Star Ring Mission Chapter 62


Chapter 62 Cleanup

Zhou Qian on the side asked curiously: “Zino elder sister, why not Zhao Han elder sister to lead the team?”

“She can’t get away, so this errand falls on my head. And Zhou Qian, you don’t have to cover up with me, what do you want to do?”

Lin Zinuo looked at Zhou Qian with a smile.

“Hehe, our team’s weapons are also very backward, why don’t you bring us too? Let’s get some weapons too?”

Zhou Qian asked expectantly.

“It’s okay to bring you, but not to bring your team. Corps Head doesn’t have many weapons left at that base, and basically there are people assigned.”

Lin Zi Noshook the head.

“Okay, how many people will we go with elder sister this time.”

Zhou Qian is not a messy person, she can only accept it when she sees it.

“About sixty people, among them five mecha candidates, ten tank pilots, and two gunship pilots. The rest are mostly life players, who are responsible for driving and transporting supplies.”

Lin Zinuo said to Zhou Qian.

“Is there mecha?”

Zhou Qian was also a little surprised.

“Well, this batch of mecha is the most expensive among them. Elder sister Zhao Han pulled her face down for those mecha.”

Lin Zinuo said helplessly.

Su Mo was also a little moved when he heard this, but he didn’t say anything. Although I like it, it is not assigned to me after all, and I will make it myself later.

“Zino elder sister, you said we have such a good relationship, shouldn’t you get me one?”

Zhou Qian laughed at hehe’s point.

“Let’s talk about when you can pass the mecha training. Well, it’s almost time, we should go.”

Lin Zinuo raised her bracelet and looked at the time. It is estimated that people should be almost there.

Soon the four of them came to the west side of the camp, where five green pickup trucks were parked, all of which were sitting on a squad.

Lin Zinuo turned his head and looked towards Su Mo and asked: “Can you drive? No, it’s a bit confusing, you can drive a tank, it’s nothing to drive a car, come up and drive.”


Su Mo followed Lin Zino into the cab of the same green pickup truck.

“Let’s start according to the road I pointed you. Now leave the camp and go to the west side road.”

Lin Zino raised his hand to show Su Mo the direction .

Su Mo started the car and took the lead and drove out. Lin Zino leaned on the back of the seat and squeezed his shoulders, sighed said.

“Su Mo, I’m asking something, tell me the truth.”


Su Mo focused on driving while driving. Replied.

“You really didn’t do it on purpose about the Ertooth beast? And that person from the Martial Arts Guild is really a passerby?”

Lin Zinuo looked relaxed Look asked Su Mo.

“It wasn’t intentional, but that Sun Duoxiang was not a passerby.”

Su Mo didn’t hide it, after all, the matter was over.

“I just said that kid Glib Tongue is not a good bird no matter how you look at it. He even sold you. Are you really stupid?”

Lin Zinuo became more and more interested in Su Mo, and normal people would like to take a few more people into the water when they are involved in this matter.

This kid is so good, he was sold and he helped people carry it down.

“It was indeed driven by me, and I don’t think there was anything wrong with him.”

Su Mo explained seriously.

Lin Zinuo directly touched his forehead, helplessly sighed, really had nothing to say to him.

At this time, the convoy was advancing on the deserted road in an orderly manner, and soon they entered the mountains. They are now going to a military base located in the mountains and forests more than 300 kilometers away from Auroville.

Although the roads along the way are twists and turns, but fortunately they are all hardened concrete roads. If there is no accident, it will take more than five hours to arrive.

Lin Zino wears black silk, with slender legs straddling the front passenger seat, wearing headphones in one ear, and humming a little song with closed eyes. At this time, she was in a very good mood. This mission was actually not difficult, and it was still a fat poor.

Unfortunately, before Lin Zino could relax, Su Mo suddenly braked and the car slowly stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Zino opened his eyes and asked Su Mo suspiciously.

“There is an obstacle on the road ahead that I can’t pass.”

Su Mo unbuckled his seat belt, then opened the door and jumped out of the car.

Lin Zinuo hurriedly followed to see what was going on.

Soon the entire convoy came to a standstill.

Su Mo The crowd walked to the front of the road and saw some gravel and collapsed earthwork, blocking the road.

“Oh, bad luck.”

Zhou Qian sighed complained.

Lin Zinuo turned her head to a life player and said, “Qin Wang, take someone to clean it up.”

“Sister Zinuo, this is no problem. It just takes some time, It will take an hour to clean up these gravel and earthwork.”

Qin Wang made an estimation, mainly because they didn’t have any tools at hand, otherwise they would have done it in ten-twenty minutes.

“It’s okay, you guys clean it up, Li Han, take some people all around to be vigilant, and the rest rest in place.”

Lin Zinuo doesn’t care too much, anyway, in terms of time Very plentiful.


A determined middle-aged man took command.

Zhou Qian rubbed the hair of her head, smiled hehe and said to Zino: “Sister Zino, it will take more than an hour to clear the road anyway. Look there is a clean stream over there, Why don’t we go there and cook something to eat? It’s like a picnic.”


Lin Zinuo stretched.

“Very good, sisters, hurry up and move.”

Zhou Qian shouted very happily, the scenery in this area is not bad, and a picnic here is no different from reality. .

So Zhou Qian took a group of girls with backpacks and happily moved towards Xiaoxi and ran over.

Zhou Qian, who was the first to run to the stream, took out a portable water quality detector from her backpack and put it into the stream. When she saw the detected value, she happily waved her hand and shouted, “Come on! , this stream is not too polluted.”

Everyone jumped into the stream and played and washed.

Su Mo stood on the side of the road, without any desire to be in the past.

In less than ten minutes, Zhou Qian and the others were tired of playing, so they set up a fire, set up a small pot, took out the compressed jerky and put it in. Add a little more seasoning and bring the broth to a boil.

Of course, in order to guard against the unexpected, although the stream water test value did not exceed the standard, they still used bottled water with caution.

The fragrant meat smell immediately overflowed.

The girls’ guild may be slightly inferior in combat, but in the Secondary Profession, there is absolutely nothing to say.

“It’s so fragrant!”

“That is, of course, there is nothing to say about Sister Qian’s craftsmanship. I don’t know who will have the fortune to marry Sister Qian in the future.”

“Don’t talk nonsense”

“We’re not talking nonsense, Sister Zinuo, we’re right.”

Zhou Qian held the spoon and pointed to the side The sisters gestured.

“You guys, gossip all day.”

“Haha, this is shy.”

A group of girls were laughing and playing.

Su Mo looked into the distance in a boring way, looking towards Lin Zino from time to time, the atmosphere was pretty good.

(end of this chapter)

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