Star Ring Mission Chapter 61


Chapter 61 I don’t understand the style

“You are a little different from others, on the surface you don’t seem to understand anything It’s okay to see people’s eyes. But I still want to tell you, don’t lend her in the future, if you lend her, she will use it to buy wine, and all her wages are used to buy wine. Because of this, we I didn’t lend it to her, drinking so much alcohol will cause problems with her body sooner or later.”

Zi Qing said the most important problem, of course Han Na’s reputation would be so bad, that’s because she really borrowed a lot People’s money has not been returned, and no one refuses to come. However, most of those who lent her money were men with bad intentions.

“I see, by the way, can I ask you something?”

“Ask it.”

“The in-game bracelet is shared by Can you see those materials in reality?”

“Yes, you can join the group.”

Zi Qing replies while driving.

“Yes, I have added several groups.”

Su Mo took a look at the phone and said.

“There is a database in each group. Depending on your permissions, you can unlock different levels of data and read it directly.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is. ”

Su Mo was a little surprised.

“But there is one thing I want to remind you, the information will be reviewed, don’t be stupid enough to leak it. During this period of time, several members of the guild did not resist the temptation to leak the secret. All were sent in. Although Star Ring is a game, don’t be naive enough to treat it as a game.”

Ziqing reminded Su Mo intentionally or unintentionally, this is also a disguised kindness Be warned. As the backbone, they followed the Corps Head very early, and naturally knew some secrets more than others.

“I see.”

Su Mo was not surprised to hear this secret, but calmly picked up the phone and opened the group chat.

This also made Ziqing and the others a little surprised. If it was an ordinary person, they would have been scared.

I saw that the tenth Legion Β· Twelve chat groups were super lively.

The rain of tears: It’s so boring, is there any handsome guy who will take me to the next ruined town?

The little fresh meat with ten-pack abs: Yes! I can, I promise to let you lie down the whole time.

The rain of tears: Really?

old cow eating the young grass grass: Just forget it, girl, don’t believe his words. The last time their team had an accident, this kid ran faster than a rabbit, and all the girls in their team were wiped out.

The little fresh meat with ten-pack abs: (angrily) Who are you?

Old cow eating the young grass Grass: hehe, you don’t have to worry about it.

The rain of tears: (Whoa) It’s not reliable at all. I really want to form a team with Wang Lei. It would be great if you have half of your ability.

The little fresh meat with ten-pack abs: (embarrassed) Sister, you are asking too much. Brother Wang is the elite of a group of elites. They are the reds in front of Corps Head, and no one in our group of twelve can compare.

Cute little bunny: (cute) Not necessarily, I didn’t hear that Zhao Han’s elder sister dug a lot of money to come in with a top expert?

The rain of tears: (shh!)

old cow eating the young grass: (shh!)

The little fresh meat with ten-pack abs: Great aunt, quickly withdraw the information, there is no expert, only the group destroys the engine. That was taken by the team leader to top the pot, and it will be over when the Corps Head sees it.

Ten pack abs withdrew a message.

old cow eating the young grass withdrew a message.

The cute little bunny withdrew a message

Su Mo looked at the withdrawn chat confidence, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, for some reason, his mood was a bit complicated, but he felt So much fun.

In the middle of the night, Su Mo washed up and lay on the bed in his room. Ziqing’s house is quite spacious, at least 160 square meters. However, the design is somewhat unreasonable. There are five rooms, but only one bathroom, and the kitchen is also open. Fortunately, the living room and dining room are quite large together. The room Su Mo lives in now is located on the innermost side. There is only a simple cabinet, desk, and a bed in the house. There’s not much room for other things, and of course Su Mo doesn’t care about that.

For a long time he put the phone down for a while, he touched the chin and fell into contemplation.

He found a very troublesome problem, that is, although the information that the guild opened to him was quite comprehensive, there was no very detailed content from start to finish.

For more High Rank data, the authority is also very high, and even some data need a contribution point.

In addition, Su Mo also found a problem, his authority level in the Legion group and the twelve groups is Level 1.

And the highest level is Level 7, if Su Mo guessed correctly, this level is the same as the data for the corresponding civilization level.

As far as Su Mo knows, human civilization is divided into 7 levels.

In the game, the form of monsters may also be divided according to this. The so-called type I and type II correspond to the creatures of the first civilization and the creatures of the second civilization. This also perfectly explains why ordinary artillery works so poorly on it.

Su Mo thought about it, if there is an opportunity in the future, he still needs to increase his authority a little bit.

Forget it, don’t think about those for now, it’s time to rest.

The next morning, Su Mo came to the company on time, he punched his card first, then moved towards his position and walked away .

As a result, Su Mo saw Zhou Qian sitting in his chair with a lollipop.


Su Mo looked at Zhou Qian with a puzzled expression.

“What are you looking at, haven’t you seen beautiful women?”

Zhou Qian was very interested in joking with Su Mo.

“You took my seat.”

Su Mo replied very inexplicably.

Zhou Qian also felt angry and funny, she stood up and said to Su Mo.

“Give it back to you.”

Su Mo also sat down without being polite.

Zhou Qian touched her forehead and couldn’t help but look at the head, this guy really has zero EQ, she said to Su Mo: “Come with me to the computer room to play games, Sister Zino is waiting for you in the center of the camp. .”

Su Mo stood up and walked directly outside.

Zhou Qian hurried to keep up, she asked curiously, “You don’t ask me, what did Sister Zino do to you?”

“You’ll know if you don’t meet me.”

Su Mo responded very normally.

Zhou Qian couldn’t speak for a long time, so there is no way to chat today.

A moment later, Su Mo logged into the game and he moved towards the center of the camp.

He saw from a distance that Zhou Qian, who was already online, was complaining with Zinuo.

“My God, I’ve never felt so tired to chat with any boy, and I don’t understand a bit of style.”

“Okay, I just ask you to inform me. , I’m not asking you to flirt with him, let’s not talk about it, someone is here.”

Lin Zinuo said with a smile.

Zhou Qian curl one’s lip and is not talking anymore.

β€œAre you looking for me?”

Su Mo came over and asked.

“Well, your luck is very good. Our Legion opened up the wasteland not long ago and just won a hidden field base. Because our group was injured before, Zhao Han’s elder sister tried her best to fight for Legion, that base. It’s given to us, and there’s a lot of equipment we need. There’s tanks, so I’m going to bring you, and when the time comes you can come back in your personal tank.”

Lin Zino simply explained the situation to Su Mo.


Su Mo is also a little surprised that he can be assigned to equipment so quickly.

(end of this chapter)

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