Star Ring Mission Chapter 68


Chapter 68 Quick Familiarity

The other team members were both shocked and angry, and they just wanted to besiege the Type I Elite Bai Ze.

The other two I-type Ordinary Level Bai Ze rushed to the other two mecha.

They are too busy to take care of themselves, let alone support Li Khan.

After the elite-level Bai Ze succeeded in the raid, he directly moved towards Li Khan.

But Li Khan, who is mecha Captain, also has two brushes. He controlled mecha to lift his leg, kicked him violently, and kicked Bai Ze who was rushing out.

Lin Zinuo’s heart sank to the bottom, she naturally saw that her side was at a disadvantage, she shouted without any hesitation: “All fighters come with me! Fire support!”

The crowd went up without any fear.

But this doesn’t include Su Mo, Su Mo immediately didn’t rush to help, instead he turned and ran in the opposite direction. Correctly speaking, he moved towards the direction that Li Khan drove the mecha to run.

He remembered very clearly that Lin Zinuo said that she came to accept five mechas this time. Now only three mechas have been opened, which means there are still two mechas that are free.

Su Mo doesn’t know if he can control the mecha, but one thing he is very sure about, Li Khan and a few people will definitely not be able to kill those Bai Ze, it’s just a matter of time before the group is destroyed,


Soon Su Mo ran to the end, and there was a very spacious warehouse up ahead of him. Without any hesitation, he rushed in.

In the warehouse, two green and thick mecha are located there, with a human-shaped body, a round skull on the head, a cross-shaped display device, a big red dot in the center, and a height of about eight meters. Focusing on heavy airborne firearms, its caliber is similar to that of a tank’s muzzle.

Beside the two mechas, place a special mechanical key and an operating manual.

It was the first time Su Mo saw mecha so close, everything seemed so real, he walked over to pick up a mechanical key and a manual.

It is written on the front of the manual.

A generation JK-03 city defense mecha code of operation.

He quickly flipped through the manual, and read it at a glance.

Body Type: JK-03 City Defender Mecha (Green Shield)

Manufacturer: Black Steel Heavy Industry

Belonging to: Dragon Country

Initial equipment: M.E73 years

Technical parameters.

Interior Environment: Standard Cockpit.

Dimensions and height: 8 meters

Weight: 40.09 tons

Armor material and structure: high-strength T3 steel, thick front armor, with strong the escape system.

Coating: dark green

Waterproof grade: D-Rank (grading S, A, B, C, D, E.)

Powerplant : Highly enriched NC-42 internal combustion engine.

Operation system: Dragon system version 1.0.

Fixed armament: K2-type 31mm close-range defense rifle; abdominal L-3-type close-range missile launcher.

Selected armament: None

Selected hand weapon: Universal

Then Su Mo pushed a simple iron ladder from the side, and he climbed to a At mecha’s chest, take the mechanical key and insert it into a small hole spit out on the side of mecha’s chest, then turn it around!


The cockpit on his chest slowly opened, revealing a spacious seat.

Su Mo jumped in directly. He looked at the all-metal console, and his blood began to stir. This is the first time he has opened such a real mecha. In the past, he could only play on the simulator. If he said that he was not excited, it was all fake.

There is a saying that mecha is the romance of many men yearn for something even in dreams.

But the sound of gunfire outside quickly calmed Su Mo, and he began to face the situation.

These are stock mecha, so there is no lock and password permission, just insert the mechanical key into the corresponding hole to start.

Startup is not a problem, the key is how to control it.

But fortunately, the texts used in these mechas are all in the common language of the Z country, not unfamiliar symbols, which can be easily identified.

This provides a very good convenience for Su Mo.

He inserted the key into the designated keyhole, then pressed the start button, the entire operating room platform instantly lit up, and the cockpit began to slowly close.

Su Mo Follow the prompts on the console and pull the lever.

He feels so heavy! Other Su Mo don’t know, just the strength of pulling the operating lever, it is estimated that few people can bear it. You must know that this is not to pull once or twice, but to continue to operate during the battle.

In the warehouse, the mecha lights up like a baby clown, swaying and dancing.

At the entrance of the base, the battle was getting worse.

Li Han is completely supportive, and the I-type elite Bai Ze in front of him is extremely powerful. With flesh and blood, he can not only beat mecha head-on, but even stronger, not to mention Bai Ze’s speed and reaction speed are very fast.

The mecha driven by Li Han, its surface armor has been deformed, and its movements are getting slower and slower.

Type I Elite White Ze, keenly aware of the weakness of its prey, it decisively launches a deadly attack.

Keep attacking all parts of the mecha.

Li Han clenched the teeth, backed sharply, came to distance, and pressed the last hole button.


The green shield mecha’s abdomen opened, and two small short-range missiles were fired.

As a result, Bai Ze, who was rushing towards him, burst into a sudden jump, dodging the incoming short-range missiles in an instant. Then he went straight to Li Khan mecha and knocked down the whole mecha.

The next second, the sharp tail pierced down.


The armor that had been dented long ago could no longer bear it, and was instantly penetrated.

In the cab, Li Han was wearing a chill, blood dripped from the corners of his mouth, and he lowered his head unwillingly.

The situation of the other two mechas was not much better. Under the siege of Puzhong Bai Ze and his younger brother, one after another fell down.

It’s not that the performance of mecha is not good, but the main reason is that the operation technology is too bad.

“Sister Zinuo can’t hold it anymore, what should we do?”

Zhou Qian shouted to Lin Zinuo seeing that the situation was getting worse.

Lin Zinuo bit her lip lightly, she couldn’t do anything else. Now I can only fight hard, say something bad, run away? Where to flee?

Let’s not talk about whether there is a way to escape, and whether you can run past them, it’s all a question.

As for hiding? Don’t even think about that. Bai Ze has a strong sense of smell, and basically few can escape.

Now we can only fight to the end.

She could only grit her teeth and shout.

“Brother sisters, we fought with them!”

“Fighted with them!”

Everyone present was extremely aggrieved, since If you don’t have a choice, then just give it a go, and you can pull down a few pads to count how many.

At this time, the I-type elite Bai Ze brought his companions around, grinning hideously.

Lin Zinuo and the others instinctively stepped back, but unfortunately there was no way back.

The life player girls who are protected behind her are all shiver coldly with fear on their faces.


I-type elite Bai Ze let out a ferocious roar and took the lead in rushing up.

Lin Zino pulled his rifle, and the bullets poured out. It’s a pity that it has no effect at all. The dense bullets hit the elite Bai Ze, and even the ash-gray skin on the surface could not be broken.

The huge bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl bit into the face, and Lin Zinuo’s heart was as cold as ice at this time.

At this moment, a rumbling sound suddenly came, and a mecha rushed over at high speed.

He rammed into this elite Bai Ze, knocking it out.

(end of this chapter)

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