Star Ring Mission Chapter 65


Chapter 65 Base

Lin Zino’s expression changed for a while, and soon she also made a decision and was ready to fight the last stand, so She picked up the communicator and said to the subordinate behind her.

“My brothers and sisters, I’m Lin Zinuo. I have bad news to inform you that the Greystone base we are heading to has been attacked by monsters. We have no way out now, we can only go to the destination to support, from From now on, whether it is a life player or a combat player, all enter the combat state.”



communicator one After another voice responded, members of a regular large guild have a very good advantage over a loose group, that is, they are very disciplined, and they rarely flinch.


When evening came, Su Mo drove into the deep mountains under the command of Lin Zino and arrived at the destination.

Su Mo and the others all jumped out of the car. Zhou Qian and the others raised their automatic pistols and were vigilant all around. Unexpectedly, the vicinity was unusually quiet.

And the greystone base they were looking for was just around the corner.

The entire base is embedded in a mountain, with a twelve-meter-high steel gate open.

In the entrance area of the base, you can see some weapon wreckage and fire star scorched earth, but not a single corpse, whether it is the player’s or the monster.

all around is unusually quiet, so quiet that it makes people feel hairy. At this time, the sky is getting darker and the wind is blowing, and the nearby mountains and forests are constantly shaking, making everyone present nervously nervous and feeling hairy. of.

“Sister Zinuo, why do I have a bad premonition, why do we feel weird about this base, the door is open, and there is no one around, not even a corpse. .”

The sister beside her said nervously.

“I know.”

Lin Zino replied calmly, then she took out the wireless communication device, turned the communication device to the full channel, and said in a low voice.

“I’m Lin Zinuo, Vice Group Leader of the Tenth Legion Twelfth Group of the Dawning Guild. If any players of the Dawning Guild receive it, please reply immediately.”

Unfortunately, there was no response, Like the communicator is broken.

Lin Zino kept repeating the call.

Everyone is looking forward to the wireless communicator and expecting a response.

It’s a pity that no miracle happened over time.

Lin Zinuo no longer reported any expectations, she put away the communicator.

“What should we do now.”

Zhou Qian asked Zi Nuo very uneasy.

“Enter the base.”

Lin Zinuo clenching one’s teeth and said, it’s definitely not possible to stay outside, maybe there is a monster coming out of the forest at any time. In addition, she also saw that there must be some problems with this base.

Of course, these are not the most important things. The most important point is that their mission this time is this base. The equipment and weapons are all inside. No matter how dangerous it is, they will eventually enter.

With restless hearts, everyone moved towards the gate little by little.

Soon they entered the base, and the first thing they came to was a passage with very low visibility. There are some emergency lights on all around the steel walls, but the effect is not very good.

At this time, Lin Zinuo stopped.

All of a sudden, everyone present raised their hearts in their throats, nervously holding the gun in their hands, and patrolling everywhere.

“What’s the matter, Sister Zino?”

Zino turned to Luo Jia and Zhao Yang.

“You two are at the gate, immediately notify us if anything happens.”

“It’s Sister Zino.”

The two reacted immediately Replied.

“Zhou Qian gave them your communicator.”

Zi Nuo added a little worriedly.


Zhou Qian handed the wireless communicator on her waist to the two.

At this time, in the forest outside the base, Bai Ze, a type I mutant (elite) with two tails, arrived here long ago. Behind him, there were a large number of Bai Ze, who did not attack when Su Mo and the others arrived at the gate of the base.

I watched Su Mo and the others enter the base quietly, and then moved a little bit. They are like very patient hunters, waiting for their prey to enter the trap before moving slowly.

On the other side of the base, Su Mo and the others walked in the dark and cold passage.

Everyone walked very carefully, for fear of making a little noise and startling the monster inside.

The further you go, the less visibility you get, and a musty smell fills the air.

The atmosphere also began to become more eerie and solemn.

Suddenly, a cute life girl walking in the middle felt that she didn’t know what she was stepping on. It was soft and sticky. Suddenly, goosebumps all over my body, and I couldn’t help screaming.


Su Mo was startled, subconsciously turned around, and pointed his weapon at the cute girl.

Other people didn’t do much better, and the nerves that were originally highly tense almost jumped.

Both immediately turned their guns on the girl.

Lin Zinuo almost didn’t pull the trigger, but found nothing, she turned her head with a dark face and looked towards the girl.

“Xiaoju, what happened?”

“I, I seem to have stepped on something.”

That cute girl was about to cry .

Lin Zinuo looked carefully, the cute girl seemed to have stepped on the wreckage of some internal organs.

She let out a helpless sigh and said to everyone: “Be careful, don’t be frightened and flustered, there’s no danger, don’t make any more noise.”


Everyone present lowered their voices in response.

Then Lin Zinuo led the crowd and walked forward cautiously.

Soon they were out of the tunnel.

Suddenly, they came to a steel base. The overall space is very spacious, some boxes are placed in the central area, and there are separate rooms on the walls on both sides.

After Lin Zinuo and the others entered, the fighters immediately divided into three teams, armed with weapons to guard different directions.

Gaze fast for suspicious enemies!

However, inside the entire base, it was unusually quiet, there was simply no noise, and there was no so-called monster.

People didn’t take it lightly because of this, but made them even more uneasy.

You must know that this base was originally staffed by the Dawnbreaker Guild, and it was impossible that it was so quiet.

Su Mo Take a closer look, there are still wet blood stains on the ground, and not just one place.

Obviously this place has just experienced a bloody slaughter not long ago.

However, the entire base looked unusually empty, and the field of vision was not bad, and there was no trace of the monster.

Su Mo didn’t take it lightly. On the contrary, he became more cautious. A monster like Bai Ze is not comparable to those brainless zombies. Both battle strength and IQ are completely crushed. The most disgusting point is that they are very similar to the characteristics of wolves. They all act in groups. At the same time, the more the number of gatherings, the more likely there are extremely high-level existences.

(end of this chapter)

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