Star Ring Mission Chapter 57


Chapter 57 Team

Su Mo thought about it carefully, then moved towards the back and ran. If his memory is correct, when the Ertooth attacked here, all the heavy weapons came from the rear, which means that there must be a military camp behind the defense line, and the tank formation should be there.

It turns out that Su Mo really guessed right, there is a huge camp near the suburbs of Dawn City.

Su Mo was stopped by a team of guard girls as soon as he approached. The lead was a middle-aged woman with short hair.

“You are from our guild? Why do you look so rude.”

“New here.”

Su Mo explained after thinking for a while.

The captain of the guard took out a device and said to Su Mo: “The bracelet is on.”

Although Su Mo is not quite clear, what are they going to do, they still lift it up. Left hand.


“Name: Su Mo, identity: Daybreak Guild Tenth Legion, Twelfth Group, No. 54288, belonging to the tank formation.”

“Su Mo, are you the engine that destroys the group?”

asked the middle-aged woman who took the lead, brows tightly frowns.

Su Mo’s expression is also a little embarrassed. It’s true that good things don’t go out, and bad things spread thousands of miles.

“Sister Li, Sister Zinuo has explained that you are not allowed to embarrass him.”

The sister next to her reminded.

“Forget it, you go in.”

Sister Li waved her hands a little depressedly.

“Thank you.”

Su Mo ran in quickly. At this time, in the military camp, player a was online, and they hurriedly moved towards the reserve.

Signature flags were erected in various areas of the camp, and Su Mo quickly found the area where the tank formations were located.

He ran over in a hurry, but it was a pity that he arrived a little late.

Accompanied by a rumbling sound.

a The player drives a tank from Su Mo, and the camp area becomes completely empty without a single tank in sight.

Su Mo has nodded pain standing there.

At this time, a maintenance worker came out with a cigarette in his mouth. When he saw Su Mo, he looked up and down, blew a smoke ring out, and said, “You should be the new one.”

“Yes, where are the tanks here? What?”

Su Mo asked.

“Tanks? There are no spare tanks for you here. You should go back and rest first.”

It’s not that the uncle is embarrassing Su Mo, but the large-scale weapons of the guild, which are generally one radish and one pit.

Although Su Mo is incorporated into a tank formation, he must have new weapons in storage before it can be assigned to him.

At this moment, a big man ran past and stepped back.

He looked Su Mo up and down, and he found that Su Mo didn’t even have a backpack on him, and stood there dumbfounded.

“Brother is new here.”

“en. “

Su Mo didn’t think much of it, and nodded slightly.


The big man took off a QBU99 sniper rifle equipped with a scope from his back and threw it to Su Mo.


Su Mo was a little surprised.

“Take your weapons and come with me. At first glance, you are a newcomer and don’t understand anything. It doesn’t matter when I first came here.”

Dahan took Su Mo and ran to the side of the munitions depot.

Then the cheerful big man took Su Mo to pick up a military kit, which contained the most basic survival supplies, as well as a Wireless Electronics communicator.

Then took Su Mo moved towards the former defensive position.

Although Su Mo was a little unaccustomed to it, he still tried his best to get used to it.

Not very long, the two of them went to the frontier battlefield.

There are dug trenches all over the place, and the zombies that are like a tide in the distance are coming here, and the imposing manner can be described as spectacular.

If it were an ordinary player and a small guild, they would probably be scared and run away.

It’s just that they encountered players from the Dawnbreaker Guild, who were not to be trifled with, and quickly showed strong teamwork.

I saw that they set up a Gatling to fire violently, and groups of zombies kept falling down.

Although the zombie group is huge in number, it can’t bear the dawn. The guild has been warned in advance and has been prepared long ago, and all kinds of firepower cooperate to suppress it.

After some powerful zombie breakthroughs were blocked by firepower, they were immediately hit by heavy weapons baptism, and the shells fell down, all split up and in pieces.

There is a saying that all fear comes from a lack of firepower, which is true.

Dahan and Su Mo crossed the fire points and entered an adjacent trench.

“Brother, my name is Zhang Kui, what’s your name?”

Zhang Kui and Su Mo were in a good mood chatting across the trenches and asking, in fact, he also joined by chance. Breaking Dawn Guild’s. He joined the union not long before Su Mo, and he didn’t know many people. And because his behavior may be a bit dirty, and the guild is mostly female, he doesn’t have a good partner.

β€œSu Mo.”

Su Mo replied simply.

“This name sounds familiar, brother, did you offend who when you entered the guild, and no one will take you, normally you have to bring new ones.”

Zhang Kui smacking the lips said a lot.

Su Mo didn’t answer him, but lay in the trenches and fired at the zombie in the distance.


One shot at a time, just like shooting a target.

Zhang Kui saw that Su Mo was playing so seriously, and thought he was nervous, so he comforted: “Brother, don’t be so nervous, these corpses are nothing to us. We convened urgently, in fact, it is more to train us. I told you that when the number of zombies in the early stage is large, let those with heavy weapons fight. We just squat here and rest. Our biggest role is to wait for the zombies. When the group has been cleaned very sparsely, do it again.”

Su Mo thought for a while, he felt that what Zhang Kui said made sense, so he stopped.

“That’s right, let me tell you, this Dawnbreaker Guild is really good, and the benefits are great. Especially the restaurant, if you go early, you might be able to order low-polluting green vegetables. As for eating, you must know how precious green vegetables are.”

Zhang Kui also became more and more energetic.

Of course, Zhang Kui can’t be blamed for this. People like him at the bottom usually have a hard time eating this stuff.

Because it is calculated according to the pollution value 0-10.

0 is the most expensive one, and the starting price of a pound is calculated in thousand.

1-5 is a micro-pollution, and it costs several hundred yuan per pound.

6-10 is low pollution, and a kilogram is also several dozen yuan.

Above 10 is considered moderately polluted and cannot be eaten at all.

Excessive consumption will cause cell necrosis, organ dysfunction, and various complications and terminal illnesses.

This shows how precious and popular things are in this world without pollution.

Zhang Kui also said nothing, and chatted with Su Mo for a long time.

Su Mo listened quietly the whole time without saying much.

After a long time, Zhang Kui said that he was a little tired, he let out a breath, and said to Su Mo: “Brother, help me to watch, I took a nap, I was working underworld yesterday, and I stayed up too late.

I’m done.”


Su Mo replied quietly.

“Thank you.”

After Zhang Kui finished speaking, he closed his eyes and fell asleep after a while.

(end of this chapter)

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