girl get out of the way.”

The rich woman replies a little annoyed.

The girl didn’t seem to hear it, and was dangling with the ice cream in her hand.

As if she was about to wipe her clothes at any time, the aunt hurried back in fright, staring angrily at the little girl in front of her.

“What are you doing, you will rub against my clothes, you won’t be able to pay.”

“You have to come to me.”

little girl replied with a smile.


Rich speechless.

“Forget it, you’re too ugly to face you.”

The little girl turned around and faced Su Mo.

Su Mo couldn’t help looking up and down the little girl in front of him, and the girl in front of him showed a bright smile to Su Mo.

Su Mo slightly startled, he suddenly felt that he had stepped out of the familiar circle of life, and it was not too bad to see the world outside.

A short time later, I finally arrived at the train station and, after a lot of work, got on the high-speed train to Imperial Capital. At that moment, Su Mo let out a long breath.

It is 1,318 kilometers from Magic Capital to Imperial Capital. It is reasonable to say that the vacuum maglev train is the fastest, and it can be reached in 10 minutes. But because it was too expensive, I booked an ordinary high-speed train.

This car is the starting car, and Su Mo got on the bus early, and many passengers have not yet come up, so the seats next to him are empty.

Su Mo looked out the window, feeling a little excited. This is his first time out, and he is more or less excited.

He was also curious about what the outside world would be like.

As the drive time gets closer, more and more people get into the car.

At this time, a group of very young young men and women got on the bus, and they chatted excitedly while looking for seats.

“I tell you, you don’t know how much Director Zhang values me. It’s only because I begged him that he agreed to let you join the guild. Going to Imperial Capital this time is our life span. Don’t screw it up, you have to listen to me.”

“Chen Tian, don’t worry, we will definitely listen to you, the treatment there is really that good?”

Chen Tian’s partner excitedly replied.

“It’s a giant guild. There are more than 100,000 people in the entire guild. How could it be possible to deceive people, and they also cover food and housing. No matter how many people want to go in, they can’t go in. We have to wait until we have to. As for signing the contract, I told you that even if we die in the game, we still have a pension.”

“That’s very good.”

“You don’t even look at it. Who found the guild?”

Su Mo noticed at this time that almost all the passengers on this train were talking about Star Ring.

And a lot of them go to Imperial Capital for training.

It seems that they are all elite players who have been absorbed.

At this moment, Chen Tian’s group came over. He looked at the location and sat beside Su Mo.

The people he brought also sat down in the vicinity.

The atmosphere was quiet all of a sudden and became a little noisy.

Su Mo just glanced and said nothing.

At this moment, Su Mo’s cell phone vibrated, he subconsciously picked it up and took a look, only to see his newly registered Wechat software pop up one by one prompts.

“Prompt, whether to join the 10th Legion chat group (183923 people) of Dawning Guild.”

“Prompt, whether to join the 10th Legion 12 group chat group of Daybreak Guild (15023 people) “

“Prompt, Lin Zino asked to add you as a friend.”

Su Mo was also a little surprised, and then clicked a few times and agreed.

Just after agreeing, Lin Zinuo’s information kept popping up like bullets.

“Did you leave?”

“When will it arrive?”

Su Mo fell silent as he watched the messages that kept popping up, he was a little suspicious , Was it a bit hasty when I chose to join? Why does it feel like I’m chasing a soul, for fear of running away.

He replied, set off, and muted his phone.

At this time, the train is going out, and it is not delayed normally, and it will arrive at Imperial Capital in three hours.

Su Mo leaned against the window and quietly admired the scenery outside.

He looked at the tall buildings and slid behind him, and soon the train drove out of the magic capital.

At this time, the scenery completely changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and the buildings in the distance began to become shorter and less dense.

After a while, fields and woods begin to be seen.

But most of them are in a barren state.

This is not a waste of land and resources, but more than 70% of the world’s land is affected by radiation left over from the last war. Basically, it is impossible to use, and the crops that are forcibly planted can be eaten, but the side effects are great.

Therefore, most of them have given up on these more heavily polluted areas.

(end of this chapter)

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