Star Ring Mission Chapter 6


Chapter 6 Waiting

ZR equipment for new games is not very expensive, most of them are helmets. The equipment is subsidized by the government, and one is about 2,000 yuan.

However, the game cabin is expensive. The purchase price of a normal version is 100,000 yuan, the high level version is 500,000 yuan, and the deluxe version is 1 million yuan.

Uncle Wang’s idea is to purchase 200 helmets, ten ordinary game cabins, and a total budget of about 200W for decoration.

Uncle Wang didn’t say much and waited quietly for Su Mo to read the budget sheet.

“I checked it out, there is no problem, everything is according to your plan, but I will purchase an extra deluxe game cabin, I will use it myself.”

Su Mo took Start the phone and transfer 300W directly to Uncle Wang.

“Okay, by the way, you should also sign the prepared shareholding certificate.”

Uncle Wang picked up a shareholding certificate and handed it to Su Mo.


Su Mo did not shirk and sign directly. He knew that Uncle Wang would not accept unilateral help.

β€œI will start to arrange staff and start redecorating now.”

Uncle Wang said energetically.

“Okay, you can do it first, I’ll go first.”


Uncle Wang was not too polite either.

Su Mo left the shabby internet cafe and was just about to go home. Suddenly he stopped and looked towards the popular Xingyou Cafe opposite.

He suddenly realized a problem, Uncle Wang’s Internet cafe must not be able to keep up with the opening of the Star Ring game.

Under normal circumstances, he should buy a device to play at home.

But according to the current level of popularity, it is estimated that it is not easy to buy equipment.

So Su Mo moved towards the opposite star travel coffee, when he approached, a youthful and beautiful breath rushed towards him.

I saw that the waiters of this star travel cafe are all young and beautiful, cute girls in different costumes, including Catwoman, Maid, Lolita, OL, etc.

“Welcome to Xingyou Cafe, all the little brothers and elder sisters, please queue up.”

Two very cute twin girls, Guide’s new guests lined up.

Su Mo lined up very cooperatively.

After half an hour, Su Mo finally got in line, and he entered the Star Tour Cafe.

I was completely shocked by the interior decoration.

The interior space is super spacious. The three-storey building has all been rented, and it is all opened, and the center part is hollow.

There are more than 1,000 helmets on the first floor, and each helmet is equipped with a leather space reclining chair, which can be half-recumbent to enter the game, which maximizes the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body.

In the middle is a huge hollow platform, and the bottom of the platform is the latest holographic projection device.

This device can be connected to any device present, presenting the game screen inside, allowing people to watch it in real time.

At the same time, a large bar is set up here, with drinks, snacks, cigarettes, everything.

The second layer with the hollowed-out center and the third layer have separate private rooms. If there is no accident, the game cabin should be placed.

The scale of this investment, even Su Mo is very moved, what a big hand.

As for Su Mo’s own refurbished internet cafe, it’s not at the same level as this one. It is estimated that it will not become an opponent, and the consumers of the two positioning are not at the same level.

At this time, a young girl with a beautiful and refined appearance, white teeth and red lips, bright eyes with a hint of liveliness and playfulness, came to receive Su Mo.

“Hello sir, our store is newly opened, there are discounts for recharge. Charge 100 get 20, charge 1,000 get 300, charge 10,000 get 4,000, charge 100,000 get 50,000.”

“Can you reserve a seat for the day after tomorrow’s Star Ring service?”

Su Mo asked.

“I’m sorry sir, it’s all fully booked.”

The girl in front of her looked at Su Mo’s outfit and replied with a smile.

Su Mo was also a little disappointed that there was no place. But it’s normal. Although there are many machines here, there are too many people queuing up to book.

At this moment, a handsome young man with famous brand all over his body and a famous watch on his hand walked over from the VIP channel. He leaned against the bar and asked directly.

“Xiao An, is there any deluxe game cabin? I want to reserve two!”

“Isn’t this Brother Hao, of course there is no problem, there is still room for the deluxe game cabin? , I’ll make a reservation for you.”

Xiao An responded enthusiastically.

At this moment, Su Mo, who was standing beside him, said suddenly, “Book one for me too.”

In an instant, Xiao An and the man named Hao Ge turned their heads and looked towards Su Mo.

Brother Hao looked Su Mo up and down and almost laughed.

“Brother, if you want to pretend, you have to do your homework first. It’s not that I look down on you, do you know that the luxury version of the game cabin costs more than an hour?”

Xiao An quickly correct Su Mo explained: “Sir, there is still room for this luxury game cabin. But it is indeed too expensive, it costs 1,000 yuan an hour. And we have a rule here, the first reservation is at least 12 hours from the start. .”

The reason why Xiao An didn’t mention this to Su Mo just now is because Su Mo doesn’t look like a rich man, his clothes are the most ordinary, and he doesn’t have any luxury watches, necklaces or anything. . And I came here on foot, not by car. You must know that 1,000 yuan is equivalent to an ordinary person’s monthly salary, but ordinary people can’t afford it. Xiao An didn’t want to embarrass any of the guests. In her eyes, every guest was the same.

“Brother do what you can.”

Brother Hao said with a smile.

Su Mo didn’t refute, just took out a stack of thousand-yuan bills from his pocket and put it on the table.

“Top up, book one for me.”

Xiao An was also stunned, this pile of young people said there was 100,000 yuan, how could he be so rich?

The smile on Brother Hao’s face was a little stiff, and then he hooked the head and said with a self-deprecating expression: “I’m really wrong, I’m introducing myself as Zhang Hao, what’s your name brother?”

“Su Mo.”

Although Su Mo didn’t really want to talk to Zhang Hao, he still answered politely.

“Su Mo, I remember. Next time we have a chance to meet and play together, let’s go first.”

Zhang Hao turned around and left.

“Mr. Su Mo, I’ll handle the recharge and VIP card for you.”

Xiao An responded and quickly handled it for Su Mo.

Soon an exquisite card was processed, and she respectfully handed it to Su Mo. And looking at Su Mo’s expressions all is a bit different, she has seen many rich people, but such low-key and easy-going people are rare.

“Mr. Su Mo for you.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo took the VIP card and put it in his pocket, then turned and left.


Two days later, Su Mo finished dinner and moved towards Star Travel Cafe.

The big star tour cafe was full, and there were a lot of people who wanted to go in at the gate, but unfortunately they were all stopped by those lovely girls.

“Sorry sir, all our seats are fully booked.”

Su Mo took out his VIP card and went in smoothly.

In the hall, everyone is waiting for twelve o’clock, and everyone is chatting hotly.

“This time, I’m definitely going to be in there.”

“Yeah, fiercely made a fortune.”

“I tell you , I’ve already joined the brother’s guild.”

“Oh, that’s the famous guild, the one that my brother joined me?”


Su Mo tightened his trench coat and went directly to the bar.

“shua card!”

“Ok, Mr. Su Mo, your room is VIP07.”

Xiao An took Su Mo’s card, Brushed, respectfully replied. When returning the card, I didn’t forget to look at Su Mo one more time.

(end of this chapter)

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