Star Ring Mission Chapter 52


Chapter 52 The Great Ominous

Unfortunately, there is no humanoid. According to the latest pilot report on intelligent robots issued by country Z, it is clear that pointed out. Due to uncontrollable factors, humanoid intelligence can only be tested and popularized in a small area, so it can only be used in high walls.

Soon Su Mo walked to Exit 14, and many people came to pick up people.

To be honest, his mood was really a little fluctuating, and he was a little curious about how his life would change in the future.

Immediately after Su Mo, he found the person who came to pick him up at a glance, because blue hair is rare, coupled with a very stern leather jacket, so it is very conspicuous, not to mention that the girl looks extremely good .

There was only one thing that surprised him. It wasn’t just a woman who came to pick him up. Next to him was a little bear wearing a blue cheongsam with a very cute hairpin on his head, holding a Muppet bear, a very short loli, who looks like she is not even ten years old.

Su Mo walked in front of the two of them, hesitant in his heart, then gathered up his courage and asked shyly: “Are you here to pick me up?”

“You are Su Mo, right? I’m Ziqing, she’s Zidie, we’re here to pick you up.”

Ziqing looked Su Mo up and down, lightly saying.


Su Mo replied somewhat unnaturally nodded

“Wow, it’s really a little fresh meat, very handsome. The elder sister Zinuo didn’t lie to us, she just wore a little old fashioned, the style of this sweater is probably from more than ten years ago.”

Zidie shook Ziqing’s hand very happily, Like seeing a novelty toy.

Su Mo looked at the two with curiosity and anxiety in his eyes. But I didn’t know what to say, and the atmosphere was a little cold for a while.

In addition, Su Mo is also a bit strange that the other party would bring such a young girl to pick him up. It stands to reason that such a small child should not be a member of the guild. Thinking of this, in order to ease the embarrassment, Su Mo tried to ask: “Excuse me, are you a mother and daughter?”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Zi Mo asked. The smile on Die Xiao’s face suddenly stiffened, and Zi Qing’s indifferent expression couldn’t hold back.

She felt that her head hurt even more, she really wanted to go crazy, but fortunately, the last trace of reason controlled herself, she said coldly.

“What do you look at, am I that old? This is my younger sister, I really don’t know what you think.”

“I’m sorry!”

Su Mo became more and more embarrassed, he realized he had said the wrong thing and apologized quickly.

“Forget it, don’t care about you anymore, let’s go.”

Zi Qing waved at Su Mo.

Su Mo followed the two of them moved towards the parking lot, the three of them were speechless along the way, and the atmosphere was a little stagnant.

Soon the three of them got into a blue car, and Ziqing drove out.

“Are we going to the company now?”

Su Mo thought for a while, and asked again and again. place, he was very disturbed and wanted to know as much as he could about the situation.

“Go to my house, elder sister Zinuo arranged you with us, and you will live with us from now on.”

“Isn’t there a staff dormitory? Why go there? Where do you live?”

Su Mo became even more puzzled when he heard this, is it possible that Zi Nuo is so kind to him, and he even opened a small stove for him?

“You’re right, normally there are staff dormitories, but what did you do, don’t you have any points in your heart? You have killed so many people, if you live in the staff dormitory building, a bunch of People are waiting to take care of you.”

Zi Qing explained to Su Mo while driving.

“The elder sister Ziqing is right. I asked us to take care of you because of this child Nuo elder sister.”

Zidie interjected.

“But aren’t you from the same guild?”

Su Mo was a little puzzled.

“You killed people from the land warfare system. We belong to the naval warfare system. Although they belong to the same twelve groups, they are not from the same department. But you are really good enough, we Twelfth The group, there are only more than 3,000 elite members in total, and you killed more than 500 people in one go. In this way, Sister Han did not tear you alive, it seems that your identity is not simple!”

Zi When Qing said that, she couldn’t help but squinted at the rear-view mirror and took another look at Su Mo.

Su Mo is also very embarrassed. I don’t know how to justify it. Logically, this matter is really ridiculous.

Ziqing saw that Su Mo was taciturn, so she didn’t continue to worry about this matter, she opened her mouth and said to Su Mo.

“I can tell you about the situation, Imperial Capital is divided into ten rings in total, with a perennial population of 50 million. The area closer to the inner ring is more prosperous, and consumption is also more expensive. One ring is forbidden to enter, To put it bluntly, it is within the high wall, don’t approach it when you have nothing to do, or you will be caught and no one will protect you.”


Su Mo replied complied.

“Our Dawning Group is located in the central area of the Second Ring Road, and the area we live in now is located in the Fifth Ring Road area”

Su Mo listened to Ziqing’s explanation to him, and through the The window, looking out at the bustling street.

A long time later, Ziqing drove her car into a high-end residential area, Bailan District, and parked downstairs in a high-level apartment. She took out an access card and handed it to Su Mo.

“Take it, don’t lose it, you won’t be able to get in without the access card.”


Su Mo accepted it obediently down.

Then Ziqing and Su Mo walked in with them. The entrance hall of the apartment was decorated at a high level, using high-quality marble, and there were special security guards and the building steward waiting.

When they saw Ziqing who came in, they bowed and greeted each other.

“Welcome home.”


Then the three walked into the elevator and soon came to the twenty-third floor.

The units here are all one-ladder-one-units, but for safety reasons, the elevator does not lead directly to the suite.

Zi Qing extended the hand on the fingerprint lock.

“Recognition passed!”


Zi Qing pushed open the door directly.

Su Mo smelled a strong smell of alcohol on his face, and he was also a little confused. According to his common sense, shouldn’t the average girls’ dormitory be fragrant, how can there be such a strong smell of alcohol.

Just when Su Mo was full of confusion, he followed Ziqing to the door.

Suddenly a black shadow fell from the sky, and a red lace shield fell on Su Mo’s head impartially.

Su Mo’s head went down on the spot, and his whole body was stiff in place, speechless for a long time.

At this time, in the living room, a red-faced, hot short-haired girl sang excitedly while holding a wine bottle while drinking. “My heart, wow cool, wow cool”

And the thing on Su Mo’s head was also thrown out by the other party.

Looking carefully, the whole living room is messy, and there are underwear flying everywhere.


Zi Qing was instantly angry and scolded loudly.

Hannah seemed to wake up a little when she heard the scolding. She lifts the head, her hazy eyes looked towards Zi Qing, laughed in response.

“Sister Ziqing, you’re back! Aiya brought a little fresh meat, and she looks quite shy.”

“I didn’t tell you, Hanna. After that, I’m going to bring the boy back, seeing what you’ve done, you’ve thrown your underwear on people’s foreheads.”

“Ah, ah, it’s just a small matter, didn’t they just break up with love? , in a bad mood.”

Hanna didn’t care at all.

“You have been in love for several years, so don’t use this as an excuse again and again. Who else made you drink, the company strictly prohibits drinking, and now it is in the period of land reclamation, and you must be on call 24 hours a day.”


“I’m not here to welcome new roommates? You see, I’ve prepared a very rich hot pot, let’s eat together.”

Hanna didn’t care at all, she was drunk ‘s sophistry.

(end of this chapter)

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