Star Ring Mission Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Bai Ze

At this time, Lin Zino shouted when he saw Su Mo still standing on the road.

“Su Mo come here, don’t stand there.”

Su Mo was also slightly startled, hesitated, and finally walked over.

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t call you if I don’t have anything! Why are you standing there, don’t be so unsocial, drink some broth to replenish your strength. Although Eating any food in the game can replenish your stamina, but eating cold food for a long time will also make you feel sick.”

Lin Zino personally poured a bowl of broth and handed it to Su Mo.

Seeing this scene, the sisters next to them looked a little unnatural. The original atmosphere of talking and laughing was quite cold.

“Thank you.”

Su Mo took it, he tasted it a little, it was really good.

And after eating it, the stomach is warm, and the physical strength obviously has a great recovery.

At this time, in the forest in the vicinity, a white silhouette approached silently, and a pair of dark pupils silently appeared, staring at Su Mo and the others.

Then the pale silhouette receded little by little, and finally disappeared.

Lin Zinuo sat on a rock by the stream, stretched, and the breeze was blowing, she felt very comfortable.

“The weather is really comfortable, cool and shady today.”

“It might rain in this weather.”

Su Mo looks out Look at the sky, suddenly replied.

Lin Zinuo’s expression froze. She touched her forehead and asked this guy to come over. It was indeed a mistake. Her originally good mood suddenly disappeared.

“Su Mo, no one told you, are you boring?”


Su Mo replied seriously.

Lin Zino was long sighed, speechless for half a day.

Zhou Qian on the side saw Lin Zinuo’s helpless look, and covered her mouth and said with a smile: “Sister Zino, you also have times when you are helpless! Su Mo, this guy, simply can’t be treated like ordinary people. .”

“Zhou Qian, your skin is itchy?”

Lin Zino said, and reached out to creak Zhou Qian.

Zhou Qian playfully hides quickly.

“I can’t get it.”

Su Mo looked at the two people who were fighting, and seemed to relax a lot.

However, at this moment, Su Mo’s eyes suddenly shrunk, and he keenly captured the irregular fluctuations of bushes and trees in the distant mountain forest, as if some creatures passed through.

He shouted to Lin Zinuo without any hesitation.

“Lin Zinuo.”

Lin Zinuo, who was laughing with Zhou Qian, stopped, she turned her head to Su Mo and said, “How can I say, I’m also your boss, I’m older than you, don’t you know what it’s called Sister Zino?”

“A monster is approaching.”

Su Mo explained the situation simply and neatly.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo’s expression changed suddenly and asked solemnly.

β€œAre you sure?”


Su Mo answered with certainty.

Lin Zinuo’s expression is constantly changing. It stands to reason that this path should have been cleared by Corps Head adults, and there should be no danger.

But for some reason, Su Mo’s words were so persuasive that she chose to believe Su Mo’s words, she shouted.

“Put down all the food in your hands, immediately pick up your weapons and return to the car.”

The companions who were still talking and laughing, immediately threw them all away after hearing Lin Zino’s order With the bowls and chopsticks in hand, all moved towards the team and rushed over.

In addition, the officers in charge of vigilance also clenched their weapons and entered a state of standby, although they did not know what was going on.

However, at this time, the commotion in the mountains and forests all around became even more severe. Each of them was as high as two or three meters in size, like the head of a lizard, with a mouth full of sharp teeth and a sickly white body. The back also has a slender tail, with a triangular crack at the end, and the monster with fangs sprang out.

“Oh my God! It’s Bai Ze!!”

The live players shouted in horror.

Lin Zinuo’s face changed suddenly. When they captured the City of Dawn, they dealt with such monsters a lot. The degree of their perversion, they are obvious to all.

She’s not very imaginary if she’s in a normal, fully armed state.

The problem is that they are going to receive equipment, so they have some light weapons on them. It’s okay to deal with zombies who don’t move quickly, but it’s too reluctant to deal with this kind of Baizawa monster.

Su Mo glanced at the monster and rushed out, the information about Bai Ze quickly flashed in his mind. Bai Ze is a monster that was infected and mutated by viruses and radiation after an alien creature came to Earth. Its body skin is very tenacious, it has the ability to run very fast and can shred steel plates with teeth, claws, and a keen sense of smell.

Generally speaking larvae are more than one meter tall, can reach 2 meters in the growth stage, and even 3 meters in the mature stage. And when they are young, they are not well developed, and light weapons can easily cause fatal damage to them. By the time of growth, Bai Ze’s skin was partially hardened, and it was able to resist small-caliber gunfire, and the life force was further strengthened.

Bai Ze in this period already had a strong lethality. As for the mature Bai Ze, it is even more abnormal. Their skin is abnormally tenacious, their skeleton is hard, and their life force increases exponentially. Ordinary light weapons can’t cause lethal damage to it, unless it hits the vital position. And mature Bai Ze has a strong movement speed and strength, they can even easily knock over a car.

Of course these are just ordinary Bai Ze, Bai Ze can continue to grow when it reaches maturity. The sign of their growth is split tails. Bai Ze with two tails will evolve into type I mutants, three tails is type II, and according to the degree of evolution, they will also gain different degrees of strength. In addition, Bai Ze within the same type will also be divided into three levels: common, elite, and lord according to the strength of energy fluctuations.

“All living players get in the car, and all combat players open fire for cover!”

Lin Zino took out an automatic pistol and shot at Bai Ze, who rushed down.

Zhou Qian and the others didn’t panic at all. They spread out from one squad to the other, shooting at Bai Ze who was rushing down from different directions.

Fortunately, many of the Bai Ze who rushed down were in the growth and infancy stages. Under the blocking of firepower, some of the smaller Bai Ze died on the spot, and the speed of the mature Bai Ze also slowed down.

Qin Wang said eagerly to Lin Zinuo: “Team leader, the road has not been completely cleared.”

Lin Zinuo glanced at the obstacles on the road. After cleaning to the side, part of the earthwork was also cleaned up, and she gave an order decisively.

“No wait, rush over!”


Qin Wang and the others stopped work immediately and moved towards the green pickup truck run away.

At this point, Su Mo had immediately returned to the green pickup truck, and he shouted at Lin Zino.

“Get in the car!”

Lin Zinuo didn’t mean to fight at all, without the slightest hesitation giving the order.

“All withdrawals!”

She quickly climbed into the car, but before she could sit still, Su Mo stomped the accelerator all the way.

(end of this chapter)

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