Star Ring Mission Chapter 66


Chapter 66 Ambush

“Don’t be too scattered, take the squids as a group, be careful, a little bit Search.”

Lin Zinuo gave the order very cautiously.


Everyone in the audience responded.

Everyone searched the past little by little, but still didn’t find any monsters. At this time, they had already searched in front of those wooden boxes.

These wooden boxes are each well sealed and have danger signs on the surface.

“Sister Zino? These?”

Zhou Qian tried to ask.

“Pry open!”

Lin Zinuo shouted directly at Qin Wang.

“Understood, leave it to us!”

Qin Wang and several life players immediately took out a small crowbar and went up to pry the boxes.

However, these boxes are not generally sealed tightly, and it is very easy to pry them up with a crowbar.

Qin Wang’s faces turned red, and he gritted his teeth and tried to pry!

However, at this time, on the dark steel beam above their heads, a pair of blood-red eyes slowly opened, and one after another pale silhouette was quietly exposed a little bit. Biting eyes, hideous mouth grinned a little.

Standing beside Zhou Qian lowered her voice and discussed with Lin Zino: “Sister Zino, this base is so big, we’ve probably seen it all, but we haven’t seen any trace of monster at all. Isn’t there anything strange?”

“What do you want to say?”

Lin Zino asked.

“I’m not suspicious of the remaining companions, they must have sacrificed without a doubt. But the original monsters of this base must have been cleared by the Corps Head adults, and the monsters must have come in from outside and killed them. , but is there a possibility?”

“You mean, those monsters left after killing people?”

Lin Zinuo said Zhou Qian want to say.

“Yeah, that’s what I think, because we looked around. It’s true that we didn’t find any monsters, and under normal circumstances, if there were monsters in the base, they would have attacked us long ago. I I think we should occupy this base, and then quickly close the open door of the base.”

Zhou Qian nodded replied .

“What you said is not completely unreasonable, and this kind of thing may happen.”

Lin Zinuo did not completely reject it, but she did not take it lightly.


At this time, the sealed wooden boxes were pried open.

A brand new QBZ-171 automatic rifle and grenades came into their eyes.

“It’s a weapon! We’ve made a fortune.”

Qin Wang and the others shouted excitedly.

Lin Zinuo glanced at these weapons, they were indeed the light weapons they were going to accept. At this moment, Zinuo’s tense heart eased a lot. No monsters have appeared now. It seems that it is really possible as Zhou Qian guessed that the monsters have already left after killing people.

If that’s the case, then really lucky. In this way, the base is recaptured, and she can receive all the weapons smoothly, which is equivalent to successfully completing the expected mission.

Thinking of this, Lin Zino was a little overjoyed, but she didn’t take it lightly. So he said to everyone present: “Everyone counts the number of weapons, and reloads the magazines of the weapons, so as to avoid unexpected situations, Li Khan, bring someone to receive mecha!”

” Yes!”

Li Khan left with two team members. There were originally five drivers, but on the way, two team members died in the car that was attacked.

At this time, everyone who got the weapon also started talking.

“So many weapons, how much face do you think elder sister Zhao Han has!”

“Sister Han’s ability still needs to be questioned.”

“Also, after getting this batch of weapons, you can train and arm a group of elite team members when you go back, so that you can make up for the previous losses.”

“Be quiet, Sister Zino said, don’t mention that. It’s a matter.”

“I just said it, but it didn’t matter.”

Su Mo stood silently, he heard the conversation between Lin Zinuo and Zhou Qian just now. However, he did not agree with Zhou Qian’s idea, which was too idealistic. After a brief confrontation with Bai Ze before, Su Mo instinctively felt that this monster was a little too smart.

Will such a smart monster really leave?

But he couldn’t say anything. After all, from the current situation, it really doesn’t seem like there is too much danger.

Suddenly a drop of blood dripped from above Lin Zinuo’s head, Su Mo inadvertently saw that, his eyes narrowed, his hands quickly grabbed Lin Zinuo’s back collar and pulled it back.

At this time, a growing Bai Ze, unable to bear his temper, jumped fiercely, and his sharp claws flew directly into the air.

Su Mo raised his QBU99 sniper rifle and shot Bai Ze at close range, instantly hitting his head!


The blood splashed.

Lin Zinuo was dumbfounded, all this happened so fast, she didn’t even react, and her whole body was stuck on Su Mo’s chest.

Her heart was beating so fast, just now she almost got a box lunch. Of course, players like her at this level have a high probability of being resurrected, but the consequences are also very serious. She has to pay half of the resurrection money herself, and she feels that she is on the verge of bankruptcy.

At this moment, on the steel beam above the base, a mature Bai Ze, more than three meters tall, jumped down with lightning speed.

There are more than 20 of them.

a player from the Breaking Dawn Guild was thrown down before he had time to react, and then Bai Ze opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and bit it directly.


Blood splattered with screams, and a life player was killed.

“Everyone fight back with weapons, don’t mess up, the living players step back, and the combat players protect them!”

Lin Zino immediately gave the order, while rushing to the next weapon box to take the weapon .

Zhou Qian and the others all set fire to fight back!

A dense rain of bullets fell on Bai Ze’s body. Most of the bullets missed the key point, but barely broke a little skin.

The severe pain irritated Bai Ze, making them fierce.

Angrily rushed towards Zhou Qian and the others.

The huge shadow directly enveloped Zhou Qian. She gritted her teeth and held back her fear and did not flee. If they backed off, they would be doomed to hide behind and survive.

Then they are even less able to resist.

Zhou Qian could only shoot desperately, trying to repel the incoming Bai Ze, but unfortunately the effect was not good.

Just when she was a little desperate,

Bang! boom!

A series of shots hit him, hitting Bai Ze’s cervical spine in front of him, and they were shot after shot.

The Bai Ze that hit suddenly, fiercely fell in front of Zhou Qian.

Zhou Qian turned her head to look in disbelief along with the sound of the gunfire.

I saw Su Mo holding the sniper in his hand, without using the scope, he kept shooting, completely blind sniper!

peng~ peng~!

The guns hit the vital points of the approaching Bai Ze.

It greatly reduces the stress of the crowd.

Of course, his behavior was also targeted by the enemy. A growing Bai Ze jumped from the top of Su Mo’s head, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth, and bit his head.

“Su Mo, be careful!”

Zhou Qian couldn’t help shouting.

(end of this chapter)

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