Star Ring Mission Chapter 56


Chapter 56 Introduction

“Take you to the training ground, floors 26-30 are various training areas. “


Su Mo replied curiously.

Soon they came to the 26th floor. The layout of this floor is very special. The whole body is divided into training rooms by transparent high-strength hardened glass.

Su Mo and Zhou Qian walked along the corridor.

It can be clearly seen that many elites gather in each training room.

Some of them run long distances on professional treadmills, some are practicing dumbbells, and some are practicing Sanda and boxing.

There are also people wielding cold weapons such as swords.

In some training rooms, there are even battle arenas, where many people gather to compete and compete.

The atmosphere is very good and overall positive.

Of course, these exercises are relatively normal, and they are all physical breakthroughs.

While walking forward, Su Mo starts to hear gunshots.

In the shooting hall, a young men and women, holding real guns, practice shooting at specially set moving targets.

I was a little surprised to see this Su Mo, you must know that he remembers that country Z has very strict control on firearms.

At this time, Su Mo saw a group of girls in the center of the shooting training center surrounding a young man full of masculinity. The young man was shirtless and raised a rifle with one hand.

“One-handed shooting?”

Su Mo is also a little curious, knowing that the rifle’s recoil is very strong. Generally, both hands are unstable, and it is necessary to adjust the shooting posture and drag the gun against the shoulder.

However, a shocking scene appeared. I saw the young man staring at the target, holding the gun in one hand, straightening it out, and pulling the trigger to shoot!

peng peng ~~

Soon all the bullets were fired.

The muzzle hasn’t swayed much, and it can be seen how strong its arms are.

The onlookers screamed in excitement.

“Wang Lei, you are really strong, very handsome!!!”

“Really strong, are all our people that strong?”

Su Mo couldn’t help but praise. He thinks that he himself may not be able to be so stable.

“cough cough, he’s not from our group.”

Zhou Qian replied embarrassedly.

“Then who is he?”

“He is the elite of a group. Our tenth Legion is divided into twelve groups in total. The higher the ranking, the stronger the group. .The first group is Corps Head’s Guards, our group’s ranking is floating, the stronger the strength, the higher the ranking.”

“I remember we seem to be the Twelfth group, isn’t it.”


Su Mo reacted immediately.

“cough cough, that was an accident, don’t worry about it, I’ll take you to another training room to have a look.”

Zhou Qian quickly changed the subject, accidentally said the wrong thing, Bring it all in.

β€œWhat other training room?”

Su Mo became more and more curious.

“More, we have super complete facilities here. I remember you seem to be a tank driver. I will show you the training room in this area.”

Zhou Qian Suddenly remembered that Su Mo was assigned to the tank team.

“There’s a tank here?”

Su Mo’s eyes are even more incredible, this thing is definitely a first-class contraband.

“It’s a tank simulation training device.”

“Oh, I thought it was real.”

“You mean a real tank? Of course. Yes, but the tank is too heavy to be placed in the building. Our group has an actual combat range in the suburbs, and there are a lot of them parked there. If you are interested, you can apply to drive there, no problem. .”

Zhou Qian explained to Su Mo responsibly.


Su Mo was speechless for a long time.

Zhou Qian saw that Su Mo was silent, and thought that Su Mo was frightened. She patted Su Mo’s shoulder and said meaningfully: “You just joined the guild, it’s normal to be scared, and you will slowly know how strong the guild is when you look back.”

At this time Su Mo asked, “I’m a little confused, isn’t this a game? As for fighting like this?”

Zhou Qian was stunned when she heard Su Mo’s words, and was speechless for a long time.

She didn’t seem to really think about it, but she quickly came back to his senses and said to Su Mo, “What’s so weird about money, don’t think about it. Let’s do it well. Our business, just get my salary.”


Su Mo didn’t ask any further questions.

Soon Zhou Qian took Su Mo to the tank training room on the 27th floor, where there were several simulation machines.

“When you are free, you can come here for training. Dual training in-game and out-of-game can make your skills advanced by leaps and bounds.”

“en. ”

Su Mo nods.

“Okay, the tour is almost done, it’s time to go back.”

“Isn’t there a training room above?”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“Above the 28th floor are biochemical laboratories, material mixing rooms, and mecha simulation training rooms. Those training rooms are generally not open to the people below, and you need to apply, but generally you don’t need them. As for the third 10th layer and above, it is the area of other groups, don’t go up if you have nothing to do. And my 12th group area is 21-30 layers. “

Zhou Qian instructed Su Mo.


Su Mo didn’t say much.

Then he and Zhou Qian returned to the 22nd floor, Zhou Qian said to Su Mo: “We implement a three-shift work system here, the first shift is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm , the second shift is from 4:00 to 12:00, and the second shift is from 12:00 to 8:00 in the evening. Generally speaking, the first shift is the most comfortable, but to be fair, we have a rotation system, and you are temporarily In the first shift, someone will notify you when you are going to change shifts, of course, if you do well, you can join whichever shift you want.”


Su Mo poured don’t really care.

“By the way, you should have joined the guild group.”


Su Mo replied as a nod.

“Well, that’s good. You just joined the guild. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask your colleagues next to you. If you really can’t, just ask in the group. As for which squad you join, you still need a child. Sister Nuo further confirms, just wait patiently.”

Just as Su Mo was talking with Zhou Qian, the sound of the radio in the building suddenly sounded.

“Urgently broadcast a message that Auroville has been attacked by a zombie group going south. Please all standby combat formation personnel go to the game immediately and prepare for the blocking battle.”

Zhou Qian After hearing the broadcast, he immediately said to Su Mo.

“Stop talking, let’s play the game!”


Su Mo responded calmly, saying that Auroville was hit by the corpse tide , not surprising at all. After all, Su Mo himself only escaped from the corpse tide not long ago, and counting the time, it was almost time to hit him.

Soon Su Mo followed the crowd into the computer room. He walked to the corner, found a piece of equipment and sat on it, then put on his helmet.

A virtual reminder popped up in his eyes.

“Are you logged in to the game?”


Su Mo’s consciousness moved slightly.

After a dazzling white light, Su Mo opened his eyes and found himself in the defensive area of the Northern Part of City Division at Dawn.

The entire defensive area was super lively, and the a player rushed towards the front line of defense.

(end of this chapter)

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