Star Ring Mission Chapter 53


Chapter 53 The Wind

Zi Qing is a little speechless, she cursed inwardly. If the ghost believed this guy, he obviously drank and ate it himself.

She adjusted her mentality, extended the hand took off the clothes on Su Mo’s head, and introduced to Su Mo: “Hannah is an alcoholic, you should be careful.”

” en. ”

Su Mo stiff replied.

At this moment, a quiet girl with her hair tied up, wearing a thin t-shirt and a little baby fat put down the book in her hand and said to Ziqing unhappily.

“Where are you going, I’m bringing back another trouble.”

After listening to this, Su Mo’s expression became more and more embarrassed, a little not knowing what to do .

“I’ll introduce to you, this is Zhang Wenjing. By the way, don’t mess with her, she’s a little abnormal.”

Ziqing seems to have long been used to Zhang Wenjing’s words The way, she directly ignored what he said and introduced to Su Mo.

“No way? She’s not quite normal.”

Su Mo is a little unconvinced, although the other party’s words are not very pleasant, but there is no need to say so.

“I’m not kidding you, you don’t see her as normal. When she gets angry, it’s no different from killing a Human Demon girl.”

Su Mo heard Brains are buzzing here.

“Anyway, the people in this dormitory, except for me, are normal, others are not normal, there are problems.”

Zi Qing warned Su Mo very seriously.

“Does it include Zidie? is it possible that she also has a problem?”

Su Mo asked suspiciously.

“Of course I’m fine, but I welcome Big Brother you very much. They are very happy.”

Zi Die is innocent, lively and lovely. Who will not doubt that such a cute child has problems. However, her little hand was strangling the neck of the doll bear in her arms, as if to strangle it to death.

Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly, it’s all a bunch of who.

Ziqing looked at Su Mo’s abnormal expression and said to him: “Okay, I probably know the situation and you don’t have to complain. Because you are not normal, just say no. It’s nice, I’m just looking at you people who have problems. If anyone is most qualified to complain, it’s me.”

After listening to Ziqing’s words, Su Mo was at a loss for words, as if she said There’s nothing wrong with them, and I can’t compare them to normal.

In fact, it’s not that Ziqing has an opinion on Su Mo, but that she has a headache for Su Mo who was stuffed over.

She’s been in constant trouble on her own side, and now she’s adding another hot potato.

The most important thing is that Ziqing still has no way to refuse Lin Zinuo. Because she owed her a lot of favor in the past. There is a saying that good money can be repaid, but favors are hard to pay.

The reason why Lin Zinuo did this is to help Su Mo reduce unnecessary conflicts as much as possible, while maintaining the peace of the Marine Corps.

Su Mo’s heart is also very complicated at this time. When he came, he originally thought it would be a single room, or a dormitory with a group of boys. No matter how bad it is, it should be a mixed life. I didn’t expect that all of them are girls, or a group of girls with problems.

He asked a little uncomfortable: “Our dormitory seems to be full of girls. It’s not suitable for me to live here.”

“Aiya, the Dawnbreak Guild is a guild that favors girls. , Naturally, there are more girls. Besides, we don’t feel anything, you still have an opinion. Seriously, you should be snickering, how many boys dream of living in, and they don’t have the kind of treatment you have. ”

Hanna said to Su Mo.

“If you don’t like it, you can move out.”

Zhang Wenjing pointed it out unceremoniously.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while, and Su Mo didn’t know what to say.

“Okay, what are you talking about, let’s have a drink together. Bah! It should be dinner together.”

Hanna invited her with a bottle of wine.

“Forget it, let’s eat first.”

Zi Qing didn’t say anything, after all, Su Mo had just arrived on her trip, so she was probably hungry.

Su Mo walked to the table and sat down. The table was filled with various mutton rolls, beef rolls, and a small amount of green vegetables, which can be said to be very rich.

Without the previous dialogue, Su Mo would definitely think that Hanna was prepared to meet her.

Looking at it now, it’s obviously not the case. Several empty bottles have been thrown next to the table. How can anyone eat and drink before the waiter arrives.

“I said Hanna, you prepared so many ingredients, and you have more money?”

Ziqing’s brows are almost twisted into a mess, isn’t this a waste of money?

“It’s not rare to have a newcomer.”

Hannah raised the bottle and drank it, grinning.

“This reason is not valid, he is not from our naval battle team.”

“Hey, it doesn’t make any difference. Doesn’t he live here? He will be our roommate in the future, so out of politeness, we’ll give people a sip, let’s not talk about that, let’s have a drink first. .”

Hannah, who was full of drunkenness, opened a new bottle of beer and stepped forward.

“No need, thank you, I don’t know how to drink.”

“What can’t you drink? What if you don’t know how to drink? If you want to pick up girls in the future, it’s standard.”

Han Na said and shoved the bottle into Su Mo’s mouth.

Su Mo braced oneself and took a gulp.

“Haha, why do you feel so strange when you drink? You mustn’t really drink this stuff.”

Hanna looked at Su Mo’s expression, Laughing to bloom.

Zi Qing was also quite surprised. She glanced at Su Mo more. At his age, there are indeed very few people who have never touched wine.

“No, first time.”

Su Mo answered truthfully.

“How are you feeling? Isn’t it cool? Haha!”

Hannah asked heartless.

“Not good to drink, but you can still drink it.”

Su Mo replied truthfully after pondering for a few seconds.

“Come on, let’s drink one more, and you’ll get used to it.”

Hanna continued to persuade her to drink.

“I really don’t need it.”

Su Mo hurriedly refused. He really didn’t like drinking it, and he felt that it was not very good.

“Have a drink, you are a big man, what a jerk. If you are a man, just drink it with me.”

Han Na just wants to pull Su Mo drinks together.

Su Mo has no choice but to drink it from bronze oneself.

“That’s right! We won’t go home if we don’t get drunk today!”

Hanna took out a large box of high-strength beer directly from under the table.

Ziqing looked at the whole case of beer, her head hurt more and more, she couldn’t help sighed.


The next morning, there was a knock on the door, Su Mo opened his eyes with difficulty, his throat felt extremely dry, his head was still dizzy, and his hoarse replied .

“Come on.”

Su Mo walked to the door and opened the door, only to see Zi Qing wearing a white JK style, a top with a diagonal collar, a blue skirt, white floral lace stockings, and high-heeled leather shoes stand at the door.

The dress appears to be standard, as there is a crossed sword and shield pattern on the chest.

(end of this chapter)

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