Star Ring Mission Chapter 55


Chapter 55 Exaggeration

Not long after, they were on the suspended intercity highway, Su Mo passed the car Window, looking down at the city with novelty.

The streets are very lively, people coming, people going, various shops open very early, and many people gather in front of many breakfast shops.

Of course, there are also many 24-hour vending shops, but they are not as popular as artificial ones.

The whole city looks full of life and energy.

Ziqing said to Su Mo while driving: “Usually if time permits, you can take our car to work. But if time permits, you need to take the subway or take a taxi by yourself, and commute normally. At least forty minutes.”


Su Mo replied while watching the bustling scenery outside.

“You should have come from a small place.”

Zi Qing saw Su Mo looking outside, so fascinated, asked indifferently.

“en. ”

Su Mo didn’t explain anything. Although he came from the magic capital, he has always lived in an urban village, which is no different from a small place.

β€œImperial Capital is no different than other places, it is prosperous and full of temptations. Of course, the cost of living here is also very high, not everyone can stay here. But it is also full of opportunities. , many people have found the opportunity to change their lives here, and many people have also hit their heads and blood here.”

Zi Qing reminded Su Mo intentionally or unintentionally.

It’s a pity that Su Mo didn’t respond much at all, and I don’t know if he didn’t understand it, or something.

Soon Ziqing drove the car to the headquarters of the Breaking Dawn Group. Su Mo was shocked by the building in front of him, and the whole person was dumbfounded.

In Imperial Capital, the headquarters of the Breaking Dawn Group has such a large piece of land, and with a circular structure, fourteen skyscrapers have been built. The tallest building in the middle is a kilometer high.

And there is an eggshell-shaped building behind the building.

There are security checkpoints everywhere, all guarded by security guards dressed in black suits, with sunglasses on their eyes and communicators on their ears.

Ziqing drove in from the B3 entrance and parked the car very soon.

She introduced to Su Mo: “This is where the Dawnbreak Guild resides. The 600-meter-high building in front is our 10th Legion building, and we work there. As for the other buildings, it’s different. The Legion’s, remember that there is nothing special, don’t run around. Although it is a guild, the internal relationship is more or less delicate.”

“Good. But such a big place , are they all from the Dawning Guild?”


“I don’t quite understand this. Is it worth investing so much in order to play a game? ?”

Su Mo asked curiously. This scale can no longer be described as an exaggeration. In the past, when playing a game, it would be good for a guild to set up a studio. Even if it was more exaggerated, it would make sense to set up a company.

But there are more than a dozen group skyscrapers in front of you! Just to play a game? It’s just too unimaginable.

Soon they walked to the front of the building, and at the door stood a girl with pink curly hair, wearing a guild uniform, and biting a lollipop in her mouth.

“Zhou Qian.”

Zi Qing said hello.

“Sister Ziqing, you’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for a long time, leave it to me.”

“Okay, Su Mo is your colleague, you follow her That’s it.”

Zi Qing turned her head and said to Su Mo.

“Well, thank you.”

Su Mo nods.

“Follow me, this is your ID card, you hang it around your neck. Remember not to take it off during work, without this card, you are here unable to move a single step .”

Zhou Qian took Su Mo into the building and handed him an ID card at the same time.

Su Mo took it, looking at the ID card with his own picture on it, it became more and more interesting.

At the entrance of the building, there is a special gate for passage. A employees who come to work can use their ID cards to swipe the machine to enter.

After the two entered, Zhou Qian took Su Mo into an elevator and began to introduce the working environment.

“This building has a total of 200 floors. The higher the floor, the higher the status of the working person. You are now a member of the Marine Elite Corps, and you can pass to the 30th floor. You can’t go any higher. Now, after getting on the elevator, you need to swipe your ID card, the induction area above the floor button. The 2-10th floor is the United Front Hall, and the 11-20th floor is the staff restaurant. If you are hungry in the future, you can come down to eat at any time. Dinner.”


Su Mo nods.

Zhou Qian clicked on the 22nd floor.

The elevator ascends very fast, reaching the 22nd floor soon.

The elevator door opened, and employee a, holding various documents, was busy walking around.

Most of them are young and beautiful girls. Of course, there are also many male employees, but the number is relatively small.

When they saw Zhou Qian, they greeted each other.

“Sister Qian!”

“Sister Qian, you’re here.”

But when they saw Su Mo, their expressions changed, Some were directly indifferent and ignored, while others showed annoyance in their eyes.

In short, to put it into one sentence, it is very repelling Su Mo.

Although Zhou Qian also felt it, she didn’t say anything. Because she also has a lot of opinions about Su Mo in her heart, thanks to this guy, several of her sisters have died.

Fortunately, everyone restrained their dissatisfaction.

Su Mo naturally noticed it, but he didn’t say anything, he had already prepared it in his heart.

Zhou Qian took Su Mo to a spacious office, where a young man and woman were sitting talking and laughing.

At this time, they saw Zhou Qian bring Su Mo in, and all the laughter suddenly stopped.

Very tacit understanding of each other, without looking up at Su Mo.

It’s a disguised rejection of him, but unfortunately Su Mo doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all, instead he prefers the feeling of being ignored.

Zhou Qian said to Su Mo, “There is a punch card machine here, and you will record your fingerprints in a while. After you come to work, you will use your fingerprints to punch the card here, and the workstation in the corner is you. You will work there in the future.”


Su Mo looked at the empty place in the corner, very satisfied and clean.

“Follow me.”

Zhou Qian moved towards the front, Su Mo quickly followed.

“This is the Star Ring game log-in computer room. All machines are open, and everyone can use them freely. There is no fixed location. But you should pay attention that the computer room is also divided into male and female rooms. Don’t go wrong. Of course, if you can be promoted to an executive, then you will have a fixed private room.”

Su Mo listened to Zhou Qian’s introduction and looked at the computer room, all of which were equipped with space massage chairs. The configuration of the game helmet is similar to that of the ordinary machine in Xingyou Cafe.

Zhou Qian took Su Mo back to the elevator again, the two walked in, and she clicked on the 26th floor.

β€œWhere are we going?”

Su Mo asked curiously.

(end of this chapter)

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