Star Ring Mission Chapter 67


Chapter 67 Elite

Just when Su Mo was about to be bitten, he jumped back, and it was dangerous Dangerous dodge to avoid.

Then he immediately stabilized his body, raised the gun in his hand and pulled it, wanting to attack.


It’s a pity that it’s out of ammo.

This scene also shocked Zhou Qian.

At this time, Bai Ze fiercely controlled his tail and came through.

Su Mo immediately knelt on his knees, leaned his upper body back, almost brushed his face with the incoming tail, and finally penetrated the weapon box behind him.


The entire chest all split up and in pieces, and the weapons were scattered all over the place.

Su Mo decisively threw away the sniper rifle in his hand, one rolled over, picked up the QBZ-171 automatic rifle with the magazine loaded on the ground, put his left hand on the ground, jumped up and lifted the gun He pointed his mouth at the growing Bai Ze in front of him and shot him.

peng peng ~~

At such a close distance, you don’t need to consider the accurate head, a shuttle of bullets, and a headshot with a gun.

The viscous blood splattered everywhere, Bai Ze let out a wailing sound, his huge body swayed, and finally fell down unwillingly.

Before Su Mo could breathe a sigh of relief, a silhouette that was more than three meters high came with the sound of fury.

Su Mo turned his head and looked over, only to see a mature Bai Ze pounced on him, opening his mouth full of sharp teeth and biting it.

He held his breath and turned around to avoid the bite.

But it didn’t avoid its arrogant body.

The violent impact directly knocked Su Mo out.

Finally, he hit the ground heavily, and the whole person almost breathed out. Su Mo couldn’t help but let out a groan of pain. The blow was no less than being hit by a small car.


There was a burst of sound.

Su Mo didn’t care about the pain in his body, his brain responded irritably, a lazy donkey roll, and got out of the position.

At this time, the sharp tail runs through the ground.

Su Mo shook his head and tried his best to restore himself. He decisively threw away the gun in his hand. Picked up a new QBZ-171 from the ground and fired at the Bai Ze.

Bai Ze, who was growing up in front of him, was punched with holes.

Immediately drenched with blood, but even so, it was useless. Because it missed the key point, it became even more ferocious, and it was about to pounce in a frenzy.

As if to rip Su Mo to shreds.

“Su Mo, be careful!”

Lin Zinuo saw that Su Mo was in danger, immediately rushed over, she kept shooting, but unfortunately the effect was not good.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, his muscles were tense, his nerves were extremely tense, the oppression of death not only did not crush him, but stimulated his potential, and he was ready to fight.

At this moment, three mechas rushed over from a distance and raised their giant firearms!


A blast of fire!

In the end, Bai Ze was beaten into a sieve and fell unwillingly when he rushed to Su Mo.

As three 8-meter-high, cumbersome green mecha joined the battle, the precarious situation was immediately stabilized.

Mecha, who rushed up, knocked down one Bai Ze with a few shots, and kicked the other with one kick.

Su Mo relaxed when he saw the situation was reversed. Immediately, pain struck all over his body, and he could not help clenching his teeth, ready to stand up.

“Are you all right?”

Lin Zinuo went to him and asked him with concern. If it wasn’t for Su Mo who rescued her just now and quickly supported others, I might have to explain it here today.

Su Mo was stunned for a moment, and finally extended the hand and held Lin Zinuo together, not to mention the girl’s hand, it was really soft.

Then Lin Zino pulled Su Mo up.

“Is it really all right? Tell me where you are injured. Internal injury will kill you after a long time.”

Lin Zinuo still asked worriedly,

“It’s alright.”

Su Mo replied hoarsely, he turned his head to look all around, the battle was almost over, and the ambush Bai Ze was wiped out.

Of course the price is high.

There are only twenty-four people left, including the number of survivors, and a large number of living players died tragically.

It was also thanks to them opening the weapon case, and the three mechas that came later. If it was replaced with the weapons that were in his hands before, it is estimated that the group would have been destroyed.

In addition, Su Mo also feels a bit hellish. This kind of monster called Bai Ze has too abnormal IQ. He knows how to use bait and sneak attack by himself.

At this time, Zhou Qian came over and asked Zi Nuo while panting.

“Sister Zinuo, it’s all cleaned up. If there is no accident, it should be these monsters that caused the annihilation of the left-behind personnel.”

“Well, how about the casualties.”

Lin Zino asked with a headache.

“It’s very bad, because the attack was too sudden. And now I don’t know if this base still hides the monster. I was too naive before.”

Zhou Qian was very uneasy and lifted the head to look up, but unfortunately the steel beams above the base were vertical and horizontal, and the sight was dim, even if there was a monster, it was difficult to see.

“Everyone gathers and stands together, with mecha in hand, as long as you don’t get attacked by sneak attack, a small-scale monster should still be able to deal with it. Don’t blame yourself, no one can expect it. I was sneak attacked, and even if I expected it, I might not be able to escape.”

Lin Zinuo comforted Zhou Qian.

Zhou Qian forced a smile.


At this time, Lin Zino’s communicator suddenly heard a loud noise, followed by Zhao Yang’s eager shout.

“Enemy attack!”


With screams, communication was cut off.

Lin Zinuo’s face changed suddenly, she immediately shouted to everyone: “Everyone go to the entrance immediately!” While running, set up weapons and aim at the passage, ready to meet the enemy.

As a result, something unexpected happened. They welcomed not an enemy, but a familiar silhouette.

I saw Luo Jia running in here in fear.

When Li Han saw Luo Jia, he loudly shouted: “Quick!”

Luo Jia saw his companion driving mecha, just like seeing the hope of life, originally desperate eyes radiate new hope.

Just as she was about to run in.


The sharp and sharp tail pierced out of her chest, and her eyes quickly disintegrated.

A huge shadow emerges from behind, one is seven meters high, with two tails, gray-white skin and highly sclerotic skin, and a circular crack in the chest. Inside the crack, a special type of fire is burning. The mutant Bai Ze (elite level) appeared.

Behind it, there are also two I-type mutant Bai Ze (general species) with a short head and two tails.

Not to mention the rest of the minions, the number is endless.

The elite I-type Bai Ze waved its tail and threw Luo Jia’s body directly in front of everyone, provocatively.

“Damn it! Avenge Luo Jia and the others!”

Li Han’s eyes turned red, and he instantly pulled the trigger, pouring out fierce firepower.

The teammates next to him did not hesitate to attack.

However, the Type I elite Bai Ze, like lightning, charged towards Li Khan under the rain of bullets. At the moment of approaching, the twin tails pierced like sharp lances, instantly hitting the left side of Li Khan Mecha’s chest, avoiding the hardest area in the middle. I saw the sturdy armor on the left side dent in an instant, and the whole mecha staggered backwards and fell heavily to the ground.


(end of chapter)

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