Star Ring Mission Chapter 58


Chapter 58 Hard work

Su Mo was leaning in the trenches and had nothing to do, picking up a compressed biscuit to replenish his strength.

At this time, his eyes could not help but fall on his bracelet.

It was only then that he noticed that his wristband seemed to unlock a lot of functions at some point, the most prominent of which was the addition of a guild function.

He tried to click, and one virtual interface popped up.

The most conspicuous thing is in the Bounty Mission column of the guild, there are a lot of tasks, some of which are to collect materials, some to rescue and so on.

The remuneration is very generous, ranging from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, but there are very few people who take the task.

Anyone who is not stupid can see that these tasks are very difficult. But it’s normal, how could such a high bounty be issued for a task that is not very difficult.

You must know that most of these tasks are issued by the guild players themselves, which is equivalent to asking for help with their own money in disguise.

Each task is marked with the name of the publisher, the Legion to which it belongs, and the position.

Su Mo continued to read, his eyes suddenly changed.

He found a lot of shared material in the guild channel, which covered many aspects. Which introduces a lot of monster information in detail, although impossible is very complete. But Su Mo has read all the monster information that Su Mo has seen so far. In addition to these, there are detailed information on various items, weapons, and mechanisms.

It can be seen that these data are collected by the players themselves. It is equivalent to saying that players have to rely on themselves from the beginning to this world, and the system does not give any help, even this bracelet is just a blank machine, except for providing a logout function, there is nothing else.

This can’t help but make Su Mo a single thought, is this playing a game or throwing them to another world.

But it’s also possible that this is the power of the ZR Bionic world, as it advertises as a 100% real simulation.

At this time, Su Mo saw a document in it, and his eyes suddenly changed subtly.

“Gene evolution potion, according to the obtained literature, it can basically be confirmed that the gene evolution potion will run through the entire Star Ring game process and occupy an extremely important weight. It can completely change the player’s genes, making them A qualitative change occurs, which is related to the quality and composition of the genetic medicine.

It is also related to the player himself. The higher the level of genetic medicine, the stronger the power. However, most genetic medicines show The ingredients are unknown, which means that there will be unpredictable consequences after use. In addition, it is rumored that different players use the same genetic medicine, and there will be different degrees of deviation due to the degree of fit.

So far Players get the highest level of genetic medicine for type II, it is said that the player who uses it has undergone tremendous changes in the body, becoming a half-human, half-monster existence, but at the same time, he also gains power that can rival type II mutants.”

This information perfectly explained the situation of York’s rampage at that time, Su Mo was a little fortunate, but fortunately that guy used only type I genetic medicine at that time, otherwise it is estimated that he was lying down.

However, there is one thing that makes Su Mo a little unsure. Is it a success for York to use the genetic medicine or not? The strength has indeed skyrocketed a lot, but I always feel that the appearance is a bit alienated.

Forget it, don’t think about it, Su Mo continued to read the information, the more he read, the more fascinated he became.

Sure enough, the Great Guild has too many advantages that the stragglers can’t match. If nothing else, it’s simply difficult for stragglers to get access to these materials.

As time passed, the sky gradually dimmed, and the fierce firepower in the front row gradually went out.

At this time, the wireless walkie-talkie that Su Mo carried, rang Li Shi’s voice.

“Up to now, the zombie tide has been effectively contained. According to the reconnaissance feedback of the armed helicopters, there is no sign of subsequent large-scale impact, so all heavy weapons are hereby withdrawn. In addition, in order to prevent scattered and small-scale zombies from impacting the defense line , ask all your companions to stand by and block.”

Su Mo turned his head and glanced at Zhang Kui who was still sound asleep, hesitating for a while, but he still didn’t wake him up, and he began to look for a target to shoot.

At this time, the quiet and vast starry sky, the stars twinkled, and the moonlight like a hazy veil shrouded the broad earth.

A breeze blew past Su Mo’s heart.

His heart had never been calmer, and he pulled the trigger gently.


A zombie crawling silently in the distance fell directly, and the viscous liquid splashed all over the place.

After killing it, Su Mo put the gun away, leaned back against the edge of the trench, and stared at the starry sky above.

From time to time, a gunshot or two could be heard not far away.

He felt incredibly relaxed physically and mentally, which was great.

Is this a sense of belonging to the team?

Su Mo’s thoughts continued to diverge, of course when some zombies taking advantage of the night approached and made some subtle sounds. Su Mo will turn around, raise the sniper rifle in his hand, and fire a shot.

Fast, time flies fast.

Unconsciously the dawn sun began to fall on the ground.

Zhang Kui, who was sleeping soundly, woke up in a daze. He wiped the corner of his mouth and asked.

“Brother, how long have I slept.”

“It’s been a long time.”

“No executives come down.”

Zhang Kui asked somehow guilty.


“Hoo, thank you so much brother, come and have a cigarette.”

Zhang Kui exhaled a long breath, and then he took out the pocket He took out a small pack of cigarettes and handed it to Su Mo.


Su Mo naturally refused, he was not very interested in this.

“You don’t smoke? That’s a pity. You know, this thing is ridiculously expensive in reality, so it’s cheap in the game, and the taste is good. Let me tell you, there are a lot of people who play this game, Just for these few bites.”

Zhang Kui laughed.

“en. ”

Su Mo replied simply.

“Brother, I don’t think you like talking very much! I tell you, people need to communicate, and language is the best way to communicate. I am a person because of I don’t speak very well, and I have suffered a lot, and you will suffer even more in the future.”

“I see.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

Zhang Kui didn’t care about Su Mo’s indifference at all, instead he felt very good.

At least this kind of person gets along more realistically. He has been at the bottom all year round, and he can still see people’s eyes.

β€œbrother, have you eaten yet?”

Su Mo looked helpless after hearing this.

Two days later, Su Mo leaned in the trench with his gun in his hands, and took a short nap with his eyes closed.

Zhang Kui kept babbling on the side: “Hey, it seems that the guild is planning to train our endurance this time. We have been online for almost eight hours. We have not been notified for a break for a while. , or go offline to eat, it feels more strict than before.”

Su Mo was completely indifferent, as if he hadn’t heard it, when Li Shi’s voice sounded from the wireless communication device on his body.

“Everyone, because of your hard work, the zombie tide has been effectively curbed. On behalf of Team Leader Zhao Han, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. The guild will count all the combatants through the wristband, and give them to all of them. One point is given to everyone, from now on there will be new companions to take your place, and when the time comes you can go back to the Camp Safety Sector and go offline.”

“Brother, the job is over.”

Zhang Kui shouted at Su Mo excitedly.

Su Mo opened his eyes slowly, and he could see a large number of players from behind rushing towards them, and they began to replace the players in the trenches along the way.

Soon a squad of three women and two men ran over.

“Thank you for your hard work, we leave it here.”

“en. “

Su Mo replied lightly, climbed out of the trench and walked back.

(end of this chapter)

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