Star Ring Mission Chapter 64


Chapter 64 Incidents

The green pickup truck sped out, and Lin Zino’s head hit the back of the seat directly. She covered the back of her head with a pained expression, and glanced at Su Mo resentfully, a big idiot, this guy didn’t even remind him.

And she hasn’t confirmed that the other team members have withdrawn. Su Mo has already started the car and ran, and no one else has this speed.

Of course, Lin Zino didn’t have time to complain.

Shake it!

The whole green pickup truck flew straight into the air, and Lin Zino was a little stunned.

Su Mo rudely galloped over the earth.

Immediately after the green pickup truck hit the road heavily, Lin Zinuo was shocked, let alone the team members behind him.

Zhou Qian saw that Zi Nuo had withdrawn, and shouted without nonsense: “Follow up! Don’t fight anymore.”

The combat player in charge of blocking hurriedly got into the car and got in the car. Shoot at those Bai Ze.

However, the speed of this group of Bai Ze was too fast. Several team members were about to withdraw when Bai Ze, who rushed up directly, fell to the ground.

There were screams.


“Withdraw! Don’t stop!”

Zhou Qian loudly shouted.

Several green pickup trucks stepped on the accelerator to the end, accelerated and rushed out.

Immediately, many Bai Ze fluttered in the air. They opened their mouths and let out roars, frantically chasing the green pickup truck, and didn’t mean to give up.

Lin Zinuo picked up the wireless walkie-talkie and said to everyone.

“Don’t panic, we can get rid of them!”

“It’s Sister Zino!”

“Understand the team leader!”

A partner’s response sounded in the wireless communicator, and in a situation where danger was approaching, it could be seen that the overwhelming majority’s partners were very calm.

Su Mo, who was driving, did not have a trace of panic in his eyes. He continued to accelerate, only to see that the speed was already soared to 100 on the dashboard. You must know that this is a road in the wild, not an obstacle-free highway.

At this moment, a shadow suddenly appeared and rushed towards the pickup. Su Mo suddenly changed lanes to the right, Lin Zinuo didn’t expect this at all, and hit Su Mo directly, slamming into a full, fragrant aroma assaults the senses.

Lin Zinuo looked a little angry towards Su Mo.

At this time, Su Mo was highly concentrated, and the steering wheel quickly stabilized the body.

However, Bai Ze, who failed the raid, turned around and rushed towards a pickup truck behind him.


The pickup truck rolled over and hit the mountain along the edge.

Lin Zinuo saw this scene through the rearview mirror and shouted eagerly: “Xiaoqi!”

“It can’t be saved, at such a fast speed, after the rollover, most Likely to be killed on the spot. Even if they survived, they would be seriously injured, not to mention those Bai Ze will catch up, basically there is no survival probability, unless they have used genetic medicine.”

Su Mo said simply.

“I know.”

Lin Zinuo gritted her teeth and replied, she didn’t even know what to say if she could reduce the number of staff after a good job.

“Sit tight, fasten your seat belt, don’t hit me again, I’m going to speed up.”

Su Mo commanded very calmly, of course not because he was caring Remind Lin Zino. But just now Lin Zinuo bumped into him and affected him to drive.

Lin Zinuo herself was full of anger, and when she heard Su Mo’s words, she was even more angry, gnash the teeth with rage, as if she wanted to touch him very much.

But her reason told her that now is not the time to care about these things, and she kept looking at the rear mirror.

Those Bai Ze were still chasing after him, looking like they were going to catch up. The sisters in the last green pickup truck couldn’t fight back.

So Lin Zinuo picked up Wireless Electronics and said to Zhou Qian.

“Zhou Qian, find a way to stop those Bai Ze!”

“Understood, leave it to me.”

Zhou Qian responded cheerfully.

Su Mo was also a little curious when he heard Lin Zinuo’s words, how Zhou Qian was going to intercept those Bai Ze, he looked towards the rearview mirror from time to time.

On the road, Zhou Qian suddenly let go of the roof cloth and shouted to the sisters in the cab.

“Slow down!”


The sister in the cab turned the steering wheel to the right, then stepped on the brakes, reducing the speed .

The green pickup truck he was riding in immediately fell to the back of the convoy.

Zhou Qian violently kicked down the back baffle with force, and swiftly put down the spare oil drums next to it, and Ling Lie kicked it out.

The iron oil drum rolled down directly, moved towards catching up and Bai Ze rolled away.

Then Zhou Qian raised her gun!


Detonate the oil drum with a single shot!


A violent explosion, accompanied by violent flames.

In an instant, the team separated from Bai Ze.

During the whole process, Zhou Qian’s movements were clean and neat and very sassy.

Su Mo was slightly surprised when he saw this scene from the rearview mirror. The battle strength of this group of girls is not generally strong, not inferior to boys, even stronger than the overwhelming majority boys, not a vase at all.

At this time, on the right side of the mountain forest, stood a man with two tails, a height of seven meters, and a crack in the chest. A special kind of fire was burning inside the crack, and the whole body exuded a dangerous atmosphere. White Pond.

It stared at the green pickup truck that was running away, then turned and moved towards the other trail.

A moment later, the four remaining pickup trucks finally got rid of Bai Ze who was chasing behind him.

Su Mo gradually lowered the speed of the car. The road here is not very good, and it is not suitable for driving so fast. Maybe he didn’t die in the hands of the monster, and died in a car accident first.

Lin Zinuo communicated with Zhou Qian and the others using a wireless walkie-talkie.

“How are you guys.”

“It’s okay, but the car with them overturned. It should be all sacrificed.”

Zhou Qian responded in a low mood.

“I see.”

Lin Zinuo touched his forehead, feeling very headache.

At this moment, there was a loud noise from the Wireless Electronics communicator in Lin Zinuo’s hand, mixed with an intermittent and eager inquiry.

“This is the Greystone Base! Emergency call! Are there any members of the Dawnbreaker Guild nearby?”

Lin Zinuo’s heart suddenly became tensed, and the Greystone Base was not where they were going. base?

“I’m Lin Zinuo, I belong to the Vice Group Leader of the Tenth Legion Twelfth Group of the Dawning Guild, what’s going on.”

“Come here quickly, Lord Corps Head has brought his troops Going to the next land reclamation area. Now the base we are left behind is attacked by monsters, and we can’t hold it anymore.”

A scream came from the noisy voice.



There was only a loud noise from the communicator.

“Hello, can you hear me?”

Lin Zinuo tried to contact the other party, but it was unsuccessful in the end. If there was no accident, it should have been killed.

She looked more and more ugly. Now it’s troublesome. The base they are going to also has a problem, and there is a monster behind her, which means that they are now in a crack.

Su Mo glanced at Lin Zinuo, and said calmly: “I don’t know what’s wrong with Dao Foundation, but I’m pretty sure. If we dare to stop, or return to Auroville, absolutely It will be fatal.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since there is no choice, then go to the base, at least we know that there are weapons in that base, and is not that absolutely does not have a chance.”

Su Mo reminded calmly.

(end of this chapter)

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